The Best Kitchen Island with Pendant Lighting Ideas

Kitchen Island with Pendant Lighting Ideas. The kitchen island would be a hard and most crucial part of the kitchen. You can do anything there, such as preparing food, cooking, washing, eating, and gathering family. Suitable lighting will be most needed to support your confidence in the kitchen island. Installing lighting above a kitchen island will invite some thought to you. The best light over the island must be able to control the brightness in purpose to raise kitchen design and creating a central point.

Then, what lighting that can fit your kitchen island? There may be many light fixtures over there, but a set of pendant lightings will be better. Pendants provide a beautiful thing that your kitchen island needs. You can use some fixtures of a pendant that maybe will work for every design of the kitchen. You can install the pendant lights by yourself as it is easy and not a heavy item. However, many types of pendants can help you to choose your design. Let’s take a look below there to prepare and select your best ideas of pendant lighting for a kitchen island.

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What Is Pendant Lighting?

ideas for chrome finish industrial kitchen island pendant lighting

A pendant light is a hanging light from the ceiling used chain or rod and usually has a single fixture. A pendant could be a primary bulb suspended from the roof by a rope. As a rule, pendants, for the most part, include some packaging or casing, for example, a globe, shade, drum, or cage. Pendant lights can be hanging alone or gathered into different. It is because of to give extra lighting or style. Most agree that chandelier is a part of a pendant, but there is a distinction between them. Chandeliers seemed to be genera elements in some lighting, and they are commonly bigger than standard pendant.

Pros and Cons of Pendant Lighting

Having Pendant lights in your home can bring advantages or disadvantages. As pendants have many design and style, the homeowners can choose the variety that matches to their house style. Mostly pendants are used for the small room as their smaller than a chandelier. Further, you can hang pendant lights at any height you want. The lights seem small but can brighten the whole room. For those who need a light in a central point, pendant is a preferable choice. This kind of light is tone up and fine like spotlights.

However, the pendant also has disadvantages. Homeowners may think that pendant is an old and boring item. Another, pendant lights will not work in every area that you want. Some of the rooms may need different light, and the pendant will not satisfy some room requirements. Setting a pendant sometime can be hard and must follow the standard rules. As it is small and put in sets, it is critical to obey general lighting to avoid having a poor light for the room. Overall, pendant lights can be helpful as your lighting ideas. You can use it on the specific space like on the counters or tables.

How High Should Pendant Lights be Above Kitchen Island?

When in doubt, pendant lights should hang somewhere in the range of 30 and 36 inches from the countertops of the island. Another height that must consider is your and ceiling height. You need to see over the counter without any trouble from the lights. If your ceiling is about low, you must consider choosing another fixture of the light. The pendant lighting will not be suitable for the height that less than 9 feet. As said before, the pendant will not always fit on any occasion, but it will not be the limit of the pendant lights.

How Do You Hang Pendants over Kitchen Island?

Having the right useful pendant lighting in your kitchen, especially the island, will add value. Pendant lights can be easily installed even by yourself. Before you plan to hang, there are some considerations that you need to know. You have to think about the height, space between two pendants, and its size.

The Height of Pendant

ideas for brushed steel finish industrial kitchen island pendant lighting

Most of the suggestions said that you must hang the pendants about 30-36 inches above your kitchen island. You can also independently take your height, such over 36 inches, for some reason. If you are pretty high, you may consider to hang it above you to avoid the problem in your view.

Space Between the Pendants

led pendant lighting for kitchen island ideas

The general rule of the space is at least 30 inches apart from the center of your kitchen island. For every island, you may need at least two pendant lights over your kitchen. Kitchen island lighting ideas with a triple pendant will be highly recommended for a large island. Put a pendant directly above the center point, and the rest must have space 30 inches from the center one.

The Size of Pendant

mosaic pendant lighting for kitchen island ideas

For this, you can take a look at your island size and the height of the ceiling. If you have a large island, you need a bigger pendant hangover. For the ceiling, if the ceiling quite high, you also need a long chain for the pendant. Use your eyes instinct to determine the right pendant size that fits your island.

Best Design of Pendant Light for Kitchen

One of the advantages of setting a pendant over your kitchen is many various styles and designs of pendant lights. You can have stylish appliances and color that beautify your kitchen. Then, the best design on light can make another view of your kitchen. You will not be bored while entering the kitchen. The light is essential as well as a recipe because helping you in cooking.

Classic Warehouse Shape

kitchen island pendant soft lighting ideas

An indicator for the best pendants is they can spread the light around the room, not in a specific point of the kitchen. Another, the best design can work well in any decorating style such as farmhouse, modern, and industrial. This warehouse-style is a popular style with various shapes and sizes.

Globe Vintage

ideas for kitchen island pendant lighting

You may need more than two pendants because of you have a long island. A set of three or more can work appropriately in this case. You can hang these sets individually or in a group for a perfect inline set. Further, the set has a design in combination between the farmhouse and clear glass shade.

