Galley Kitchen Design (Small, Unique, Modern Galley Kitchen Ideas)

Galley Kitchen Design. If you are planning to have a new installation of a small room, then this set of ideas can be right up your galley. The domestic galley kitchen permits plenty of woodwork to be put into a part of the kitchen. You can have a door or walkways at the finish of the run. It may fully contain or be part of a more prominent open set up the room.

Commonly, there are six varieties of galley kitchen layouts: one wall, galley, L-shaped, U-shaped, island, and peninsula. There are not any strict positions in which to place the stove, refrigerator, or sink, and the kitchen can have mixed of one or more standard layouts. In designing a practical kitchen, the kitchen work triangle should be a consideration. It means that the gap between the sink, range, and refrigerator should not be far. Besides, you must keep in mind about the working triangle a better cooking experience.

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What Is Galley Kitchen?

Galley kitchen can define as a large, small kitchen that has two sides of counters and a straight walkway between it. Where are the appliances? Usually, the counters act as appliances place such as sink, stove, and other kitchenware. Initially, the galley is from the kitchen on the ships, where everything is in a straight line.

A galley kitchen can be the right solution when you don’t have enough space for your kitchen. If your house tends long, this may fit on yours. Not only in your small room, like an apartment, but some designers also used this design in a larger house. By this idea, you can maximize the rest to decorate your home. Practical and pleasantly coordinate kitchen is another name of the design.

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Why Do We Need To Have Galley Kitchen Style?

You must spend most of your time in the kitchen preparing a meal for you and your family. It means that your kitchen must be comfortable. The comfort may come from the appliances or the kitchen design that allows you to work and search in a short time easily. From there, that is why a galley kitchen comes up. The galley kitchen that has long, narrow, counter on the left, and right is efficient for working. A galley kitchen can ease you to reach most-used appliances: refrigerator, sink, and oven; or mostly called with a working triangle.

Another reason why we need a galley style is saving space. The design that doesn’t require a huge or big room is the answer. You can use the rest space with another useful thing, like a dining room. All kitchenware will be on the two-side counters. Last but not least, galley design is also easy to clean. It also can save your time, because of quick so that you can do another in shortly.

Pros and Cons of Galley Kitchen?

Someone can have various reasons to choose a galley kitchen style. The advantages such as cost-cut, efficient move, and more can be a reason. Besides that, knowing the disadvantages of the galley kitchen is also essential as you can avoid it. Moreover, the style of your kitchen must lift you in a lovely kitchen.

Pros: Instantly Cost-cut

galley kitchen design photo gallery

One advantage of a galley kitchen style is it will not make you waste much budget. Perhaps, you may only need some arrangements of the cabinet with a simple square shape countertop. You could not spend money on buying ceramic or other materials for your kitchen island. You may spend several amounts of money on purchasing a useful cabinet like a roll-out cabinet. Also, the cabinet will be straight, making it conceivable to utilize stock cabinets rather than ones with custom shapes.

Pros: Efficient Kitchen Style

galley kitchen designs

The word “efficient” comes from the step you make in the kitchen. The small size of galley makes you can easily reach or move items. In the basic design of galley, the sink, refrigerator, and oven are on the same counter. These can work well if you have space to put such items. A line between two counters or walls can be extremely efficient for doing an activity. You can cook, store your food, clean up in not more than five steps.

Cons: Need Some Light

narrow galley kitchen

If you expect to have a view while you are washing dishes, a galley kitchen is not your choice. You may sacrifice a view outside; means doesn’t have a window on your kitchen. It also means your kitchen will be less of a natural light. You need to install some lights on your kitchen, having pendant lighting can help you in this way.

Cons: Having Traffic on the Kitchen

galley kitchen ideas makeovers

You have known that galley designs with one walkway between two counters. That is right; the sidewalk can cause trouble. If you are working with some others, a narrow space could bother you. Your body will coincide with another. Keep the area between you in 2 or 3 feet. Moreover, if you have a big number of family, the galley kitchen is not the best idea.

How to Design A Galley Kitchen?

