Kitchen Curtain Ideas (Kitchen Curtain Design and Pattern)

Kitchen Curtain Ideas. Perhaps, the kitchen is one of the hardest working areas. Some dry and wet things can take place there. You will need a reliable and durable treatment for your kitchen, especially the kitchen window. The treatment on the window can face light, heat, or direct rain. Besides, you still need a style on the windows to beautify your kitchen. Of course, the treatment for your kitchen is a curtain.

A piece of fabric or cloth that hanging on the window used to block light or raindrops can define as a curtain. The curtain will be useful to your kitchen while you have windows or doors on it. It not only works with the function to block sunlight and rain but also has a decorations touch. When you want to choose your curtain for the kitchen, try to not in a hurry to buy. You will need some consideration, such as fabric, color, or the right style. Here will be available things to help you in choosing the right one. Further, there are also some option styles for your kitchen design.

Why We Need Curtain on Our Kitchen?

Most people may think that the curtain is no more than a hanging fabric to cover the windows. That’s the wrong side you decided. The curtain can have a variety of advantages, especially in the kitchen. You may need natural light to come to your kitchen, that’s why you have curtain for kitchen bay window. But what about the light comes in too much? The answer is using a curtain. A curtain can control the brightness based on your needs. The curtain can also be an insulator for the temperature of your kitchen. Furthermore, your curtain can beautify the kitchen. With kind types of curtains, you have a particular choice to brighten up your kitchen.

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Things to Consider on Applying Kitchen Curtain?

Instead of spending some cost for improvement, it will be better you have a curtain for the kitchen. A simple idea from the curtain can give you huge impacts, especially on the appearance. Before making a decision, you must know some consideration in choosing a style. You can consider your kitchen size, color, light balances, windows’ location, and what windows need.

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1. Curtain Material

If you install a curtain in the kitchen, consider the material of the curtain. Perhaps, you can easily spill anything on the curtain. Your curtains must be easy to clean. Thinking that your curtain will not simply soak with the smell of meals or recipes.

Moreover, the curtains material must not be highly flammable. Further, the material also relates to privacy in the kitchen. Choosing the right material can provide you the privacy you want.

2. Appropriate Color

Other sets in the kitchen must be a consideration while choosing the color. Standard principal guideline when choosing color is: if there is another strong colored in the kitchen, for example, wall or carpet, determine the curtain with a neutral color. In case if the room painted in white or cream, you can choose a curtain with particular ornament or light colors.

3. Light Balances

The measure of natural light that comes to the kitchen can be a significant deciding variable when picking the curtains. If you manage to have a small window, don’t pick a dark style or ornaments. The dark style will be trouble blocking a lot of your light when closed. To have material protection from sunlight, you can set UV film on the window panes.

4. Windows’ Location

If your window over a stove, you should wisely prevent to install a curtain. You can avoid the risk of fire. In case your window is over a sink, you may get a curtain. Not to fully cover, but you can have a half-block to avoid a splatter area.

5. Best Style for the Best Place

The past four things could have helped you bound in the useful alternatives. Picking the stylistic theme of your kitchen and consider what it needs plan insightful. Does your kitchen window need a neutral color like black and white? Or you need various ornaments on it? The choice you make will cheer up the kitchen atmosphere.

How to Choose Properly Kitchen Curtain?

The curtain is one of the essential items of the decorating kitchen. You can consider fabric, color, or pattern for curtain, but what is what you need on its considerations. The kitchen curtain could be long, wide, tall, or short, depending on the windows it will cover. Not only the windows, you can also have kitchen door curtain if the kitchen has a door.

Choose the Right Fabric

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The fabric in curtains come with various purposes. If you wish some privacy in the kitchen, better to have a heavyweight and black layer. For decoration, prefer light and airy fabrics. If the curtain place near the sink, the washable fabric will be your choice. Last but not least, if the curtain near the stove, choose the curtain that can fight back the fire or can install a shade.

Matching Color

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Again, and again the color becomes an outstanding principal on installing kitchen curtain. Your curtains’ color also can get an impact from the tiles. It would be better to have the same style or color of curtain and tiles. Furthermore, you can select the color tests you like and check whether it will match to rest of the furniture.

Give the Pattern

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The curtains’ pattern will give another feeling to your kitchen. More than a fabric, you can feel some tones by having particular patterns. Having a modern, classic, or artistic thing could grow from the patterns. Besides, it is better not to have a smash with furniture.

