Country Kitchen Ideas (Oldy Cute and Elegant Vintage)

Country Kitchen IdeasCountry style is literally “still a thing” even up until this era. This style is timeless and perfectly suitable for kitchen design. Many people love it because of the warmth, comfortableness, and cozy vibes that it offers. Besides, there are many kinds of country kitchen styles available in the store. Those various design choices formed because of its adaptability to mix and match with the other design styles. It almost like the country kitchen is having a new world.

If you are not a fan of the country kitchen yet, you will end up find yourself loving this style after reading the following article. Let’s find out which one suits your taste and be ready to plan your next kitchen remodeling project in the near future.

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What is Country Kitchen?

The country kitchen style focuses on craftsmanship and natural building materials to achieve warmness and comfortability in the kitchen. The honesty of natural materials and great detail of craftmanship make the room feel more open and welcoming. The homeowners and the guests will enjoy every moment and like to spend a prolonged time in the kitchen. 

In terms of furniture design, this style often features built-in or customized cabinets, chairs, and tables from carved, cherry, maple, oak, and pine wood. Pine is the most popular to use in country kitchen design because of its eccentric details, natural and rustic look. It’s perfectly suitable for these kitchens.

Pros and Cons of Having a Country Kitchen Style?

Many people may like the country kitchen style, but not many personality suites with this style. Because the country kitchen is taking a lot of attention in detail and ornamentation, whereas some people who like minimalist design will find it too heavy. 

On the other hand, because of its popularity, it draws people’s attention. It effortlessly becomes a  focal point in the kitchen. Due to its maintenance, generally, country kitchen style appliances are more expensive. Moreover, they always require professionals to install all of the kitchen features. So, say goodbye to your DIY installation project.

How to Design a Country Kitchen?

Country kitchens are not new trends that are continually emerging, but they are a kitchen style that always on demand. Here are several ways to create a country kitchen that you’ll adore throughout 2019 and beyond.

Pick The Colors

White is identical as the country kitchen color. The brightness of this color can make the room look spacious. But can also liven up the mood in this kitchen by choosing more vibrant colors for the cabinets, walls, or even appliances. Natural shades, calm pastels, or even bold colors are all good to pop up your country kitchen.

Choose a Pattern

How to design a country kitchen?

Plaid blankets and tweed are identical patterns that usually used in a country kitchen style. Stripes, florals, woodland, even farm animal prints will serve the country look as well. Your cookware and tableware choice also can help to create a strong country scheme in your kitchen. Kitchen accessories like patterned tea towels, oven gloves, and mugs also can add your own character in your country kitchen style.

Attention to The Details

How to design a country kitchen?
Source: Original Style Winchester Residence

Country kitchen design is also identical with its attention to the details.  It can give a robust traditional feeling. If you dare to go all out, replace your dining table and chairs with a set that has small ornaments. Antique furniture, clocks, decorations, and even lighting are also can bring in the country vibes in your kitchen.

Traditional Kitchen Appliances

How to design a country kitchen?
Source: John Lewis of Hungerford

Replacing your kitchen appliances with more conventional designs is a bold way to transform your current kitchen into a country kitchen style. It’s not a compelling way, but it can create a more authentic country kitchen look. If your kitchen appliances are already broken, retro kitchen appliances will be fit into your new country kitchen design perfectly.

Dare to Mix and Match

How to design a country kitchen?
Source: John Lewis of Hungerford

A country kitchen style always has a room for mix and match. For instance, you can mix this style with another design style to make a fusion concept. You also can use four different dining chairs or different cabinet handles. It can also bring a unique charm to your kitchen.

What is The Best Layout for a Country Kitchen?

The work triangle concept is the rule of thumb to create the best kitchen layout. This concept is still relevant to use in the country kitchen layout as well. To make a better flow activity and reducing your foot traffic in the kitchen aisle, this concept needs to be implemented. The principle is to keep your main preparation area close to the sink. 