The galley kitchen’s format functions admirably for all kitchen styles. Many professional chefs prefer this design because it improves wellbeing and productivity during cooking. Much the same as a kitchen on ships, the origin of the galley, kitchen structures maximize space by pressing in a wealth of capacity and work zone. It makes a galley style perfect for a small kitchen. In case you’re thinking of a galley kitchen design or planning in repairing yours; this is what you must know.

tiny galley kitchen design ideas

Calculate Your Space

Although galley kitchens work best in little spaces, they can likewise be useful for medium-sized kitchens. In any case, know that if the contradicting runs are extremely far separated, the kitchen will lose its productivity. An ideal design, galley kitchen does not have a dining area. That implies that if there is no probability of opening up space, it is possibly not the friendliest of ideas. Then again, a galley kitchen format in an open-plan space can offer the best of the two sides.

Better to Have Tall Cabinets

Your kitchen will separate into two sides. One is for sink and stove; another is for wall cabinet and refrigerator. You would choose the length of the wall at least 12 feet. It allows you to have a safety design with a sink and stove placed a foot away. With 12 feet of wall, you will have a top drawer or cabinet. On the opposite, you can set the refrigerator, oven, and some storage. The idea arranges an extra room to keep the kitchen clean and far from messiness.

An Island on Your Kitchen

A Galley kitchen may not have a social space, but by having an island can replace it. The island replaces one of the counters to be a piece of the kitchen design and usefulness. It sits parallel to the more drawn out keep running of units and ordinarily houses either the range or the sink.Whichever to put, other appliances can use an area on the restricting run instead of reasonably opposite. This fantastic is more secure and increasingly productive during cooking since it decreases the measure of turning required between the sink and stove.

Design A Sociable Galley

Some owners may design a galley kitchen with an island on their house. For those who have to prepare the family needs while cooking can make it on the galley kitchen. Add an island with seats quite far from the kitchen is a good idea. You can still accommodate or watch your children. This design also allows you to have a safe space for your kitchen.

Put A Table

On occasion, if there is a space for putting a table between the opposing keeps running of your galley, this can work. Need to remember, you must alert when arranging the space. In such a case that it pushes your workspaces extremely far separated, they’ll be considerably less effective. Having a trolley as an additional work surface may be a workable option. Still, sometimes there’s adequate counter space in a kitchen to take out the requirement for this. It will be acceptable for a specific opportunity, for example, a butcher square.

Galley Kitchen Design Ideas

Perhaps, some have changed their kitchen to the galley design. It is because the style works for most styles and is a commonsense decision for even the littlest spaces. Designing double counters or galley is a popular design in an open kitchen. One of the counters can be an island with seating that creates a friendly area. Furthermore, it put a standard limit for the kitchen zone simultaneously.

A Simplified White

apartment galley kitchen

Simple and modern are on your mind when seeing this. The reflexive or glossy cabinet makes the reflection of enough space. At that point, a perfect handleless cabinet keeps the area brilliant. It will prevent you from getting on handles when working. The simple design makes the worktop far from the messiness and combines the appliances.

With A Garden View

galley kitchen floor plans

Make your kitchen to be side to side with the garden is a good idea. A big metal appliances and wood flooring guide you to the path of the garden. A rolling glass door is a perfect choice in this idea. Handleless cabinets on the right and left make the kitchen workable. This design creates a connection between indoor and outdoor living.

Single Side Counter

galley kitchen with island

When you only a little space for the kitchen, this idea works appropriately in that way. You can optimize this with storage and light. The brown color of the cabinets fits with the white interior and maximizes the natural light perfectly. You can also have an urban style, while another side of the wall has brick wallpaper.

A Sociable Galley

small galley kitchen ideas on a budget

Put a full cabinet with a sink on the wall and have an island on another side. You can have a pleasant atmosphere while cooking with simple entertainment of talking. A mirrored backsplash designed for some reason. It will correctly reflect the light. Another one, you can see your guest when you work on the sink.

Small Galley Kitchen Design

Small is a galley kitchen. Perhaps, it fits with because the galley kitchen placed on the small space. Here we are not discussing the “small” but how we make the small become more and more. You can have some idea of colors, appliances, or design through this.

A Light Made Your Kitchen

very small galley kitchen ideas

This style of galley put lighting on another level. Despite maximize your appliances, having exciting lighting is also crucial in a galley kitchen. This unique pendant will light up your kitchen. The appliances there, black and white color, support your design. The black fridge and oven or stove place in the same row. Another one, having a white color of cabinet with gold handles, looks classy.

