Corner Kitchen Sink (Pros, Cons and Ideas)

Corner Kitchen Sink – The sink has an essential role at home. Especially as a place to clean things, such as kitchen equipment or just washing hands and face to brush teeth. No wonder the sink is usually placed in the kitchen or bathroom.

Apart from the functional aspect, there is something you need to consider. The sink is no longer just a washing tool. Because the kitchen sink can also be used to beautify the interior of a room. Adjustment of design and size is needed so that the room looks more beautiful and pleasing to the eye. 

The corner of the kitchen becomes a place that is often forgotten. Having enough storage space and creating an efficient work triangle are essential parts of having a functional kitchen. Depending on your kitchen’s layout, putting the sink in the corner could help make that happen. However, placing your kitchen sink in the corner does limit the basin size you can install. A little change can give a fresh new look to the kitchen room.

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What Is the Standard Size of a Kitchen Sink?

What is the standard size of a kitchen sink
Source : Karr Bick Kitchen and Bath

You can place your sink in several strategic places, including the corner of the kitchen, because this can be a solution for your small kitchen. Standard kitchen sinks are usually 22×24 inches, but this size will be too wide to be installed in the kitchen corner. It would be best if you looking for an option that is smaller than the standard size, the recommended maximum size is 18 inches.

It would be best if you chose a diagonal model because you will have more choices that will fit your kitchen shrinkage. But if you have a larger kitchen cabinet with a size of 42 inches, you can, of course, increase the size of the sink to 38×22 inches

Where Should a Kitchen Sink Be Placed?

If you have to put a sink in the corner of the room, you might consider installing a double bowl rather than a single bowl. Because the double bowl sink is very suitable when investing in the corner of the room.

Place the kitchen sink at a precise angle to each other. This placement technique will give you two 33×22-inch bowls large enough so that the use of a kitchen sink to wash large furniture can be over. Small space between two kitchen sinks can also be used for storage or an area for decorative plants so that the corner of your kitchen looks more alive.

Pros and Cons of Corner Kitchen Sink

If you have to mention the kitchen area that is used most often, chances are you will say the space around your sink. The place where you place your kitchen sink can be essential to determine whether your kitchen is functioning efficiently or even complicates your wiggle room. Setting a kitchen sink in the corner of the kitchen can increase floor space in a small kitchen and can expand the counter space. The following are some of the pros and cons of a kitchen corner sink.

Saving Place

Pros and Cons of Corner Kitchen Sink
Source : smarterBATHROOMS+

Especially in small kitchens, the corner sink can expand the space to allow more than one person to do kitchen work at once. Because work in the kitchen sink often leaves you immobile, the placement of the corner leaves room for others to move. in other words, the sink design in the corner of the kitchen facilitates teamwork and makes your cooking activities with those closest to you more enjoyable


Pros and Cons of Corner Kitchen Sink
Source : Talmadge Construction, Inc.

Concerning appearance, the kitchen sink corner can create an unusual occurrence. Because of its existence, which is not found in all houses. You get two benefits at once: function and appearance.


Pros and Cons of Corner Kitchen Sink
Source : RDM Architecture

Every inch of your house should be used carefully and productively, shrinkage in your kitchen should be able to provide as much work area as expected. Placing a corner kitchen sink will give a larger counter space zone, which can be very valuable, especially in increasing the flexibility of your work. 

With all the advantages it has, the kitchen corner sink still has a problem, especially health issues that you should pay attention to. Corner areas may require extra effort to clean. It would be best if you kept the corner area behind the sink free of dirt and moisture, which causes mold growth. This will be more difficult than cleaning a kitchen sink in general.

Best Corner Kitchen Sink Ideas

The high interest of the community to have a kitchen sink corner makes many sink manufacturers busy in making various models and styles. Kitchen sink manufacturers offer from the cheapest to highest prices that have their own characteristics and advantages. Check out our review of the best kitchen sink basins from trusted sink manufacturers for you. Hopefully, it gives you the inspiration to choose the kitchen corner sink that suits your needs.

