Kitchen Ideas With Island (Kitchen Island with Seating and Sink)

If you need an item for your kitchen renovation, the island must be on your list. The standalone structure can change your kitchen, and you can enjoy your working area. When the island first designed in the colonial era of America, the island was for a family to prepare meals and sit down for breaking the bread. From there, the island has developed with various designs in some ideas of kitchens.

The island can add some storage and counters. You can use the island as a preparation area, cooking, or cleaning spot on your kitchen. Equipped with installations and appliances, for example, sink and stove, the island can turn into the center point of your kitchen. Further, having an island can add more value to your kitchen because of the multi-function on it. Moreover, the island, with its integration material and color, can make a new focal point.

What Is Kitchen Island Use for?

A kitchen island can give the potential and benefit of any kitchen designs. The island was formed for providing extra workspace and casual eating stations. Nowadays, the function and form of kitchen islands have changed. The island can have a worktop as the same with counters for a good look. Or more, the island can have some appliances, for example, microwave, on it as the counters used for cooking.

Most homeowners use the island as a place for the sink. Putting the sink in the island can make another view while washing dishes. You can face your family directly. Also, you can use the island to have additional storage when you have a small kitchen area. Further, you can design the island into two-part, preparation, and eating. To have the eating part, you can add some seating on the area of the island. Just try having a kitchen island; you can feel the fun and new adventure by the island.

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Is Kitchen with Island Good?

Kitchen islands can have various sizes and shapes. It will help you in choosing the island that fits your kitchen. It is a must to accommodate a kitchen island; you should have enough space. Space here is to consider your walkway, clearance zone, and working that should comfort to your kitchen. If you force to have an island in the kitchen, it will only invite other disruption for your work. You may get a workflow disruption or over budgeting. However, good or not of a kitchen with island design ideas will be based on your perspective. Your needs and comfortable working are more important.

The Benefits of Kitchen with Island

Coming to this part, we should forget the imperfect of the kitchen island. Some believe that no matter the size, you will have a type of kitchen island. It could be from the mobile site to enough seating for your kitchen and meal space. So, let’s enjoy the maximum reason why you must have an island in the kitchen.

kitchen island ideas with seating

Add More Seating

If you want to have more seating in the kitchen, a kitchen island is a good idea. You can set some seating for family or friends when you are cooking the meal. It also allows your family or children to see how preparing the meal. That’s one of the ways to encourage them to learn cooking. The minimum seating for you in the kitchen island is two. Six seating on the island is possible if you have a large kitchen.

Extra Space for Kitchenware

For those who want an additional heat space or having a coffee machine, you can put it on the kitchen island. Why? Because you can install an electronic part on the kitchen island. Having the electrical installation will allow you to work small appliances over the kitchen island. Further, install the dishwasher or oven underneath the countertop on the kitchen island is another usefulness.

Split Workstation

Besides, for having a specific type of cooking in your kitchen, the kitchen island could be your choice. Install a sink, built-in cutting board, or a pack of knives for your preparation counter. If you prefer a heat station for baking, you can put an integrated oven and some storage for the baking sheet and bowl. There are so many options for your kitchen island.

Add Some Storage

As mentioned before, a kitchen island will break your limited storage. With the choice of extra drawers, pull out racks, and cabinets, the island is additional casework. You need a recycle bin but don’t have enough choice? Just put it under the kitchen island will be possible. It will not bother your preparation space that the main of the kitchen.

It is A Family Friendly

Homework time for kids, but you have to make a meal, don’t worry, the kitchen island helps you. You could use the island as the place for helping kids with homework or as a part of their helping in cooking. Another choice for a kitchen island as the place for children is to place some in-reach facilities. Your children can prepare their afterschool snack or early morning meals by themselves. Your children’s independent feeling is good in their grow time.

