30 Hanging Planter Ideas to Decorate your Dream House

Hanging Planter – Decorating your home can be very fun experience to do, but also kind of tricky. Mismatch items can ruin the whole atmosphere. In addition, items like artwork sometimes require expensive care. That is to say, we need simple trick that doesn’t require much care to create dimension we need. What is it? Plants!

Having plants is an effortless way to create perfect ambience and style for your house. In general, plants don’t require much care. Above all, they bring fresh air and create a calming effect you definitely need. In other words, plants can make you happier too!However, having plants can use up so much space of your house. Of course it is bad news for smaller houses which barely have enough room for necessary furniture. But worry not, there is always an option! Hanging them can be an effective way to settle the issue. Hanging planters help you to save up spaces, especially indoor, while still giving you the dimension you want.

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Pros and Cons of Hanging Planters

Large Hanging Planter

Having hanging planters may seem a simple trick, but they may bring so many good things to your life. In other words, there are so many benefits for having hanging planters, especially inside your house. Here are some pros you will have :

Millions of Alternatives!

Making hanging planter pots is the easiest thing you can imagine to do. You can practically use anything as pots. For instance, you can use a jar or a water bottle. In addition, you can also decorate the pots with your own hands. Paint them with popping colors to bring bold ambiance to your room. Or you can sprinkle glitter all over to glam it up. In short, there is no limit of what you can do!

Purify Air

It is to everyone’s knowledge that plants produce oxygen and clears up carbon dioxide. Furthermore, do you know that plants also capable of removing chemicals? Benzene and formaldehyde, for instance. Also, hanging planters help to improve air circulation so you can breathe easily.

Lifting Up Moods

Plants and green color in general help at reducing stress. According to research written by Barton and Pretty, greenery helps to improve mood and mental health. Thus, having hanging planters around is a way of keeping up a happy life.

Save The Cost!

Keeping hanging planters is way cheaper than maintaining a garden in your yard. Firstly, they don’t need extra care. Secondly, most hanging planters are not big, so they don’t need resources as much as a garden do. In other words, hanging planters need very minimum care so they don’t cost you much.

Hanging planters surely is convenient. However, they also need some specific care. Here are some cons hanging planters have :

Pay Attention to Watering Schedule

Water is the strength plants need. Thus, keeping watering schedule is really important to raise plants. Hanging planters can easily wither if you neglect them. As most of them are indoor, they cannot get other sources of water unless you do it for them. However, you can easily make a self watering pot for your hanging planters. Self watering pot supplies enough water for a long time so you don’t have to water them often.

Can be Pretty Messy

Hanging planters potentially create some messy problems especially indoor. Dirt can fall over from the pot if you accidentally knock into them. In addition, the drainage holes from the pot also can be more problems. Water and dirt can easily leak from the hole and create big mess to your room. That is why it is important to choose the right plants for indoor planters. You can choose succulents or other drought tolerant varieties to doll up your room.

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What to Consider Before Hanging The Planters

Indoor Hanging Plant Holders

Every plant has their own needs to grow healthily. Therefore, it is important to take note of some things to create appropriate environment for your plants. Above all, proper planning can also save you from troubles in future. Here are some things to consider before hanging your plants :

What to Plant?

It is best to choose plants that don’t require much care. For instance, look for plants that don’t require you to water often. Succulents can be your lifesaver. Watering them once a month is enough. Furthermore, most of them are small plants, so it is easier to tend. You can also keep air plants as they don’t require potting mix to grow. Another option you can consider is orchids. They are unique shape flowers so they can enhance your room to be brighter. Moreover, most of them only need misting instead of watering so they will not make a mess.

Where to Hang?

Some plants require direct sunlight while others don’t. In other words, it is important to pay attention to your lighting situation before you hang your plants. For instance, air plants need bright light to grow so hang them in places that receive plenty of light. On the other hand, most orchids need direct sunlight so it is better to hang them by the window.

