Kitchen Remodel Before and After (Trendy Look and Updated Style)

Kitchen Remodel Before and AfterA new kitchen will increase the happiness level as well as the equity value of the real estate. A comfortable kitchen will be the center of the family’s activities, such as gatherings. But, remodeling a kitchen may result in benefits as well as headaches. If you dare to take care of it by yourself, the project may take months to complete, and you can’t cook during the amount of time. Meanwhile, if you hire a professional to manage it, the costs will be into the six-figure range.

A kitchen remodeling project is a big challenge that requires thorough planning to well worth your time, money, and effort. You can avoid draining your savings if you understand the steps and process before you begin. While gathering information and ideas online, it’s essential to look at the bigger picture before falling too deeply in the journey.

Consider the workability of your existing layout, whether it needs to be expanded or not. Estimate the overall kitchen remodel planning that you should stick to. Remember, kitchen remodel works can be overwhelming in terms of size and cost. You need to set and be firm on the ground rules to make your kitchen remodel project going smoothly, and you may still have the hope to complete it under budget.

Kitchen Remodel Before and After
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Why We Need Upgrade Our Kitchen?

As the heart of the home, a great kitchen has a significant role for someone who loves to cook, bake, or do a lot of experiments in the kitchen. An accommodating kitchen is a must for them to do all of those activities. Therefore, kitchen upgrading is crucial and needs to be done if they feel their kitchen already couldn’t catch up on their needs. 

In some cases, the material quality of your kitchen storage or cabinets might already wear off, or the design features are already outdated. This is the time when upgrading the kitchen cabinets is needed. By only improving the kitchen cabinet’s material, it can change the overall look of your kitchen looks as well as its functionality.

How Much Does a Kitchen Remodel Cost?

When you are considering a kitchen renovation, you might wonder about how much should you spend on the project? The answer is, it depends on the size, materials, and whether you want to redesign the layout of the room, or not. On average, kitchen remodels before and after costs you around $24,193 or $150 per square foot. A smaller scope work costs between $10,000 and $15,000, which include upgrading the sink, replacing the backsplash, upgrading cabinets, and repaint the wall. A large scale kitchen renovation project will cost you over $30,000, which may include installing customized cabinets, hardwood flooring, granite countertops, and high-end appliances.

The final cost of your kitchen remodeling project can be so much lower if you don’t reconfigure the kitchen layout. For example, the cost of moving a window or a sink to another side of your kitchen is around $1,500–$4,500 per item. Because in order to do that, you may need building permits, dust removal, drywall, and new plumbing and electrical work. So, you need to plan your kitchen renovation project carefully.

What Is The Most Expensive Part of a Kitchen Remodel?

The most expensive part of kitchen renovation is usually the cost of changing the cabinets, which over $15,000. Replacing appliances will cost you around $8,200, depends on the quality of technology. Fixing the countertops sometimes can cost you approximately $6,000. It also depends on the quality of materials that you want to feature in your new tabletops. You can’t predict the electrical and plumbing work because it may add a lot of expense if you are not thoroughly checking the issues beforehand.  

But, if you don’t have any financial concerns and have an unlimited budget, you may consider a full-scale renovation. Reconfiguring the space to outfit the latest high-end products, including new plumbing, worktops, flooring, hardware, woodwork, and lighting, to make your new kitchen worth the time and expenses.

Is a Kitchen Remodel Worth It?

Is a kitchen remodel worth it?
Source: Brett Martin

If you will stay in your current accommodation for more than five years, investing in a kitchen remodel totally worth it. But, if you’re planning to sell after the renovation project, you may take a different approach. Because you should think about how to get back the maximum return on your investment. Homeowners may spend more than $300 billion a year on repairs and remodels. Indeed, you need to get your money back, right? 

If you do remodeling for resale, you should check the problems and be proactive when doing the inspection. Hiring a  professional home inspector will be worth it to find the issues that may come up later. Because you don’t want to fix the outer look, then find out that you actually have a more significant problem. Identify any structural, mechanical, and electrical issues first, then improve the aesthetic parts.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas Before and After

kitchen remodel ideas before and after
Source: Sarah Wilson

Since it is the heart of the home, a kitchen needs to be functional as well as catch people’s attention to make them want to stay longer. In order to do that, you need to check out this kitchen remodel ideas to open your horizon about kitchen design. You will see below that the ugliest and unhelpful kitchen can be transformed into the most stylish kitchen you’ve ever seen.

