Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas (Natural, Vintage and Classic Flooring)

Farmhouse Kitchen Ideas – We often miss the cool and calm countryside atmosphere, but don’t have much time to visit there. the simplest way to present these nuances is to decorate your home with a farmhouse theme that is synonymous with comfort and tranquility typical of the countryside.

Farmhouse style is a decoration that is applied to the room by adapting a rural atmosphere that is calm and at one with nature. Currently, the concept of a farmhouse style is becoming an attraction for homeowners, especially applied to the kitchen. Farmhouse style can be combined with modern style in terms of interior arrangement. Therefore the trend of farmhouse with a more modern touch has emerged to meet the needs of urban communities.

Farmhouse style kitchen also features a classic and romantic side. The atmosphere is calm and comfortable and beautiful from a farmhouse style house will affect the mood of the homeowner. You who live in a city that is always hustle and bustle will certainly be very happy if you return home, prepare dinner in the kitchen that reminds you of a quiet and comfortable village.

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What is the Farmhouse Kitchen?

A farmhouse style inspired by the building where farmers put their plants and animals. As the name implies, the farmhouse style applies a warm and romantic kitchen design because it is attached to nature and the countryside. The main key to the concept of a modern farmhouse style is calm and comfort. The use of wood material is also very important, you can also combine it with furniture that is a bit modern.

Farmhouse style always stands out with a warm atmosphere. if you want to try using a farmhouse style in your kitchen, you can choose colors with warm tones such as beige, white, light yellow, orange to dark blue. These colors will give the impression of a farmhouse that is calm, warm and comfortable. good luck.

How to Make a Farmhouse Kitchen Style

Initially, the farmhouse style kitchen was practically decorated. Because the main spirit is calm, so you shouldn’t be bothered with excessive decoration. You can see the simplicity offered by farmhouse kitchen interior from the choice of color schemes and basic materials for furniture. The following is a guide for you; how to make your kitchen feel more farmhouse.

Dominated Wood Element

Dominated Wood Element
Source : Maverick Landscaping

Farmhouse decor requires elements that are inspired from the countryside, which is usually provided by wood materials. You can replace some of your furniture with wood materials. if it’s still lacking, you can replace your kitchen ceiling with a wooden attic.

Natural Color Scheme

Natural Color Scheme
Source : Smith & Vansant Architects PC

One characteristic of farmhouse kitchen designs is the use of soft and natural color schemes. You can combine the white walls with furniture made of wood with brown or blue. so that the atmosphere is not monotanical, use pastel colored curtains or floral motifs or paint your kitchen ceiling with a contrasting color, such as green. Do not be stingy to make a wide window, because this color combination will look beautiful if exposed to enough light.

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Vintage Element

Open Shelving
Source : Shelley Gilbertson

Farmhouse kitchen decor is closely related to vintage style. You can present old elements from furniture made from reclaimed wood or warehouses with classic or vintage characters in your kitchen. 

Classic Flooring

Classic Flooring
Source : DiYanni Custom Homes

Kitchen flooring is also vital to support the appearance of a farmhouse kitchen. Use the kitchen floor with a classic feel that made of wooden boards or other materials with not too many motifs. 

Pros and Cons of Farmhouse Kitchen

Pros and Cons of Farmhouse Kitchen
Source : Molly Quinn Design

The strength of home kitchen design is its simplicity, which creates comfort. Farmhouse style relies heavily on genetic architecture, can use almost any construction, and works perfectly in most modern homes. They also have a variety of lighting options. Most farmhouse kitchen lighting has a metallic finish, which matches any color scheme. You also don’t need to worry about color Palettes, because they have an extensive color palette. The farmhouse works best with lively color accents so that it expands your color choices. 

Farmhouse kitchen design provides almost everything you need for comfort and tranquility. However, if you don’t make the right plan for your decoration, you might end up clashing between color and design because of the eclectic style of the farmhouse, which makes it a little bit tricky. Most farmhouse designs also made by mixing metal touches that can be uncomfortable in some rooms. Farmhouses are mostly suitable for open spaces and functional lighting and may not be ideal for closed spaces.

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas

Decorating a farmhouse kitchen may require less time because they offer so many variations and choices. Farmhouse kitchen decor is synonymous with crafts and recycling. They also put forward a balance between rustic charm and modern simplicity. Be prepared to be fascinated by the following farmhouse kitchen decorating ideas.  

