Flower Garden Ideas (Bed, Round, Frontyard, Patio)

Flower Garden Ideas – If having a flower garden is on your to-do lists this year, then perhaps you should start working on that now. Creating a flower garden is not an easy job indeed, but it is a very fun and fulfilling process. Imagine yourself hanging out in your front yard after a long and tiring day surrounded by blooming flowers. It is so tempting, right? Nobody can give you the serenity you need except for yourself!

However, it may be confusing as where to start and what to plant. You certainly will not like it if you end up with lame garden with wilted plants here and there. As failures can frustrate you, it is better to plan your garden right. Create good environment for your plants by choosing the right soil for your flowers. Pay attention to the dimension and color match. Find out which flowers grow best in your temperature.

It may sound a lot, but it is worth every effort in order to create a stunning flower garden designed just for you!Eventually, it is everyone’s dream to have astonishing flower garden. You can bring the spirit of spring right to your house by designing your flower garden right. Read on to find out how to make flower garden and some tips to take note of. Also, keep scrolling to get inspired by these pretty flower garden ideas just for you!

How do You Make A Flower Garden For Beginners

Making flower garden is indeed difficult. However, it is not impossible to do as long as you pay attention to the essentials. The key to have a lovely and healthy flower garden is to have good preparation before planting. First step to your preparation stage is to have excellent design and layout. Next step is to choose the type of flowers suited for your environment and temperature. It is also important to accommodate your flowers with proper soil and necessities. After your preparation is done, then you can proceed to plant your flowers. Do not forget to maintain your garden after planting, though, because you don’t want to all your efforts wasted and end up with withering flowers! To fill you with details, here are six points to take note of in order to create a breath-taking flower garden :

Know Your Location

The very first step to create flower garden is to know your location really well. It is important to determine where you plant so you know what kind of flowers suited to the location. For example, if you are planting in front yard that is very likely to be exposed to direct sunlight for at least six hours, then drought resistant perennials are best options you can do. It is also critical to know the size of your planting area. Keep in mind that bigger area offers more opportunity to plant in layers so you can be more playful with the arrangement.

Prep Your Soil

Prepping your soil is the most vital part. Healthy and disease-free soil can support your plants’ lifelong vitality. In order to do that, you need to clear the ground. Get rid of grass and weeds out of your planting area. You can either slice them out with spade, or just simply cut them. Do not throw them away, though. They can later be useful for compost after they decompose well. After clearing the soil, you need to improve your soil’s fertility by adding organic matter. You can add two to three inch layer of compost on top of the soil. You can use decayed leaves or dry grass as your mulch. Simply leave the organic matter on the surface and let them rot into humus to later blend into the soil. Last step of prepping your soil is to work on it so it allows roots to get water and other nutrients easily. You can try tilling and digging your soil to do that. However, be careful during tilling because excessive tilling can damage soil structure and plant roots. It is best to dig to prepare your soil better. If you complete all the steps, then your soil is ready for your fresh flower plants!

Design Your Garden Layout

Next step is to design your garden layout. How do you want to design your flower garden? There are various styles you can try. For example, if you are thinking of designing with the shapes, then you probably need lots of perennials as they have several basic shapes. They have spires, plumes, daisies, buttons, and many more. You can try to match different shapes together to have a vibrant look. However, planting similar shapes can even look better. Repetition of shapes and color establish visual unity and offers you a sense of calmness. For other alternative, you can also try to design with layers and combinations. Layering creates natural look while playing with plant combination creates great dimension, color, and textures.

Pick Your Flowers!

After knowing what kind of design you’d like, then it is time to pick your flowers. You can pick taller flower plants and shrubs for the back side of your flower bed, and choose smaller flower plants to the front. Combining plants according to their height helps you creating good dimension. Another thing you need to pay attention is the color palette. You can either have similar tones of same color for the sake of harmony, or go crazily fun by matching contrasted color together. For example, you can go all white with variety type of flowers, or simply match yellow, orange, and red flowers to make most of the light. Either way, the combination will set the ambiance to your garden so it can compliment your house styling.

