Kitchen Floor Ideas (Wooden, Floor Tile, and Rustic Floor Ideas)

Kitchen Floor Ideas – Are there any things more exciting than remodeling your kitchen? When you were planning to renovate your kitchen, you need to think about many things, including the lowest and most forgotten part of your kitchen, such as the kitchen floor. The kitchen floor needs more attention because they work so hard. Not only does it must to be easy to clean, but it is also must resistant to stains, and most importantly, it is a must comfortable for a walk.

You have to make sure that your floor must be last for long years. Because repairing or rechanging the kitchen floor is never cheap and it was going to take a long time. You need to realize that not all the floor material is suitable for your kitchen situation and condition. Some material will last longer whit less maintenance, but the other needs extra maintenance to keep durable.

The kitchen floor also gives your kitchen an identity. Therefore, you also have to think about what kind of theme you want to display in the kitchen. The floor durability has become the main thing, without having to put aside the aesthetic value. The balancing of aesthetics, function, and comfortable. are the keys to deciding the right choices for your kitchen.

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What is the Best Floor for the Kitchen?

What is the Best Floor for the Kitchen?
Source : Moroso Construction

Whatever of the material you choose according to your taste, the kitchen still needs a durable and waterproof floor. Most floors installed for homes must be resistant to water spills, and temperature fluctuations. You can use stone or tile floors for a modern kitchen theme. For classic themed kitchens, you can use durable hardwood or bamboo material.

By prioritizing quality, does not mean that kitchen floors should not be beautiful. Regardless of the material you choose, there is no reason for your kitchen floor not to be a significant part of the room design process. We have prepared a guide that you can follow to determine the design of your kitchen floor.

Best Kitchen Floor Material

Best Kitchen Floor Material
Source : Nathalie Priem Photography

The kitchen floor comes from a variety of different materials and a broader range of brands. There are many choices of materials offered. To help you make your decision, we choose some of the best kitchen flooring materials so that you can get a comfortable footing in your kitchen.

Tile Flooring

You can’t find a harder material to put in your kitchen than the tile floor. This type of flooring fired at a higher temperature, so that is making it stronger and more resistant to damage. Another advantage is that the tile floor is resistant to spills or splashes of water or other liquid objects. However, The tile floor will add a heavyweight, so it is usually not recommended for installing on the second floor. If you are planning to install a tile floor in your kitchen, the following ideas can be inspirational.

kitchen floor ideas with dark cabinets
Jackson Design & Remodeling

kitchen floor tile patterns ideas
Sustainable Kitchens

vinyl floor ideas for kitchen
House + House Architects

Wood Flooring

Wooden floors bring a warm atmosphere, especially in a home with classic or vintage themes. However, every kitchen will always experience the effects of temperature changes, especially humid temperatures. It is means you have to be careful in choosing wood as your floors because they will experience material changes and quality degradation over time. When they exposed to spills and splashes of water, there will be unavoidable stains. However, this will be suitable for those of you who like the natural “worn” look of wooden floors. Here are some beautiful wood floorings inspiration for you.

small kitchen tile floor ideas
The New & Reclaimed Flooring Company

dark hardwood floor kitchen ideas
The Works

cool kitchen floor ideas
Zobel and Co. Kitchens

Bamboo Flooring

The bamboo floor is an increasingly popular choice for kitchens because it is better than wood. Bamboo is more durable than wood, they are also easy to maintain, and the manufacturing process makes it more resistant to moisture. It is the best choice if you still want a classic look but don’t have a lot of budgets to renovate your kitchen regularly. There are some of the following bamboo flooring choices you can apply in your kitchen.

porcelain tile kitchen floor ideas
Green Design Center

kitchen floor tiling ideas
Goforth Gill Architects

kitchen floor ideas 2019
Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders

How do I Choose a Kitchen Floor Color?

How do I Choose a Kitchen Floor Color?
Source : Mackenzie Pronk Architects

The way you decorate and the colors you choose for your floor will have a significant impact on the atmosphere in the room. The color of your kitchen floor can determine the tone of your room and integrate your kitchen decor. When choosing floor colors, you can choose between light, dark, or numerous varieties. Select the right shade of your floor based on space. Also, make sure the color matches the decor in your kitchen.

Bright colors will give the room a more polished and fun atmosphere. If you want to keep the interior in the cool shades, choose timeless gray kitchen floor tones ideas. While white and bright beige will give the impression of openness in the room. The black floor also provides a place with a dramatic edge nuance and also representing luxury and class. Presenting a rural and natural feel can be represented by the interior and brown color dominance. Immediately make your choices and realize your dream kitchen floor.

Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas

Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas

Tile flooring may be the only flooring material that works well in every room of the house, and It is often used in high-traffic areas such as kitchen and bathroom. The advantage of tile flooring is its strength that is not easily crack. Quality installation could last for hundreds of years if the floor had the well-cares. If there is one part of the floor tile that broken due to severe impact, the process of replacing with the new one is relatively easy without the need to replace the entire floor.

The tiles floor can be mixed and matched with distinctive designs or motifs. They can also be printed to imitate the appearance of hardwood or natural stone floors. Tile flooring has many types of materials that you might be interested in implementing one of them. here are some tile floor ideas for the kitchen for you. 

Travertine Kitchen Floor Ideas

Travertine tiles have all the advantages of the right choice for the kitchen floor. Also, Travertine is a porous tile with a beautiful texture because it comes from sedimentary rocks, the deposition of minerals forms foundations under extreme heat and pressure. Therefore, the composition develops over time, and it has pores filled before installation.

They are also recommended for outdoor decoration because they give the appearance of an antique finishing touch like in the countryside. Travertine kitchen flooring is also very suitable for rooms with the most limited lighting. Because they have better light reflection when polished, your kitchen can get a refreshing look. Are you interested in trying a travertine floor? some inspiring kitchen with the following travertine floor you might like.

1. Contemporary Kitchen With Travertine Floor

Travertine Kitchen Floor Ideas
Source : Tierra Concepts

You might love this modern contextual kitchen design with elements of contemporary Santa Fe-style, luxurious open floor plans, travertine flooring in an earth tone color just perfect for indoor or outdoor kitchen designs

2. Mediterranean Kitchen Flooring Look

Travertine Kitchen Floor Ideas
Source :Vintage Timberworks

Travertine flooring with a mix of tiles of different sizes and decorations from reclaimed used wood makes a significant impact in this bright and beautiful Mediterranean kitchen. it is suitable for those of you with a calm and peaceful soul.

3. Travertine Flooring in a Tuscany Kitchen Style

Travertine Kitchen Floor Ideas
Source : Innovative Home Solutions

Neatly arranged tiles with the same size sometimes look very dull. The kitchen owner with this Tuscany theme tries to get rid of the boredom by installing his travertine floor tiles randomly. The impression look of this Tuscany kitchen is increasingly unique.

Granite Kitchen Floor ideas

Granite is one of the most durable flooring types available, far more durable than other stones such as slate or marble. This material is the igneous rock that formed when exposed to high heat temperatures. The structure is crystal, and tiles made of granite are excellent and robust. Granite glitter comes from the bonds of quartz crystals and feldspar. It will add a classy modern look to the kitchen.

Granite floor not easily scratched. Most people use granite for their kitchen or bathroom because the surface can also be covered and coated with anti-slip grit, which prevents you from slipping. Installing a granite floor will make your kitchen room very attractive with a variety of benefits behind it. Interested in installing granite floors in your kitchen? try the ideas that we have prepared for you below.

1. Cream-Colored Luxurious Granite Floor

Granite Kitchen Floor ideas
Source : Marie Hebson’s interiorsBYDESIGN Inc.

This kitchen looks magnificent with luxury furniture in it. Combined with a brilliant cream-colored granite floor increasingly reflects the luxury of this kitchen. It is suitable for those of you who like the feel of luxury and have a  big enough budget to make a kitchen.

2. Antique Brown Granite Floor

Granite Kitchen Floor ideas
Source : Granite Grannies

White cabinets along the kitchen walls and Millenium cream granite on the kitchen island, look perfect with the addition of antique brown granite floors. The classic, timeless look for any occasion.

3. Classic Beige Granite Floor

Granite Kitchen Floor ideas
Source : Nandina Home & Design

This simple small kitchen is the perfect match for a classic beige granite floor. The addition of the black benches, patterned backrest, and glass chandelier are appropriate decorations without reducing the classic and simple impression of this kitchen.

Linoleum Kitchen Floor Ideas

Linoleum is an elastic flooring material, that is mean it can press and bounce back when you walk on it. The composition of the material gives a light cushioning effect and is a sturdy, durable, stain-resistant, anti-microbial, and environment-friendly building material. Linoleum is forme in glue sheets and snap-together tiles. It is from renewable natural ingredients, including flaxseed oil, cork powder, which gives bounce linoleum and durability. Linoleum flooring is the right choice for those of you who want colorful shades in your kitchen because they come with a variety of bright colors, especially for kitchens with retro themes.

Another advantage of this flooring material is beneficial for health issues, especially for people who are sensitive to chemicals because linoleum does not cause allergic reactions like what happens on other floors’ material. It also tends to be anti-static, so, dust and dirt do not stick to its surface and cause respiratory hazards for those who have respiratory problems. Check out some colorful kitchens with linoleum floors that we have prepared below will inspire you.