Clean Galley Kitchen

galley kitchen remodel

The design puts things where it belongs. Choosing built-in appliances is the first thing you must do. The built-in can avoid you messy and maximize your countertops. The microwave drawer will be the best rather than on the counter. Having a tall cabinet or drawer to put unnecessary things will help you.

Light and Dark Combination

galley kitchen ideas pictures

The color combination will avoid boredom in your small galley kitchen. You can start by placing the dark color on the bottom and light one on the top. The heavy-dark lower cabinet with golden handles reflects the calmness. Matching this one with a light color will level up your feeling in the kitchen. Wood shelf and white wall combined well. You can put some kitchenware or books on it.

Galley kitchen Design Layout

The idea here is to show options for kitchen design galley layout. You can have a basic layout of a galley of the other new ones. The flexibility of appliances and change that possibly made can be your concern. Having the right preference or updated things in the kitchen can raise your kitchen level.

Standard Galley Kitchen

galley kitchen remodel remove wall

Two counters galley kitchen will be more efficient if the space between counters can be useful. Having a microwave on the countertop (1) and an electrical stove/oven (2) closely together will look beautiful. Just use cheap tiles (3) in your kitchen will not bother the beautifulness. Put double sink (4) close to the built-in dishwasher (5).  A fridge (6) that separated by countertop (7) will not reduce the efficiency of the work-triangle on a galley. Last but not least, an upper wood cabinet (8) completes this layout.

Mini Budget Galley Kitchen

wide galley kitchen

Here is the updated style of the standard galley kitchen that will not spend much money. Repaint cabinet with replaced hardware (1) and keep the electrical stove/oven (2) could be helpful. Add table island (3), a laminated countertop with marble-look (4), and a new drawer (5) on the other ways. A sink with new faucet (6), and installed new window shade (7) are the new upgraded items you can make. However, it still saves your own money. Other things like a wood-look laminate floor (8), lights under cabinets (9), and door-mount spices rack (10) accompany your new look of the galley kitchen.

Classy Upgrade Galley Kitchen

small galley kitchen remodel before and after

With the creation of small eating areas (1) and limited marble island (5), make this kitchen less of pass through. New upper cabinets (3), new appliances -built-in refrigerator (2), trash bin (6), three-bowl sink with new faucet (7), quiet dishwasher (8), kitchenware store with built-in microwave (10), stove with vent hood canopy (11), and custom cookware storage (12)- and surfaces -granite countertops and backsplash (4) and brick flooring (9)- boost the great of the galley kitchen. The additional items enable at least two people to work peacefully.

Open Galley Kitchen Design

Galley kitchen usually is like one room that surrounds with wall or cabinet. Perhaps, this narrow design will make you bored. Don’t worry; you can make an open-looked kitchen on galley design. You may break one of the walls and replace it with galley. This open galley kitchen ideas will break limit on the galley ideas.

Open L-shaped Galley Kitchen with Island

galley kitchen remodel cost

This idea is a galley kitchen remodel with an open concept. The identity of the galley is the working triangle, and this idea has it. The stove or oven, sink, and refrigerator still in the close area. The sink window allows natural lights to come to your kitchen. Don’t worry if you don’t have a long countertop; you have an island. A white table island with drawers can be well placed there and will not bother your efficiency walking.

Open Galley Kitchen with Windows

small apartment galley kitchen ideas

Windows in this idea will open your eyes to the outdoor. In the small room, you need another view, add a window on your sink rather than a backsplash. While washing your dish, you can see what happens out there. Add another window on the end-wall. Black and white colors fit this design. Having upper cabinets, built-in oven-stove, and some lower cabinets look precise in this way.

Remodel Galley Kitchen

small galley kitchen floor plans

The kitchen is side to side with a dining table. This open concept seems to sociable one. You can have a conversation while preparing the meals. Black cabinets dominate the design. Upper and lower cabinets are black with handle. On another side, there is an island with a sink.

Galley Kitchen with Island

An island usually works with open kitchen design. It might be a hard way to put an island in the narrow space. How we do it in the galley kitchen? Nothing is impossible is the answer. You may break one on the counter and replace it with an island. Where to put a sink or stove? We need to remember that the island also has the multifunctions advantage.

