Balcony Garden Ideas (Vertical, Vegetable, Flower, Decoration)

Balcony Garden Ideas – A balcony is an appropriate place to relax and enjoy the natural scenery for people. However, the balcony without a garden will not be incomplete because people can’t see the natural landscape.

Therefore, they should equip it with a beautiful garden to create a fresher and cooler atmosphere. Furthermore, to produce a beautiful balcony garden, people have to be able to select the right plant to grow on the balcony.

Perhaps, people can utilize short plants or creepers because they can be grown in pots and floors quickly. They also may choose flowering plants and ornamental leaf plants with minimal maintenance. Furthermore, they should consider the place size and plants type. They also should combine various ornamental plants to look more attractive balcony garden.

 The balcony design with plants is very simple and easy as long as people can match the plants with the balcony areas. For example, if people have a balcony fence from the natural wood, it will look more natural when it is combined with ornamental plants leaves. In addition, the balcony floor also should support the appearance of the garden. People can use white or black corals scattered on the floor. On this occasion, we would like to share tips on creative balcony garden ideas.

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What Can I Plant on a Balcony?

Balcony Garden Ideas

Generally, people like a garden although they have limited spaces in their apartments or houses; they still want to have a beautiful garden. Hence, they can maximize the balcony terrace to be a mini garden at home. In addition, people should place the right plants. 

Usually, plants that are used for balcony areas are small plants and bush types, such as cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, and other kinds of herbs. Furthermore, before people grow plant at the balcony, they should consider several things. In this case, we will give you the terrace balcony ideas.

  1. Recognize the time of sunlight in the balcony. If the balcony can get sunlight around six or more hours. People can grow many kinds of plants. However, it get less than six hours, they should select the very right plants.
  2. Recognize people’ free time because all of the plants need to be watered and fertilized. For example, people do not have much time to take care of the plants, they can choose plants that seldom need to be watered and fertilized.
  3. Recognize the climate on the balcony because people should grow plants based on the climates.

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How do You Maintain a Balcony Garden?

Balcony Garden Ideas
Source : Sarah Nixon

A garden in balcony areas will beautify the situation of houses or apartments that you stay in. Besides that, it can make houses green, cool, fresh, and comfortable. It can also make you stay at home comfortable when you are bored after a day of work. However, you have to arrange these plants neatly and create a garden based on your own styles because it is one of the ways to channel your hobbies.

To create a more excellent balcony garden, you can fill the balcony garden with supporting elements, such as barrels, fountains, and rocks. In addition, you also should recognize the ways to maintain a balcony garden. They are as follows:

  1. Utilize the containers based the crop growth because they will affect the development.
  2. Use very good and light soil. You have to avoid using dry soil with moss because it is not good for plants.
  3. Use the compos. It is important nutrient that is needed by plants. Compost is usually used in solid form. In addition, it can also be used in liquid. Liquid compost will provide instant nutrients that are very beneficial for plants.
  4. Water the plants based on the climate. In summer, the plants need water very much so that you have to water at least three times a day

Small Balcony Garden Ideas

The balcony is one of the relaxing places to look for inspiration or just casual conversation with family and friends. No matter how small the size of the balcony is, as long as people can decorate it well with the small beautiful garden that makes people spend quality relaxing time. In addition, creating a new and comfortable atmosphere on the balcony of the house or apartment is not difficult. People can apply several designs as follows.

1.  Inspiring Small Garden in Balcony

Balcony Garden Ideas
Source :

This idea is suitable for plant lovers and for those who have a small balcony. People can put a few vases of flowers, small plants, and ponds. Besides, people can add some essential furniture such as wooden tables and chairs for a natural feel.

2. Great garden

Balcony Garden Ideas
Source : Garden Connections Inc

Generally, people like to sit on the balcony of the garden because they can enjoy the beautiful view and breathe fresh air. In addition, a balcony decorated with plants and some gravel will give a great impression to the person sitting.

3. Wonderful Balcony Design Ideas For Home

Balcony Garden Ideas
Source : Harmony Design Group

The atmosphere of the cafe can be applied to your small balcony with wooden chairs and some beautiful plants around the fence. In addition, you may make the wooden fence as well in order to create a natural view.

4. Fresh Plant in Balcony

Balcony Garden Ideas
Source : livinggaia

Mostly, people build a balcony to create a relaxing place. Therefore, they should decorate the balcony with plants. You may look at the picture above; the balcony is decorated with small grass on its floor and several flowers so that it is like a real garden in an outdoor place. It is a great idea to build an awesome garden balcony.

5. Making garden in small balcony

Balcony Garden Ideas
Source :

This balcony is indeed tiny. However, you still can create a beautiful garden because it can exude alluring uniqueness. Therefore, you should be able to decorate your balcony. Maybe, you follow the garden design above.

Balcony Vertical Garden Ideas

Most people intend to have a garden at home so that managing vacant land becomes very important. However, the absence of land does not make people give up having their own gardens. With a vertical garden, they can create a green garden that they dream at home.Furthermore, the vertical garden is a technique of planting plants using panels, walls, and racks that are positioned vertically. In this particular, we would like to share tips on balcony vertical garden ideas.

1. Ideas for a City Balcony Garden

Balcony Garden Ideas
SOurce :

If you like vines such as orchids and so on, then you can put a plastic or metal frame on one side of the walls. Later, when the plants are lush, the frame that supports the plants will be increasingly closed and invisible. In addition, you will look like you have a plant wall even though it takes a long time to wait for your plants to grow lush.