Best Colors for Kitchen Island

Paint your kitchen island, bar, or lower cabinet is one of the current styles of kitchen. Different colors on the kitchen can add another character to your work-space. The color also will make you a choice of having a focal point. But how to find the best color for your kitchen island? Let’s take a look here, some recommendations of color that might be your options.

Gray Color

small kitchen island ideas with seating

You can see gray in most of the aspects of your home, such as on furniture, wall, accessories, or even kitchen island. The gray represents warmth and modernity in your kitchen. Another, the gray also can keep your kitchen clean, simple, and comfortable working around it. It can include a touch of enthusiasm without winding up overwhelming.

Navy-blue Color

kitchen island ideas with sink

Navy is one of the colors that still fits in a particular time. Having a navy will take you in welcoming and young tones. Further, paint the island with the navy can be the way of having a coastal feeling. Just add the navy with the contrasting view, white or gray kitchen, to complete the look of your kitchen.

Green Color

kitchen remodel ideas with island

A natural element like plants in the kitchen can be represented by green. Green is an enthusiastic tone but a shining, calm, and peaceful atmosphere. You can choose green because it has many shades. Also, it can work in its way. The green on your island will be perfect if painted the lower part.

Black Color

kitchen layout ideas with island

The black color is one of the neutral that most people used. Some may avoid black because they could be intimidating, but if you have the right way to use, it is the way to be perfect. This bold and peaceful color will be everlasting. Having a kitchen with black island ideas, then a white or gray counter-top will be the best combination.

Kitchen Island Ideas with Seating

You can consider the seating on the kitchen island as the last detail, but it is not easy as it could be. A kitchen island without seating could be something missed, and kitchen island without good-looking seating could be something lacked.  Begin your plan for kitchen island seating by deciding what you need by placing seating. Different kinds of seating, high back or stool, can give different touch in your kitchen. However, the island with seating is always a good idea.

Floating Stool Effect

l shaped kitchen ideas with island

In this small kitchen, seating in the kitchen island helps you who doesn’t have a dining room. The seating creates illusions with chrome color in the legs. It makes illusions of the cantilever dining area. The gold color of the stool looks not to contrast with the wood counter-tops and white color that dominated the room.

Simple Wooden Stool

kitchen island ideas with stove

Finding seating for a small or narrow kitchen is not easy. But it is not something impossible. You can start with these simple white wooden stools. You might only have a couple of stools, but it is still enough. The white seating can create an ideal spot for enjoying morning coffee.

Low-level Seating

large kitchen island ideas with seating

Here is another idea for you that have no dining room. In some apartments, having an island will help the owners. Stools are perfect for a quick lunch, but these low-level seating are suitable for a comfortable, romantic dinner. Further, you will not get bothered by any spill spices because the island with seating has quite far space.

Kitchen Island Ideas with Sink

Having a double sink in your kitchen would be a good idea. The primary sink can be placed for washing the pan or contaminated dishes. While the sink on the island would be for small kitchenware, like the spoon, that used for prepared meals. Furthermore, kitchen island with sink will ease your work.

Traditional Kitchen with Sink on the Island

kitchen island with cooktop ideas
Eren Design and Remodel

You can identify the traditional looked here by the soft tone and wood counter-top on the island. The island has a wooden counter-top with a single bowl sink. The sink here is used for washing small kitchenware after eating. You don’t need to walk far for a washing plate and spoon because you have a small sink on the island.

Luxury Kitchen Island with Sink

kitchen island with pillars ideas
John Lewis of Hungerford

The island here took your eyes. Granite counter-top and seating make it different from another idea. Under-mount sink on the island makes it different. In this small kitchen, the central kitchen is on the island. So, the island is suitable for preparing the area.