Watch For Frost Cycle

Know your frost cycle so all of your flowers can survive the seasons. This is really important especially if you are living in four season regions. It is advised to start your seed about four to six weeks before average last frost date so your plants can have a head start. Keep the seed indoors under growing lights so they can grow properly before transporting the transplants to your garden area.

Maintain Your Garden Well

Last but not least, maintain your garden properly. After you transfer the transplants, water them frequently until the roots get settled in. After that, water them regularly, but also pay attention to your soil, humidity, and rainfall. If you are living in sunny regions, water them more often. Keep in mind that watering in early morning can minimize evaporation, so adjust your schedule accordingly. Aside from watering, you also need to mulch your soil so it keeps the weeds out and moisture in. You can use organic mulch, for example compost, cocoa bean shells, or simply decomposed leaves. Finally, tend your garden adequately. Get rid of the dying and diseased vegetation, damaging insects, and persistent weeds. If you are done with all the steps, then get ready to smell the spring coming to your house!

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How Big Should My Garden Be?

Ideally, you can grow your flowers no matter how big your area of planting is. There is no rule to how big your garden can be. It can be as small as medium sized planters by your window or as big as your front yard. However, it is essential to provide enough space for your flowers so they can bloom beautifully and healthily. Here are recommended sizes for your garden according to the type of your flower plants :


It is best to plant annual flowers in narrow beds because you may need enough space to amend the soil and plant the new seeds during season change. Three feet to five feet wide is the recommended size for annual flowers. Annuals don’t require much maintenance aside for watering and occasional weeding, so the size is perfect to maintain the bed without damaging it.


The standard for traditional perennial borders is at least six to eight feet wide so it can accommodate the mature size of your plants. Perennials will grow beautifully when they are properly spaced, so you need to get rid of the weeds and give the soil exposure as they mature. Make sure the borders provide enough space for your range of plants and the varying heights.


Shrubs generally take up a lot of space as they mature so you will need extra space for their growth. If you are about to include shrubs into your flower bed, then you may need additional two feet of space between the other plants and the shrubs. You can also use the spare of space for maintenance purposes.

Three Layers of Flowers

If you are designing your garden to have at least three layers, then you may need quite wide area to do so. It is advised to have a flower bed at least five feet wide or more so the layering gives the lush effect you are looking for. You can even make it ten feet wide to make it look even prettier. However, keep in mind that the longer your bed, the wider it should be. So you can adjust your flower beds accordingly.

Scale of Bed

Above all, you need to consider the scale of flower beds to the other features around the garden. For instance, large island flower bed will look overwhelmed to a small home while small beds will look awkward in large suburban yard. The size of your plants also affects the size of the bed. Taller plants need wider bed to look balanced. Thus, it is crucial to keep your garden fit the rest of its environment.

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What are The Easiest Flowers to Grow?

Now that you know all the basic to make your flower garden, we arrive to the core of questions. What to plant? Certainly every flower plant has their own particular needs you need to fulfil so they can grow prettily. However, there are some that can grow easily even under harsh condition. These all-around types of flowers are excellent pick for gardening rookie to grow in their garden :


This annual flower is probably the easiest to grow, even for your kids. You can simply sow the seeds and keep them in a sunny, sheltered spot. Sunflowers are really low-maintenance, so you don’t need to do much except for regular watering. However, they don’t start blooming until late in season, so the wait may be quite long. The yellow flowers are in full bloom during late summer, so you can start prepping the seeds since spring time. Do not worry about the spring frosts though, because sunflowers are surprisingly cold-hardy. Sunflowers also does generally well in most soil types except the water-logged one.


Pansies are grown as annuals even though they can be perennials in several zones. These colorful flowers are easy so nurture, thus becoming beginners’ favorite. All they need is regular watering and that is enough. Pansies love rich, well-drained soil so make sure to provide them with mulch. Moreover, they’d like to be under sun or partial shade so they can bloom beautifully. Pansies can even bloom throughout winter and early spring if you are living in warmer climate regions.


Sweetpeas are annual flowers with blue, pink, purple, red, or white petals. They are popular for their pretty shapes and fragrance. Sweetpeas like cool temperatures with their head exposed to the sunlight and their roots cool. That is why you need to mulch your soil so the moisture stays for a long time. Also keep in mind that sweetpeas need supportive fence or trellis in order to grow. The flowers bloom spring through early summer in hot climates, or into fall in cooler regions.


