Kitchen Ceiling Ideas (Vaulted and 3D Drop Ceiling)

Kitchen Ceiling IdeasWhen it comes to kitchen design, the ceiling is one of the most essential elements of a kitchen that needs to take good care of. A ceiling can be the mood maker of the room. It can make you feel depressed if its too low and also can liven up your mood if it is used bright colors.

A kitchen has to be a place where family and friends gather to relax while enjoying a meal. Make this room feel special by designing a proper kitchen ceiling, which transcends your feeling and style. Let’s read more about kitchen ceiling ideas in this article below.

Kitchen Ceiling Ideas
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Ceiling Ideas for Kitchen

ceiling ideas for kitchen

For years of the hustle and bustle, cooking activities can leave smoke-stained on the kitchen ceiling, which definitely needs an upgrade. There is a lot of kitchen ceiling design ideas that offer various looks ranging from traditional, modern, contemporary, even luxurious. We already prepare everything you need to know about kitchen ceiling ideas. Let’s get inspired!

1. High Ceiling Kitchen Ideas

Having a high ceiling in the kitchen is a big advantage for the homeowner because it can make the room feel grand and luxurious. But it also can make the room feel empty and monotonous if we can’t decorate it properly. In order to prevent this, here are four high ceiling kitchen design ideas to make the most of your grand kitchen ceiling.

Void Ceiling

high ceiling kitchen ideas

This house has void right above the kitchen that makes the ceiling is the same one as the ceiling on the second floor. This void urges a cross-ventilation system to make the room has better air circulation. Because of the void, structural beams and ducts are exposed and create a stylish industrial look in the kitchen.

Sloped Ceiling

high ceiling kitchen ideas
Source: Caruso Kitchens

A sloped ceiling is one of the best ways to make the ceiling in your kitchen looks exceptionally high. By applying this kind of ceiling, your kitchen can be more spacious and roomy. One thing for sure before you decided to apply this kind of ceiling. Please use the thermal insulation layer under the roof. You can choose between aluminum foil or rock wool to absorb the heat as well as the noise.

Suspended Ceiling

high ceiling kitchen ideas
Source: Aspen Leaf Interiors

Sometimes, the higher the ceiling, the more we confuse about how to place the kitchen lighting properly. Don’t worry! You can create a suspended ceiling right above the island. You also can apply a recessed light to illuminate your kitchen worktop. This ceiling is the breakthrough to outsmart the high ceiling because of a soaring void or sloped ceiling.

Ceiling Under The Skylight

high ceiling kitchen ideas
Source: Sara & Ben’s Kitchen

One of the advantages of having a high ceiling in the kitchen is the opportunity to let in more natural lighting as well as creating a better air circulation. This kitchen is an example of a green kitchen that promotes natural lighting by applying a skylight right above the kitchen island. As a result, the ray of light naturally comes in through the shaft illuminating the kitchen island.

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2. Drop Ceiling Ideas for Kitchen

A drop ceiling usually needs at least a nine feet high of a ceiling. It features a flat ceiling around the perimeter of the room and a raised ceiling at the center. This ceiling can make a three-dimensional look by adding accent light spotlighting the wall or ceiling surface. Here are several drop ceiling ideas for kitchen that might inspire you.

Dividing Drop Ceiling

drop ceiling ideas for kitchen
Source: Atelier Wong

This open plan kitchen uses the drop ceiling as a divider of the room. The drop ceiling gives a bold difference between the kitchen area and the dining area. This drop ceiling also aims to focus on a specific part of the kitchen. It placed right above the kitchen island and has downlights that illuminate that area.

3D Drop Ceiling

drop ceiling ideas for kitchen
Source: Dura Supreme Cabinetry

This kitchen has two layers of the ceiling, the center part is raised while around the perimeter is dropped. Right on top of the drop ceiling, there is lighting that illuminates the wall and raised-ceiling part, which turns out making the three-dimensional effect on the ceiling. You can also have this effect by applying a drop ceiling in your kitchen.

Kitchen Area Only Drop Ceiling

drop ceiling ideas for kitchen
Source: Zugai Strudwick Architects

This drop ceiling is focused on the kitchen area only. It makes the kitchen looks even more special by the accent lighting that made the drop ceiling look floating. This drop ceiling is simple but exceptional.

Wall and Drop Ceiling

drop ceiling ideas for kitchen
Source: Kate McElwee

This drop ceiling is quite unique. This built-in drop ceiling looks united with the kitchen island. It also features kitchen ceiling vent right above it. What a compact design! Indeed, this built-in drop ceiling is a must-try idea for the kitchen ceiling.

