DIY Flower Pots (Cheap and Neat Solution for Gardening)

DIY Flower PotsPots and planters perhaps are lifesavers to your gardening experience. They offer practicality and mobility as you can move them freely. Hence, you can adjust your plants’ needs accordingly, whether they need more sunlight or shade. Moreover, you can control your plants’ environment easily.

For instance, you can readily control the soil condition for each plant, whether to add more fertilizer or renew the layer of its’ mulch. Planting in pots is really convenient, too. You can practically cram them anywhere you like. Porch, courtyard, backyard, patio, windowsill, or even on top your work desk, they are all good in any places!

Above all the amenities, the most fun thing to you is that you can use your endless creativity to make your own pots. There are lots of ways to make your pots unique and speak for your creative spirit. As for example, you can simply paint your old pots with colors, or recycle old stuff and transform them into pots. There is no exact rule what can be used as your pots, you can just use whatever you like! Eventually, creating your own pots is a fun way to decorate your house. Read on to discover extraordinary ideas to make your pots exceptional.

How do You Make A Potted Plant?

Before you take any step further, it may be best to learn how to plant inside the pots. Planting in pots is not the hardest task to do. In fact, it perhaps the simplest thing you can master in minutes. Firstly, of course you will need to prepare the basic tools to make a potted plant. A simple pot, potting soil, and the plants are essentials. Other tools you may need are gardening gloves to protect your bare hands and a small shovel to dig your soil. After you get all ready, then you are good to follow these steps effortlessly :

Prepare Pot Properly

Start by preparing your pot. If your pot doesn’t have proper drainage holes, then you need to drill some. Drainage holes are really important to keep the moisture of your soil. However, if you are planting in a rather large pot, make sure to cover the drainage holes before adding the soil into the pot. Big drainage holes can wash out your soil, so you need to make sure they are covered well.

Add soil

After getting your pot ready, cover two-thirds of your pot with potting soil. If you use a large pot, it is better to fill less than necessary before transporting them to the location you desire. It is done so that you can move your pot easier as soil can get really heavy. After transporting them, you can add more soil you need.

Set the layout

Design the layout you want for your potted plants. If you are going to have more than one plant inside the pot, visualize the look first. You can simply place your plants’ containers on top of the pot to help you decide on the arrangement. For layout idea, you can place taller plants at the further back and have short flowers line up in front of the taller plants. That way you can create dimension to the visual and enhance the beauty of your potted plants.

Dig hole for each plant

After setting on the design you want, you can start digging holes for your plants. You can start by digging the center and continue outwards. Another point you need to note is to make sure to dig them accordingly. If you are planting small flowers or herbs, you don’t need to dig deeply because they are generally okay with shallow planting. But if you are going to plant tomatoes, it is best to dig deeply as tomatoes need strong root systems.

Loosen the roots

After you are done with digging the soil, get your plants out from their original containers. Loosen the roots carefully with your hands as the base can be pretty packed in their previous containers. Loosening the roots helps the plants to have better root system in their new pot.

Put the plants

Next up is placing the plants in the holes. Nestle them gently into the soil then bury the roots with more soil. You also have to fill the soil in between the plants. After that, pat the soil around the plants so there is no air around, but also don’t pack them too tight. Be careful not to press hard so you don’t break the freshly planted roots. It is advised to make the soil surface about 2 inches below the rim of the pot. It is useful so that during watering, it will make the water soak in instead of spilling out of the pot.


Finally, start fertilizing the plants. Fertilizing your plants with right amount can help strengthening your plants and make them healthy. You better use organic fertilizers because they contain more nutrition and chemical free.

Water them!

Last step is to water them. Your plants may be a little bit dry due to the long process, especially after dumping in the fertilizers. Soak them properly without overwatering them. Overwatering can make the roots rot in long period of time. In order to prevent that happening, make sure your drainage holes are working properly. Ultimately, that is how you make a simple potted plant! Easy peasy, right?

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How do You Make Small Flower Pots?

