Front Garden Ideas (Best Options for Small or Large Front-yard)

Front Garden Ideas – Principally, a front yard is the first lineup to welcome guests. It can impress people as it is the gem of the neighborhood. In any way, genuine care is necessary. No matter how large or small the front yard is, it truly makes impact. It turns out to be just the right size for the house.

People grows many kinds of plants in the front yard. Some like it to be fruitful, some like it to be more colorful. Nevertheless, the trick is to plan ahead how it would look as a whole. Accordingly, this article covers many ideas to inspire what you look for in a garden.

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How Can I Make My Front Garden Look Better?

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In essence, a visually pleasing front garden is all about a well-groomed garden. It is wise for gardeners to invest in home gardening tools. For instance, shovel, spade, hoe, trowel and hose are some basic essentials. Now, if you wonder “how do I get a nice front yard?” The important thing to make a front garden look better is for the gardeners to invest more time in the garden. These are the gardeners’ to-do list to spruce up the garden.

Look out for the overgrown

Bushes and grass can grow out of control. Not to mention the vines that creep out and take over the unseemly area. Thus, gardeners regularly squeeze in the schedule for garden trimming work. Otherwise, it interferes its surrounding by taking up more space and block the sunlight for certain other plants.

Rake up

After a long time, leaves dry out and fall to the ground. The more you let leaves laying around on the lawn, the more the garden looks untidy. Leaves on the grass will block the sunlight for the grass, thus spreading dead grass, which doesn’t look good. So put away dropped leaves and dead grass altogether.

Remove the weeds

In fact, weeds rob out nutrition from water and sunlight away from the actual plants in the garden. The actual plants will eventually struggle from nutrient deficit and show signs of unhealthy growth. Thus, gardeners are always on the lookout for weeds and pull them out ruthlessly. Gardeners often spread out mulch on top of soil to control weeds’ growth in the garden.

Define the area

Create clear layout to the garden. A well-shaped garden actually optimizes space for growing and outdoor activities. Thus, gardeners often plant the garden edges to separate garden beds and the lawn. It is also important to make space for pathways, and gardeners often plant on its edges too. Edges sharpen the shape more clearly.

Decorate and light up

Homeowners do not only decor the garden for aesthetic purpose, but also to separate certain areas in the garden. Decorations such as garden trellises and lattice are perfect to make private area in the garden. Privacy in the garden is necessary for the homeowners and their guest to hang out outdoor. It is the space where they can relax and enjoy the garden. At night, light up the garden with a few garden lighting. The basic and most important lights are for the pathways, the stairs, and small plants. Some gardens invest in ankle-height lighting for extra glow in the garden.

What Can I Do With A Small Front Yard?

Front garden ideas
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In fact, no matter how large or small a front yard you have, it is just the right size to your house. But if anything in economical scale, small front yards are the winner. Small front yard requires lower cost for landscaping and less time in maintenance work. So, how much does it cost for landscaping front yard? In 2019, experts estimate the caretaking job for the garden can cost $50 to $100 per hour. Meanwhile, installing the landscape for the garden cost approximately $4 to $12 per square foot. Now what are the things you can do with a small front yard?

Set up front patio

Front patio is suitable if the homeowners want to expand living space outdoor. Homeowners lay out a couple of chairs and table to ground level paved area. Some patios have roof cover upon them. As it is placed on the front yard, homeowners build fence or grow garden hedges for privacy.

Establish lovely border

Borders make definition to the garden. For instance, shrubs, tall grass, fence with various blossoms are lovely choice for bordering the garden. Other clever alternative is stacking rocks to create sustainable border and give eclectic look to the scene.

Grow small trees

Small front yard do not have to worry over the selection of plants to grow. On the contrary, it is better to have various plants in height rather just to stick with shrubs or other small plants. Small trees are good to create diversity and attract wildlife to the garden. What can I plant next to my house? Small trees including Japanese Maple, Hawthorn, or Magnolia are ones of many impressive trees you can plant for front yard.

How Much Does It Cost For Landscaping Front Yard?

Front garden ideas
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Front Yard Garden Ideas

The ideas for front yard garden vary as for the space availability. House models nowadays, particularly urban houses, has certain qualities and characteristic. Hence, the challenge of this garden is to enhance the characteristic of the house, and make a complete whole.

Townhouse Front Garden

Front garden ideas
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Townhouse typically has narrow deck at the front door just before the walkway to the driveway. Thus, it accommodates a place for gardening certain shrubs rather than to keep it empty. These are the examples of a paved deck that loads Hebe variegata, Hens-and-Chicks, and purple fountain grass. The round containers keep them tidy and easy to maintain.