Kitchen Curtain Sets

A curtain is not a long fabric that covers the window from top to bottom. The curtain can have variants of the model. There can be a panel, tier, topper, and more. You can use some of the models altogether. A set of curtains usually consists of two or five pieces installed.

Natural Warming Curtain Set

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Lovely design and color are on this set. The polyester material makes your kitchen looks cozy. The set consists of a pair of tailored tiers, a top with valance, and a couple of tiebacks. It usually calls as 3-piece kitchen curtain set. The combination of color and pattern can warm up your kitchen. By this curtain set, the light that comes will not much but enough.

Classic Victorian Set

waverly kitchen curtain

Bring back to the kitchen to the past with this curtain set. Even you install now, but the style will not make you as old as the Victorian time. Valance and tiers are this set. Polyester material on the curtain will not disappoint you. With the color, it will make your kitchen glow while having sunlight.

Sweet and Swag Curtain Set

kitchen window curtain ideas

Change your kitchen with this elegant style. The luxurious curtain helps to catch guest attentions. Polyester tiers, swag, and valances fit the sets with old lace. Every element has an emblem design with scalloped bottom edges. The set can allow you to have privacy but not to let you live in the dark.

Kitchen Curtain Design Ideas

If you plan to add some new styles to your kitchen, this will help you. Kitchen curtain ideas can lighten and restyle your kitchen with just a little touch. For having more satisfaction, explore resources for your styles like texture and color.

White Kitchen with Classic Curtain

kitchen window curtain

You have a full-white kitchen this, put some bright color can help you. The rolling curtain is not only brightening your kitchen but add another effect. A classic style sticks on the rolling curtain. This plaid texture looks matching with the wood countertop and brick-wood floor of your kitchen.

Roman Shade Kitchen Curtain

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Having a quiet full window needs some touch of light color. The roman shade pattern here works properly with white and neutral kitchen colors. The roman side will add some soft and charm touch for the kitchen. For a traditional or modern farmhouse will fit with roman shades kitchen curtain.

Mix Pattern Kitchen Curtain

kitchen curtain valances

For those who want to have some style in a row, mix pattern curtain can help. You don’t need to change your kitchen appliances to have mix style. Put yellow polka or plaid over the sink can be exciting. Floral hanging curtains on the window add some joyful and fresh tones. Need to remember, you can do this if you have some windows or doors in your kitchen.

Kitchen Curtain Patterns

You must want your kitchen to have feeling homey and warming. It is because you spend so much time there. A pattern for your kitchen curtain can make you feel pleasant and warming. Finding the right pattern on the right fabric perhaps can make you dizzy. But the result of that can make you feel satisfied.

Floral Pattern

plaid kitchen curtain

The floral pattern on the kitchen could steal your attention while serving a meal. When most of your kitchen space colored light, the floral makes a different side. Cool and fresh tones directly come to your kitchen through the floral. It may be a perfect combination for the classy kitchen.

Roman Pattern

kitchen curtain rods

The flat style of curtain brings back a roman shade. A minimalist kitchen here can be a boring space, but the colored zig zag pattern on the curtain invite you to stay in the kitchen. The style of the kitchen and curtain can be suitable for specific occasions. Having a chit chat with a family or a small birthday party can be the best idea.

Farm Animal Pattern

modern kitchen curtain ideas

Mostly might think farm animal patterns look like your old style. In recent design, there are many types of farm animal patterns for choices. So, it will be not a granny kitchen style anymore. The soft blue of curtain and white cabinets in the kitchen serve you a warm tone. Farm animal patterns and a bucket of fruits look naturally combining a real effect on the kitchen.

Kitchen Curtain Valances

A valance covers mostly the upper part of the window. It hangs on the window and accompanies the curtains. Sometimes, you will see stand-alone valance without a curtain. You can have this style to style the windows with shade, but having an elegant touch. The size of the valances changes your window. Too large will make your window looks small and longer style will make your window look smaller.

Bird Kitchen Curtain Valances

kitchen curtain patterns

The linen fabric of valances here will look stylish in your kitchen. Cream color background and colorful birds suitable for simple touch yet classic in the kitchen. Further, the valance could set a tone of beauty. This idea also fills the natural things in your home.

Classic Burlap Kitchen Curtain Valance

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Classic items here are the combination of some material. Burlap, cotton, and leather combined into this beautiful valance. You can set the valance just down to cover the upper part of your kitchen window. If you get bored with this natural look, you can tie up the valance using the leather. Cream and brown colors fit in the farmhouse rustic kitchen.