2. Apartment Balcony Garden

Balcony Garden Ideas
Source : SPACES [email protected]

This is one of the apartment balcony garden ideas to decorate your vertical garden. In this case, you can add a bed with a pillow. To produce more excellent, you also may grow small grass on the floor and create a glass room.

3. Gardening plants on wall

Balcony Garden Ideas
Source : Vertical Green

The vertical garden technique has existed since ancient times. In the modern era, this vertical garden develops and becomes popular so that more people are interested in making it a home decoration. Besides, you can do the same thing as the picture above because it also can produce fresh air to be breathed by you.

4. Finding beautiful view of garde

Balcony Garden Ideas
Source : Peter Landers Photography

Balcony is a right place to take a rest. Hence, people should create something that can beautify it. For example in the picture, the balcony is decorated with a good vertical garden.

5. Awesome Balcony Ideas

Balcony Garden Ideas
Source :

A balcony or place will not look beautiful without a garden so that people at least have a vertical garden with pots that are hanged on the wall and fence because it can become marvelous scenery. Besides, people can put the vertical garden wherever people like.

Balcony Garden Decoration Ideas

Nowadays, many people build houses more than one floor because they do not have enough places to expand to the side. Hence, a balcony becomes one of the essential parts of the houses. Besides, the existence of the balcony can influence the house structure while the balcony can’t be separated from a garden. So, they should recognize modern balcony garden ideas to be implemented in their houses. On this part, you may get the ideas of balcony garden decoration.

1. Balcony garden design ideas

Balcony Garden Ideas
Source :

Generally, people want to have a natural balcony garden. To create it, people can combine woods and several plants. In addition, they also can add a chair, place to sleep, and other furniture to be more beautiful, as pictured above

2. Balcony garden ideas in French

Balcony Garden Ideas
Source :

Combining a balcony with home gardens becomes the best idea because it keeps the air fresh. The choice of a balcony design like this can be your choice of natural style in the house.

3. Making wonderful garden in Balcony

Balcony Garden Ideas
Source :

Many people decorate the beautiful garden in the balcony because they realize that it will create a more amazing look to the apartment. Besides, people may see that picture; the balcony is full of beautiful plants.

4. Planting wild plants

Balcony Garden Ideas
Source : Lauren Edith Andersen, Photographer

The design of the garden balcony also will determine the atmosphere of the balcony itself. Therefore, people must know how to arrange the plant neatly and beautifully. Besides, they can grow plants vertically or using vases.

5. Making creatively gardening balcony

Balcony Garden Ideas
Source :

Usually, people like staying in a balcony so that they want very much to beautify it by growing many plants and adding good things to make it more impressive

Balcony Vegetable Garden Ideas

 Generally, people get vegetables through buying at the market. Actually, they can utilize their balcony to plant vegetables. The reasons why people should plant vegetables on the balcony are because vegetables are one of the plants that people often consume, and they can save spending on the budget. In addition, vegetables that people grow and consume are fresher and healthier. At this time, we will give you garden balcony planter ideas.

1. Utilizing Balcony for Gardening

Balcony Garden Ideas
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People always need vegetables to consume. Minimally, they should create a vegetable garden on a balcony. It can be started by making a small building. And then, they put enough soil and grow plants in it.

2. Vegetable ideas in balcony garden

Balcony Garden Ideas
Source :

People have limited places in their houses and apartments. They still can create a vegetable garden on a balcony vertically, but they have to be able to arrange well.

3. Creating Fresh and healthy Vegetable

Balcony Garden Ideas
Source : Steve Masley Consulting and Design

Smart homeowners use balconies to grow vegetables that they always consume. Besides, the balcony garden can make a cool balcony. The results of gardening at home can be food for their family as well.

4. Planting pepper in balcony

Balcony Garden Ideas
Source : Steve Masley Consulting and Design

Pepper is something that we need to be added to our food. Food without pepper will not taste delicious. Therefore, you may plan it to be grown on the balcony garden through containers

5. Gardening plants of vegetable

Balcony Garden Ideas
Source :

There is a simple way to create a vegetable garden on the balcony through boards. And then, they make racks from the boards and plant in them

Balcony flower garden ideas

Flower garden design for a house balcony will bring green scenery to the balcony itself. Besides, it can also give people a very special impression. Moreover, this nuance has been widely practiced by many modern restaurants and hotels today. So, it is no wonder people want to create cool balcony garden ideas in their home balcony.

1. Best Apartment Balcony Flower Garden Design

Balcony Garden Ideas
Source :

In order to look beautiful balcony, you have to choose very good flowers to decorate the balcony garden. And then, you match them with the fence, floor, and wall.

2. Flower balcony garden

Balcony Garden Ideas
Source : Eden Condensed

Balcony garden is a great solution for people who want to have fresh air at home. Besides, people can create it by using containers or racks. 

3. The art garden of flowers

Balcony Garden Ideas
Source :

Sometimes, people don’t have enough places to put their favorite flower pots. So, they hang the pots around the fence as adding the beauty of the balcony.

4. Smart Vegetable Gardening Ideas

Balcony Garden Ideas
Source : Matthew Cunningham Landscape Design LLC

A balcony garden can be a very nice relaxing place to enjoy drinking a cup of coffee or make small talk with our friend as long as we can modify it as pictured above.

5. Producing the most charming balcony with flower

Balcony Garden Ideas
Source : Hampstead Garden Design

After a day of tiring activities, we need a comfortable place. Besides relaxing in the bedroom, we can also calm your mind in the beautiful balcony flower garden


In conclusion, a balcony garden is a collection of plants that are grown in the balcony. It has an important contribution to the circulation of fresh and clean air for residents of the houses and apartments. In addition, it can be used to supply healthy oxygen and decorate the balcony itself to become more beautiful.

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