Kitchen Design For Small Space (Minimalist and Country Kitchen Design)

Kitchen Design For Small Space – We all agree that most of our lives happen in the kitchen. Many people dream of owning a house with a spacious and luxurious kitchen, but not everyone is lucky to have that. Limited housing space makes people, especially in urban areas, choose to live in a small house or even in a studio apartment. It is then becoming a little problem, whether they will make the kitchen according to their needs, without ignoring the aesthetics of the kitchen.

But, you need to remember that the size isn’t everything. Of course, you can have a comfortable and “living” kitchen even though you only have limited space. To achieve this, you do not have to pay a lot of money. You just have to be creative and try a little hard to organize your kitchen. Start by looking for as many references about kitchen design for small space through your favorite interior design website and start making small kitchen design layout according to your wishes. Maximize the limited space and make your dream kitchen come true.

What Should We Do On Small Kitchen?

what should we do on small kitchen
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The average size of the kitchen is very subjective. Several sources try to determine the average size of the kitchen today. However, the ideal modern kitchen is 150 to 700 square feet. If you have less space than that standard, you don’t need to be discouraged. A kitchen that always looks luxurious and magnificent is just the need for television shows. Designers and industries construct reality, so you still want a superb kitchen to increase their business. The fact is, your kitchen is your authority. All you need is a guide to maximize what you have, without forcing it.

Planning a cozy and stylish kitchen in a small space is not an easy task, but it is not impossible. You need to maximize what you have in the kitchen with creativity. You must obey some “rules” to make it beautiful and comfortable. These following practices can help you make your dream kitchen in a limited space come true.

1. A Functional Space Plan

What you should realize is that a small kitchen requires a multi-functional and minimalist place. You must determine the best kitchen design for a small area that suits the conditions of your home. Open kitchen design is one alternative that you can apply because the design combines the kitchen with the living room. Or you can integrate the kitchen with your dining room without needing to add a lot of furniture.

2. Selective Picking of Color Palette

Color is an essential element of your kitchen design. Perhaps the easiest way to work with your kitchen is by designing the color of your kitchen. The right kitchen design color palette will make the countryside comfortable for your family members and guests. White is okay, and blue isn’t a problem. The warm is calm, and the bold one is cheerful. Whatever color you choose, the most important thing you have to remember is the suitability of every element in your kitchen.

3. Pay Attention for Every Detail

Paying attention to every detail of your small kitchen is a must because you might not be able to explore with space. What is meant by “detail”? “Details” are the things that might be able to attract the attention of others through its uniqueness. Of course, to get items that are unique to your kitchen, you don’t need to spend too much. Recycling is one way to create “limited edition” items, or even you are the only owner in the world.

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The Best Appliances for Your Small Kitchen

best appliances for your small kitchen
Source : Big Girls Small Kitchen

Many people say that the kitchen is the heart of the house, but living in a limited space is a challenge, especially when you have a lot of kitchen equipment. If you want to be able to cook and clean the house quickly, without spending too much space, keep in mind that you don’t need to have all the kitchen equipment. You only buy what you need.

Kitchen sinks and kitchen cabinets must be first and the second on your checklist. However, don’t forget to think of decorations that might allow for your small kitchen. Here are recommendations for kitchen sinks and kitchen cabinets that are right for your small kitchen and the suggestions for beautiful but not too much decoration for you.

1. Kitchen Sink Design for Small Space

Here are some gallery of kitchen sink design for a small space that you might like

Detailed Mini Sink

Kitchen Sink Design for Small Space
Source :

If you can’t play with size, play with details. Mini kitchen sink made of a mixture of granite and natural rock is one of them. Despite its small size, the detail and uniqueness of its appearance can add an excellent impression to your kitchen.

Doble Mini Sinks

Kitchen sink design for small space
Source :

If you don’t have room for a dishwasher, use double mini-sized sinks. Double sinks make it easy for you to keep your kitchen hygienic. Use one sink to wash fruits and vegetables and the other sink to clean your cooking utensils. To save more space and money, use the flexible water tap.

Two in One Sink

Kitchen Sink Design for Small Space
Source :

Having a kitchen sink and kitchen island all at once in one product is the right idea to maximize space in a small kitchen. The other advantages include that you can easily prepare foods such as cutting vegetables, fruit, and meat after cleaning. But there is something you need to pay attention to, especially cleanliness. You should immediately dry the area of the counter-top after used it to keep your kitchen hygienic

2. Kitchen Cabinets Design for Small Space

The following are the gallery of kitchen cabinets design for small space that you might be looking for.

Floating Closed Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets Design for Small Space
Source :

For a very small kitchen design, installing the floating closed cabinet is the best idea. Combine it with your all in one kitchen island, place it directly above it. Give a little space to put your microwave and refrigerator. You can also use the remaining space on your wall to install spice racks and magnetic knives holder. This kind of design called the all-in-one place, where you only need a little space in your kitchen to do many things.

