Kitchen Floor Tile (Retro, Commercial, Marble Kitchen Floor Tile)

Kitchen Floor Tile. You could be concentrating on proclamation backsplash, redesign cabinets, and will not take much attention to the floor because it‘s not hardwood. That statement doesn’t occur for the tile floor. You can get another satisfaction when done right with tile. A simple pattern and pick the correct surface and color make your kitchen on another level.

The tile floor in the kitchen will be in some form of design and material that depends on your kitchen need. Before installing the tile floor, you may take a look at the reason why it must be tile. Doing this in the first step could encourage your intention to the tile kitchen. Further, knowing the cost is another critical step because the tile is in square foot size selling. Then, searching for the best material of the tile can maximize your kitchen design.

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Why We Need to Have Tile as Our Kitchen Floor?

peel and stick kitchen floor tile

A tile can make a difference for your kitchen because it will bring some good effects. Tile floors can create a cozy, elegant, unusual look in any room, including the kitchen. Floors can be one of the items that can have spilled from our meal or ingredient, so having an easy to clean floor is a must. Tile flooring can easily sweep and clean, for example, ceramic tile. Another reason is the tile floor is durable and long-life using. Because of some spill of meal or appliances can touch down the floor, having such this sturdy material can help you.

Furthermore, tile floors can be in any variation of color and size. You can have such light colors, neutral tone, textured, or wood-looked only by installing the kitchen floor tile. It is such a great choice of color. Then, the size and shape of the tile will be in any form. Smaller tiles can give a unique look to your kitchen if you can provide a time and more effort in arranging it. Therefore, we need to remember; the tile floor can bring some problems for you. A glass-made can easily break when it drops to the tile. But it doesn’t matter if you can handle it from the beginning. Lastly, tile flooring can help you so much in the kitchen as well as make delicious food.

How Much Does It Cost to Tile A Kitchen Floor?

home depot kitchen floor tile

When it comes to installing a new floor, the cost of getting it must be in the first list of your consideration. With the variation in the size, shape, material, and design, each square foot of tile will be different also. As an example, ceramic tile can cost $0.45 per square foot at a lower price. Usually, you can find the average price for the ceramic tile is about $2.50 to $3 per square foot.

If you go with something natural in the tile flooring, you will face a high price. You can spend $25 per square foot for the natural and more design in the tile. The price will be different in each region of the place. Furthermore, the square tile will be the standard shape you will find. Commonly the size of the square shape can be 36 inches, and the smallest one will be 4 inches.

Best Material of Tile for Our Kitchen

You can set the flooring for the kitchen with tile as the option, and knowing the detail material option of the tile will be interesting. The seller can offer you many variants of the tile material, and you may get confused with it. We already set some of the best material that you can choose for the kitchen tile ideas floor.

Ceramic Tile Material

how to tile kitchen floor

The ceramic material can be the commonly used tile by the homeowner and also the number one best material of the tile floor. Why? Some people can say their reason is because of the durable and an easy to clean material. Something that spills out to the ceramic will not break the tile. Then, if there is a stain on the floor, you can directly clean it up without make any change to your floor. Furthermore, the multiple options of design will make your kitchen pretty if you have it.

Porcelain Tile Material

cost to tile kitchen floor

As the same with ceramic, porcelain material is also the top used floor because of the durable and easy to clean material. You may only need to sweep or mop it with low energy because it is beneficial. If you expect a long-lasting floor, so porcelain tile will be the best choice. You can use this kind of floor for several decades. Because the porcelain is heavy, it will cost some more money than the ceramic one. It will be none of your problems for the everlasting one.

Marble Tile Material

dark tile kitchen floor

If you look for the elegant material for a modern kitchen, marble material will set it up. A marble tile floor is full in the variation of colors. So you can set kin of kitchen that bright and brings a dramatic effect for the kitchen. For the information, marble is the most expensive tile material of the flooring. It is because thee bring some luxury effect for the kitchen. Then, if you want a mosaic or sophisticated design, marble flooring can bring it to you.

Granite Tile Material

kitchen tile floor design

The option of a luxury style of the floor is granite material. You will get a level up for the kitchen if you have this as the kitchen floor. Moreover, if you match this with granite countertop, that makes it so perfect classy. Further, the granite material also one of the easy to clean floors. This material is the right choice if you have a high traffic kitchen or a regularly used one.

