Contemporary Kitchen Design (Benefits and Types of Contemporary Kitchen)

Contemporary Kitchen Design
Source: Yorkville Design Centre

Contemporary Kitchen Design – In modern society, people spend a lot of time outside the house. They don’t really have time to cook, even clean up the mess afterward. Contemporary, which means “occurring in the present” is one of the most popular kitchen styles that might be the best solution for the 21st-century generation who prefer to have a neat, easy to maintain, and presentable kitchen throughout the year.

Contemporary kitchen design not only offers you a clean and light design but also has another attractive side that makes you want to show it off to your family and friends. This style emphasizes functionality where kitchens are free from unmeaning ornamentation. One of the best things about this style is how they optimize the space wisely. They could make kitchens look spacious than they actually are. 

Interesting, isn’t it? Let’s learn more about contemporary kitchen design and how to apply it to your favorite kitchen.

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What is Contemporary Kitchen?

What is contemporary kitchen?

Contemporary kitchen is well-known as a clean-cut, minimalistic, and light design but still pops with a lively surprise. It offers simplicity and a practical way of a design style. It could optimize every inch of space, which is the way this style can fit into almost any size of kitchen.

Benefits of Contemporary Kitchen Design?

Benefits of contemporary kitchen design?

Contemporary kitchen design is timeless because it concerns more on functionality rather than decoration. So, this style doesn’t necessarily depend on some trends. However, it doesn’t mean this style neglects its aesthetics, but it still looks beautiful in its minimalistic way. 

Moreover, contemporary style is the answer to today’s challenge where the needs of space are relatively high, especially for people who live in a big city. This style never runs out of ideas to make the best of limited space. This style can create the best storage solutions for your kitchen. You will get many benefits by applying this design style in your kitchen.

Types of Contemporary Kitchen Style?

The contemporary kitchen style is not rigid. We can combine it with another style to produce a fresh and attractive kitchen. Generally, two contemporary styles often applied in a kitchen, which are the transitional and traditional types.

1. Transitional Contemporary Kitchen

Types of contemporary kitchen style?
Source: Yorkville Design Centre

“God is in the details” is a famous quote in the mid-1900s by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. This quote is the best way to describe the picture below. The details in this kitchen ultimately make the difference. The wood columns that blended seamlessly into the wood-finished ceiling make the room feels integrated as a whole. A white sleek quartz tabletop combined with wood cabinets makes the island looks accustomed — lastly, wire mesh bookshelves doors and exposed ducting boldly stated this kitchen is a transitional contemporary with an industrial touch.

2. Traditional Contemporary Kitchen

Types of contemporary kitchen style?
Source: Alice Pirsu Interiors

This kitchen shows a combination of traditional and contemporary design. The cabinet doors applying profiles in its perimeter. Those details are the typical way of a classic cabinets design. Even though this kitchen doesn’t have many colors, it still pops out a vibrant color like red as the element of surprise. Those red stools also have upholsteries that gives elegant vibe in this kitchen.

Tips to Make a Contemporary Kitchen Design?

Making a contemporary kitchen design is quite simple. Minimalist kitchen cabinets, neutral color schemes, and metallic materials are the basic elements of how to brings subtle elegance in this kitchen style. This style also could blend with other styles, such as traditional, transitional, even industrial.  A pop of color on the furniture, in a bowl of fruit and vegetables or a vase of flowers— makes sure that these contemporary kitchen designs look humble and warm, as do skylight and huge windows that let in the sun, architectural lighting fixtures, or a piece of artwork. Here are tips on how to make a contemporary kitchen design ideas that combine styles and functions for a space that is edgy yet welcoming.

1. Industrial Look

Tips to make a contemporary kitchen design?

The industrial look can make the contemporary kitchen seems eccentric. It can make the combination of a white color scheme and metallic materials seem strikingly beautiful. The all-white cabinets, stainless steel counter-tops, and cooking appliances successfully pull off the industrial look in this contemporary kitchen.

2. Fusion with Mid-Century Modern Design

Tips to make a contemporary kitchen design?

Mid-century modern design is well-known for its timelessness. This style is the perfect match if combined with a contemporary kitchen. The fusion of these styles on the island, cabinets, and cooking appliances create a sleek yet minimalistic kitchen interior.

3. Mix and Match the Materials

Tips to make a contemporary kitchen design?

The combination of concrete and wood creates an edgy yet warming contemporary kitchen. Don’t hesitate to opt for dark woods, just like the ceiling-height cabinetry on the right. On the other hand, combine the dark wood with a brighter or Scandi-inspired light-colored laminate on the kitchen countertops, under and upper cabinets. Be brave and try to mix and match the materials of your kitchen.