This annual flowers have the shade of yellow, red, gold, and even mixed to their petals. Marigolds grow quickly from seed and really easy to handle, so it is an excellent choice for young gardeners. They prefer well-drained soil even though they can grow rather well in dry or sandy one. Marigolds like to be in full sun and bloom during spring, summer, and fall. Above all, marigolds are good repellent plants so your house may be mosquitoes free!


Cosmos is a drought resistant flowers and generally okay with poor soil conditions. The annual flowers usually bloom around spring, summer, and fall with orange, pink, and white petals. These frilly flowers grow quickly from seed as they only take seven weeks until first flower appears and will continue to bloom until the next frost. Cosmos make stunning floral arrangements due to their tall shapes. However, be careful not to overwater them as they prefer well-drained soil, not wet one.

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Garden Flower Bed Ideas

In order to create a gorgeous flower beds, you need to pay attention on the arrangement of the flowers. Similar shade of color will bring you a serenity feel while the colorful one can be a fun, vibrant design to your boring home. It is also important to play with the dimension by planting various height of flowers. Another option you can consider to have is shaping the beds into unique looking shape so they bring character to your garden. Here are five flower bed ideas you can imitate :

In a Box Planter

flower garden ideas
Image source: www.houzz.com

Creating flower beds using box planters is one of million options you can have. Line up your boxes into four on the left side and the right side of your garden. Make sure to keep space between the boxes so that you have enough space to do maintenance to your beds. After that, you can plant your flowers in layers if you have wide enough planters. For middle layer, you can plant similar tones of color flowers such as tulips. Plant pink tulips and match them with the red ones. Furthermore, you can combine them with bright purple lavender on the outer layers. Copy the arrangement into other boxes to create a luxurious look to your garden.

Shape it

flower garden design ideas
Image source: avatars.mds.yandex.net

Another way to keep the fun to your garden is to shape the beds into particular shapes. For instance, you can shape your bed in a long curvy lines. Plant the bed with same flowers to create a smooth look. Next, combine them with shorter curvy shape of bed with contrasted color of flowers alongside the first bed. For instance, you can match white flowers of previous bed and bright pink flowers for this bed. Shape them so they make a circular shape. To top the look, add plants with lavish foliage at the corner of the beds. There you have a yin-yang flower beds to beautify your yard.

Flower Fence

flower garden ideas for small yards
Image source: twimg.com

If you have a fence to protect your house, then you can utilize that as a prop to your garden beds. You can plant tall, pink roses right in front of and the back of your fence. As they grow taller and bloom all over your fence, that creates an illusion of having a magical fence made by roses. Furthermore, you can match the roses with lavender and green shrubs in front of the fence to lift up the visual. Simply line up the lavender and the shrubs alternately alongside the white fence to replicate the look.

Flower Fountain

flower garden border ideas
Image source: Pinterest

Transforming your old water fountain into a planter is perhaps a cute flower garden idea you can casually have in your porch. For the top container, plant some small cacti. Use different color of cacti to add the texture to your flower bed. Next, you can accommodate the middle container with big succulent flowers. Layer them with some bright colored foliage, too, to enhance the color match. Lastly, you can use the bottom container to plant big succulent flowers and some tall foliage. This arrangement brings the richness to your bed so it gives a lavish and expensive look to your porch. You can place the bed beside all other shorter beds in another pots to make it a center of attention.

Surrounding the tree

flower garden edging ideas
Image source: www.houzz.com

You can easily put a spotlight onto your simple flower bed by planting a tall palm tree in the middle. After that, you can surround the tree with white flowers in the inner layer. For next step, you can finish it off with green shrubs to fill the outer layer. This arrangement is simple, yet can look powerful especially in the middle of your large yard. Furthermore, this minimalist garden bed will compliment your modern styling house and bring peace to the atmosphere.