Best Tile for Kitchen Floor

Your kitchen is like the heart of your home. It will be the center and the heaven of the house. You must put some of the best items in the kitchen, one of them is a tile floor. There are so many tile kitchen floor option that can lighten up your kitchen level. Here are some of the best choices of the tile kitchen floor.

Natural Tile Kitchen  Floor

small kitchen floor tile ideas

You will know that the color combination of the floor brings us to the natural tone. This open and big kitchen set the modern touch, but the tile brings a welcoming feeling. It is like a sign for a family that this is a warm space for gathering.

Patterned Marble Tile Kitchen

ceramic tile kitchen floor

A marble tile brings a sophisticated and luxury thing in the room. But with the marble on this kitchen floor, make life and trending kitchen style. The color black and white reflects the classic style yet luxury in this kitchen.

Yellow Chess Tile Kitchen Floor

tile floor kitchen

If you look for a colorful and has personality, this yellow chess tile is the option of your joy. The color sets the kitchen in a family area. Having some vintage touch is also found in this kitchen.

Wood Tile Kitchen Floor

In this current era, you will find some invention that can beautify something included tile flooring. Rather than having a hardwood floor, the wood tile floor will cost less money than hardwood. This idea will help you because, with the tile floor, some advantages like durable and easy to clean material will appear to your kitchen with wood style. It is a convenient choice nowadays.

Dark Wood Tile Kitchen Floor

best type of tile for kitchen floor
Synergy Design & Construction

This idea of wood tile can be perfect in the traditional kitchen design. With the color, the floor is suitable for the cabinets and not having too contrast color. Then, the floor also helps the room in reflecting the light.

Light Wood Tile Kitchen Floor

restaurant kitchen floor tile
Cameo Kitchens, Inc.

With the medium-light color of wood, the floor fit with the furniture in the kitchen. This rustic style kitchen looks very realistic on this day by using wood tile flooring. The floor also has mix contrast with the other patterned tile but still make a rustic alive in the kitchen.

Polished Wood Tile Kitchen Floor

herringbone tile floor kitchen
Studio On Cedar LLC

The homeowner sets the wood floor for the eating area of the kitchen island. Even not covered all the kitchen, but this is the perfect way of using wood tile. The little touch of the wood is enough in lightening the kitchen.

Retro Kitchen Floor Tile

For decorating a kitchen in old day style, retro kitchen, the colorful or bright color will appear. A retro kitchen has a difference with the other old-kitchen styles with bright colors. You can use the ceramic floor to make a retro effect for the kitchen. Moreover, there are many styles of tile floor that can bring a cheerful tone to the kitchen.

Multi-Colored Tile Floor

kitchen floor tile design ideas
Margie Grace

As mentioned before, bright color is the characteristic of the retro style, and this flooring brings it up. Even the floor has contrast color with the other appliances in the kitchen, but it does not make the floor worst. The cheerful and family area comes out of the color.

Black Polka dot Tile Floor

kitchen floor ceramic tile ideas
Chi Renovation & Design

The floor in this retro kitchen style acts as the complement item that important in the kitchen. The polka dot design match with the curtain over the kitchen window. Further, the floor also makes an excellent clean touch from the countertops.

Warm Color Tile Floor

marble tile kitchen floor
Tracey Stephens Interior Design Inc

For this idea, the tile flooring adds a warm feeling to the kitchen. The green color on the wall works perfectly with the green touch on the floor. Then, the rest color bold the old style yet joyful area for the kitchen.

Kitchen Floor Tile Ideas with White Cabinets

Working with a neutral color such as white will make you comfortable and difficult feeling at the same time. You can build some sense in the kitchen like calm and optimistic by combining with white. It is nice to discuss having a great tile floor that works with white cabinets.

Grey and White Tile Floor

kitchen vinyl floor tile
Farnham Furnishers Ltd

Having a white color on the floor is a safe way you can do in case of not to break the feeling. Another neutral color, grey, will help the white cabinets in defense a luxury touch in the kitchen.