4. Doff Finishes

Tips to make a contemporary kitchen design?

Matte or doff finishes is currently a trend in the world of contemporary kitchen design. It creates a sleek and sophisticated look effortlessly. When the upper cabinetry with matte-effect finishing combines with glossy finishes splashback, it surprisingly creates a beautiful dimension in the kitchen.

5. Fineline Storage

Tips to make a contemporary kitchen design?

The contemporary kitchen always can make the most of the spaces in a kitchen. Whether it’s a small or large kitchen, this style understands how to make the best of kitchen storage. This style maximizes the space to make as many storages as possible, which creates fine lines in between. This method also creates a minimalist and clean look in the contemporary kitchen.

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Contemporary Kitchen Interior Design

Contemporary kitchen interior design is all about making clean, open, and functional spaces that suited the user’s character and personal preferences. And that happens to be the secret of creating a comfortable kitchen. Here are three contemporary kitchens that amplify the clean-cut, minimalist aesthetic. So, whether you want a bright and lively or monochromatic and elegant, these contemporary kitchens will inspire you to think outside the box.

Glossy White vs Dark Wood

contemporary kitchen interior design

This kitchen emphasizes the glossy white cabinetry and American walnut wood texture that applied in the open shelves and dining table. This combination creates a simple and light contemporary kitchen interior design.

White Topped Navy Blue Cabinetry

contemporary kitchen interior design
Source: Leslie Goodwin Photography

Even though navy blue is not a familiar color tone to use in a kitchen, this small kitchen looks effortlessly sophisticated with its all navy blue under cabinetry. It goes really well with all white countertops, upper cabinetry, and backsplash tile. Moreover, these two colors combine with metallic accents of cooking appliances successfully creates an exceptional contemporary kitchen style.

Contemporary Open Kitchen Design

contemporary kitchen interior design
Source: Ottawa Contemporary Kitchen

This large kitchen uses white as the main color scheme, stainless steel for the kitchen appliances, and dark wood texture for the kitchen island. Those color and material choices are perfect, especially for this contemporary open kitchen design that focuses on making this room feels spacious as well as free from useless ornamentation.

Classic Contemporary Kitchen Design

People who love classic style should be grateful for the flexibility of contemporary style, which can blend in really well. Classic contemporary kitchen design resonates with timeless feel throughout the year regardless of the trends. Here are three contemporary kitchens infused by classic design styles.

Classic Contemporary Kitchen Twist

contemporary kitchen interior design
Source: Design A Space Kitchens, Bedrooms & Interiors

A stylish contemporary kitchen look with timeless classic styles is the best twist that should be happened in your kitchen at least once in a lifetime. This kitchen applies only neutral colors that can bring in calmness into the kitchen. Therefore, it uses all-white in every element of this kitchen design.

Shades of Grey Kitchen

classic contemporary kitchen design
Source: Paul Craig

This kitchen uses various shades of grey in every single kitchen design elements such as cabinetry, dining chair, shelves, storage, even the doors and windows frame. Grey is one of the neutral colors that often used in contemporary kitchen style. This kitchen might be suitable for those of you who like to try neutral yet elegant looks in your kitchen design.

Classic Farmhouse Kitchen

classic contemporary kitchen design
Source: Alton Omar

This classic farmhouse kitchen looks traditional because of the island and range hood cover design. The cabinets and drawers are beautifully hand made with oak dovetailed joints. This storage is also manually painted, and the polished chrome handles are installed to create a vintage vibe.

Modern Contemporary Kitchen Design

Basically, contemporary style is a part of modern design. This style is developed and renowned for its sleek cabinetry to sophisticated color tones. This contemporary blended with modern kitchen design is concern in minimalistic aesthetic to create a distinctive look that can transcends trends.

Grey Marble Island

modern contemporary kitchen design
Source: BODesign

The kitchen island is the focal point of the room. It topped with marvelous grey marble countertops that seeking everybody attention in the room.

Super Spacious Kitchen

modern contemporary kitchen design
Source: Atelier Joinery

Even though this kitchen is super spacious, it still utilizes every space wisely. The island and the cabinetry are fully equipped with storage. So, this kitchen has a very high capacity for storage.

Flower Patterned Backsplash

modern contemporary kitchen design
Source: Jon Upson

This kitchen is quite unique because of its flower patterned backsplash. It is not familiar to use a certain patterned in modern contemporary kitchen design. However, it is not a bad idea to be different by opting for this kitchen inspiration.

Contemporary Kitchen Design for Small Spaces

Outsmarting a small kitchen is not that simple. We need to be creative in order to create a comfortable kitchen with sufficient storage. Here are several contemporary small kitchen design innovations that you can duplicate in your kitchen.