1. Matching Furniture

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas
Source : Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Nothing else can spoil your eyes besides furniture with a matching appearance. Equipment with shades of color that are similar to each other gives the impression of a neat and comfortable kitchen. For a farmhouse-style kitchen, choosing the dominance of wood shades is the most appropriate thing. This kitchen uses the same wood material and color for the top and bottom cabinets, countertops, chimneys, and shelves. It is creating a beautiful impression without the need for additional decoration.

2. Pendulum Wall Clock

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas
Source : Rauser Design

Antique items can be vintage farmhouse decorating ideas. You can try placing a pendulum wall clock in your kitchen because it can bring the feel of a typical vintage farmhouse kitchen instantly.

3. Sliding Wood Door

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas
Source : Mutual Materials

All elements in the kitchen should be multi-functional. By installing a wooden sliding door in the kitchen, you already get two benefits at once. The uniqueness of the wooden sliding door creates a traditional and classic impression, which is the leading spirit of the farmhouse style. Meanwhile, this can also save space in your kitchen.

4. Hanging Candle Lamp

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas
Source : The Working Kitchen, Ltd.

The chandelier is usually synonymous with luxury or glamorous style and quite contrary to the simplicity of the form of the farmhouse. However, you can also try installing a chandelier to support your farmhouse kitchen appearance by paying attention to several things. Do not think to connect a light with luxury crystal, but replace the electric lamp with candles because the use of candles is more appropriate to create a feel like in the countryside.

5. Metal Hanging Rack

Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Ideas
Source : Arkin Tilt Architects

Some farmhouse styles also use metal elements to be juxtaposed with wood elements — a combination of metal and wood that looks proportional to the design of this kitchen. Metal hanging rack installed not only functions for decoration, but also for storing cooking utensils so that the use of space becomes more leverage.

Farmhouse Kitchen Island Ideas

Almost all farmhouse kitchens exclusively have wooden furniture, including a wood kitchen island. The oak kitchen island has the right amount of traditional detail that helps accentuate the look and feel of a farmhouse home. Most kitchen islands in farmhouse kitchens are white or the natural color of wood, but any color can function when paired with the right decoration. You can copy the design of the kitchen island in the following farmhouse kitchen island ideas.

1. Rich Wood Tones Kitchen Island

Farmhouse Kitchen Island Ideas
Source : Right Arm Construction

This kitchen is a farmhouse-craftsman style. Equipped with a clean painted upper cabinet, kitchen island with rich wood tones, and White Caesarstone countertops, which helps add a lot of lighting to the room. 

2. The Mixtures of Wood and Metal Kitchen Island

Farmhouse Kitchen Island Ideas
Source : Colin Cadle Photography

It is another inspiration from the perfect combination of wood and metal elements, which are trademarks of the farmhouse style. This kitchen is a country-farmhouse kitchen idea with a small and multi-functional kitchen island. This wooden kitchen island has open storage underneath in the form of a metal bulkhead where the homeowner keeps metal or aluminum cooking utensils. It produces a contrasting color, which gives a neater impression of the kitchen.

3. Shiny Wooden Board Kitchen Island

Farmhouse Kitchen Island Ideas
Source : Van Wicklen Design

Simplicity is essential from the style of the farmhouse, including in the choice of furniture. You can apply it to the kitchen island with a simple design. You can use wood board material with a shiny surface so that even though it is simple, the sparkle produced can add a particular impression to your kitchen.

4. Weathered Wood  Kitchen Island

Farmhouse Kitchen Island Ideas
Source : Peter Vitale Photography

Farmhouse design allows us to be able to enjoy the natural atmosphere of a typical village in a house even though it is not actually in the countryside. You can get this atmosphere by presenting weathered wood in the form of a kitchen island. You don’t have to look for rotten wood, but you can recycle your old doors.

5. Vintage Wood Kitchen Island

Farmhouse Kitchen Island Ideas
Source : Brad Moore Builders, LLC

Most people worry that the paint on the kitchen furniture is starting to fade, but for a farmhouse style kitchen, the fading paint is an “identity.” The furniture’s color that was beginning to fade can strengthen the impression of vintage to the surroundings. You also do not need to pay a lot of additional costs to repaint. If you do not like the residue from the rest of the peeling paint, you only need to apply liquid wood polish.

Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Ideas

Farmhouse kitchen sinks are plentiful and usually square. The original farmhouse sink is a deep rectangular shape with a single bowl. However, this sink has become so popular that now there are various choices available. Most farmhouse sinks cannot resize; that’s why you have to choose and plan carefully before you buy and install it in your home. The following are farmhouse kitchen sinks idea that you can apply in your home.

1. Black Iron Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Ideas
Source : HomeClick

This farmhouse sink made of black iron with sparkling faucets looks in contrast to traditional kitchens that attract attention. Under the sink, there is extra storage space as a multi-functional kitchen cabinet.

2.  Copper Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Ideas
Source : Quality Bath

This one-bowl farmhouse kitchen sink is custom made, forged from high-quality recycled copper. The retained copper texture reinforces the subjective impression of a typical farmhouse style.

3. Farmhouse Sink For Food-Prep Area

Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Ideas
Source : Native Trails

A small but deep farmhouse sink that blends with the kitchen island is functional furniture for the food preparation area. Its position is lower than the dining table, helping homeowners separate the wet and dry areas to keep the kitchen hygienic. Also equipped with a single handle faucet makes it easy to clean the area.

4. Contemporary Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Source : threshold interiors

A farmhouse sink can also look stunning in a contemporary kitchen that blends many styles. Together with modern cabinets, classic white tiles on the backsplash, and open wooden shelves and the addition of a sparkling golden-colored faucet is a combination that rivets and spoil the eye.

5. Traditional Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Ideas
Source : Kitchen & Bath Mart

The glazed cherry cabinet is all that needed in this farmhouse kitchen. Equipped with a large white apron front sink that has a deep basin, typical of traditional cuisine that is perfect for cleaning large pots. It is the ideal sink for those of you with many family members or frequent family gatherings.

Farmhouse Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Have you found any similarities in all farmhouse kitchen kitchens? It is on the floor. The trademark of a farmhouse look is a floor with almost the same feel as the others. Whatever the material, the color scheme in the farmhouse kitchen is beige or color tones that remind us of wood. We have prepared several farmhouse kitchen flooring ideas for you to explore.

1. Wooden Brick-Pattern Flooring

Farmhouse Kitchen Flooring Ideas
Source : Timeless Kitchen Cabinetry

In a farmhouse style, wooden floors, benches, and even open beams are all acceptable. You might consider combining them all in one kitchen room. A vintage wooden bench would be suitable to be placed on a wooden floor with a brick-pattern tile.

2. Shiny Wooden Board Flooring

Farmhouse Kitchen Flooring Ideas
Source : United Carpet One

When you explore farmhouse kitchen ideas, wooden floors always seem to be an option. The best part of this kitchen is the use of wood. How the selection of shiny wooden boards floor that is slightly darker than the surrounding furniture makes this simple room look more vibrant and luxurious.

3. Weathered Wood Flooring

Farmhouse Kitchen Flooring Ideas
Source : Coyote Design Architecture + Planning PLLC

If you use wood materials, you can decide to leave it natural or paint it. Although this kitchen is more modern with white domination, weathered wood floors that are left naturally without paint add the charm of a farmhouse style to the kitchen space. Industrialist-style decorations on the chandelier bring a unique character to this kitchen.

4. Barnboard Oak Flooring

Farmhouse Kitchen Flooring Ideas
Source : Appalachian Woods

This antique barnboard oak flooring installed in a random size, combined with nail holes and solid knots, gives this farmhouse kitchen a unique character. All furniture is in color with active wooden elements so that anyone who sees it feels calm and comfort.

5. Black Brick-Pattern Flooring

Farmhouse Kitchen Flooring Ideas
Source : Katharine Jessica Interior Design, LLC

We are accustomed to finding natural or painted wood floors in farmhouse homes. Sometimes laminate floors that look like wood can also give you a beautiful farmhouse kitchen floor style. It can be an option if you have too many wood elements in your kitchen. You can choose black or white tiles or even linoleum with a brick -pattern for your flooring

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The design of a farmhouse kitchen allows you to experience the warmth while at the same time bring memories to those of you who live in the countryside, or you live in the suburbs and want to experience the simple farming life. Farmhouse kitchen designs come to invite you for a moment to enjoy the simplicity of rural life. They offer something about the soothing appeal of the kitchen. The design of the farmhouse kitchen is appealing because it captivates the senses with traditional, pure, neutral, and peaceful elements. 

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