Round Flower Garden Ideas

If you are about to make a shape out of your flower beds, then round is perhaps the simplest design you can try. This layout is not complicated so it is a good start for beginners. However, a plain round flower garden can look dull. Thus, playing with colors and dimension can do drastic change to the feel of your flower garden. Here are five round flower garden layout ideas you can try at home :

Flower Roulette

garden flower bed ideas
Image source: pxhere.com

Working on the color matching is an old trick to gardening, but it surely can make a great impact to your garden. You can start with assessing the size of your desired garden. After you find the right size for your flower bed, start planting them with flowers. Make smaller beds inside your garden shaped like a triangle. Fill the beds with same flowers. For example, you can plant bold red flowers into it. After you are done, make another triangle bed next to the first one. Fill them with pink flowers of the same type as the previous one. Next, make another triangle bed and fill them with white flowers. Keep doing that until the new bed meet the other end of the beds. Line the colors alternately. Lastly, you can add a shaped tree in the middle of the beds for additional dimension.

Round it with rocks

ideas for flower garden
Image source: azelitehomes.com

This style can be one of flower garden ideas with rocks that you can adopt to your front yard. Utilize large rocks as the border to your flower garden. This will give you the dimension as if your flower garden is elevated from the ground. Then, you can fill the area with colorful colors. If it is possible to layer, then go and layer them. You can plant small white flowers for outer layer, right next to the rocks. Furthermore, you can fill the middle layer with lots of bigger flowers. You can be playful with the colors, too. For example, you can match the deep purple lavender with bright yellow flowers. To finish the look, you can plant some foliage as fillers between the flowers to give lush visual.

Color stripes

flower garden ideas in front of house
Image source: pixy.org

Matching up two contrasted colors into the flower bed works like a charm. You can try matching up bold red with pure white flowers to replicate the view. Switch the colors up alternatively so it creates stripes of flowers. After you are done lining them up, cover the edge of the flower bed with dwarf plants that have lots of foliage. Thus, you will create an extraordinary look to your flower garden.

Mini Garden by Mailbox

flower garden decoration ideas
Image source: Pinterest

If you don’t have a large yard, then it is okay to create a smaller one. This style can be a small flower garden idea to your home. You can use your mailbox as decoration item, too! All you need to do is making a small round shape around the mailbox. You can use rectangular concrete as the border. This trick can also be used as a container to your soil. After that, you can plant small, pink flowers into the outer layer of your flower bed. Correspond them with slightly taller flowers for inner layer. You can also use contrasted color such as yellow to bring the fun to your garden.

Add Potted Flower

outdoor flower garden ideas
Image source: decoredo.com

Round flower garden will indeed look prettier with the combination of heights of your plants. Thus, planting a tall tree with lush foliage in the middle of your flower bed is a perfect idea to uplift the visual. You can match it with colorful flowers of the same type surrounding the tree. Choose the type of flowers that have various color petals. After that, you can cover the bed with yellow shrubs around the flowers. Now that looks perfect already, right? But of course you can do much more than that! You can spice up the look by adding potted flowers all around the bed. You can fill them with any flowers you like. It is best to mix the colors so it will look animated. Then, you can add another layer of shrubs with darker color than the previous one. Finally, finish the look with daring colored flowers. For instance, you can match bold red with expensive purple flowers to add more colors to the bed.

Front Yard Flower Garden Ideas

The hot spot to make flower garden is of course the front yard. Front yard usually has large space, so it is an excellent place to start your garden. You can make your flower garden as big as you want designed by your overflowing creativity. Furthermore, it is the first thing you look before entering the house so it is a good place to set up the ambiance you want to your home.

By Porch

raised bed flower garden ideas
Image source: www.danieldoussot.com

Adding small flower garden right in front of your porch can energize you throughout the day. You can simply recharge yourself by enjoying the view by your porch. You can match taller flowers with small bushes of flowers. Line your small flowers all along the trail that leads to your front door. You can match the poppy colored flowers with the pale color ones. Furthermore, you can make another flower bed opposite the first one. Add tall shrubs with lots of foliage for inner layer and cover it with bushes of red flowers. For decorative items, you can add a statue in the middle of the bed to imitate a person enjoying the garden. Lastly, you can also put a small short lamp post so it will light your garden up.