Industrial Pendant Light

designer pendant lighting ideas kitchen island

The last best design will be for your kitchen sink under the window. This design will be the best pendant for specialist hanging over the sink because it will not bother other lights. If you plan to have a style with the same elements, like metallic, this can be the right choice for contrast or drama.

Pendant Lighting for Kitchen Island Ideas

It is an essential item for lighting over your island. An island can be a focal point of your kitchen. Sometimes, a kitchen island can be your gathering area, eating, and of course, preparing a meal. Having proper lighting would bring another atmosphere to your kitchen even more over an island. Here is some idea of pendant lighting that you can use to brighten your focal point.

Modern Glass Crystal Pendant Lighting

pendant lighting over kitchen island ideas

For far range, you can directly distract with this pendant lighting. The design, cylindrical glass, adds modern tone in your kitchen. You can use this pendant on the quite large island with three lights hanging on. Connected with hard wire, you would not worry about the strength. You can set the wire length because it has a cord adjustable.

Cage Pendant Lighting

ideas for industrial kitchen island pendant lighting

The unique shade of lighting steals the attention. Modern glass pendant with metal cage is combined beautifully there. You can install this on the white style of your kitchen. Blending with white countertop on the island can easily reflect the light. Hardwire hangs the light for making sure the strength.

Round Glass Pendant Lighting

blue pendant lighting for kitchen island ideas

The big and unique size of shade can lighten a whole room. This style called kitchen island single pendant ideas. Just need it one and enjoy the shine. You can feel traditional and simple feeling by the shade of the glass. The adjustable length can ease you to set the height as you want. Further, a timeless tone directly adds to your kitchen island.

Rust Cage Pendant Lighting

ideas for frushed steel finish industrial kitchen island pendant lighting

From the spiral cage shape, you can recognize that this handmade is special. You may install the lights in a modern or traditional design of your kitchen island. Moreover, endless beauty also shines form this pendant lighting. Then, the most important thing, the adjustable wire will help you in setting the height.

Pendant Lighting Kitchen Island Industrial Ideas

Each period has its characteristic, even an industrial period. Industrial is one of the styles that become trends and changes some contemporary house styles around the world. The industrial style has its characteristics; there are: simple, practical, and efficient. In the field of pendant lighting, industrial takes part with globe shade. Further, the industrial can bring a new texture and visual that contrasts with modern style. Let’s take a look below to find ideas for industrial kitchen island pendant lighting.

Metal Pendant Lighting

reddit pendant lighting ideas kitchen island

You can feel classic designs through the color of the shade. The black barn shade brings a long-lasting touch. It also raises charm feeling in your kitchen. You can match this pendant on every kind of style of a kitchen island. From the wooden, granite, or white countertops will be making it perfect hanging over.

Vintage Ball Glass Pendant Lighting

kitchen island pendant lighting ideas etsy

With a ball or globe shape easily recognized as an industrial style. A clear glass of shade would be appropriate in every decoration you have. It is the right item to improve your kitchen. The clear glass will light your kitchen in a maximum way. This design will be perfect if you combine with the wooden countertop on your kitchen island.

Oval Glass Pendant Lighting

ideas for classical kitchen island pendant lighting

You can feel a retro style by having this pendant above the kitchen island. This lighting will raise the traditional and modern touch in retro style. It also brings a pretty look in your kitchen. If you want a romantic tone on your kitchen island every day, you should prefer this as your lighting style.

Unique Pendant Lighting for Kitchen

One of the easiest ways to manipulate your kitchen is by having a well-placed pendant lighting. The fixture of the pendant would serve a bright in workspace kitchen, especially on the island. For those who look for unusual pendant lighting over kitchen island ideas, the various shape and sizes of it could bring some unique touch for the kitchen.

Pointed Shade Pendant Lighting

kitchen island lighting ideas with triple pendant
Landis Architects Builders

The unique here is from the shade’s shape. Its shade has pointed forms with different height hanging over the island. Install these pendants in the center point of your island can serve a modern tone. This light may be small and has low light, but it is suitable for the eating area.

Sparkling Pendant Lighting

ideas for steel finish industrial kitchen island pendant lighting
Posh Exclusive Interiors

Big and round pendant lights exactly steal your attention when entering the kitchen area. Hanging with four straight lines, a luxury shine from its color. The pendant will spark your kitchen because of small crystals inside the shade. It seems the right combination of white color and stainless appliances.

Ball-looked Pendant Lighting

kitchen island single pendant lighting ideas
Bita Interior Design

The design of pendant light is unique here. Some iron sticks gathered and bent to form a ball. The bent irons have the light on it. This light combined well with other lights in the kitchen. It might be not giving a good effect, but provide a decoration touch on your kitchen.

Pendant Lighting for Kitchen Island with Hood

The most traditional design of pendant lights has a hood. Usually, the hoods are from the iron. With advanced technology right now, you can find a hood with another material. Moreover, the shape and size of the hood will be in various styles. You can choose one of the hoods for your kitchen island.

