Kitchen Ceiling Lights (Kitchen Ceiling Fans with Lights)

Kitchen Ceiling Lights. Do you want a new view of the kitchen without spending much money? Or you want a renovation without a new sink or backsplash? There is a simple thing that you can do to create all the questions before. You can start by installing a new light on your kitchen ceiling. A touch of light will make a difference in your kitchen.

Choosing kitchen ceiling light will come with many options. You can select Kitchen lights between recessed, tracking, pendant, or flush mount, which the best for your kitchen. Honestly, they’re all reasonable alternatives, and it’s a matter of making sense of what your space needs and finding an installation that you love to fill that need. Furthermore, having kitchen ceiling lights is not only for a beautiful thing, but this item is also for helping you in preparing and cooking the meal.

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What Are The Best Lights for A Kitchen?

Many people agree that the kitchen is the heart of the house. It is unavoidable that a kitchen is where people gather together, whether it’s days or weekends. The kitchen, perhaps, is a place for cooking, not only that it’s also a place to feed our body, soul, and reflecting our characteristic in style. As the special area, we have to serve the best for kitchen included lighting. Lighting can reflect entertaining and support our style in the kitchen. To make it accurate, we must consider some lights which appropriate for our kitchen.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are kind of lights that hang down from the ceiling with one chain or cord. This type will be suitable for every kitchen style. Many variants of the pendant can make it easy to choose the best one. The one light hanging, the standard would be a great deal for your kitchen. Not only that, the pendant can hang over your island, sink, counters, and many more to give another touch to your kitchen style.

Flush Mount Lights

This kind of light is the number one choice for kitchen lighting. A flush mount sticks on the ceiling with no space between the fixture and ceiling. Of course, it will help the house owners because they only need a little cleaning for the lights. That feature is the best choice for the low ceiling or those who have a small kitchen.

Track Lights

Track light can be another popular choice for kitchen lighting. This style can have some fixtures on it and can light a particular spot. You can also turn the lights into different directions as you want. Having four lights in the track lighting style is a good idea. You can reach a hard or hidden area in the kitchen with these lights.

Under Cabinet Lights

Most kitchen styles have a cabinet above the counters. You can add another touch of style under your cabinet with these under-cabinet lights. Usually, this fixture uses LED as the bulb. Having this over your counter can help you in preparing the food. The small size of the lights will not get you in trouble having it under cabinets.

The Best Kitchen Ceiling Lights Color

kitchen ceiling lights ideas

Installing light over the kitchen will bring you in a choice of color. You cannot just choose the color; the consideration of color could bring a merely sweet touch to your kitchen. Because of light bulb can be replaced, you can make a color from choosing the lamp. Many people do not pay much attention to the bulb choice, but, in fact, you can feel the color temperature in a particular bulb used. The different color can have various benefits. Just choose the best one for where you set the lights.

Delicate White

You can feel a warm and cozy feeling through this light color. A delicate white, usually, tend to have yellowish. The yellowish is the source of warmth in your kitchen. Feeling welcome in your kitchen is essential.

Warm White

This kind of color will be more yellowish and white. It also gives a more warm feeling. You cannot deny that this kind of color is what you need. If you have this color in your kitchen, better to hang it over your workstation.

Clear White

White color may dominate the recommendation light for the kitchen, but you can feel the difference from each of them. Clear white color is the combination of the white and blue touch. You may feel less cozy but full of energetic feeling. This color will work the best with the chrome fixture in the kitchen.

Daytime Color

Different from white, this color has a more bluish touch. Having this in the kitchen will give a maximum effect of the contrast color. The color also works well for the working area. So, consider hanging this light color over your workstations.

The Best Spot to Install Light on Our Kitchen Ceiling

A balance in your house must be a core point in creating a perfect combination of style, including the balance of light in your kitchen. You need a balance of light in the kitchen, just like a balance for breakfast as the beginning to finish the day. The proper lights spot in the kitchen will help you in preparing and cooking the meal. Let’s take a look at the right place for your kitchen lighting.

Install the Light Over your Island

rustic kitchen ceiling lights

For those who have a kitchen island as the area of cooking, you must have a light. The simple one, like a pendant, will be your choice. You may have a couple of kitchen ceiling pendant lights, and it is suitable for working space. Another option of light that you can use is linear suspension lighting. If you have a high ceiling, this lighting will be the choice to brighten your kitchen.

Under the Cabinets

kitchen ceiling lights flush mount

When you install a hanging light, it will leave a shadow or dark area under the cabinets. It could be a good idea to have a focus under the cabinets with installing lights. Besides, it’s also essential to have light under the cabinet to help you in preparing a meal, reading recipes, or working in the countertops. You can use strip lights or Puck lights, round and oval, to lighten the under-cabinet area.

