Kitchen Hood Ideas (Glossy Modern Island Range Hood)

Kitchen Hood IdeasKitchen hood ideas have evolved from bulky and boring design to artsy kind of style. Nowadays, they are available in various shapes, sizes, even materials that can draw people’s attention or just blend in with their surroundings. Basically, range hood is a machine to remove cooking odors. It is an important appliance, especially for a small kitchen with no windows because it can capture and eliminate the contaminated air to maintains the air quality in the kitchen. 

Kitchen Hood Ideas

Let’s find a stylish kitchen hood design and smart ideas to implement them into your kitchen.

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Why we must have a kitchen hood?

Why we must have a kitchen hood

Are you having a hard time cleaning up the sticky and dirty stains that cover surfaces in your cooking area? It must have been taken so much of your valuable time to clean up that mess. However, it would be a different story if you were using a kitchen hood. 

Installing a kitchen hood can bring you many benefits because it can filter out the airborne grease before it land and settle in your kitchen countertops or backsplash. Instead of spending hours scrubbing your super oily worktop, it would be so much easier to turn on the range hood to suck the airborne grease before it messed up your kitchen.

Best Kitchen Hood Materials

Best kitchen hood materials

An important thing to consider when selecting a range hood is what type of material used in the overall body and structure of a range hood. It is critical to make sure that it’s made from high-quality material as well as attractive enough since it will be visible from every corner of the kitchen. Each material has its own unique appearance, it depends on what kind of look that you want to bring in the kitchen. 

A copper hood brings in a vintage look, while glass or stainless steel hood is perfect for making a kitchen look modern or contemporary. 

Wood is the all-time favorite one that can transfer warmness into all over the kitchen. Even concrete is possible to use as a cooker hood material.

How to Install the Kitchen Hood?

How to install the kitchen hood

Installing a kitchen hood requires time, tools, and a helper. A kitchen hood is designed to suck in airborne grease, steam, cooking odors, and smoke to the outside of the home or recirculating inside the machine. It also protects surfaces like cabinets, countertops, and backsplashes around the cooking are above from grease and oil splatters. Follow the steps below to install the kitchen hood by yourself. However, it is recommended hiring a professional in order to install the duct vent and an electrician to install the electrical wiring.

Step 1 – Prepare Your Kitchen Hood

Turn off the power at the circuit breaker before beginning any electrical projects. Fold the drop cloth until it is wide enough to place the hood upside down. It aims to protect the hood and flooring. Follow the factory’s instructions by replacing the bottom panel, the filter, and the duct connector. Use a wrench to remove them safely. Find the knockout that suits the size of the exterior duct vent. Push with a screwdriver and a hammer to replace it.

Step 2 – Make the Interior Shaft Pit

With the top vent connector embedded to the hood, ask your helper to lift the hood. Mark on the bottom of the cabinet where the shaft needs to be installed. Straighten the knockout with the shaft vent mark on the bottom of the cabinet. Trace the opening for the duct in the cabinet. Create a hole in the center of the tracing line by drilling it and cut from the pit to the circle outline. Utilize the scroll saw to cut out the hole.

Step 3 – Embed the Cabinet Duct Shaft Connector

Embed the duct connector to the outer surface of the duct vent to the hole that you cut before for the hood duct.

Step 4 – Embed the Kitchen Hood

Lift the cooker hood, use the screws to attach the hood to the cabinet. Insert the hood duct into the duct connector above cabinet, the duct needs to be right beside the connector. Connect the wiring according to the factory’s instructions. The electrical wires should come from the bottom of the cabinet. Turn the breaker back on and turn on the kitchen hood.

Step 5 – Caulk the Duct Connector

Caulk the area around the duct connector in the cabinet with silicone.

Kitchen Hood Price List and the Benefits

hood price list and the benefits

The lowest price of a kitchen hood price is around $100, not including installation costs, while the costly one is around several thousand before installation. One of the factors that influence the difference in the price is most likely because of the size. The larger, the more expensive it will cost. The other factors are the extra features that the machine offers, and the last but not the least is the designed. If the kitchen hood designed with a high-end style and uses specific material and new technology, indeed it will usually cost more as well. The ceiling or wall-mounted hoods are likely the priciest one, while the under cabinet cooker hoods are generally the most affordable one.