Alongside the path

flower garden cake ideas
Image source: www.houzz.com

Large yard will look spectacular if you add a path that leads to your front door. You can make the path using the concrete and stones as decoration. After that, you can beautify the trail by making small flower beds alongside the path. Start with small bush of flowers by both sides of the trail. Keep in mind to match the colors so you garden doesn’t appear dull. For instance, you can match a soft purple flowers with bold yellow ones. In order to make it more lavish, gradually adds more flower as it gets nearer to your house. Expand the garden by planting more foliage and shrubs by the side of the small beds. You can also plant a big tree next to them to give a tropical feel to the garden.

Under your window

flower garden ideas for front of house
Image source: gardening-decor.com

If you have couple of windows on the side of your house, then use the space below it as your flower garden. You can also install window boxes outside of your window and grow small bed of flowers there. Plant the same flowers in a narrow box and match the color with your window. This will create a luxurious look to your window. To upgrade the visual, plant several flowers in separated space. Make the bush gradually getting smaller as it reaches the corner of the garden. Furthermore, you can utilize the spare space by planting bigger bush of flowers, shrubs, or even a short tree to give the good dimension to your garden.

Middle Flower Bed

summer flower garden ideas
Image source: www.balloohire.com

Large front yard is a blessing to your home! There are so many things you can do to create a vibrant garden in front of your house. For instance, you can build a round flower bed in the middle of your yard. To make it stood out, you can put a cage around it by installing a metal fence. Fill the inside with pink and orange flowers. Right in the center of the bed, plant taller flowers such as dahlia. The orange color will pop out and put your flower bed into the spotlight. To top it off, you can surround your large yard with potted flowers and small trees.

Flower Gate

florida flower garden ideas
Image source: Pinterest

Installing a gate to your house can be a cute addition to your front yard, especially if you grow the flowers on top of it. You can make your flowers creeping out to your gate’s roof and let them grow wildly as if they grow in nature. Choose a bright, dense color of flowers, such as violet. The color will be a nice greeting to your guests that come to visit you in the house. To enhance the magical look, you can also plant tropical plants by the side of the gate. Make sure to choose ones with lush foliage so your front yard feels extravagant.

Patio Flower Garden Ideas

Patio is an outdoor space that typically used for dining and recreation and usually paved. As it becomes a place for you to hang out and enjoy the scenery, of course it will be good to create a garden to maximize your relaxing experience. The garden can be your secret oasis that you can use to unwind your tired mind after a long day at work.

Modern White

home flower garden ideas
Image source: www.houzz.com

White can be elegant style to your home. You can enhance the modern feel by installing white, metal chairs to your patio. You can complete the look by having a flower garden all over the small space. Firstly, plant tall trees by each corner of your patio. Secondly, join the corners with flower beds. You can plant white flowers to match the style to your house. Lastly, add some shrubs as fillers to hide the spaces between plants. Thus, you will get a modern garden to match up your modern house.

Cozy Patio

flower garden ideas for beginners
Image source: www.houzz.com

As patio is built for recreational purposes, it needs to be as cozy as possible so you’d like to spend all day there. You can install a chair made by woods in the middle of the patio. Place some small pillows on top of your chair so you can probably take a nap. To maximize the comfortable mood, surround the area with small flower beds. You can plant lots of different flowers for inner layer. For instance, you can have white and orange tulips and match them up with lavender. As fillers, you can plant shrubs and bigger plants with lots of foliage. To top the visual off, add a tall tree with white flowers in the corner of your patio. Hence, you will create a homey feeling to your garden.

Tropical Patio

flower box garden ideas
Image source: www.houzz.com

If you are more into luscious feel, then a tropical garden to your patio is probably suited your style. You can have large pots to plant tropical foliage and place them all around the patio. You can also make use of lifted space to elevate the ground. Place your smaller pots on top of the elevated area so your flowers is popping. Moreover, you can plant bird of paradise among lush foliage to make a pleasant surprise to your garden. Adds banana trees at the back and there you have a perfect sultry feeling to your patio.

Classy Patio

texas flower garden ideas
Image source: www.houzz.com

Even though you have a rather small patio, it doesn’t mean you cannot decorate them with flowers. You can add small flower beds using small containers. Firstly, use a narrow, long boxes and line them up by your glass wall. Fill them with white flowers to underline the simplicity. Secondly, match them up with another boxes of colorful flowers in the back. Match up yellow and pink flowers inside each box to bring more color to the plain sight. Lastly, you can plant tall trees by the corner of your patio to reinforce the greenery.