Making a large pot of plants is perhaps a little bit hard if you are new to gardening. For practice, you can start making a smaller one. Small pot of plants require less effort and cost. It is really easy to make as it only requires basic skills. Furthermore, it is more flexible for mobility purposes. You can place them anywhere as it doesn’t take up much space. For best results, it is advised to plant small flowers into small pot. Here are three tips to make a small flower pot :

Use Any Stuffs For Your Containers

The greatest thing in making small pots is that you can turn anything to be your pots. You can use any utilities to become your containers. For example, you can use small bowl, small glass aquarium, tea cup, even an old books! There are endless possibilities in creating pots. You just need to think out of the box for more ideas and get a little crafty to get them done!

Decorate Them!

If an old and plain tea cup look boring to you, then spice it up! You can decorate it anyway you want. You can paint them with abstract arts or glue them with cute patterned fabrics. Other ideas you can do is sprinkle them with glitters or attach cute ribbon around the cup. Any great idea you can think of, just apply them! Nothing can go wrong with your pot. If anything, it can only make them even prettier!

Choose Your Flowers Properly

Choosing your plants is critical to your pot. As small pot can only offer very limited space for the plants, it is better to plant small flowers. Small flowers doesn’t have very big roots so they are perfect for small pots. For instance, you can plant any succulent flowers or mini cacti. For other options, you can plant herbs such as mint or parsley.

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How do You Plant Flowers in Outdoor Pots?

Gardening outdoor exposes you to temperature fluctuation. That is why it is better to prepare your pots carefully. The most crucial thing that you need to pay attention to is how to retain moisture of the soil throughout the seasons. Here are some tricks you can use to keep your plants healthy :

Decide on The Size and Material of Your Pots

Larger pots are easier to maintain compared to the smaller ones. It is because large pots hold more soil which have better durability against temperature change. Also, more soil keeps the moisture longer, so you don’t have to worry about your watering schedule. Secondly, think of what your pots are made of. Wooden and plastic pots can rot over time. They will even rot quicker under harsh condition. Consider yourself to use concrete pots as they have good durability as they are good under extreme temperature. Furthermore, they are heavy in weight, so you don’t have to fear they get blown by strong wind.

Make Proper Drainage

It is very likely that your pots will get directly affected by weather. If you are living in a place with heavy rainfall, you need to think hard how to fix overwatering problem. As your pots are outdoor, there is high possibility that your plants get overwatered by rain. Creating proper drainage can help fixing the issue. Good drainage system helps you to get rid of excess water caused by rain so that your roots don’t rot. For tip, you can use broken terra cotta pots or crocks, styrofoam chips, or pebbles on the base of your pot. This will prevent blockage of the drainage holes. Moreover, it can protect your pots from losing soil as the soil can get flushed out.

Mind The Sun

Keeping your potted plants outdoor means they can get a lot of sun exposure. It can be good for some plants but can also be deadly for others. Thus, you need to mind the sun to shine your plants correctly. For example, if you plant Dahlia, you will need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight. But if you plant Bromeliad, direct sunlight can easily kill them. You can prevent this mistake by properly planning your plants’ choice. If you are planning to plant them right outside, then flowers like Angelonia, African Daisy, and Dahlia are great. However, flowers like Fushia, Impatiens, and Browallia are better under shade so you may want to plant them on your porch instead of your front yard.

Choose Right Soil

Use high quality mix from your local florist. The mix is usually disease free, unlike garden soil. It is also loose and fluffy in texture as it uses light materials like peat moss and vermiculite. It is also often mixed with decomposed organic matters so it is rich in nutrition. Furthermore, you can also mix time-release fertilizer to minimize future maintenance for your potted plants. The premium mix will help you to retain moisture in order to avoid dryness.