Sink on L shaped Kitchen Island

kitchen ideas for small kitchens with island
Neumann Mendro Andrulaitis Architects LLP

Black and white colors dominated the kitchen. Black color on the counter-top fit for the eat-in kitchen on the island. The under-mount sink on the island is secondary, for washing small kitchenware. Having a sink like this will help you to make the kitchen cleaner because the island is also for having a meal.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas with Island

If you get bored with your casual kitchen, it’s time to change your kitchen. Every size of kitchens will have their own remodel ideas, included with the island. Kitchen design with center island ideas will give some advantages, for example, having a gathering area. You must consider some items such as the size, counter-top ideas, storage before deciding your new kitchen with an island. However, a kitchen with an island will not disappoint you.

Large U-shaped Kitchen Remodel

galley kitchen layout ideas with island
Revision LLC

The white island on the center steals your attention. This u-shaped kitchen dominated with gray on cabinets. It looks contrast, but the neutral color like white will match in every condition. The island has a farmhouse sink. The traditional touch works well in this remodeled kitchen.

Classic Coastal Kitchen Remodel

kitchen ideas with island design
Michael Robert Construction

Ceramic counter-top and a sink are the islands as a sink for multi-function use. The island can be an ideal place for preparing a meal or be a place for sharing with friends. Different colors between the island and cabinets are for its use. You will not regret having this remodeled kitchen with island.

Wood Tone Kitchen Remodel

kitchen island design ideas with seating
Archetype Architecture

For those who live in the apartment, maybe, this idea can work. The wooden tone dominates the kitchen with white counter-tops and cabinets. The island here is for preparing meals and eating area. With two transparent seating cannot bother your eyes on the wooden kitchen.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel

l shaped kitchen layout ideas with island
JPM Construction

This kitchen has a large area with L-shaped. Dominated with white, it looks shined a positive aura. The island with white counter-top has a sink on it. This secondary sink will work for small kitchenware and washing after eating. The wooden stools naturally blend with the floor. If you are looking for something relevant to your floor, it can be an excellent thing for kitchen floor plan ideas with the island.

L Shaped Kitchen Ideas with Island

A functional kitchen, like L-shaped, really helps you. They provide a practical, design working triangle. The L-shaped kitchen will make it easy with two technical sides. How about adding an island on an L-shaped kitchen? It will be better because you have more choice or practical working in the kitchen. Let’s take a look here, an L-shaped kitchen with an island.

Open L-shaped Kitchen with Island

u shaped kitchen with island remodel ideas
Model Remodel

The kitchen has mid-sized l-shaped with a wooden tone on the floor. Next, the setting of working triangles is here with near stove, sink, and refrigerator. There is something unique with the island here, not only placed sink there but also has racks on the tip. Another, the shape of the island, is also unusual that follows the kitchen shape.

Elegant Kitchen with Island

kitchen floor plan ideas with island
Mahoney Architects & Interiors

Wooden tone and white color are the best combinations for having an elegant touch. Marble counter-tops dominate the kitchen, include on the island. The island has a different feel. It is a place for preparation and placing some kitchenware on the open rack.

L-shaped Island

kitchen island with hob ideas
Showcase Kitchens

L-shaped here is not only for the kitchen but also for the island. The kitchen and dining room are on the same set. The island also has seating on one side for having a conversation or snacking. Another side of the island is for an under-mount sink that used for preparing the area. You should try this idea for making a large-looked in your house.

Kitchen Island Ideas with Stove

In general, you may see the kitchen island has the sink on it. Adding other appliances on the island can make another look for your kitchen. Having a stove on the island is a great improvement. You can prepare food in a wide area and move it into a plate service without any effort. It will make cooking simple better than before.

U-shaped Open Kitchen

kitchen with island design ideas
Lauren Brandwein

All dominated with brown-wooden tone in the kitchen. It is a good example of open kitchen ideas with the island. Something can be seen different here is the stove is on the island. Built-In stove placed directly with sink. The size of the island is a bit large because it is also a place for having a meal. For advice, don’t set the lighting up the stove on the island. You can set it on the left and right sides of the island.