Traditional Galley Kitchen with Island

galley kitchen layout
MARK IV Builders, Inc

The galley kitchen here is quite spacious. Your galley kitchen looks more useful with the island here. The countertop of the island gives another atmosphere with a wood-look. And antique faucet. Another side of the galley has a tile countertop. It matches the color and style of the upper and lower cabinets. Your island here also has a bookshelf and some useful drawers.

Long with Island on Galley Kitchen

galley kitchen with island floor plans

Here is the complete room in your house. You have a mid-size galley and dining table in this room. The galley kitchen has built-in white cabinets that stick to your wall. The island looks unique with the stove and a sink there. The area between the stove and the sink is quite safe. Marble countertop covers all the islands. Even, in contrast, the dominant white on the kitchen fit with the wood-look floor.

Open Galley with Island

one sided galley kitchen design
Jodie Cooper Design

Spacious galley kitchen concept with an island can be your favorite. The kitchen almost surrounds by the glass. It makes your kitchen has more natural light. Wood-flat cabinets and glass-windows backsplash kitchen can give you another view. Quartz countertops cover the island with two bowls sinks. Grey backsplash on the stove and stainless appliances mix there. The stools add a friendly atmosphere.

Narrow Galley Kitchen

Narrow looks like the limit of the galley kitchen. It will remind us that the ship is the origin of the galley kitchen. Despite that, the limitation doesn’t restrict your design. In the case of having a new galley kitchen, you can do some kitchen space hacks. You may change color, appliances, or other to make an impressive narrow galley kitchen.

Two Sides Cooking

galley kitchen with island layout
Creative Karpet & Kitchen Designs, Inc.

The two sides are to separate dry and wet cooking. For those who usually make a mess but love a tidy thing should try this. The wet area, which has a sink with a dishwasher drawer, will accompany you while washing. You also can have a wine-rack in this area. The refrigerator also placed near the wet area. Another side, there are built-in stove and oven. Upper cabinets in the corner add the uniqueness of this idea.

Long and Narrow Galley Kitchen

galley kitchen with island dimensions
Woodmaster Kitchens

This idea has quite a large space. The traditional style looks at this idea, such as the white color and style of cabinets. The upper cabinet has a glass-door rack on the corner of the kitchen. What makes different here is the peninsula. There is some seating for your children or family. A double bowl sink and black granite countertops add the traditional style.

Colorful Galley Kitchen

galley kitchen with peninsula
Adrienne DeRosa

Some colors here will cheer up your day in the kitchen. The kitchen has direct access to the balcony. The sliding door used to be the window. Your entry will slide to the side of the refrigerator. Bright colors that applied on the door and shelf gain a good feeling and warmer your room. Stainless appliances in the countersink, built-in oven, and stove, lower cabinets- remain as this is a kitchen. On the other side of the wall, there is a wall-flat cabinet. Tile backsplash there looks fit with the light under the shelf and make your kitchen enough of light.

Galley Kitchen with Peninsula

If you look for another idea rather than an island for your kitchen, the peninsula is the answer. A small space of table and seating at the end of the counter can be great. With the narrow space is not an impossible thing to have a peninsula. You can remake the kitchen to be more friendly with the peninsula.

Wood Galley Kitchen

galley kitchen with breakfast bar
Savvy Interiors

This mid-sized galley kitchen style with an open concept is here. The style has a wood tone on the floor and cabinets used. The peninsula with quartzite countertops fits the seating for galley kitchen with breakfast bar. On the peninsula, you can also place chips on bowl, glass, and pot, even a lavender that cheer up blossom in your kitchen.

Family Kitchen Idea with Peninsula

kitchen design galley layout
Kitchen Studio: Kansas City

You can have this tiny kitchen but kin to your family. Your children can use the peninsula as their place waiting for having breakfast or store their backpacks. There is also a charging station for the family electronics. The kitchen dominated with white appliances and has brick-look backsplash for the family atmosphere.

All White Galley Ideas with Peninsula

narrow galley kitchen design ideas
Aidan Design

This inspiration for those who love wood tone and white in their working area. Wood tone covers the floor, and the white dominates the others. The peninsula has farmhouse sink and marble countertops. This style also has a door with direct access to outside. The appliances are dominated by stainless.