1. Kraus KGD – 433B

Best Corner Kitchen Sink Ideas
Source : Kraus

Kraus KGD-433B gets a rating of 4.4 out of 5. With dimensions of 33 x 22 x 9.5 inches, it constructed from 80% natural granite with the look and feel of real stone. The extra-deep basins accommodate large dishes with ease, while the gently rounded corners make sink maintenance simple. Each non-porous, naturally hygienic sink is protected with a thermal finishing process, creating a surface that is highly resistant to heat, chemicals, scratching, and discoloration. This double bowl sink provides a lifetime of functionality with versatile style. The 50/50 split basin adds flexibility for a variety of kitchen tasks. The pan is self-rimming, with the elegant black onyx finish.  if you are interested in getting one, e-commerce offers it for $ 181.05, with a shipping weight of 52.1 pounds.

2. Elkay ELUH3232

Best Corner Kitchen Sink Ideas
Source : Elkay

Elkay ELUH3232 Lustertone Classic Equal Double Bowl Stainless Steel Corner Sink is double bowls of equal size that conveniently use bowls independently for household tasks such as washing, soaking, rinsing and drying. Sink Dimensions are 32″ X 32″ X 7-7/8″ with minimal Cabinet Size: 36″.  Highest quality 18-gauge thickness and Type 304 stainless steel for lasting durability, performance, and lustrous beauty. If you are interested in the advantages offered, this product is marketed at a price of $ 773.62.

3. BILLION 33”X22”X10” Inch

Best Corner Kitchen Sink Ideas
Source : Billion

This product is of the highest quality and heedful of health issues. Made from premium green stainless steel from the safest Grade T304 that meets the most stringent food contact standards. The sink is environmentally friendly because it is 100% recyclable and 100% lead-free. This product provides 25% more steel per tub than others and meets the cPUC certification standard. It has a non-porous base surface specially coated with hygienic & heat resistant, with 3mm sound-absorbent cushions on each side and bottom to minimize noise. Hand-made channel for optimal drainage with a 10-inch deep bowl to hold your large items. If you are interested in having it, BILLION provides free accessories in the form of 2 deluxe 3-1 / 2 “channels, 2 sets of 3pc basket filters, a collection of 60/40 scratch-resistant boxes; Equipped with hardware for easy installation.

4. Ticor TR1400 Bradford Series

Best Corner Kitchen Sink Ideas
Source : Ticor

With a rating of 5 out of 5, this product costs you $ 499.95 and offers many benefits. The Ticor TR1400 Bradford sink series is made of thick, extra-durable 16 gauge stainless steel (1.5mm thick). Thinner sinks usually can quickly experience indentation and slamming. But Ticor has stood the test of time, even when you use heavy cooking utensils and dishes. Commercial-grade 304 304 stainless steel, which is damage resistant and rust-resistant, protects against indentations and shock. The content inside is 18/10 chromium/nickel mixture, which can minimize rust and corrosion. Even though it has a limited lifetime warranty, this product is protected with a non-toxic and anti-condensation coating, so it is safe for health despite long-term use. 

5. SINOGY 33”X22” Inch

Best Corner Kitchen Sink Ideas
Source : SINOGY

SINOGY Top Mount Kitchen sinks are made in one of the most sophisticated facilities in the world, it using the T304 18/10 Stainless Steel industrial strength from Posco. This kitchen sink offers finer details with greater capacity. This product has Exterior Dimensions: 33 “L x 22” W x 10 “D; Interior Dimensions: 18.00” L x 18.00 “W x 10.00” D (Left Bowl); 12.00 “L x 18.00” W x 10.00 “D (Right Bowl).

Unique tilted bottom with drainage to allow complete water drainage, design a 10 degree round rotation radius angle for easier cleaning, and ensure space can be used maximum. It certainly will be a fashionable, functional addition, equipped with a thicker rubber damper and a protective coating that can effectively reduce the sound of water that hits the basin. If you are interested in having it, SINOGY promises a lifetime guarantee, including kitchen sinks, sink filters, stainless steel bottom filter, mounting clips, and templates.