Tips to Choose the Best Kitchen Hood

There are many different types of kitchen hoods that you can consider to install in your kitchen. For some people, they prefer to choose the one that suits the kitchen design. If you are replacing a broken range hood, you’ll stick with the same type that will fit in the exact same space. However, if you’re renovating your kitchen completely, you have the privilege to choose the models that you want. Here are several types that might be suitable for you.

1. Under-Cabinet Range Hoods

Tips to choose the best kitchen

The under-cabinet range hood is the most common type that fits below a cabinet above the stove. It attached to the underside of upper cabinets. It can either be ducted, which venting air to the outside of the house or ductless, which means recirculating the air in the kitchen. This type of range hood is relatively inexpensive and easy to install. Many people don’t like the appearance because most of its design is sticking out from the cabinets. However, nowadays, manufacturers are releasing more stylish design, which is built-in cupboard hoods. This type offers sleek and clean-cut design with a similar system with the under-cabinet range hoods.

2. Wall-Mounted Range Hoods

Tips to choose the best kitchen hood

Wall-mounted hoods, which also often to be called chimney hoods, are similar to under-cabinet hoods; however, they are attached to the wall. They are also can be installed above a kitchen island with duct or ductless. They offer many stylish designs because many people often want them to be the eye-catcher of the kitchen. But they need more space, budget and install by a professional is recommended.

3. Island or Ceiling Mounted Range Hoods

Tips to choose the best kitchen hood

Island and ceiling mounted range hoods are suspended over a cooktop on a kitchen island. These kinds of range hoods are also available either ducted or ductless. By installing the ceiling-mounted range hoods, the cooking and eat-in around the kitchen island can be more enjoyable and entertaining for all of the family members.

4. Wall Ventilation Fans

Tips to choose the best kitchen hood

Basically, wall ventilation fans are similar to the wall-mounted range hood. However, they have a more compact design. They don’t need a large room to install hence are suitable for a small kitchen. These small yet and classy hood serve an excellent job for its size.

5. Downdraft Ventilation Hoods

Tips to choose the best kitchen hood

Thanks to the advancement of technology, that makes this kind of cooker hood existed. Downdraft hoods can fit into the counter right next to a cooktop. These sophisticated range hoods have an extractor and glass splashback that can rise from the worktop while in use. The topside of the extractor can be matched with worktop finishes to blend in when not in use.

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Kitchen Hood Design Ideas

Some people might think that a range hood is just all about function. However, it also brings beauty to your kitchen. Only certain people who value the importance of a kitchen will know a good range hood is worth its weight in gold. Take a look at the figures below, and brace yourself to not envy with these range hoods design.

1. Farmhouse Chimney Hood

kitchen hood designs
Source: Sullivan Building & Design Group

his farmhouse kitchen hood indeed has set the bar high for another kitchen with wall mounting range hood ideas. The kitchen hood designed looks so simple but still eye-catching. The white molding, backsplash, and cabinets make the range hood looks seamless from the front view. However, the wood finishes have successfully accentuated the kitchen hood. It’s just simply beautiful!

2. Boxy Ceiling-attached Range Hood

kitchen hood designs ideas
Source: Kitchen Architecture

Who would have thought that the box which stuck to the ceiling is actually a range hood? That kitchen hood literally is a manifestation of “out of the box.”

3. Classic Wall-mounted Kitchen Hood

kitchen hood designs ideas
Source: Heather Moe designer

The large u-shaped open kitchen looks grande complemented by a classic style of wall-mounted hood. The hood molding details look excessively elegant and unique because of the mosaic tile backsplash. It is indeed one of a kind kitchen hood.

Kitchen Island Range Hood Ideas

A kitchen island that functions as cooking as well as eat-in area sometimes tricky because cooking activities make fume. You don’t want to eat while breathing carbon monoxides, right?  So, installing a range hood is a must for this case. Let’s research those three design ideas which click with your kitchen style.

1. Proper Copper Cooker Hood

kitchen island range hood ideas
Source: Strathmore Floors-Design-Cabinets

The beige color scheme has successfully brought warmness in this traditional u-shaped kitchen. Moreover, the copper cooker hood right above the kitchen island countertop also completed the classic touch of this kitchen without making it looks excessive but in a balanced and proper way. This kind of kitchen ideas with copper hood is worth to try.