1. Embossed Linoleum Floor

Linoleum Kitchen Floor Ideas
Source : Ogawa Fisher Architects

Dark linoleum floor with embossed texture is very suitable to be installed in the kitchen with an open concept like this, especially in the central kitchen, because it will create an anti-slippery floor. Another advantage of linoleum kitchens is the anti-bacteria, which will help you to keep your kitchen healthy and hygienic.

2. Ginger-bread Linoleum Floor

Linoleum Kitchen Floor Ideas
Source : Allen’s Fine Woodworking, Inc.

This kitchen is a prime example of the beautifully designed functionality. The gingerbread linoleum floor is the main star. It is harmonious with the surrounding furniture: espresso colored cupboards, yellow bar stools, and spacious butcher block island and eating bar to windows that make the room cheerful and multifunctional.

3. Retro-looks Linoleum Floor

Linoleum Kitchen Floor Ideas
Source : Margie Grace – Grace Design Associates

This homeowner brings a happy atmosphere to their small retro-looks kitchen. Shelving display with colorful furniture, small multifunctional table, and the linoleum floor with bright and cheerful colors. Are you interested in trying it?

Vinyl Kitchen Floor Ideas

Vinyl is a durable floor that will not be stained, scratched, or faded. This material tiles have a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. Vinyl flooring consists of a urethane protective layer, a transparent vinyl protective layer, a printed design layer, and a fiberglass layer.

This flooring is easily glued to the floor or ceramic lining. So, if you are bored with the flooring material, you can replace it with other motives according to taste. Vinyl flooring is solid, fire, and water-resistant, so it is widely used in public buildings. Another advantage is the solid vinyl floor has high flexibility. Its flexibility not only makes vinyl easy to apply but also promises more comfort when stepped on. Have you started thinking about using vinyl floors in your kitchen? The following kitchen photo gallery with vinyl floor ideas may be what you need.

1. Contemporary Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Kitchen Floor Ideas
Source : Floor Coverings International-Henderson

Homeowners choose shades of pastel for the kitchen that is quite spacious. Vinyl flooring is available in a variety of colors, including soft pastel colors. To strengthen the contemporary impression on the kitchen, vinyl flooring with pastel tones is the right choice for you. 

2. Farmhouse Kitchen with Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Kitchen Floor Ideas
Source : Tom’s Floor Store

Farmhouse kitchen with the dominance of warm red color contrasts with the broken white vinyl flooring. The color selection like this one creates a brighter atmosphere, while the pattern of roots on the floor gives a unique impression on the kitchen. 

3. Rustic Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Kitchen Floor Ideas
Source : Floor Coverings International-Kansas City West

You can also apply vinyl flooring as a complement in your rustic kitchen. Choose a color that contrasts slightly with your furniture. Rustic kitchen with the dominance of light brown color will be very fitting combined with dark vinyl flooring that is resembling natural rocks pattern.

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Wooden Floor Kitchen Ideas

Wooden Floor Kitchen Ideas
Source : FINNE Architects

Wood is increasingly popular as a kitchen flooring material. The natural appearance only equipped with wood. Wooden floors create a comfortable footing under the feet and create a warm look. However, each wooden floor has some weaknesses. Because they are more susceptible to problems with moisture and stains than other flooring materials. of course, low endurance will occur if minimal maintenance.

You don’t need to worry; today’s wooden floors can withstand heavy traffic and water stains. But you should immediately dry your wood floor if possible from the splashes of liquid. There are several main types of wood flooring, and the most often used are solid hardwood and engineered hardwood. The following are some inspirations from the wooden kitchen floor, which is beautiful for you.

Rustic Kitchen Floor Ideas

Wood flooring is the most suitable match for the rustic theme in your kitchen because of the warmth of natural brown colors created in harmony with the spirit of the rustic theme. Rustic wood flooring brings the smooth woody-smell that will forever inhabit your kitchen.

If you want a real rustic style kitchen, you need to make your kitchen floor out of wooden boards. If you prefer a more contemporary rustic feel, choose the dark-wood flooring. Most of the rustic interiors focus on beige and pastel tones, and you can also select the gray wood or wood with a splash of gray for your cream-colored kitchen. Have you decided how the rustic kitchen with the wooden floor that genuinely yours? The following inspiring photo gallery of rustic kitchen floor ideas will help you to choose wisely.

1. Modern Rustic Flooring

Rustic Kitchen Floor Ideas
Source : Hamish Anderson Custom Homes

Wooden floors with random accents are the right choice to complement the feel of the natural environment in a rustic kitchen. It is a sensational space where natural elements, such as tree trunks, are very contrast in a modern kitchen.  