Thriller, Spiller, Filler

This method is a popular guidance used by almost all of gardeners. This method is described to at least have one highlighted plant that become the star in the middle of the pot. This is what you called as the thriller. The thriller is usually larger planters and best if it has multicolored leaves. For instance, you can use dwarf palm trees or yucca plants. After that, combine this thriller plant with some plants that spill over the rim of the pots. These plants are so called spiller. Petunia, Bacopa, or Creeping Zinnia are good examples for spillers. Finally, you can add the fillers to add colors and fill the arrangement. Smaller leaves and flowers are excellent choices for filler plants. You can plant Salvia, or Wax Begonia for your filler plants. Eventually, great layout will be created under this wonderful guidance.

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DIY Flower Pots Ideas

Creating flower pots with your own hands can be a terrific addition to your home. Fill your home with your identity is possibly the best thing you can do. Moreover, you can go as crazy as you can. Creating even a bizarre design is okay, too. Here are five ideas for you to get inspired on :

Use Your Clothespin

diy painted flower pots
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Plain pot is boring, so why not styling it to make it more fun? You can even use the most unimaginable item : clothespin. Clasp your wooden clothespin all around your container. You can use either ceramic one or plastic one, it doesn’t matter. Just make sure that the pot is shorter than your clothespin so the clothespin can entirely cover the pot’s body. After that, fill the pot with soil until the rim of the clothespin. Lastly, you can plant small flowers into the pot. There you have a cute diy flower pot to brighten your work desk!

Topsy Turvy Character Pot

diy flower pots ideas
Image source: Pinterest

Stacking your pots is one of ways to breathe new air to your gardening design. However, stacking them randomly may not give a pleasant visual to your garden. That is why, stacking them in topsy turvy manner can be your solution! Create diy topsy turvy flower pots by attaching five or your plastic pots into a long rebar. Firstly, paint your pots with animated character pictures and fill them with soil. Secondly, place your first pot on the rebar. Thirdly, place another one on top of the first pot. Keep in mind to tilt the pot to the side so the edge of the pot is touching the rebar. The tilting will create the dimension you need. Repeat the process until your rebar is totally covered by your pots. Lastly, you can plant your flowers into the pots! This design may need a little bit of effort in making them, but the results will pay off.

Hanging Tire

diy flower pots for mother's day
Image source: Pinterest

Hanging pots are common design to the garden. However, you can step up your game by using the strangest thing you can get as your hanging container. Using an old tire can be an exciting diy hanging flower pots idea. Start off with painting the tire with bright color. For instance, you can paint them with aquamarine color to give playful mood to your front yard. After that, fill the bottom of your tire with soil and plant flowers inside. You can also create layers using the thriller, filler, spiller method. Plant big flowers at the back as thriller and combine them with creeping flowers as spiller by the rim of the tire. To make your flower pots look lavish, add pointy-leafed grass as filler around the planters.

Watering Can Pot

diy wood flower pots
Image source:

A simple metal watering can is a lovely alternative to be your flower pot. Choose a rather tall yet narrow watering can then fill them with soil. You can use the container to plant bushy flowers with small bud. The bushy visual will highlight the unique shape of your pots. Beautify them with additional rope made by plant’s roots and glue them on the rim of the pot. Lastly, you can also stick a statement label on the body to give a bold look to your pot.

Mini Flower Garden

diy glow in the dark flower pots
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Now, if you are into miniatures, then this design idea is perfect for you! This style is a famous diy mini flower pot that you can easily made. However, you need to be detailed to create this sophisticated look. The main item that you need is a large terra cotta pot. After that, slightly break the pot. Use the crocks to create a small stairs inside of the broken pot. Then, you can fill them with decomposed leaves and small pebbles as decorative items. You can also use the crocks to make a small growing containers on top of the stairs. You can plant a bonsai tree as the highlight of the mini garden. Furthermore, you can match it up with smaller containers by the side and plant small ferns inside. Lastly, you can enhance the visual by adding a slightly bigger pots in the bottom corner and plant some flowers into it.