A kitchen island in the center also can create an ideal work triangle. Make sure that the kitchen island is incorporated with the sink to make it more functional and friendly for the user. Mostly, in typical country kitchen style, the kitchen island is the center of every cooking and dining activities. You need to remember this while reconfiguring your new country kitchen layout.

Old Country Kitchen

“Old style never dies,” is the most suitable way to describe these old country kitchen ideas. Creating a similar look in your kitchen is much cheaper than buying an old house. Let these four kitchens show you how it’s done

The Epitome of Taste

old country kitchen
Source: GE Monogram

Inspired by local architecture in rural England, this old country kitchen is the epitome of good taste. Perfectly proportional cabinets and its intricate details are the best features of this kitchen. Simply outstanding design!

Oldy Cute Cottage Kitchen

old country kitchen
Source: Dowers

Dominated by baby blue cabinets, this kitchen looks so cute. Even though it looks cute, the vintage vibe of a country kitchen still resonates boldly.

Elegant Vintage Country Kitchen

old country kitchen

This large l-shaped kitchen maximizes its vintage feeling by installing patterned-drapery curtains. This kitchen also completed by three old school pendant lighting right above the island. It’s an elegant way to create a vintage country kitchen.

Highly Functional Antiquated Kitchen

old country kitchen
Source: Fitted Kitchens Store

Country kitchen design is trendy, not only because of the warmness and inviting atmosphere that it brings but also for its functional purpose. Just like this kitchen, which aims to urge family gatherings to enjoy scrumptious food while talking about their day in its unique kitchen island. This old country kitchen is indeed the perfect example of a highly functional kitchen.

Modern Country Kitchen

The country kitchen style is flexible enough to combine with any design style, just like this modern country kitchen style. The combination of those two styles makes the kitchen look chic but still transfers the warmth and welcoming feeling of a typical country kitchen style. Let’s check these modern country kitchen styles that you might be considered to implement in the future.

Bauhaus Style Country Kitchen

modern country kitchen
Source: Johnny Grey Studios

At first glance, this kitchen looks like it inspired by the Bauhaus movement, which associated with modern design. Every furniture and countertops in this kitchen use half-rounded edging that often can be seen in the modern avant-garde era. By combining this concept with country style, it makes this kitchen looks far from any cliches.

Modern Sleek and Clean-Cut Look

modern country kitchen
Source: PlaidFox

This U-shaped kitchen combines neutral color, such as white and grey, with country-style details in its cabinetry. It successfully pulls out the modern sleek and clean-cut look of modern style in this country kitchen to its best.

The Blend Look

modern country kitchen

This kitchen looks like it utterly blends in with each other. The modern style might seem like dominating the overall looks. However, the intricate details of the country style still can be found in the sloped ceiling and exposed wood beam.

The Fusion of Two Worlds

modern country kitchen
Source: Country Kitchen

“Blending in without melting,” is the best way to describe this kitchen. The fusion of modern and country styles collaboratively work with each other without losing their characteristics.

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French Country Kitchen

French country kitchen design features an airy and roomy kitchen space. Every kitchen layout, such as L-shaped, one-wall, or U-shaped-with-peninsula designs, are suitable for this kitchen design style. The kitchen island also widely used for additional storage and food preparation area. Here are several french country kitchen ideas that might inspire you.

The Reminiscent of a French Country Kitchen

french country kitchen
Source: Shanna Wolf S

This lovely kitchen is reminiscent of a french country kitchen that looks flawless and beautiful. This kitchen still can maintain its light and airy feeling even with so many exceptional ornamentation details.

Nature-Inspired Kitchen

french country kitchen
Source: Deborah Gordon Designs

This kitchen uses the all-white storage cabinets combines with nature-inspired color and materials to pull off the French Country kitchen. The large green kitchen island at the center of the room is very eye-catching and helps the flow activity work at its best. Besides, to achieve the french country concept, the kitchen is surrounded by customized white perimeter cabinetry with its unique molding details.