White Closed Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets Design for Small Space
Source : Debra Drake Design

Never doubt the advice of the experts say that white is the most appropriate color for limited space to appear broader atmosphere. In general, white kitchen cabinets for small, classic, and modern kitchens are suitable. As in these following traditional L-Shaped small kitchen design, white color dominates the room, including kitchen cabinets that give a brighter impression to the room. Closed kitchen cabinets are also very suitable for those of you who have lots of small items that may be difficult to arrange neatly, so you better hide it behind the door.

All-in-one Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets Design for Small Space
Source :

These are the other ideas for the all-in-one kitchen. Efficiency is the key to kitchens design ideas like this one, where you only need an item of kitchen furniture to do many things. Kitchen cabinets that become one with the kitchen island along with the kitchen sink below is an example. Design cabinets like this are perfect for those of you who don’t have a lot of kitchen equipment to store. If you live together with family members who are not too big, kitchen cabinets like this are perfect for you.

3. Small Kitchen Decorating Ideas

Still has no idea for decorating your small kitchen, check these simple tips and idea out.

Roll-Out a Small Rug

small kitchen decorating ideas
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The small rug is never wrong to beautify your small kitchen. The rug does not require extra space, so you do not need too much effort to think about it. Choose a simple pattern rug that not leave a too crowded impression in your kitchen.

Bold-Colour Curtains

small kitchen decorating ideas
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It’s time to explore the other side of your kitchen. An example is a window. Install a curtain with bold colors and large motifs on your kitchen window. It is can “dispel” the boredom and dull impression in your minimalist kitchen. You can also replace the curtains regularly with other colors and patterns as you like without having to spend a lot of money. 

Decorative Plant

small kitchen decorating ideas
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Present the green element in your kitchen. Place some decorative potted plants near your kitchen sink. Please plant plants that are useful for spice up your cooking, such as mint or rosemary. You do not need to go far out to the backyard garden, and you only need to pick out what is near you.

How to Organize Small Kitchen

how to organize small kitchen
Source : Apt 2B Baking Co.

Organizing a kitchen sometimes can be fun, but it’s not uncommon to find it a little troublesome if you don’t have a lot of space to store your stuff. The kitchen is a difficult place to set up, especially if your area isn’t big enough. This short reading will help you find out how to set up or organize a small kitchen in the most effective way.

The big theme of “How to optimize the small kitchen” is to start thinking that every inch of your room is valuable. Likewise, the furniture you choose must have more than one function. There is a guide for you in choosing furniture and maximizing your kitchen space.

Make It Multi-functional

one piece of furniture for various uses? Why not. Some of these multifunctional products can save you from limited kitchen space

Tray Cabinetry

How to Organize Small Kitchen
Source : Mascheroni Construction

This cabinet, with the multifunctional tray wood at the top of it, is a mind-blowing idea.  You can use it according to function when needed. Use a tray to cut fruit and vegetables, or as a base for making bread dough. It would be better if the cabinet container is used to store your baking ingredients.

Sink Cabinetry

How to Organize Small Kitchen
Source : AMI Design

Making cabinets, sinks, and dining tables in one type of furniture is not impossible. You can apply this idea if you don’t have enough space for the kitchen island and dining table. Use the empty spaces under the island to make closed cabinets. Also, use the other side for your dining table, add small chairs that are beautiful and functional that are in line with your kitchen theme.

Shelves Cabinetry

How to Organize Small Kitchen
Source : Middleton Bespoke

Integrating cabinets with open shelves is a brilliant idea. If there is no more space on your wall, it never hurts to try the idea. Use open shelving to put your glassware, while food ingredients will be better if placed in a closed cabinet to maintain food quality.

Maximize the Wall-Space

Every inch of your house is valuable, don’t leave the walls of your home idle. walls-storage is a solution to limited space. These are some of the wall-storage ideas for small kitchens that you can steal.

The Backboards Wall Storage

How to Organize Small Kitchen
Source : Terra Maria Home Interiors

The Inspiration came from the blackboard or chalkboard in the class that you can apply in your kitchen. Take advantage of your chalkboard to install plate racks, spice racks, and more. Besides the functional, this board is also very decorative. You can write messages on the wall or write menus that available in your kitchen today to your family members. 

Hidden Wall Shelving

How to Organize Small Kitchen
Source : ZeroEnergy Design

Is there storage behind your kitchen wall? Why not. “Hide” your furniture behind the kitchen wall with the help of a vertical tambour door. It also can enhance your wall’s appearance, roll it up when you need it. When closed, this can improve your kitchen appearance.

Store Wall Rack

How to Organize Small Kitchen
Source : Andy Wassyng

You can also bring shelves like in a shop in your kitchen. This tool will help you to store fruit or onions if your fridge doesn’t hold it enough. Another advantage of this storage is that it makes your food more durable because it gets enough light and air.

Pulled it Out

Just pull it out if you need additional tools and hide it again if it’s no longer needed. These tools are the best kitchen hack you should try.

Pull-out Breakfast Table

How to Organize Small Kitchen
Source : RJ Austin Interior Design

If there is no space to place a standard-sized table, try to bring this pull-out table to your kitchen. So, you can save your breakfast time.