Luxury Kitchen Idea with Island

open kitchen ideas with island
Reliance Design Build

The idea here is minimalist galley with wood tone on the floor and cabinet. Besides, appliances use is mostly stainless. The island has granite counter-top and of course, a stove. You can see that the island divides into two, for cooking and eating. Rolling drawers and seating combined perfectly with the stove and counter-top.

Contemporary Kitchen Remodel Idea

kitchen with island ideas classic
The Plumbery & Plumbing N’ Things

Looked like other kitchens, this design has wooden counter-top and black-elegant cabinets domination. Something need to notice here is on the island has sink and stove together. Even its secondary sink, but this mix wet and dry area will ease you working in the kitchen. However, you should not worry anymore because the area of preparation on the island is separated.

Kitchen Lighting Ideas with Island

A proper kitchen island is not only an additional place in the kitchen but also safety and clear area for cooking. The chefs will enjoy their cooking while the kitchen supports them. An item that can help them well is the lighting. Lighting on the island, in the home, can bring a good atmosphere while having dinner. It is a fact that lightings can change a space from horrible to something special.

Pendant lighting on Farmhouse Kitchen Island

big kitchen ideas with island
Rafe Churchill, LLC

Soft tones on the island will bring a fresh area to your house. The island has soapstone countertops and two pendant lighting upper. Having pendant lighting in every situation of your kitchen is a good idea. These Halophone pendant lightings can reduce shadow and brighten your kitchen.

LED Lighting Idea on Gold Coast Kitchen

stone kitchen island ideas with stone pillers
Darren James Interiors

A stunning kitchen is a label for this design. With all-metal appliances and eye-catching island look so luxurious. The LED upper the island not only for lighting but also for the additional rack for your beverages. The LED can boost your kitchen atmosphere even it combined with natural light.

Candle-looked Pendant Lighting on Traditional Kitchen

kitchen with black island ideas
Orren Pickell Building Group

The kitchen has an oversized island that used for eating and preparation space. A secondary sink put on the island. The unique here is the pendant lighting. These two pendants have a lamp like a candle. Perhaps, it looks like giving a minim brightness, but it doesn’t matter because of the kitchen also has lighting under the cabinets.

Light Fixture Pendant Lighting

kitchen island design ideas with cherry cabinets
Laura Burton Interiors

Huge kitchen island here is for washing kitchenware and having a fast meal or snacking. The lighting upper the island caught your attention. The light is designed irregularly. The combination of a long and short lamp will make help the brightness in your kitchen during dinner.

Kitchen Island Ideas with Bookcase on End

Functions of a kitchen island help you in daily. You can have a sink or stove on the island, but you can also have a bookcase on the island. It can help you if you need additional space for books. Or you don’t have enough space in your house for a book; you can use the kitchen island.

Farmhouse Kitchen with Bookcase

kitchen island ideas with boiok case on end
Rob Karosis

This traditional look in the kitchen is an interesting design. Further, the kitchen has a natural atmosphere because near the garden, and you can see it over there through the windows. The island has some cases that can be used for your book. You can set your text and use it while waiting for cooking or having coffee time.

Mini Bookcase on The Kitchen Island

kitchen island ideas with end cp
Steve Chenn

You can notice a simple bookcase on the island. It only has three shelves but can make you satisfied. You can place your children’s book, magazine, or cooking books on the case. Enjoy your time in the traditional kitchen with a book on your hand.

Modern Kitchen with Bookcase on the Island

kitchen ideas for island with high sides
Chr DAUER Architects

The natural thing in the kitchen shines from the domination of green color. The island has a built-in sink and used as an eating area. Near the seating, you can find a small bookcase under the black countertops. Placing the bookcase there is right because you can easily take your book while on the seating.

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Right now, you have more choices for the island for your kitchen. You can start by choosing the color, thinking what the proper item to accompany your island, and selecting the best design. Perhaps, seating and lighting are the additional item but can add value to your kitchen island. Last but not least, you should consider the size of the island for a useful thing that doesn’t bother the practical working on your kitchen.

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