Vaulted Kitchen Ceiling Ideas

The vaulted kitchen ceiling can help you to maximize your kitchen space. This ceiling needs to be more than 13 feet in height to draw people’s attention upward. This height aims to show off the spectacular craftsmanship and design features, such as exposed beams, chandeliers, or skylights. There is no limitation in terms of style if you are interested in adopting this ceiling in your kitchen. Because every architectural style from traditional to modern is suitable to apply this kind of ceiling.  Here are several kitchen vaulted ceiling ideas that you might consider for your next kitchen ceiling remodeling ideas.

Brick Vaulted Ceiling

vaulted kitchen ceiling ideas
Source: Morning Star Builders LTD

The exposed-brick vaulted ceiling is perfect for those of you who want to have a traditional kitchen look. This ceiling looked like a cathedral ceiling in the 19th century. This ceiling will be the next eye-catching item in your kitchen.

Vaulted Skylight Ceiling

vaulted kitchen ceiling ideas
Source: Colmar Kitchen Studio

This traditional kitchen has skylight right at the top of its vaulted ceiling. The skylight can reduce your monthly electrical bills because it can illuminate the entire kitchen room, especially during day time. By using this vaulted skylight ceiling also can make your room feels brighter and spacious.

Beam Exposed Vaulted Ceiling

vaulted kitchen ceiling ideas
Source: Charnwood Kitchens & Interiors Ltd

This vaulted ceiling is exposing structural roof truss and having two skylights at the slopes. The exposed wood beams look sturdy, with the steel wires suspending the structural element of the roof. This kitchen vaulted ceiling idea is suitable for you who want to try the industrial look in the kitchen.

Drop and Vaulted Ceiling

vaulted kitchen ceiling ideas
Source: John Dimaio

This ceiling is the combination of drop and vaulted ceiling. The drop ceiling is placed around the perimeter of the room while the center part of the ceiling is vaulted. Having an extra window at the attic wall is the privilege of this kind of vaulted ceiling. So you can save more money from electrical bills reduction.

Small Kitchen Ceiling Ideas

The best kitchen ceiling idea for a small kitchen is the regular or flat ceiling. It’s so simple and easy to maintain. Because if we are applying too many heavy details on the ceiling, our tiny kitchen will be more cramped. Here are several small kitchen ceiling ideas that can help you achieve a spacious feel in the kitchen.

Wood Panel Ceiling

small kitchen ceiling ideas
Source: Laura Medicus Interiors

This small kitchen use wood panel as ceiling material to differentiate the kitchen area and the other rooms. As a result, this small kitchen looks more exclusive as the focal point of the house.

Attic Ceiling

small kitchen ceiling ideas
Source: Roundhouse

Who would’ve thought that you can utilize the limited space right below the attic roof as a kitchen? This tiny yet wholesome kitchen is the best example of taking advantage of the attic as the ceiling at once.

Wood Beam-Exposed Ceiling

small kitchen ceiling ideas
Source: Martin Hulala

This wood beam-exposed ceiling is the ceiling in disguise. It is actually a way to optimize the height between the floors. So, you can have more extensive space for the kitchen cabinet storage.

Compact Built-in Ceiling

small kitchen ceiling ideas
Source: Levitch Associates, Inc

A small kitchen needs to optimize every inch of the space really well by making it compact yet useful. This kitchen is the perfect example of maximizing a limited room by creating a compact built-in ceiling with the kitchen cabinetry.

Rustic Kitchen Ceiling Ideas

The rustic kitchen ceiling is the best way to expose the aesthetic of building materials, such as woods and bricks. The rustic ceiling not only can create more space for your kitchen storage but also can be your next decorative kitchen ceiling ideas. Let’s take a look at this compilation of rustic kitchen ceiling ideas that you need to save in your ceiling ideas bank.

Slope Rustic Ceiling

rustic kitchen ceiling ideas
Source: Cascade Builders & Associates Inc.

This kitchen successfully pull-out the rustic style kitchen by creating a sloped ceiling and exposing the building materials. We can see the warmth of wood texture and the honesty of unplastered brick by applying this kind of ceiling.

French Country Style Rustic Ceiling

rustic kitchen ceiling ideas
Source: Ozimek

French country style is identic with rustic feeling by exposing the building material as it is. The washed wood ceiling right above the kitchen area looks eccentric in a good way.