Homey under tree

simple flower garden ideas
Image source: www.houzz.com

Build your patio next to your back yard so you can have wider view to the greenery in your house. You can place your fluffy sofa under the tree you grow in your yard. You can also add mini table to hold your coffee cups. As for the garden, you can make a big flower bed by the corner of your yard. Add shrubs and tall plants that have lots of foliage into the back layer. You can match the greens with flowers with soft color. For example, you can plant pastel pink or soft blue flowers. The softness of the color will bring warmth to the garden and give the homey feeling to your patio.

Unique Flower Garden Ideas

There is no limit to your flower garden. You can practically plant them however you’d like. In fact, you can use the unique ideas as the way of showing your personality. You can make statements with your gardening style. Moreover, creating complicated design is also an opportunity to improve your gardening skills. Read on to find five unusual flower garden ideas :

Flower Tunnel

corner flower garden ideas
Image source: avatars.mds.yandex.net

This complex design is probably only worked for professional, but it is not impossible for you to try. You can try making a miniature of this flower tunnel in your front yard. Replicate this style to the path in your yard that leads to your front door by installing metal support for the flowers. Connect the support using wires and make them as the roof of your flower tunnel. After that, grow your roses and tend them so they grow by the support and eventually creep onto the roof. Complete the tunnel with short shrubs by the base alongside the path. Thus, you have a unique flower tunnel for you to walk under whenever you are feeling sad to lift up your mood.

Prince & Princess

colorado flower garden ideas
Image source: www.tokkoro.com

You can create a miraculous garden inspired by disney princess and prince by shaping the greenery into their shapes. Firstly, you need to make the frame of the shape. After that, fill them with planting soil to later be planted with shrubs. Even though the process doesn’t sound too difficult, it still needs advanced skills to make it. So it is better to ask for professional gardener to do it for you. After it is finally done, you can fill the surrounding area with pink flowers to enhance the enchanting visual. Top it off with sakura trees behind the flower beds so it will look even more mystical.

Flowing Flowers

daisy flower garden journey take action project ideas
Image source: s1.1zoom.me

Another design you can get inspired from, is the overflow flowers from the huge barrel. This layout looks best if you have uneven ground. You can install a big barrel on top of elevated ground and cover the body with grass. Then you can plant flowers from the mouth of the barrel to the slanting ground and eventually spilled to the lower ground. This will give an overflowing effect to highlight the dimension. Lastly, you can use contrasted colors for the flowers to pop out the vibrant vibe of the garden.

Yellow Lamp

easy flower garden ideas
Image source: s.yimg.com

There are thousands of ways to create bizarre flower garden. One of them is to grow the flowers in a shape of umbrella. Firstly, install a box containers in the middle of your yard. Then elevate the growing container using metal plate to place another growing container. Fill the second container with planting soil and then plant your yellow flowers there. After all of them done, all you need to do is tending the flowers so it can keep the luxurious shape. However, it needs sophisticated skills do so, so you better leave the maintenance to your gardener. Finally, you can match them up with tropical foliage on the ground right under the flower umbrella to finish up the lavish look.

House of Flower

cute flower garden ideas
Image source: c1.hiqcdn.com

The craziest idea of all is perhaps to create a house made of flowers. This is definitely a big project you cannot do alone. You better ask for professional gardener for the layout. Nevertheless, the idea is to create a house with flower wall. Thus, you can start making a frame to your wall so you can place growing bags for your planting soil. You can use wires to attach the bags. Make sure you have lots of bags to cover all the walls. After that, fill them with flowers of all colors. For instance, you can plant pink, white, yellow, violet, and red all over the wall. Do not forget to cover the roof, too. To give the lush, you can also plant creeping foliage all over the place. Hence, you get the house of flowers you can only imagine to have in your dream!


Even though establishing flower garden may sound like a hard work, it is definitely a fun and fulfilling experience you can try. Enjoying stunning colors and aromatic fragrance in your house after a long, tiring day can bring you a peace in mind and soul. You can also decorate your flower beds with unlimited ideas. Eventually, designing your own flower garden can set the ambiance to your home and become a heavenly sanctuary for you to enjoy.

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