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Best Undermount Corner Kitchen Sink

The under-mount sink is a term used to determine how to install a kitchen sink with a kitchen table. Under-mount sinks are usually installed under the kitchen counter. Because of such an installation method, there is no edge between the table and the sink. Various materials can be used for under-mount sinks, including stainless steel, iron to copper. Here is our review of the best under-mount sinks available on the market. 

1. Ruvati Workstation Ledge

Best Undermount Corner Kitchen Sink
Source : Ruvati

Ruvati 32-inch workstation is a sink with single-tiered tracks. This product is not just an under-mount kitchen sink corner but a place to work. It has the exterior dimensions: 32 “(width) x 19” (front-to-back), interior bowl dimensions: 30-1 / 2 “(width) x 16” (front-to-back) x 10 “(depth of bowl) to maximize the function of your kitchen sink. With the addition of a built-in accessory to the integrated track in the sink, including a deep stainless steel filter, and what is special is the solid cutting board from African mahogany (Sapele) which has a beautiful finish and can handle water with The solid stainless steel roll-up rack is on track and is ideal as a plate drying rack. This product, with a rating of 4.7 out of 5, is offered for $ 399.00.

2. Frigidaire Undermount

Best Undermount Corner Kitchen Sink

Frigidaire 16 Gauge T304 stainless steel sink under-mount is a product that has many advantages. With very thick soundproofing pads and a stainless steel undercoat whose duty is to reduce noise and prevent condensation. Slim 10mm radius angle construction in the design to avoid the accumulation of dirt and make it easier to clean. The $ 235.00 product gets a 4.6 out of 5 ratings and promises a lifetime anti-rust guarantee. 

3. ZUHNE Modena

Best Undermount Corner Kitchen Sink
Source : Zuhne

ZUHNE Modena 30 Inch Single Bowl Undermount is rust-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and scratch-resistant. Made with industry-leading insulation technology that is 2.5x superior to other brands. Extra-depth makes this product a restaurant-grade that can accommodate large items. Equipped with premium scratch-resistant and natural anti-rust 18/10 T304, so it is easy to clean (you only need to wipe it). This superior product is offered at a reasonably affordable price, which is $ 199.00 and gets a rating of 4.7 out of 5. 

4. Elkay Quartz Classic

Best Undermount Corner Kitchen Sink
Source : Elkay

Elkay Quartz Classic has a smooth surface, they are made from natural quartz and come in a variety of neutral colors that are anti UV. this product is one of the best  Elkay corner kitchens sinks. With dimensions 24-5 / 8 “X 18-1 / 2” X 9-1 / 2 “, the kitchen sink is mounted under the table to create a smooth appearance between the sink and the table. The single bowl kitchen sink remains a favorite because it gives you space without interruption on washing or doing other household tasks. This product formed from fine quartz sand to withstand impact, scratches and heat resistance up to 535 ° Fahrenheit, products with a rating of 4.7 out of 5 are available in a variety of colors such as black, brown, gray and white that allows you to add unexpected bursts of color to your kitchen corner.

5. Kraus KHU 100-30

Best Undermount Corner Kitchen Sink
Source : Kraus

Kraus KHU 100-30 is a product with a scratch-resistant T304 stainless steel indestructible construction on a real 16 gauge TRU16 (1.5mm thick) that makes the product always have superior strength and durability. It has a robust advantage and is easy to clean, rust-resistant, and fits with most kitchen equipment. It is equipped with Soundproof Noise Defend technology with a non-toxic SoundGuard undercoat and extra-thick pads that cover more than 80 percent of the sinkhole. With a rating of 4.6 out of 5, this product is valued at $ 138.07. Kraus provides free accessories: a multifunctional stainless steel plate that protects the bottom of the sink, 3 sets of baskets, Kraus premium kitchen towels, and hardware installation.

Single Bowl Corner Kitchen Sink

Although the single bowl kitchen sink is considered ancient, its presence in your kitchen can add a classic impression. Besides, the single bowl sink also has several advantages, including; sizeable single kitchen sinks tend to take up less space making it ideal for smaller kitchens and have a large enough capacity to wash large pots, pans, and pans. The following is an inspirational kitchen design with a corner sink that you can apply to your home.