Room Ambiance

Take note of your room ambiance. Mismatch plants can ruin the atmosphere of the room. For instance, Arrowhead Plant and Bird Nest Fern can be a perfect match to create a tropical theme bathroom. Moreover, the two plants need humid environment so bathroom is great placement.

How To Hang Planters

hanging plants outdoor

There are so many ways to hang your planters. You can keep it simple, or go creative with old, used up things. Here are some ideas :


You can buy an s-hook and simply drill it to your ceiling. Make simple knots with rope and hang them!

Indoor Trellis

Attach your pots to a trellis can be a way to create a wall planter. Make sure to paint your trellis with poppy colors so you create a fun design.

Clothing Racks

Hang your pots to an old vertical clothing racks. In addition, you can also use a standing coat rack to create a unique, sophisticated design.

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Modern Hanging Planters

Keeping up with trend is also a way to decorate your hanging planters. In addition, modern styling gives you a sophisticated feel. Thus, enjoying a comfy feeling while being trendy is the aim. Here are modern styling hanging planters ideas :

Geometric Vibe

hanging succulent planter
Image source : vintagerevivals.com

White always works to create a minimalistic yet elegant style. Therefore, matching pots in various sizes can be an option to create the style. Moreover, you can also make it look edgy by using a frame with geometric shape. Paint it gold and attach it to simple brown rope to bring luxurious feel. Finally, you can simply tie it up to wood railing to the ceiling.

Colorful Macrame

plastic hanging baskets
image source : pinterest

Macrame is trending! The craft technique is easy to learn and relatively cheap to make. Therefore, you can easily create the bohemian style using colorful pastel colored ropes. Match it up with terra cotta pots, for instance, then hang them using S-hook onto the standing metal railing. Eventually, you will get your own hanging planter macrame. In addition, you can put led light all over the railing to complete the style.

Tiny Terrarium

hanging plants from ceiling
image source : pinterest

In general, terrariums look very modern and unique. Also, tiny terrarium can look pretty cute. Hanging many tiny terrarium to your room can be a way to create a cute yet sophisticated style. You can match the ball shape and the water drop shape ones. Finally, tie it up with a thin rope to your ceiling.

Black and White

hanging planter
image source : cdn.yankodesign.com

Contrasting black and white can be a way to have a modern hanging planter. Use a plastic white pots and attach it to a black metal frame. In addition, hang them to the same metal rail on top of your window. Eventually, the hanging planters will become the highlight of your small room.

Funky Patterned Pots

hanging planter indoor
image source : i.etsystatic.com

A small ceramic pot with pattern is a perfect trick to bring a cheerful vibe to the room. Attach it to a simple, white rope in contrast of playful color of the pot. Keep it simple with no frame at all. In addition, grow a bush type of plant so the pot looks smaller and prettier.

Large Hanging Planters

Small hanging planters are cute, but large ones are pretty cool themselves. In addition, it can bring impactful dimension to your room. Moreover, large hanging planters are perfect for outdoor. Putting up hanging planter baskets on your porch covers up the wide area and highlight them as perfect decorations. Thus, creating large hanging planters is definitely brings an extra impact for your entrance.

Tin Bucket

hanging planter for wall
image source : www.jacksons-fencing.co.uk

Indeed, this outdoor hanging planter idea is the simplest yet effective. Using three tin buckets as pots to bushes of flowers is perfect idea to create homey feel. Prop them to a black hanging rail in front of your window. In addition, match them with small, glass candle holders. Eventually, this classic trick will catch all the attention.

Vertical Garden

hanging planter basket
image source : pinterest

If you feel hanging planters are boring, you can step up your game by planting them directly on the wall. Firstly, you attach planting bags to your wall. Secondly, put a frame to it. Thirdly, plant as many as greenery you can find! Vines and large succulents are great combo to create a tropical style. Furthermore, Vertical garden can be a smart idea to decorate small space in between rooms. Thus, it is a look of vibrant style you can aim for!