Browned Tile Floor

installing tile floor in kitchen
Astro Design Centre

Beside to match with the cabinets, you can match the floor with the island as the option of choosing tile color. The island and the floor work correctly in building warm feeling in this open kitchen without breaking the touch of white cabinets.

Multicolored Cement Tile Floor

white kitchen cabinets with tile floor
Cinergy Construction

White color dominate the kitchen area here. The open concept kitchen is perfect, with a small touch on the floor. With some floor tile patterns kitchen, the white cabinet does not lose its characteristics.

Commercial Kitchen Floor Tile

The high traffic in the commercial kitchen is like the soul of it. A hard item in the flooring will work best as its choice and tile is the answer. Further, the tile must fulfill the required like durable with high temperature and do not bring any slip in the kitchen.

Green Tile Floor

best kitchen floor tile
Design Studio West

This inspiration will make your kitchen bright and impress the guest. A little touch of the soft color fits the kitchen that dominated by white. Green color brings the natural thing in the kitchen.

Round Pattern Tile Floor

retro kitchen floor tile
Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

In this white brick kitchen, the dark color and round pattern on the floor come with family feeling in the kitchen. Not only that, the color is like the complement of the wood countertops. It is a beautiful design for the kitchen.

Black Tile Floor

best tile for kitchen floor ceramic or porcelain
Heritage Construction Companies, LLC.

Installing black tile flooring is the right idea in the kitchen. If you spill some recipe on the floor, you will not feel like break the cleaning. You can directly clean it up without leaving any spot on the floor.

White Porcelain Tile Floor

Having porcelain in the kitchen will come with some advantages followed. The porcelain tile has a flexible design that can beautify your kitchen. Further, the porcelain is one of the tiles that repairable. You can remove and replace the broken porcelain without removing all the flooring.

White Porcelain and Natural Lighting

how to install kitchen floor tile
Home Carpet One

In this modern kitchen, white porcelain improves the quality of natural light that becomes the central concept of the kitchen. They, white porcelains, shine perfectly as the natural light come from the glasses.

Motif-white Porcelain Tile

replacing kitchen floor tile
Elms Interior Design

You not only can come white pure white floor, but having some pattern or motif in the white porcelain is something interesting. It will not break the combination of the white countertops as the floor as another touch and pattern in the kitchen.

Combined wood and White Porcelain Tile

white tile kitchen floor
Marcia Moore Design

Putting another material in the tile flooring would make some difference for the flooring tone. The wood here is as the additional effect of the island, and white porcelain works with the marble countertops.

Marble Tile Kitchen Floor

If you are looking for an elegant tile floor, the marble tile is your answer. With the long process of forming, the marble could be the top luxury tile flooring. Usually used in the kingdom palace just added and made their name the sophisticated thing in the old era. But nowadays, you can feel this unique item in your home and make your kitchen lighten up.

Gray Marble Tile Floor

kitchen tile floor designs
Design Build Duluth

This contemporary kitchen brings luxury touch from the material used in the room. It started with a wooden cabinet and white countertops; the marble tile comes with a warm feeling in this open concept kitchen.

Silver Dusk Marble Tile Floor

floor tile kitchen
Rethink Design Studio

The zig-zag motif in the flooring makes this medium size kitchen kind to the owner and guests. The owners will not let this occasion for matching the floor and the walls. The gradient color makes it like the same pattern.

White Marble Tile Floor

how to clean kitchen grout tile floor
USi Stone & Tile

This kitchen design only dominated by brown and white color. Not a bad idea for setting marble to reflect the light from the chandelier.  The marble helps the kitchen to look at having more lights.

Industrial Marble Tile Floor

floor tile patterns kitchen
Jarrett Design, LLC

As the vintage style in the kitchen, natural touch will stick in this design. Starting with wooden cabinets and chipped tile as the old effect. The marble may look like brick, but if you look closer, the luxury will brighten from the bottom item.
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So what did you miss here? From the list above, you can choose tile as the kitchen floor because it brings some advantages to the kitchen. From the old style to the modern, one will have tile as their floor option. However, knowing your kitchen need and potentially used is essential to choose the tile. Preferring the rough or slick surface depends on the kitchen itself. Combining with another material outside tile will be a good idea as long as it doesn’t break the feeling of the kitchen.

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