Keep It Simple

Single Bowl Corner Kitchen Sink
Source : KraftMaster Renovations

The homeowner’s put the small corner kitchen sink right at the corner, which precisely fills the empty space in the middle. Minimalist design but still stunning without dominating the granite countertops that are also stunning. Two advantages in one design that you must try.

Unique Line

Single Bowl Corner Kitchen Sink
Source : CK Architects

This white kitchen corner sink under-mount is on a unique line because it is installed incorrectly at a corner, but rather at an edge to the i-shaped kitchen cabinet. The advantage of this design is that your space will be freer, so this is the right idea for a small kitchen.

Let It Depth

Single Bowl Corner Kitchen Sink
Source : Kayron Brewer

This small kitchen has an under-mount white ceramic corner kitchen sink with sufficient depth. Although the size is not too big, with enough intensity, the corner kitchen sink can also hold a lot of things. If you don’t like to experiment widely, try playing with depth. 

Utilize The Space

Single Bowl Corner Kitchen Sink
Source : Dream Kitchens

By utilizing the space under the kitchen cabinet, homeowners install the Hexagon corner kitchen Sink in the right way. You can also add a variety of ornamental plants around it to beautify your kitchen area. 

Make It Multifunction

Single Bowl Corner Kitchen Sink
Source : Craftsman Construction

In addition to large capacity, simple and classic, this kitchen corner sink also functions. With the addition of a kitchen cabinet underneath, you can already have two products in one design at a time.

l Shaped Kitchen Sink Corner

Corner kitchen sinks are usually use in kitchens that are L or U-shaped because they help in building kitchen efficiency. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t install the I-shaped corner kitchen sink, which also has several advantages. The following are inspirational I-shape kitchen corner sinks that you can copy.

Classic White Under-Mount I-shaped Kitchen Sink Corner

l Shaped Kitchen Sink Corner
Source : Drury Design

The under-mount sink is install under the I-shaped kitchen island. The sink type has a smooth appearance and is easy to clean. With a beautiful faucet, in harmony with the feel of a classic all-white kitchen

Double Bowl I-Shaped Kitchen Sink

l Shaped Kitchen Sink Corner
Source : Zarrillo’s Custom Design Kitchens, Inc.

Double bowl kitchen sink offers double the space to clean kitchen utensils or groceries. This sink comes with all ingredients. With a double bowl kitchen sink, you can do multitasking easily because two bowls allow you to spell a variety of jobs at once. 

Composite Shaped Kitchen Sink

l Shaped Kitchen Sink Corner
Source : Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Composite kitchen sinks are products rom quartz, granite, or other materials that are mix with a durable resin-acrylic or polyester base. Engineering materials are robust because they are resistant to stains and scratches.

Integral I-shaped Kitchen Sink

l Shaped Kitchen Sink Corner
Source : Kitchen Studio: Kansas City

The term integral means a sink and the countertops made from the same material. This sink material is from composite and stone. The advantages of this design are the clean and modern appearance that results from the absence of visible connections.

Cas-Iron I-Shaped Kitchen Sink

l Shaped Kitchen Sink Corner
Source : Quality Custom Cabinetry, Inc

Cast iron material is the right choice if you can not renovate the kitchen regularly. Cast iron kitchen sink is a sturdy material by firing enamel into an iron bowl. Besides being durable, this kitchen sink also looks beautiful with a variety of color choices. 

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Kitchen sinks play an essential role in preparing food cooking, washing, and cleaning kitchen equipment. Therefore, you must pay attention to its placement. Where you place your sink in your kitchen will determine many things. You should consider easy access to the kitchen sink from the cooking and preparation area because placing the right kitchen sink will make it easy for you to do the job. If you have a small kitchen, putting a kitchen sink in the corner will help you keep your kitchen tidy and will make your small kitchen look spacious. This will help you keep your kitchen looking neat, even if you have a pile of dirty dishes. 

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