DIY Painted Flower Pots

Decorating your house with a plain white and black pots is an old trick. Instead of giving a luxurious feel, they only give dull image. Your pots will end up as lifeless décor that fail to bring joy to your atmosphere. Thus, transforming your old pots is a great idea to recycle them. The easiest way is to paint them yourself.  Here are five diy painted flower pots ideas you can do in your spare time :

Gold Ombre Pot

concrete flower pots diy
Image source:

The key point of creating ombre pot is matching the colors. Hence, it is better to use a generic color as your base. For instance, pick up your terra cotta pot and paint it white. After that, you can paint the saucer that comes with the pot with shiny gold color. Now, you have two parts with contrasted color. In order to make a charming ombre look, you can simply spray the gold color on the bottom of your pot. Spray them as if the gold color is mottled upwards to the pot. This simple trick can give a posh style to your plain pot and upgrade the look of your decorative plants!

Artistic Rainbow Color

diy clay flower pots
Image source: Pinterest

Terra cotta is visually dreary so enhancing them with paint will do great lift to the view. If you have very artsy hands, you can paint them with rainbow colors. You can also play with the color arrangement as well. You can start with painting a lighter color all over the body of your pot, for example yellow. After that, gradually paint them with darker color such as orange and then red and eventually end with a light blue color to add the zest. At the end, your pot will look artistic your guests can even mistake them as an expensive arty craft made by professional!

Funky Dots

diy mini flower pots
Image source: Pinterest

Let’s say that not everyone is gifted with good sense of art. If you are one of these people, then you can try a simpler form to paint your pot. Simple doesn’t always mean bad, right? So you don’t need to worry that it will look lame because sometimes simple works better. Firstly, find a tall yet narrow terra cotta pots. This is important as the tall shape of your pot will give a nice dimension to the view. Secondly, simply paint them with warm colors. For instance, you can use soft teal color or light grey color. You can also match them with intense color such as deep dark navy. Then, use the tip of your brush to create dots all over the pot’s body. Use a contrasted color such as white so that the dots pop out more. For finishing touch, plant small succulent flowers into the pots so it enhances the look of your polka dots pot.

Flowers Combo

diy painted flower pots
Image source: Pinterest

Painting flowers on the flower pot looks overwhelming, doesn’t it? If you think so, then you are wrong. Painting animated flowers on the flower pot looks cute and frisky. It will put your house into an amusing mood that will keep up with your energy. You can paint your pot in bright red color first, then draw big flowers on top of them. Make sure to color your petals with fun color that distinctively differ from the base so the drawing immediately catches your eye.

Put on Happy Faces!

diy flower pots ideas
Image source: Pinterest

If you love plain colors to match up your modern style housing, then you can boost the visual by painting simple face on your pots. You can also make them as if they are in pairs. For example, paint one pot with a male face of cats while another one is painted with a female face cat. Put them side by side so they stood up even more in the room. This type of drawing will look great as decorative item indoor. You can arrange them on top of a plain table by the corner of your family room to maximize the view.

DIY Concrete Flower Pots

The plus point of concrete pots is the durability. They are good materials to use especially if you plan to keep them outdoor. They can last under extreme temperature swings and can be easily maintained. However, most of them have angular shapes so they can be a little monotone.

Eccentric Geometry

diy flower pots pinterest
Image source: Pinterest

Concrete pots may look stiff because of the nature of the material. However, it can be their strong point if you can highlight the visual cleverly. Build them in geometry shape is a way to bring the sharp look to the spotlight. You can maximize the view by planting small succulent flowers or cacti in a rather big concrete pot. Furthermore, you can paint them in marble style. Lastly, you can group all sizes of the geometry pots on the plain white table and keep the small showcase to the corner of your living room.

Ball of Concrete

diy wood flower pots
Image source: Pinterest

Molding your concrete into a sphere is a futuristic idea you can use as model. However, cut of the quarter of the sphere so that you can use the space to plant your plants. As concrete pots mostly don’t have drainage holes, it is important to take note of your plants’ types. It is better to have plants that generally are good with little water such as succulents. For better looking, paint them with white paint at the bottom of your pots so it gives dimension to them.