Make it Bright with White!

contemporary kitchen design for small spaces
Source: Shannon McGrath

There is a strategy transforming a small kitchen to look huge, which is making the room brighter. You can make the room brighter by replacing the color of the cabinets, backsplash tiles, and countertops with white. It is quite effective because the white reflects lights from the skylight, making this kitchen feels spacious.

Contemporary Small Kitchen Island

contemporary kitchen design for small spaces
Source: Insight Design

Only having a small space for a kitchen doesn’t mean you should sacrifice your comforts. The figure shows the way to optimize a small kitchen island as a preparation area as well as an eat-in area. Try this one to have a multifunctional contemporary small kitchen island!

Contemporary Meets Classic

contemporary kitchen design for small spaces
Source: Chris Ashwin

Contemporary is quite easy to combine with other styles, one of which is the classical style. This kitchen shows an impressive fusion of contemporary and classic styles. It applies traditional profiles and handles of the cabinets while keep consistently using only one color and texture to define its contemporary style. The contemporary design also implemented by maximizing the storage from the floor to the ceiling. It is indeed a worth to try fusion style!

Contemporary Galley Kitchen Design Ideas

Designing a galley kitchen is always challenging. From choosing colors to organizing the storage, every single kitchen design elements need a thoughtful consideration to make it comfortable as it could be. But don’t worry, you can consider trying contemporary design style. This style is the all-time favorite to apply in a galley kitchen because of its effectiveness in utilizing small spaces. Below are several must-read inspirations on how to put on contemporary design in your galley kitchen.

Monochromatic Contemporary Galley Kitchen

contemporary galley kitchen design ideas
Source: Steven Jones

There are some rules on how to make a galley kitchen look contemporary; one of them is avoiding to use many choices of color and texture. Using too many colors and textures could make your galley kitchen looks cramped. It’s better to choose only one tone and one pattern consistently. Be simple and go monochrome!

Contemporary Galley Kitchen with a Nook

contemporary galley kitchen design ideas
Source: Reico Kitchen & Bath

This contemporary kitchen is quite huge for a galley kitchen. It is not only a pantry but also features a nook and bookshelves at the end of the room. This kitchen uses two color tones. On the left side, ceiling-height cabinets paint in espresso color with Satin Sheen finishing while the other side uses Cambria Windmere as its kitchen top-table. You should try this one!

Contemporary Galley Kitchen with Bay Window

contemporary galley kitchen design ideas
Source: Soleimani Photography

Galley kitchen which has limited space not only can have only two sides of the work area. With a contemporary concept, this galley kitchen can get around the narrow space and add two peninsula that serves as a mini bar and breakfast area. In addition, the kitchen is also equipped with a dining room and additional storage space in the bay window area. So inspiring!

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets Design

Designing kitchen cabinets is not an easy job to do. It needs some calculation and a sense of place to bring in a suitable design that can accommodate its user very well. However, contemporary style can make that effort simpler by its philosophy design, which is function follows form. Here are several ways of kitchen cabinets contemporary design.

Hanging Cabinets

contemporary kitchen cabinets design

Contemporary design defines its beauty by showing every design element as unique as possible. All-white cabinets on the right side look like it is hanging in the air without any structure to support. Those hanging cabinets are stating the quirkiness of contemporary style boldly.

Invisible Storage

contemporary kitchen cabinets design

The contemporary style is renowned for its minimalist yet aesthetic design. The figure below shows us how to apply that in kitchen storage by making it looks invisible. The seamless storage door is camouflaging by thin vertical fine lines and built-in handles to produce a sleek and clean-cut look in the kitchen. That is the best way to represent the contemporary kitchen cabinet design.

Cookware Closet Ideas

contemporary kitchen cabinets design
Source: Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Are you confused about where to place your latest pan collection? Don’t worry because this storage strategy could be your solution. You can organize your favorite cookware in this pull-out closet at the bottom of your kitchen countertop. This closet could place pots, pans, and lids.

Space-Saving Cabinets at its Best

contemporary kitchen cabinets design
Source: Gary Brown Homes LLC

The best thing about contemporary kitchen cabinets design is its smart way of optimizing space as efficient as possible. There is no reason not to utilize every inch of the pantry effectively. Just like how this kitchen maximizes kitchen storage by using vertical pull-out cabinet. This space-saving pull-out pantry is a must-try inspiration.

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Contemporary kitchen design focuses on function rather than decoration because it emphasizes sleek and minimalist aesthetic. This design also timeless and doesn’t depend on any trends. This style can make the best storage solutions, which is the answer to today’s and future’s challenge. You will be benefitted by applying this design style. 

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