2. Cracked Accent Rustic Flooring

Rustic Kitchen Floor Ideas
Source : Sticks + Stones Design Group inc.

Homeowners combine elements of rustic elegance that are juxtaposed with modern lines. Rustic wood floors with cracked accents combine perfectly with some walls and ceilings made of wooden blocks. The impression of luxury reinforced with the best wooden cabinets along the kitchen walls.

3. Combination Rustic Flooring

Rustic Kitchen Floor Ideas
Source : Aubrey Veva Design

Most of the floors in this modern kitchen use classic wooden boards, while the other parts are covered with black and white patterned flooring. rustic abrasive reinforced with wooden ceilings and three unique wooden stools.

Solid Hardwood Flooring Ideas

Solid hardwood floors made of wood with relatively high prices. It is one of the popular types of hardwood floors, which is usually made of a piece of hardwood such as Oak or Walnut. Solid hardwoods are sold pre-finished for more natural or un-finished installation for finishing in areas with more damage. Solid wood flooring is most suitable for use in the living room, bedroom, or dining room. It is strongly recommendation to avoid solid wood in the kitchen. Or if you continue to leave solid wood in your kitchen, you can put a waterproof mat near the sink and dishwasher.

Before deciding to install hardwood floors, you need to know that water, pets, and children are enemies of hardwood floors because the surface is very easily scratched. Fortunately, damage from scratches can be sand. Water is a more severe problem. But with quick response, even a flooded wooden floor can be saved from destruction. We have prepared a beautiful kitchen inspiration with solid hardwood floors that will make you fall in love when you see it.

1. Classic Solid Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring Ideas
Source : G. Terbrock Luxury Homes

A classic pattern of solid hardwood flooring has always been a choice for homeowners because it is easy to pair with any theme and color. Splashes of blue in most of the kitchen is not a problem for this beautiful and elegant shiny brown solid hardwood flooring. You can also try it in other colors.

2. White Oak Solid Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood Flooring Ideas
Source : The Kitchen Studio of Glen Ellyn

This semi-outdoor kitchen uses a white oak floor with color changes that are modify by the homeowner. The colors applying are adapt to the kitchen concept, which prioritizes natural shades from nature. Harmonious with other furniture in the kitchen.

3. One Dominant Color

Hardwood Flooring Ideas
Source : Arkin Tilt Architects

Homeowners choose one dominant color in the kitchen. Solid hardwoods applied to the floor, ceiling, and most furniture spoil the eyes. You can use this idea if you don’t want to be bothered with a variety of material choices for your kitchen. Choose the best one and immediately realize your dream kitchen.

Engineering Hardwood Flooring Ideas

Engineered wood flooring is a type of wood flooring that built from a three-ply wood core along with plywood and a hardwood veneer top layer. It is produce by uniting layers of hardwood together in a cross-grain construction. This type of wood is more stable and holds more moisture, and can be installed on a concrete floor.

Engineered hardwood is always available in the pre-finished form. A more environmentally friendly option because it uses less groundwood. This offers is greater flexibility in installation because the installation can be clamped, glued, and floating.  But you have to choose carefully because some engineered floors have weak top layers that cannot be sanded and repaired again. You should choose high-quality products with thicker coats. It is will indeed cost a lot of money at the beginning but can help you minimize the cost of renovations regularly.

1. Luxurious Oaks Engineered Hardwood

Engineering Hardwood Flooring Ideas
Source : Hallmark Floors

This luxury kitchen uses engineered oak floors. Oakwood is famous for its excellent quality. It is in harmony with the luxurious impression that the homeowner wants to present. The color of the floor, which contrasts with the surroundings, adds to the feeling of luxury and expensive.

2. Clear Engineered Hardwood

Engineering Hardwood Flooring Ideas
Source : The Kitchenworks

It is easy to see how the sparkle on engineered wood flooring provides a clear reflection combined with the kitchen cabinets that has a matte finish that provides the perfect contrast to this modern kitchen — no other words than perfect

3. Espresso Engineered Hardwood

Engineering Hardwood Flooring Ideas
Source : Unhei Kang

Unique colors and rarely found, making this kitchen look very special — the simplicity of the kitchen covered by the elegant espresso colors of this engineered wood floor.  

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From water spills to pet scratching and the stomping of children running around, the kitchen floor has worked hard to tolerate many things. It is crucial to make sure the flooring you choose will withstand the daily life in your household. You will always want a happy and exciting feeling when you set foot in your kitchen. It can be achieved by careful planning, choosing the right materials, and your ability to harmonize the contents of your kitchen through the floor you want correctly.

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