Tiered Basket

hanging planter with pot
image source : diycraftsclub.com

In general, a simple basket can be an alternative as pot. However, it can get monotone. Matching the hanging planter basket up in various sizes and make a tier of them is one of solution. You can organize the smallest basket on top, and the biggest one on bottom. Afterward, hang them with simple pink rope and attach them to the ceiling.

Hanging Chandelier

hanging planter outdoor
image source : www.signals.com

Propping terra cotta pots on the used chandelier is sure a unique idea. The rusty chandelier especially brings a dramatic feel to the atmosphere. Hang the chandelier in your porch ceiling to give a grand entrance to the house. Eventually, the chandelier become the spotlight of your overall style.

Tree Branch

hanging planter stand
image source : pinterest

Normal railing is plain. Changing up the game by using a tree branch as the railing can be refreshing idea. Firstly, find long and thick enough tree branch. Secondly, hang it using earth color rope. Afterward, you can hang white pots using the same rope you use to hang the branch. As reference, you hang it pretty low to emphasize the look. Thus, you can create a fun, natural style.

Hanging Succulent Planter

One of the best plant to your hanging planters is probably succulents. Succulents are easy to maintain as they don’t need much water to grow. Furthermore, their unique shapes give a particular stylish feel to the room. Here are five ideas to style your hanging succulent planters :

Hanging Box

hanging planter diy
image source : 4.bp.blogspot.com

Wooden boxes is the simplest pots you can make yourself. A rectangular, thin shape brings a simple look that works with any atmosphere you try to create. Specifically, you can be playful with the design by making a tier box out of them. Stack the biggest on top and the smallest on bottom. Plant them up with small succulent plants to emphasize the simple design of the box. Afterward, hang them up with thin chain.

Heart Shaped

hooks for hanging planters
image source : www.dhresource.com

Creating a succulent hanging planter can be really fun as you can get creative with it. For instance, this heart shaped succulent planter can be a pretty additional decoration to your wall. Firstly, shape your planter using wire. Secondly, fill the shape with planting soil. Lastly, insert as many succulents as you can. Plant them wisely. Put the biggest flower in middle to highlight it. Then, you can hang it using a chain connected to an S-hook.

Bird Nest

hanging planter succulents
image resource : pinterest

You can mimic a small bird nest as a frame to your succulent flowers. Moreover, you can match it up with creeping vines on the bottom of the flowers to create a natural vibe. Use soft tree branch and wire to make the frame. After that, you can fill the bottom with plenty of planting soil. Afterward, hang it using the same wire to a tree branch. Eventually, you can use this style in your porch as a unique welcome greeting to your guests!

Small Sphere

hanging planter for fence
image source : luxidecor.com

Similar to the heart shaped succulent planter, this idea also requires a little work. However, the result cannot betray all the efforts. Firstly, make a ball shaped frame out of utility wire. Secondly, fill the ball with planting soil. Thirdly, cover the soil with succulents. Lastly, hang them to a hook using the wire. Eventually, this pretty succulents sphere can be an option to your hanging plants outdoor.

Hexagon Terrarium

hanging planter ikea
image source : ae01.alicdn.com

Terrariums are pretty but hexagon terrariums are cooler. The stiff shape gives an edgy feel to the room. As they are pretty tiny containers, you should plant small succulents into them. For instance, cacti. You can highlight the cacti by using all the other smaller succulent sprouts beside them. In addition, you can put couple of small round rocks as decoration. Finally, hang them using metal hook.

Ceramic Wall Planters

Ceramic pots are probably the most basic pots you can use. However, they are rich in variation of shapes and colors. Matching up different shapes and colors gives different feel to the ambiance. Moreover, ceramic pots are cheap and easy to find. Eventually, ceramic pots will always be your favorite pot to hang on your wall. Here are stylish ideas you can use to doll up your boring wall :

All White

hanging planter home depot
image source : sc01.alicdn.com

You can easily create a sophisticated look by using monochrome color, specifically white. Decorating your wall using white ceramic pots is simple yet speak elegance to the atmosphere. In addition, you can use a honey bee pattern pots to bring out uniqueness. Furthermore, putting small pebbles to cover the soil also giving a neat touch to the planters.