Ceiling Lights for Kitchen

If you want to make an upgrade for the kitchen, you can start with lighting. Lighting seems easy but has a significant impact on your kitchen. Some of the lighting fixtures will old your design, make a new feeling, and lighten up your kitchen as well. Further, you can save more money to have a difference in the kitchen.

Wood Farmhouse Kitchen Lights

led kitchen lights ceiling

This handmade fixture is the combination of wood and porcelain sockets. There’s no single place in the kitchen that will be dark if you have this. You can identify the old style from the wood and cages in the kitchen. Old but never be old is the right to put on this lighting.

Oval Flush Mount Lights

semi flush kitchen ceiling lights

For those who want clean and fresh appliances, this light fixture can be the choice. Using LED light is enough to have a bright kitchen ceiling lights. You can feel like there is a sun shining over your kitchen. It will help you in preparing food.

3-Pendant Lighting

ceiling lights kitchen

As said, pendant lighting will work the best over the kitchen island. Having this in the high ceiling is helpful. You don’t need much light to install; these three will give a bright enough for your kitchen. Further, a rustic atmosphere also sticks in this fixture.

Chandelier Kitchen Lights

kitchen ceiling lights fluorescent

With six-light on the chandelier, it will brighten all over the kitchen. This kind of light can work in any decoration of the kitchen. The light has a rustic, industrial, and simple design that adds a new touch for your kitchen. Install this and experience the mix style on the fixture.

LED Kitchen Ceiling Lights

The latest style in the kitchen lighting is using LED. An LED light can have many impacts on your kitchen. This light is to save more energy and long-lasting using experience. Further, LED cannot have heat that makes it suitable for the kitchen, which is a warm area of the house.

Linear LED Kitchen Lighting

kitchen ceiling lights led

This long size LED fixture could brighten and distribute light to all over room and appliances. It has a simple design that proper to any style of the kitchen. Further, the light may be extended but can give you maximum satisfaction with long-lasting LED.

Square Flush Mount LED Kitchen Lighting

country kitchen ceiling lights

Another style of LED is this square one. It has a big design, but give maximum light to your kitchen. Besides, this fixture also has a waterproof feature that suitable to install over your kitchen ceiling. Modern design is the characteristic of this simple light.

Round LED Kitchen Lighting

led lights for kitchen ceiling

This light is another choice of flush mount style lighting. With the white color of light, the LED spread the light in your kitchen. The design also adds another atmosphere to your kitchen. It will be a perfect combination for a black and white kitchen with this light fixture.

Flush Mount Ceiling Light for Kitchen

If you have a low kitchen ceiling, installing a flush mount in the kitchen is the right way. A flush mount light does not have space between fixture and ceiling. You can choose this light if you don’t like many lighting hanging over your kitchen. To install the flush mount, consider the heat of the light. Even Though, flush mount light can give you a decorative touch for your kitchen.

Vintage Semi Flush Mount Lighting

kitchen ceiling pendant lights

The black color of the hood will bring you back to the 19th century. It is the identity of the vintage style. Even it has a dark color but could steal your attention directly while entering the kitchen area. This design also can easily install in the various ceiling even it is a sideway shape.

Wood Semi Flush Mount Lighting

lowes led kitchen ceiling lights

It has a transparent glass hood combined with round wood that makes it stylish. The combination of wood-color and black gives a touch of old and fashionable to the fixture. This fixture will lighten your workstations and work well as kitchen island ceiling lights.

Wood Farmhouse Flush Mount Lighting

kitchen island ceiling lights

It is not a secret that the light can be a focal point in the kitchen. A beautiful fixture made from wood brings a natural touch in your kitchen. The cage surrounds the bulb indicate the industrial way but not an outdated style. Try this in your kitchen, and feel a warm atmosphere.

Kitchen Ceiling Fans with Lights

You can invest a benefit from installing ceiling fans over your kitchen. Not only having lights, but you can also feel freeze and fresh air from the fan. In the kitchen, having a fan will be very useful to reduce smoke during the cooking process.

Traditional Kitchen with Ceiling Fan Lighting

kitchen ceiling lights modern
Sacha Griffin

A soft color dominated the kitchen. Something hanging over the island, ceiling fan with light, looks having contrast color in the kitchen. It adds another tone to your traditional kitchen. The two fans can reduce heat and freeze you while cooking and washing dishes.

Mid Century Modern Kitchen and Ceiling Fan with Light

vaulted ceiling kitchen lights
Venice Mid Century Modern Kitchen/Dining

You can find some lights installed on the kitchen ceiling. Two pendants over the island and another flush mount near the cooktop. But, notice a fan with light in the space between the island and sink is the right choice. A fan with light adds the decorative thing.