Contemporary Style Rustic Ceiling

rustic kitchen ceiling ideas
Source: Aspen Leaf Interiors

Rustic doesn’t always mean expressing a traditional look, though. This rustic ceiling has completed this contemporary kitchen by using a barely dark tone wood ceiling.

Farmhouse Rustic Ceiling

rustic kitchen ceiling ideas

The farmhouse-style kitchen always looks perfect with its unfinished look materials. The appearance of the natural wood ceiling has made the kitchen looks exceptionally warm and beautiful.

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What is Kitchen Ceiling?

Kitchen ceiling is part of a building that is located right on the boundary of the walls and roof. It has several functions, as a roof truss covers, heat absorbers, and sound dampers. Besides its functional roles, the kitchen ceiling also has a significant role in determining the style or impression of the kitchen. Therefore, the kitchen ceiling must be planned and considered properly.

Is Ceiling Good for Kitchen?

Besides its functional and aesthetic roles, the ceiling is exceptionally good for a kitchen because it can impact your health. Higher ceilings provide better air circulation if paired with large windows and ventilation. Both prevent the kitchen from stuffy feelings and benefit the physical and emotional health of the user. High ceilings also can make the kitchen feel more spacious, while low ceilings can provide intimate feelings. You can choose between those two, depends on the mood that you want to bring in the kitchen.

Material for Kitchen Ceiling?

In order to make the kitchen feel comfort and safety, choosing the best material for the ceiling is a crucial part of designing a kitchen ceiling. There are too many options available in the store ranging from the one that can control sound or even fire-resistant. Here are materials that are commonly used for the kitchen ceiling.


Material for kitchen ceiling?
Source: Rochelle Leggett

Wood is so common to be used as the general structure of a home. It is also widely utilized as the ceiling material. It can cover the entire ceiling just like a wooden floor or place strategically to be the focal point of a plain ceiling. These days, there are also many types of decorative molding that have been made from wood. You can use it as the borderline between the ceiling and the wall.

Plaster and Plasterboard

Material for kitchen ceiling?
Source: Rochelle Leggett

Plaster has been used as a building material for centuries. It can create a smooth, hard, and attractive surface that can be decorated with paints or more plaster. Plasterboard is the compact version of plaster that is cheaper and easier to install. The prefabricated plasterboard is formed into sheets that can be easily attached to the ceiling with screws or nails and then are sealed.


Material for kitchen ceiling?
Source: Rochelle Leggett

Metal is well known used as a structural component of a ceiling. But this material also can be used as a decorative component to cover up unattractive features, such as pipes and wires. This material can be used as a suspender for a drop ceiling or as decorative embossed tiles or sheets to cover the ceiling.


Material for kitchen ceiling?
Source: Rochelle Leggett

Ceiling tiles are different from floor or wall tiles. It is lightweight and made from various materials, such as plastic, metal, fiberglass, mineral fiber, wood fiber, vinyl-coated gypsum, and even cork. It can be used as a suspended ceiling system or stick to decorate the plain ceiling and are ideal for decorating a plain ceiling that is in good condition. Besides decorative purposes, ceiling tiles also useful to control the noise levels in a kitchen.

How to Design a Perfect Kitchen Ceiling?

Three elements that need to be considered in kitchen ceiling design are height, color, and lighting. The standard of ceiling height is around 9 feet tall. The higher the ceiling, the lighter and airy feel you can get. While the lower the ceiling, it creates coziness and an intimate feeling of the kitchen. But the ceiling can’t be too low, because it can make the kitchen feel dark and cramped. Color also has a visual and emotional impact in a kitchen. A darker ceiling color can make the room feels heavier while the brighter ceiling color can make the room feel spacious. 

Lighting is a critical component that determines the quality of light in your kitchen. Use at least three kinds of lighting, general lighting, work lighting, and decorative lighting. Downlight is the best for your general kitchen lighting on the ceiling. Place a downlight in the radius of 1,5 meters to help illuminate the entire kitchen room. A spotlight can be used as the work lighting focusing on illuminating your kitchen worktop. Meanwhile, using an LED strip can add the 3D effect on your drop ceiling.

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There is no way to doubt the function of ceiling because it is already proved that ceiling is full of benefits for your physical and emotional state. By applying the ceiling, especially in the kitchen, can brighten up your mood as well as avoiding any dust from the roof falling off to your food. You can also get better air circulation and natural light in the kitchen if you combine a high ceiling with windows, ventilation, and skylights. It will make your kitchen more sustainable and less electricity. Get your dream kitchen by trying out one of the kitchen ceiling ideas above!

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