Modern Galley Kitchen Design Ideas

Modern and galley kitchen has the same characteristic, which refers to the narrow and having walkway between two countertops. The modern on galley can start with the updated appliances. Having built-in technology can maximize the narrow space on the galley. Considering the rule of the working triangle can allow you to have planned the best design.

Gray and Glossy Galley Kitchen

small galley kitchen design layouts

This idea separates wet and dry areas. The dry area designed on the opposite of the wall. Having a long countertop on the wall and sink is the right place for preparing the meal. The clean and modern look here on the gray cabinets. The stainless handles add it more.

Coastal Modern Galley Kitchen

galley kitchen renovation design ideas

This idea allows you to have much natural light through the windows. The galley kitchen has an open-up floor that linking to the dining room. Using modern kitchen cabinet and appliances are the key of beautifulness. The glossy white helps the lighting and make the room bright and airy.

Unique Modern Galley Kitchen

design ideas for small galley kitchen

Different from other designs, this design has a unique place. The kitchen designs in the middle of the house. A low gray wall separates the kitchen from the entertainment room or family area. White color dominates the kitchen to match up with the wall. The white brick-look floor adds the modern concept of the kitchen.

Long Counter Galley Kitchen Idea


The galley kitchen layout here is unique. The kitchen has a hidden spot on the corner of the room. While the long counter opens to the room. The modern-look here is on the white countertop. Not only modern, but the solid white countertop also has a clean look.

Victorian Galley Kitchen Design

Designing a Victorian kitchen can be interesting for nowadays. You will not need to rebuild all your kitchen to make it looked Victorian. You can use the appliances to feel like in the Victorian era. Not only the appliances, using kitchen wall colors could be enough to add Victorian taste.

Galley Kitchen for Victorian Terrace

tiny galley kitchen design
Julie Maclean Interior Design Ltd

This design may more look like modern rather than old kitchen idea. Anyway, this idea will match if you have the old style, Victorian, for example, in your house. The natural color, white, will fit in every condition and era. The Victorian kitchen can be seen from the wood-look of the countertops, island, and floor. However, this will impress your guest.

The Galley Kitchen in A Victorian Villa

one wall galley kitchen design
Victorian Galley Kitchen Design

A modern style of the galley kitchen is here. All the appliances, such as cabinets, sink, and appliances, are updated. But again, natural color, black, fit to every era. The black and dark colors can represent the Victorian. The wood floor can improve your Victorian style.

Warm Victorian Galley Kitchen

ship galley kitchen design
Designs Australia

The kitchen painted in soft blue, taste classic but modern. Brick backsplash and floor represent that you are in the past. White cabinets and unique handles look perfect for the style. You can have a hidden rack above the dishwasher.

Traditional Galley Kitchen Design

Old but gold may be the best words for the traditional ideas. Traditional design can bring you back to the past. Antique and classic appliances or furniture will dominate the kitchen. Your galley kitchen also can have the impact of the classy traditional.

Traditional Apartment Galley Kitchen

one wall galley kitchen design

Having this traditional look on your apartment galley kitchen can be sweet. The tile backsplash is the best between the upper wood shelves and wood countertops on the bottom. You can install flat-panel cabinets with white color to beautify your kitchen. Add more color with the orange fridge that will leave no regret.

Hardwood Galley Kitchen

ship galley kitchen design

The traditional tone is very thick in this area. The wood cabinets on the upper and lower reflect it all. With the granite countertops make the kitchen more special. Don’t forget to have a brick backsplash on the traditional style. A window on the sink will remind you that you’re in the current time by looking outside.

Dominated Grey Galley Kitchen

galley kitchen small house design
Traditional Kitchen

Not only wood tone, but grey color can also reflect the traditional taste. The grey cabinet on the upper and lower dominates the room. Granite countertops and ceramic-look walls bring you back to the past. Single bowl sink with updated faucet is a reminder for your current time.

Galley Kitchen Design with Pictures

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All the ideas of galley kitchen have their plus and minus points. You may consider having a galley kitchen when you don’t have a big room. Another reason, you can have galley when you want to maximize the budget you make. The choice is on your hand. However, the galley will make your kitchen stunning and steal the attention.

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