Tropical Kitchen with Big Fan Lighting

kitchen led ceiling lights
Augie Salbosa

This Kitchen Remodel design has some lights fixtures that lighten the kitchen. A big one with the fan is the center of the kitchen. It brightens the island and gives air circulation in the kitchen.

Small Kitchen Ceiling Lights

Installing lighting in the small kitchen can bring a bit different look for the kitchen. Every inch in the kitchen will be the matter, so you must choose the best thing on it. You can combine your kitchen lighting with the natural light outside. It makes a connection and makes your small kitchen attractive.

Pendant Lighting with Hood

lowes kitchen ceiling fans with lights
James Hall

The light has bright color, yellow, that being the focal point in the kitchen. In the small kitchen, this pendant looks fit because the rode or wire doesn’t have a long size. The hood will help the bulb to spread the light all over the workstation.

Semi Flush Mount Light

recessed led kitchen ceiling lights
An Industrial Shaker Kitchen in Bath

In this industrial kitchen, black and brown dominate all over the kitchen. Not only in the wall and floor, but you will also need an industrial accent for the kitchen ceiling, and this big metal flush mount is the best choice. Go with this and feel the warmth in your kitchen.

Recessed Cans Light

kitchen semi flush mount ceiling lights
Colby Kitchen and Bath

You will not see anything hanging on the ceiling in this kitchen, but still, find the light on it. A recessed light could be a good idea if you have a low ceiling. Install some of the recessed lights, at least four, to have better light. Further, you can add with under cabinet light to brighten your countertops.

Flush Mount and Recessed Light

modern kitchen ceiling lights
Greenlake Kitchen

It is not a bad idea to combine some style of lights in your small kitchen. The combination will give a new tone for the kitchen. Just like this small kitchen, a flush mount installed in the center of the kitchen and surrounded by the recessed lights.

Rustic Kitchen Ceiling Lights

Something worse will happen if you choose the wrong way of determining the ceiling lights kitchen. Lighting will make your kitchen looking impressive even with the old design, rustic style. But need to remember, if you get it wrong, the best designer will not help you. That why kitchen lighting is important.

Lantern Pendant Light

kitchen ceiling fans lights
Adrian Ozimek

In the farmhouse kitchen, this fixture light is a suitable one. The design of the lantern pendant with a square cage is a fascinating thing. You can also feel the cozy tone by having this lighting. You must try this on your rustic farmhouse kitchen.

Industrial Pendant Light

kitchen ceiling lights at lowes
Mountain Valley Residence

If you look up to the ceiling, the pendant directly catches your attention. The style is representing the rustic style used in the kitchen. Not only that, but you can also feel the modern era with some recessed light on the ceiling. The mixing lights will not disappoint you.

Farmhouse Pendant Light

led ceiling lights for kitchen
Trish Namm

The pendant may dominate the idea of rustic ceiling lights, but the variant of design will always bring a new way of design included this farmhouse pendant. This simple style will be appropriate if you set it over your island.

Recessed Light

wayfair kitchen ceiling lights
Bennett Frank McCarthy Architects, Inc.

If you don’t want any hanging items on the ceiling, this recessed will help you with rustic style. Combining with the wood ceiling, the white lights from the recessed brighten your kitchen. This idea may be a perfect overhead ceiling item.

Vaulted Ceiling Kitchen Lights

Having a vaulted ceiling in the house just like getting the treasure and admirable thing. Besides the fantastic thing, this style could bring challenges to the lighting. You must carefully choose the light to avoid the worst things to come.

Pendant Lighting

vintage kitchen ceiling lights
Robin Rigby Fisher CMKBD/CAPS

Hanging lighting like pendant is the possible item to add in the vaulted ceiling kitchen lights. You will have a modern touch to your kitchen by using pendant lights. Even have a contrast color with kitchen interior, this pendant will work well in the contemporary kitchen.

Chandelier and Fans with Lights

kitchen table ceiling lights
USI Design & Remodeling

All over the kitchen covered with rustic style and also the ceiling lights. This kitchen has several styles of lights; they are chandelier and lighting fans. With the long rope, chandelier fits with the vaulted ceiling. Add with the fans lighting; another great atmosphere is in your rustic kitchen.

LED Pendant and Long Bulb Lights

kitchen ceiling fan lights
Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders

Another choice of light that must install in the vaulted ceiling is long bulb lighting. You can set it on the slant area and hang pendant lights on the corner area. This combination could brighten the kitchen with LED and beautify it as well.

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You already knew several ideas that you can use for your kitchen lighting ideas. The impressive kitchen lighting can illuminate all over the kitchen. In choosing the lights, you can consider the matching of lights and kitchen design. Some contrast colors could work well in some style and will work poorly in another design. However, remember the primary function of the lights that you want for a kitchen ceiling.

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