Picturesque French Country Kitchen

french country kitchen
Source: Barnes Vanze Architects, Inc.

This charming French country kitchen looks very humble and welcoming. That persona comes from its building elements such as materials, colors, and detail design that makes the kitchen also feel homey.

European Flavor Country Kitchen

french country kitchen
Source: J. Stephens Interiors

This warm kitchen, which fulfills with gorgeous details awaits the homeowners to cook very often. The kitchen was specially designed to have a European flavor in it. The elegance of the yellow mustard cabinetry contrasts with the flooring color. The intricate details in every furniture in this kitchen boldly stated that the country style is ruling this kitchen.

Farm Country Kitchen

The farm-style country kitchen has its own unique charm. This kitchen style often uses antique-looking furniture to radiate the vintage vibes. Let’s take a look at these farm country kitchen ideas to find your favorite one.

Classical Farmhouse Country Kitchen

farm country kitchen
Source: Phillip Mueller

Even though this farm country kitchen looks pretty classic, but doesn’t necessarily mean it is too basic. This kitchen knows how to energize the user with its yellowish backsplash tiles and unique accessories on the upper wall.

Modern Farm Country Kitchen

farm country kitchen
Source: Chris Sanders

This kitchen uses Barnwood for its cabinetry and a copper farmhouse sink to make the most of the farmhouse feel. By adding the unfinished brick wall as well as the andesite flooring has successfully enhanced the modern yet rustic vibe in the overall kitchen look.

Mid-Century Classic Farmhouse Country Kitchen

farm country kitchen
Source: Baywood Cabinets Sam Van Fleet

This is an example of a mid-century classic farmhouse country kitchen with l-shaped granite countertops and dark wood flooring. The overall look may similar to any vintage style, but the farmhouse sink is the point in this kitchen. It is one hundred percent needed to complete the looks.

British Style Farmhouse Kitchen

farm country kitchen
Source: Jeffrey Dungan Architects

This beautiful British style farm country kitchen invites nature into the kitchen by installing large windows on every side. It is for the sake of the family member and guest’s joyous gatherings experience in this kitchen.

Country Kitchen Decor

We don’t have to buy a large scale decoration to redesign the looks of our country, kitchen. Because decoration can be just small stuff but functionally and aesthetically reasonable to buy. These country kitchen decorating idea can be the smartest way of your design choices.

Lighting Fixtures and Shelves

country kitchen decor
Source: Jeremy Mason McGraw

By simply changing the lighting fixtures, you can dramatically improve the looks of your kitchen. Just like this kitchen, the pendant lighting right above the island has successfully created a vintage look in your country kitchen. Besides, changing the floating shelves also can be the place to display your old dishware collections in order to make the kitchen looks more oldies than ever.  

Chandelier and Cabinetry 

country kitchen decor
Source: Jack Rosen Custom Kitchens

The most essential element of a kitchen, such as cabinetry and lighting, are designed to have a decorative purpose. Lighting armature has various designs that can represent the looks that you want to achieve. Just like this kitchen, the red chandelier right above the island makes the overall kitchen looks so vintage. The ceiling height cabinetry also purposely designed to have a display space at its upper cabinet. This is simply the best country kitchen decor ideas

Patterned Drapery Curtains

country kitchen decor
Source: Debra Drake Design

Installing the patterned drapery curtains is the easiest way to decorate your country kitchen. Just like this kitchen, even though the pattern of those curtains is entirely different, they still can make the best of this kitchen look. 


country kitchen decor
Source: Weaver Custom Homes

Who would have thought that artwork also can amplify your country kitchen look? By simply display the animal figures or artworks cluster, you can enhance the countrified looks of your country kitchen. 

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Country style always successfully makes the kitchen as a perfect family hub in any home. This style brings warmth, openness, and welcoming feeling to anyone, both the daily users and the guests. This timeless style also always has room for creativity in order to combine it with the other kitchen styles. It makes this style is perfect in every aspect. 

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