Tropical Urban Front Garden

Front garden ideas
Image source: Antonia Schofield Garden Design

Tropical patio is best to achieve island-ish atmosphere at home. The patio constructed in two kind of pavement which are zigzag fixed bricks and textured flooring in seating area. In addition, the concrete raised bed growing ferns that intentionally kind of jumbled. It gives a sense of a tropical rainforest by the look of it. Banana trees are most suitable for the perfect tropical look in urban house.

Semi Detached House Front Garden

Front garden ideas
Image source: Goodwin Architects

The homeowners expand living space in an enclosed porch. Wide, sliding glass doors enables the people inside to look at the garden at its most comfortable space. Two chairs laid outside in the open area. Additionally, the homeowners leave the height difference to be slanted for growing space. A small palm tree accentuated the garden and give shades to the area. This is one of the best front garden landscape ideas.

Front Garden Entryway

Front garden ideas
Image source: TylerMandic Ltd

Be bold with using pattern in the garden. This entryway remarkably makes a unique and appealing design for the entryway using checkered black and white. Generally, black metal fence is the confidante of East Coast style and convenient for the white house wall. Moreover, the homeowners plant waist-height shrubs and vertical creeping vines at edges to sharpen the entryway.

Front Door Garden London-style

Front garden ideas
Image source: PEEK Architecture + Design Ltd

Red doors are the classic element in British house. It is easy to imitate this front door garden ideas. The essential point is just to paint the door red. Additionally, the garden trellis right at the entryway welcomes the guest with green hue vines.

Low Maintenance Front Garden Ideas

It is understandable that homeowners are too busy handling life that such a time for regular garden maintenance is impossible. Garden does require commitment and consistency since the planning. Some people are pleased to do it but some others understandably find it hard to do such things. Nevertheless, here are some ideas that allows them to not worry such things and still make it look stunning.

Rock Landscaping For Time Efficiency

Front garden ideas
Image source: Urban Botanics

This dry bed consist mostly of gray river rocks. In addition, the homeowners fixed a concrete stepping stones of pathway. Large reddish boulders accentuate the drought-tolerant garden as the central attraction. Nonetheless, the homeowners still grow a few plants for a little shade of greenery.

Low Maintenance Pavement

Front garden ideas
Image source: Garden Blueprints

This low maintenance pathway sticks to one variety of blooms to keep maintenance at low level. Plus, to avoid the growth of weeds, the homeowner relies on wood chips and gravels to cover the soil. The pavement is intentionally zigzag shaped with a pergola midway. Overall, it gives notable traditional look while requiring low maintenance.

Hassle-free Artificial Grass

Front garden ideas
Image source: Studio H Landscape Architecture

This is another drought tolerant front yard with the combination of rock garden. The vegetation consist of hens-and-chicks only. Importantly, the homeowners opt for artificial grass that require no maintenance rather than real one. It completes the look with wooden pavement and concrete pathway.

Year-round Adaptable Plants

Front garden ideas
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Plants that last year-round are best situation where gardeners are done with the hassle of maintaining other garden elements. For instance is this King Tut Grass in a long cylinder planter. Other best picks are snowball tree, hibiscus, aster, and obviously sedum.

Outdoor Living Space

Front garden ideas
Image source: Barnes Walker Ltd – Landscape Architects

If you want even lower effort for the garden, expand the living space outdoor. This garden is mainly a wide patio with outdoor dining table. Surrounding the patio, the homeowners plant perennial flowers and plants in the edges. The plants become a border and creates privacy apart from the outer house areas.

Small Front Garden Ideas

These ideas are meant for people who plan on simplicity for the garden. Small garden doesn’t mean there are not much we can do. In fact, there are simply unique things only work best in small garden.

Box Planter Raised Bed

Front garden ideas
Image source: The London Gardener Ltd

This is one of front garden bed ideas using black aluminium box. Although the color can potentially heat up the soil temperature, the garden rather seems to be in shades. The planters are aligned horizontally creating illusion that the space is wider.

Thoughtful Space Layouting

Front garden ideas
Image source: The London Gardener Ltd

This layouting of front garden design ideas in urban house is clever. Rectangular planter creates clear definition to the small garden and at the same time make space for walkway. Moreover, the homeowner doesn’t waste space in the middle by adding one central planter. Though it seems like the planter is made from wood, it is actually aluminium coated in lush grey color. Aluminium planter typically lasts longer.

Space-saving Small Trees

Front garden ideas
Image source: Think Outside Gardens

This is a contemporary entryway garden that gives a warm atmosphere by the wood tone porch and soft tan gravel. The small trees are Olives, with a garden lamp from below to keep it attractive at night. At one side of the garden edges the homeowner plant boston ivy. Last but not least, black concrete stepping stones fixed on the yard for the pathway.