Transparent Glass Hood

kitchen island single pendant lighting ideas
Josh Kuchinsky

A long and transparent hood can be appropriate in any style of the kitchen. The glass will brighten your kitchen even you set it above an island. Granite countertops could shine well with the help of the pendant lighting.

Trumpet Glass Hood

kitchen pendant lighting over island ideas
Matt Sartain

Same as before, the material of the hood id glass. The difference here is the shape that forms a trumpet over your kitchen island. The glass still shines your kitchen even during the day. It helps sunshine and spread it all over the kitchen.

Cup-looked Hood

kitchen island pendant lighting ideas pinterest
Reed Lewis

Another glass material of the hood is here. The cup-looked hood covers some bulbs on it. The shape of the pendant is unique yet eye-catching.  Hanging with chain and give a metal touch above your kitchen island. It is also suitable for the traditional feel in your kitchen.

LED pendant Lighting for Kitchen Island Ideas

When you need an attractive item on your ceiling, LED lighting can offer it. You can use LED lighting in your kitchen because it has some benefits to you, like the small size, cost-effective, and save energy. LED lights also add a modern and elegant touch to your kitchen.

LED Cone Pendant Lighting

kitchen island pendant lighting ideas lowes

With silver color and cone shape, the design rises a modern and everlasting touch. Install these pendant lights above your island, and you will enjoy a stylish and elegant atmosphere in the kitchen. The LED bulbs on the lights will not disappoint you to brighten the kitchen.

Crystal LED Pendant Lighting

kitchen island single pendant lighting ideas

As mentioned, LED can save costs and energy, just like this built-in LED that replaced the conventional bulb. The clear glass shade reflects both light and modern design. Further, the simple design will be last forever. Just enjoy the beauty and elegant tone by installing this in the kitchen.

Modern LED Pendant Lighting

kitchen island pendant soft lighting ideas

Just like a bridge, the design of the plate connects all the LEDs on the metal frame. No words needed to describe this cozy and modern touch. You only need to install this over your island and enjoy your meal in elegance.

Mosaic Pendant Lighting for Kitchen Island Ideas

If you plan to have another beautiful thing in the kitchen, mosaic light can be a good idea. With their color combination on the shade, mosaic lights turn your kitchen in a fun atmosphere. An ornament made by the broken colored glass will be something authentic to your kitchen.

Mosaic Handwork Pendant Lighting

mosaic pendant lighting for kitchen island ideas

Something that relates to the hand-work will always invite a satisfying feeling. Different color effects, seven colors, bring a colorful tone and feeling to your kitchen. Made by pieces of tempered glass that pasted together in beauty shade. Even in the day, the pendant will always light your kitchen to spread sunlight.

Mosaic Shell and Satin Nickel Pendant Lighting

led pendant lighting for kitchen island ideas

With the unique yet fashionable shade, this suits your kitchen island. The simple and fresh design brings an elegant touch in traditional or modern kitchen design. You can feel various effects for your kitchen island as you can change the bulb. The shade reflects the light perfectly.

Mosaic Tile Pendant Lighting

pendant lighting for kitchen island ideas with hood

Traditional but luxury is in this pendant light. The mosaic tile surrounds the mica shade inside. All material is from metal that indicates a durable design of the light. It will be perfect for hanging above the island, an eye-catching item over your head.

Ideas for Classical Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting

Just like a must that pendant lighting must be hung over the traditional kitchen island. The flexibility of pendant that can fit in any ideas can help you much. Further, there are so many ideas that can put your traditional kitchen to become more fashionable. Here are some ideas for classical kitchen island pendant lighting.

Schoolhouse Pendant Lighting

unique pendant lighting for kitchen
Michael Partenio

White countertops are the identity of the traditional kitchen island. Combined with black color on the lower part, add the exclusive and elegant kitchen island. But what does hang over the island? Some glass shade with the square on the lower gives a simple yet classic atmosphere. The texture on the shade makes a traditional tone shine over your island.

Metal and Glass Pendant Lighting

pendant lighting kitchen island industrial ideas
Phillip Mueller

The pendant lights have a glass shade industrial style. Old memories will take part here as the wooden island and industrial pendant lights. The lights will shine correctly, supported by the marble countertops. Even the metal wire suits the kitchen style.

Gold Pendant Lighting in Classic Kitchen

pendant lighting for kitchen island ideas
Humphrey Munson

This color is a timeless design that fits into both traditional and modern styles. A farmhouse style on the island is something special there. Gold shade of pendant lights will take your attention first. With the quite big hood can lighten all over the kitchen. A perfect dinner also provides there through the classic pendant lighting.

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These various styles and designs will help you to beautify your island or even your kitchen. The simple fixture of pendants brings a functional and attractive touch through the light. Further, your pendant must not bother you in cooking, eating, or gathering on the island. Modern or traditional, pendant lights always have their way to be chosen. Lastly, a pendant light will transform your kitchen as well as brighten the kitchen island.

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