Pull-out Cutting Board

How to Organize Small Kitchen
Source : Schmidt Kitchens Palmers Green

Separate clean and dirty areas with additional pull out cutting board. Use the other cutting board to cut ingredients that smell pungent like onions to keep your kitchen hygiene.

Roll-out Kneading Table

How to Organize Small Kitchen
Source : IS Architecture

Another inspiration for those of you who love baking, a roll-out kneading table is right for you, with marble countertops providing a clean and wider baking area.

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Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Space

kitchen design ideas for small space
Source : Apt 2B Baking Co.

Here is some best kitchen design for small space gallery.

Minimalist Kitchen Design

Small and minimalist are the two most appropriate combinations. For those of you lovers of minimalist nuances that don’t require extra effort in designing, some of these minimalist kitchen designs will suit you

Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Space
Source : Increation

This all-white paint color and the sliding door kitchen are the perfect minimalist look. Such as an effortless beauty in the plain.

Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Space
Source : Plexwood

Forget the large dining table, smart solution for small space is installing this foldable dining table area for two people.

Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Space
Source : Flik Design Ltd

create a minimalist impression from various points of view. a small kitchen with an open concept that integrated with the dining room and living room, looks more spacious and elegant without much decoration.

Tiny Kitchen Ideas

A tiny kitchen might make you difficult to move, but a tiny kitchen creates a more personal space for you. Through the limited space, you can create personal space for yourself. If you still have no idea to make your tiny kitchen looks stunning, here some perfect idea for you.

Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Space
Source : Justrich Design

Do not ignore the corner of your kitchen, use it well to make your kitchen more functional. Maximize the corner by installing the super small L- Shaped kitchen island including sink and cabinets. Thus, you can do many things at once without moving from a corner.

Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Space
Source : Tumbleweed Tiny House Company

Put the kitchen at the forefront of your home is not a mistake. Use the sliding door to separate the kitchen from other rooms, so that the aroma of your kitchen does not pollute the air in other rooms

Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Space
Source : Gut Gut

This industrial kitchen looking good with an I-shaped kitchen island. An i-shaped kitchen island is the right choice for a small kitchen. Choose a bright color for the kitchen cabinet so that your kitchen does not look too flat.  

Country Kitchen Design

Kitchen design should not only be functional but also pleasing to the eye. country kitchen design is one of the most popular designs because of the unique and warm impression that is presented to your kitchen. The following are some examples of small kitchen designs with a country theme that can be your inspiration

Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Space
Source : TurnerBuilt

This L-shaped french country kitchen design integrated the appliance panels to provide a built-in look, combines with closed oak cabinets bring the more warm present to the house.

Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Space
Source : Kitchens by Wedgewood

The combination of country and rustic nuances of this kitchen design is very pleasing to the eye. The detail of natural stone in the chimney instantly creates a rough but beautiful appearance.

Kitchen Design Ideas for Small Space
Source : burlanes interiors

Those of you who have a limited budget to renovate kitchens should try to design and install this warm country kitchen style combined with sleek worktops and modern equipment for new updates.

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas

small kitchen storage ideas
Source : Dura Supreme Cabinetry

In a small space, storage is a big deal to avoid messy kitchens Here some beautiful storage ideas that might suit your small kitchen. 

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas
Source : Dura Supreme Cabinetry

For those of you who like to spend time with your closest relatives, a beverage center is something you need. This beverage center allows guests to enjoy coffee or wine with a self-service method.

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas
Source : LWK Kitchens London

Use the bottom of your kitchen cabinet for a pan drawer that provides ample and sufficient storage to store your pot collection.

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas
Source : Boyce Lumber & Design Center

This is a creative way to use cabinet space. Hanging is the ideal solution for storing pots and pans in your small kitchen.

Small Kitchen Storage Ideas
Source : Mary Porzelt of Boston Kitchen Designs

Make sure that your kitchen is free from the waste problem, try to install a kitchen trash bin cabinet to help you overcome this problem.

Kitchen Countertop Design for Small Space

kitchen countertop design for small space
Source :

The kitchen countertop is an essential part of the kitchen. These following are the collection of stunning countertop materials and designs that can help you find the best concept for your small kitchen.

Kitchen Countertop Design for Small Space
Source : Brooks Design / Build, Inc.

A countertop made of wood is the right material for your rustic kitchen nuances. it also creates the high-end look with affordable price.

Kitchen Countertop Design for Small Space
Source : Gomez Granite Countertops

Luxurious bright and subtle color granite countertops never make you regret it. you can customize your look with a high-gloss or satin finish which better for you.

Kitchen Countertop Design for Small Space
Source : Joanne Koch

If you like the looks professional look for your kitchen, stainless steel countertops the right choice. This option is also suitable for homecooked severe or the people who love to stay a the kitchen for a long time.

Kitchen Design for Small Space in Pictures

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Having a small kitchen is not a bad thing. Just because you don’t have a lot of space to work in the kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful kitchen. With the right design tips and tricks, you can turn a smaller kitchen into a comfortable and functional space in your home. From the creative use of space to the selection of the right colors will give the illusion of a large area, there are many smart and innovative ways to provide a small kitchen a lot of life and fun.

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