Make Them Big

diy glow in the dark flower pots
Image source: Pinterest

Concrete pots are excellent picks for outdoor planting. They are heavy so your pots can stand strong wind and not getting turn over. You can buy a huge concrete pots to plant tall bush of flowers. The large space will give the roots more room to grow. They will look extraordinary if you place them in your courtyard. Group them up by the corner of your courtyard to bring refined look to your garden.

Mini Boxes

diy outdoor flower pots
Image source:

Mold your concrete into small rectangular shapes to bring the simplicity. As the shapes are not big, you can even mold it by yourself. Firstly, prepare frames made by wood to give shapes to the pots. After that, pour the cement into the frame and let it dry. Don’t forget to mold the small rectangle on the top to be growing container. When they are done, you can take off the frames and plant small flowers to stress on the shape of the pots. Thus, there you have a simple diy cement flower pot you can try at home!

Paint it Zebra!

diy fabric flower pots
Image source: Pinterest

Even though the natural color of cement is already pretty, you can emphasize the look by painting them with glossy silver color. The simplest way to paint them is drawing a horizontal lines on the body of the pots. You can use tall, glass shaped pots so that the pattern creates the illusion to make it even looks taller. To top it off, plant small succulent flowers with lots of petals to underline the dimension.

DIY Wood Flower Pots

Wooden flower pots are good to give a natural look to your house. This material is perfect match to the farmhouse styling. This design can look good in modern styling, too. However, having wooden flower pots has a little downside. Wooden flower pots can easily rot over time so the durability is not the best. You need to be careful not to plant them outdoor. Even if you have to, it is better to keep them under the shade.

Wall Barrel

diy self watering flower pots
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Attach a barrel shape of wall planter on your porch wall by your front door. This look will be a unique way to say hi to your guests. Plant bold colored flowers inside so the vibrant feel is spreading out to lift the mood to your house. As the wood already have natural pattern, you don’t need to repaint them. However, furnishing them with transparent paint to give glistening look is more than welcomed.

Tiered Box

diy moss flower pots
Image source: Pinterest

Build small diy tiered flower pots by grouping four boxes of wooden pots together. You can comfortably make it using plank. To please the visual, you can create dimension by making the shortest of the box on the front. After that, attach it to slightly taller boxes by the side and the back. Lastly, you can fit the tallest box into the opposite position in the back. This perfect placement will create the small tiered flower pot that will beautify your patio wall.

Triplet Pots

diy flower pots
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Set of similar size pots will look pretty if you team them up and place them on top of your living room table. You can also plant similar flowers as well. Improve the natural visual by matching them with dried roots tablecloth. Eventually, the vibrant color of the flowers will bring animated mood to your boring living room.

Flower Fence

diy concrete flower pots
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Build a pot that mimics the shape of fence to cage the flowers using wood to create a luxurious feel. You can line them up by the side of your front door so it is as if you have mini flower fence in your porch. You can plant luminous pink flowers as thriller layer and have small, white flowers as spiller all around the flowers. To finish the look, you can add plants with lush foliage all over the flowers as filler.

Tiny Miniature

diy painting flower pots
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Modify your tiny miniature into a flower pot by simply adding soil into your miniature hole as growing container. As the miniature is really small, you can plant succulents with short roots inside of it. This type of adorable miniature will be a pleasant addition to your dresser that you can feast on the cuteness as you do your makeup every morning!

DIY Fabric Flower Pots

Using fabric pots is a wise choice to have because they help with the rooting system. Fabric pots allow air to have direct contact with the soil. Thus, the air inside the soil will affect the roots planted in them. Instead of growing long and spiraling, the roots will have fresh roots from the stems which is good for roots system. This allows the plants to have strong roots and absorb more water evenly. With all that being said, here are four ideas to have fabric flower pots by your own :

Denim Pots

diy flower pots pinterest
Image source:

Buy a classic fabric bag to be your container, then simply decorate them with denim. Firstly, you can cut your old jeans by the rim of the cloth. Secondly, you can line them up and stick them to the fabric bag using glue. Cover them up until they completely hide the fabric container. Lastly, you can plant pointy leafed succulents inside the denim pot. This crafty idea will look attractive to embellish your working desk.