Ivory Kitchen Curtain Valance

kitchen curtain panels

White ivory linen material valance makes your kitchen a cozy family tone. Your kitchen also can look beautiful, clean, and bright. Curtains have a tunnel for hanging on the clips or kitchen curtain rods. This unique valance will not block the light even you down it a day. Don’t use this over the stove because it can put you in trouble then.

Plaid Kitchen Curtains

Plaid patterns formerly come from Scottish man. Different kinds of plaids identify a family clan. This old fashion pattern will never go out of style. You will find the uniqueness and classic atmosphere in your kitchen by using plaid kitchen curtains.

Check Plaid Kitchen Curtain

kitchen curtain fabric

A classic check plaid design will look brightening your kitchen. You can start decorating with installing the kitchen tier curtain. If it is not satisfied you, you can add with a pair of swags or valances. The combination of those three will not be a problem for this check plaid design. Just measure the size of your window, and you will get your style.

Wide Grommet-topped Kitchen Curtain

kitchen curtain pattern

This kind of curtains will be useful if you place it on your entry. Mostly kitchen windows are over the sink or stove that will not be suitable for these wide and long curtains. Plaid curtains color will brighten your room as well as classic tone works.

Plaid Style in Country Kitchen

curtain for kitchen window
Patrick Ahearn Architect

Plaid valance works well on the wide windows. With the traditional large kitchen, the black and white on plaid patterns help in another way. The touch of black is suitable for the floor. Besides, the white on valance takes part in the whole kitchen.

Plaid Curtain on Small Kitchen

kitchen curtain fabrics
British Standard by Plain English

Wood tone and white dominated the kitchen. Something different hanging on your window and door beautify the kitchen. Brown and cream curtain fit with the wood tone in the kitchen. The material that not too block coming light will light your kitchen during the day.

Bright Plaid Kitchen Curtain

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Joshua Beeman

You can notice the curtain on the windows, and entry has a different color in the kitchen. Pink kitchen curtain designs do not bother the country kitchen style. It makes your kitchen look warm and welcoming in another way.

Kitchen Curtain Materials

When it comes to the material, some of the fabric will work well on the curtains. Linen, silk, faux silk may be your choice as they look hanging the best. The durable material is another consideration. Your curtain will face the sunlight every day, and some material may not be long-lasting with sunlight.

Moroccan Tile on Linen Material

kitchen swag curtain

Made with solid linen-blend fabric, put a smooth surface on the curtain. The natural looked gives the new taste on the flawless curtain. Perhaps it seems old style but has a modern twist on the Moroccan design. The linen fabric from half to bottom gives you privacy in the kitchen.

Wool Waffle Weave Curtain

kitchen curtain styles

This kind of material will be suitable for the window over the sink. It is a waterproof material. With waffle weave, texture, and wool fabric will add beautiful things to the kitchen. Neutral colors that used put a luxurious look. The material also can prevent you from sunlight.

Flax Linen on Kitchen Curtain

tuscan kitchen curtain

First, the material will allow you to have privacy. Another, you will not get glare on your screen from the sunlight. Those are essential considerations in choosing curtain material. Made from flax linen gives a natural speckled look that blends beautifully with the curtain.

Kitchen Swag Curtains

A swag is like upper window treatment. Usually, a swag has a pole pocket with straight sides outside and bent formed within. You can think that swag is a valance with wings. Generally, a swag can add shape to your curtains. A swag also can be a light filter for your kitchen.

Herringbone Pattern Swag Curtain

pink kitchen curtain

Add a modern and clean look to your kitchen with this swag curtain. Herringbone patterns create a sweet and bold windows design for your kitchen. The idea will be great in any style of your kitchen; traditional or modern will not be matter. You can also get filtered morning sunlight through this while preparing coffee morning.

Medallion Design Swag Curtain

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You will get a more beautiful setting through this set. The swag is not working alone to make a soft hand look on your kitchen. Changing your kitchen curtain with this luxurious setting. The swag will be a bit long but still more excellent in your kitchen.

Flower Style on Swag Curtain

kitchen curtain designs

The flower design can add a soft touch to your kitchen. Another, the swag valance, here is an easy and cheap way for adding color in the kitchen. It will be prettier if having a tier on the window. With faux silk fabric will perfectly reflect the light.

Kitchen Curtain Ideas with Pictures

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Well, there you have some ideas for your kitchen curtain. Choose the best one for your kitchen design. The pattern, style, and color will work well if you have discovered what the window need. Don’t be afraid to have an experiment on installing curtains. Some mix of colors and patterns may work well for the kitchen. However, a little touch of curtain will make your kitchen stunning and steal attention.

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