With Wood Backing

hanging planter modern
image source : cdn.shopify.com

Using wood backing is a clever idea to put accent to your wall planters. You can also upgrade the look by using a cone shaped ceramic pots, for instance. Match the pots in various sizes. In details, you can attach some smaller pots to a single wood backing. On the other hand, attach the biggest one to a wide wood backing. Afterward, you can line them up to give a luxurious modern look.

Black Hexagonal

hanging planter metal
image source : pinterest

These hexagonal wall pots give a futuristic style to your home. Furthermore, the black color enhances the look. Specifically, you can line up three or two hexagonal pots next to each other. In addition, you can leave some pots empty to emphasize your plants. In order to make it cooler, top it off to a wall covered by tribal printed wallpaper.

Face Planter

hanging planter large
image source : www.brwnpaperbag.com

Plain pots are boring. Therefore, you have to create a unique look to spice the mood up. Put a face to your plain pots can be a problem solver, for instance. You can practically choose a ceramic pot of your favorite animal face, such as cats. A human face can be an option, too. Afterward, you can match them up with a patterned ceramic pots on a plain white wall. Eventually, they will liven up the mood and make you feel happier.

Artsy Stones

how to make hanging planters
image source : pinterest

If you are looking up idea for an outdoor wall planters, this style is perfect. This artsy planters mimic scattered stones in various sizes. Furthermore, you can emphasize the bigger ones by using the smaller planters. Certainly, they will look even more artistic if you plant vines to the biggest planters. In addition, you can put succulents to smaller planters. Eventually, this planters will give you a natural vibe to your house.

DIY Hanging Pots

In general, pots look the same. Usually, they are just designed to put plants into it. However, there are millions of ways to create your own hanging pots. You can use practically anything to replace your dull pots. For instance, you can use an old jar or a can. Furthermore, you can get creative in decorating them. Here are simple DIY hanging pot ideas you can be inspired to :

Coconut Pots

hanging planter railing
image source : ae01.alicdn.com

Small coconut can be a cute alternative to replace the pot. In addition, it gives you the natural atmosphere to the room. You can highlight it by planting creeping plants. In detail, you can add accents using a tie that mimic a dried up stem all around the pots. Finally, you can hang it using a simple rope to your ceiling.

Mason Jar Pots

hanging planter shelf
image source : pinterest

Using mason jar as replacement of your pot is probably the simplest thing you can do. You can fill up the base of the jar using small pebbles, then fill it up with planting soil. In addition, you can plant small flowers to make it look prettier. However, simple mason jar can be boring. In order to make it unique, you can hang it awkwardly, as if it is going to tip over. You can create this look by attaching the rope to the upper body of the jar, instead of the top of the lid.

Tin Can Pots

hanging planter glass
image source : cdn.shopify.com

Tin can pots on top of wooden backing creates a simple yet natural look to your wall. Furthermore, tin cans gives you enough space to grow herbs inside. Thus, this style will be perfect to doll up your kitchen.

Bird Cage Pots

hanging planter balcony
image source : pinterest

Similar to chandelier, this style can give you instant dramatic look to your house. Using an old bird cage as a frame to your succulent planters gives you a grand medieval vibe. In particular, hang it to your front gate of your house for strong first impression to your guests!

Disco Ball Pots

hanging planters on deck
image source : www.makeandtakes.com

If you are a fan of flashy things, a disco ball is perfect choice for your plants’ container. You can match it up with tropical plants to put a contrast feel to it. Furthermore, you can hang them in big chain to keep up the glitzy vibe.


Hanging planter is a simple trick to create dimension and perfect ambience to your house. It is perfect for small spaces, too. Moreover, hanging planters have many benefits. For instance, they purify the air and lift up the mood by giving the calming atmosphere. In addition, there are millions of ways to create hanging planters. You can use ceramic pots, glass terrarium, or large hanging planter boxes. Thus, hanging planter is perfect functional decoration idea to create a stylish look to your house.

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