Classic Leather

diy flower pots for mother's day
Image source: Pinterest

Aside for shoes, you can also use leather as your fabric pots. Leather has thick layer so it may not be the most likeable idea for your plants, but it serves good visual to your room. Furthermore, the thickness of the material can help storing the heat so it is good to have during cooler seasons. If you are living in cold regions, this style can be a nice option to have in your home. However, it is best to layer them with growing bag inside the leather so the plants can have a breathable environment they need.

Patterned Bag

diy wood flower pots
Image source: Pinterest

Another option you can have is buying a patterned growing bag. Choose the one with contrast color and pattern between the outside and inside layer. For example, a darker color with abstract pattern is good to combine with playful bright color with cartoonish patterned on it. You can fold one third of the pots so the inside pattern can be displayed, too. Lastly, you can plant awkward shaped succulents to enhance the look of your flower pot.

Glue It

flower pots diy
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If you have a plain white ceramic pot and you run out of ideas how to make it better, simply stick a patterned fabric on the body of the pot. You can cover one third by the rim of your pot with flower patterned fabric for decoration. Furthermore, you can attach a big yellow button on top of the fabric to bring a crafty feeling to it. Eventually, you will have a cute looking pot to place by your TV desk.

DIY Mini Flower Pots

Mini flower pots are wonderful addition to your boring desk. You can bring little greenery to freshen the mood. You can also look at them to de-stress when you are under pressure because of your work load. Likewise, you can also keep them on your windowsill so it brings more imaginative thoughts when you blankly stare on your window to daydream. Furthermore, mini pots are easy to keep as they don’t have much maintenance.

Tea Cup

diy cement flower pots
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You can easily transform a simple tea cup to be a stylish mini pots for your flowers. The utensil will be a lovely addition to the dining table by your patio. Plant short and vibrant colored flowers inside to lift the image. You can use the small plate that comes with the cup as saucer, too! All you need to do is drill drainage holes on the bottom of your cup then your mini pot is good to go!

Tea Tin

diy outdoor flower pots
Image source:

Old tea tin usually has pretty flower patterned on them, so it will be a nice alternative to your pot business. As the container is really tiny, you have to plant succulent flower that doesn’t need much water to survive. For your placement options, you can line them up by your windowsill or small table in your bedroom. Eventually, the tin will effortlessly create a vintage feel for you to admire right after you wake up in the morning!

Old Book

diy decorated flower pots
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Do you run out of space in your bookshelf to place your recently bought books? Well, fret not, as you can recycle old books to be an edgy styled pot! Get them out of your shelf and transform them into unusual mini pots by making shallow rectangular hole in middle of the book. After that, you can fill the hole with potting mix and at the end, plant them with small succulents. Decomposed papers from your books can be useful organic fertilizer, too! Watch out for the watering method, though. It is advised to water your plants using sprayers so the water don’t leak anywhere.

Mini Porcelain

diy garden flower pots
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If you have lots of useless porcelain miniatures you buy while you are vacationing abroad, then it is a good idea transform them into tiny pots. Most of porcelain miniatures have cute shapes, too, so it will even make your planters better. Porcelain pots are perfect match for succulents, so make sure to plant tiny succulents inside the miniatures. Furthermore, you can place them on your bathroom sink so it will be a fun surprise as you brush your teeth every day.

Transparent Aquarium

diy fabric flower pots
Image soutce:

You can attach small transparent aquarium to your wall and fill them with water. After that, you can dump your plants inside. As you don’t fill them with soil, you can have plants that can survive solely on water. Additionally, you can add colored pebbles on the bottom of the aquarium to emphasize the watery look. Be careful not to knock them over though, because it can create a big mess with the water.


Planting in pots is really convenient as they can easily be moved to serve mobility purpose. It is also easier to control the environment your plants need, whether they need more sun or more water without effecting other plants. Furthermore, there are thousands of possibilities to make and decorate your pots! You can simply paint them with colors or mold them with funky shapes. In short, planting in pots are generally practical and becoming good decorative items to enhance your house ambiance.

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