2. Dark Aluminium Range Hood

kitchen island range hood ideas
Source: Kitchen Architecture

Every material can bring certain vibes in a room, just like this dark aluminum hood that mounted to the ceiling right above the kitchen island’s stove. The kitchen looks sleek and contemporary as it can be.

3. Camouflaging Kitchen Hood

kitchen island range hood ideas
Source: Kitchen Architecture

An island range hood doesn’t always necessarily have to be the focal point in the kitchen. If you prefer to keep it lowkey, this one can be your guide. Paint the island hood with similar color as the ceiling. As a result, the hood will be camouflaging seamlessly.

Modern Range Hood Ideas

Modern is always identic with the utilization of factory-made materials such as steel and glass. Especially stainless steel, this material often used in many kitchens that want to pull-off modern style. Here are several modern stainless kitchen hood ideas that you can duplicate to your kitchen.

1. Brushed Stainless Range Hood

modern range hood ideas
Source: Maree Homer

Stainless steel can pull-off various kinds of finishes. One of them is brushed finishes. It looks contemporary cool in this kitchen when used as the kitchen range hood. The ubiquity tile in brushed stainless steel as a splashback completed the modern vibes in this kitchen. Well done!

2. Glossy Stainless Vent Hood

modern range hood ideas
Source: Casey & Fox

This kitchen is the best example of a modern and trendy open concept kitchen design. It has a glossy stainless vent hood mounted to the ceiling right above the eat-in area. It looks like a convex mirror that can be entertaining for the kids when they eat.

3. Monochromatic Kitchen Hood

modern range hood ideas
Source: Dixon Projects

This modern open kitchen has a large island, which is used not only for cooking preparation but also for the eat-in area. The monochromatic color palette makes the kitchen looks calm and peace. A stainless kitchen hood works as an accent of the room.

Kitchen Cabinet Hood Ideas

The kitchen hood can’t be separated from the cabinet design. Because many kinds of cooker hoods can be built-in even mounted under the cabinet. The following ideas show you how to design a kitchen cabinet hood.

1. Go All-White!

kitchen cabinet hood
Source: Palmerston Design Consultants

Don’t be afraid to use white all over the kitchen. It makes the room feels more spacious and lightness. Especially the all-white cabinets hanging over the counters make the kitchen looks airy.

2. Built-in The Black

kitchen cabinet hood
Source: Suzi Appel Photography

The flat-panel cabinet looks neat in this contemporary u-shaped kitchen. People will never know; the black upper-cabinets have a built-in cooker hood in it. This built-in kitchen hood ideas can be your next remodel ideas next year. 

3. Open Shelves Mimicry

kitchen cabinet hood ideas
Source: Brett Charles

This kitchen perfectly showcases how to mimic cabinets to be like open shelves. It successfully makes the room feels light. While, who would have thought, that the open shelving also works as the house of extractor fan.

Hidden Range Hood Ideas

Being invisible doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. The one that can portray those words literally is the under-cabinet range hood. This kind of cooker hood can be built-in to the cabinetry. Here are several ways to hide your kitchen hood unexpectedly.

1. Find me!

hidden range hood ideas

When you look at the picture, can you notice where exactly the cooker hood is? It is actually in the cupboards over the worktop, which colored into dark grey just like the worktop, the cabinets, and the storage. This kitchen hood looks seamlessly blend in with the other kitchen features.

2. Hood in Wood

hidden range hood

The benefit of installing a hidden kitchen hood is you can make the kitchen looks clean without any part of it sticking out of the cabinet. The cooker hood covered by the wood cabinet fully. This small kitchen range hood ideas can portray it really well.

3. Over-Under

hidden range hood
Source: Burns Organic Modern

Can you predict where the kitchen hood is? It is unexpectedly over-under. Over the counters, under the cabinets.

Kitchen Hood Design Pictures

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Consider all of these benefits, tips, and design ideas of a kitchen hood. Do the research thoroughly and consult with the professional before buying the perfect one. Each type will have different warranty and installation processes nor requirements. But if you choose and install the right one, you’ll not regret it. Happy cooking in style for many years to come!

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