Street-side Garden

Front garden ideas
Image source: Big Picture Landscapes

Some houses in the middle of the city may really don’t have the space for gardening at front yard. Thus, the alternative is to nurture the street-side pavement. This is the example of front yard flower garden ideas using colorful shrubs planted at the edges of the pavement. Sedum is a popular choice in many varieties including Autumn Joy Sedum. Other astonishing picks can be Blue Forest Juniper, Firefly Heather, and Quick Silver Hebe.

Clear-view Front Garden

Front garden ideas
Image source: The London Gardener Ltd

Only small space front yard can rock an adorable tiny planter. The homeowner places some tiny planters that grow and blooms to decorate the window. Moreover, they matches with the bigger planters below them that grow ferns.

Front Yard Vegetable Garden Ideas

Growing vegetables home, let alone the front yard, sure is challenging for some people. Nevertheless, growing our own edibles are beneficials for the health of our body and mind. Hence, vegetable front garden is gaining popularity anywhere.

Small Front Yard Vegetable Garden

Front garden ideas
Image source: BaDesign

Rustic vegetable garden is no exception for farmhouse front yard. The gardener build the raised bed using corten steel. It is considered safe as long as the quality of the soil is fine. Moreover, corten steel last longer and require less maintaining work rather than wooden raised bed.

Classic Mix of Edibles Garden

Front garden ideas
Image source: Staab & Olmsted LLC – Landscape Architecture and F

The gardeners plant edibles in a long ground level following the plot of the pathway. There are three pathways made out of red bricks that is rather askew. Overall, the garden is looking neat as it is well-defined and well-nurtured.

Vegetable Vines for Picturesque Railing

Front garden ideas
Image source: Derue Designs

The handrail on a porch facing South is common and ordinary for front porch garden ideas. Not if you leave a creeper plants, such as tomatoes, to thrive there. Hence, it gives artistic looks, vintage and timeless style for just an ordinary handrail. It proves a beautiful front yard only requires you to think out of the box.

Vertical Vegetables Planter

Front garden ideas
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Small spaces are complementary with vertical gardening. This DIY vertical gardening adopts the free standing concept using wooden frame. The homeowner places it on the porch near the seating. Thus, it is a practical way of gardening edibles even with no suitable space on the front yard.

Modern Front Yard Vegetable Garden

Front garden ideas
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This modern house makes its whole front yard a vegetable garden. The homeowner plot the garden in rectangular raised bed about a foot height. The raised beds are mostly the same size, aside from the one at the center. To avoid weeding, the homeowners choose to lay dry bed of rocks on top of the soil. It also acts as the walkway for the homeowners to maintain the garden.

Japanese Garden Ideas for Front Yard

There’s always something exotic in Asian-shade garden. Japanese garden popularize Zen concept along with combining elements of Earth. Typically it consists of dry beds, vegetation, and water flows that resembles the whole nature. Therefore, it fulfills human needs of being close to nature.

Asian-shade Front Garden Patio

Front garden ideas
Image source: Land Aesthetic

The bridge connects the driveway and the main entrance to the Japanese style house. It is one of front yard rock garden ideas. The homeowner built an artificial canal filled with gray river rocks and a few boulder. It gives an Asian traditional vibes just in a narrow space. Moreover, a bonsai vegetation and Mondo grass attract a lively atmosphere to such drought-tolerant garden.

Dry Garden Landscaping

Front garden ideas
Image source: Jobe Corral Architects

This front patio garden ideas is appealing with an autumn tone and vibe. The homeowner established the patio in several levels. Each covered in fixed-position Lueders limestone. One one edge of the garden, the homeowner build a water feature using steel that flows. Lastly, the homeowner lay out wooden garden bench allowing them to relax in the open space.

Round Trimmed Plants

Front garden ideas
Image source: John Davies Landscape

Asian garden is particular with round-trimmed plants. These trees, for instance, are known as Japanese maple. They remain small so the appearance of the garden hardly change. Round-trimmed plants are suitable for rectangular garden. Principally, they gives decorative shapes to a dull vibe of a merely rectangular space.

Bamboo Garden

Front garden ideas
Image source: John Davies Landscape

Bamboo is perfect to enhance the Japanese shade in your garden. The homeowners planted a Juneberrym which flowers early for a spring vibe in the garden. The deck is rather wide. Hence, it is a perfect place to a peaceful meditation or doing yoga.

Customary Lantern Stone

Front garden ideas
Image source: Azara Landscapes

To bring out the most of the Asian shade in the garden, add several lantern stones, known as toro. They are purely decorative. Originally it is the specific element of Buddhist temples. Nowadays, it is prevalent in Asian garden, notably in rock gardens.


All in all, a house would miss out a great deal without its front garden. Front garden is one way to bring the community together. Front gardening impresses people and let people share what’s in their mind. It is a conversation starter to socialize in the neighbourhood. Internally, it gives healthy escape to one’s mind. Though small, it improves the quality of people’s lives.

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