1. Small Kitchen Remodel Before and After

A small kitchen can also be very functional and practical. You can manage it easily without having too much hassle. But if you don’t know how to make it neat and clean, it will be the real nightmare that happens on a daily basis. You will never have the best time cooking in a messy yet cramp kitchen for a long time, right? So, take a look at these small kitchen remodel ideas before and after that will make you can’t wait any longer to renovate your kitchen in the near future.

small kitchen remodel before and after

Before: Awkward U-Shape

This awkward U-shape layout makes the homeowner’s activities in the kitchen, dining area, and other rooms around it inefficient and tiring.

After: Flowing L-Shape

Reconfiguring the layout is a game-changing choice. Besides answering the inefficiency issues, the L-shape kitchen layout also makes the flow activity and foot traffic in the kitchen less tiring. Repainting the wear cabinetry into blue even the right approach. The new color has successfully made this small kitchen feel fresh more than ever.

small kitchen remodel before and after

Before: Unuseful Peninsula and Storage

Rather than being functional, the unuseful peninsula and cabinets are a complete eyesore. This kitchen needs impactful changes to make it more practical.

After: Functions First

Throw away the traffic-stopping peninsula and upper cabinets to make the kitchen more open and spacious. All-white quartz countertops, a tile backsplash, and a slim island make the kitchen looks better than before.

small kitchen remodel before and after

Before: Outdated Style

This kitchen looks like it has lived since John F. Kennedy’s ruled the country. It does not only have out of date style but also looks like a total mess.

After: Updated Style

By knocking out the partition wall between your kitchen and area and relocating the appliances, it has successfully improved the vista and flow activity in the kitchen. All-white cabinets, large flooring tiles, a modern kitchen hood, a stainless-steel worktop, and a built-in oven create a new look and vintage vibe.

2. Galley Kitchen Remodel Before and After

A galley kitchen is a narrow width kitchen. This kind of kitchen needs a functional yet compact designed to make it more efficient. Here are the examples of galley kitchen remodel before and after that, you can bookmark in your ideas bank.

galley kitchen remodel before and after

Before: Too Cramped Aisle

This galley kitchen has slept since a century ago. It definitely needs an upgrade to wake it up from the most prolonged sleep in the kitchen design trend ever. To make the most out of this galley kitchen, it needs a total renovation, including replacing the wall between your dining room and kitchen.

After: Spacious Alley

By demolishing the wall that separating your kitchen and dining room can add 10 inches to the galley. Besides, stealing a foot of space from the dining area can add a useful peninsula for additional storage and a serving table. The total makeover in terms of the kitchen gives a new vibe on the kitchen by only replacing the subway tile backsplash and white storage cabinets.

galley kitchen remodel before and after
Source: Kate Bendewald Interior Design (KBID)

Before: Extremely Unpleasant

This galley kitchen looks extremely unpleasant because of its design features as well as color and material choices. This kitchen needs a complete renovation plan from the flooring to the ceiling.

After: Modern and Airy

Finally, a complete kitchen remodeling plan has saved this galley kitchen. This kitchen needs to reconfigure the layout, changing the cabinetry, replacing the flooring, installing the backsplash, up to upgrading the appliances. At the end of the day, the looks worth the effort.

galley kitchen remodel before and after
Source: Clark Dugger

Before: Unattractive Galley Kitchen

Actually, this kitchen has the potential to be the one and only galley kitchen that shows a stunning Mediterranean look. But it needs some retouch here and there, especially in the kitchen layout to make the most out of it.

After: Unique Galley Kitchen

Knocking a wall that divides the kitchen with the dining room is a must to make the room more spacious and has a better flow activity between those rooms. As a result, this galley kitchen becomes more practical and efficient more than ever.

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3. U-Shaped Kitchen Remodel Before and After

A U-shaped kitchen layout has an advantage and disadvantage. The benefit of having this kind of kitchen layout we can have relatively more space for meal preparation activities. While the drawback is our flow activity can be inefficient and make us quickly tired because of the unorganized layout. If you feel that way, you need to check these u-shaped kitchen remodel ideas.

Roomy and Airy

u shaped kitchen remodel before and after
Source: Material Design Build

This is the perfect example of maximizing the U-shaped layout to make a roomy and airy kitchen. The additional countertop beside the u-shaped countertops is a bonus useful and joyful space in the kitchen.

Openly Inviting People

u shaped kitchen remodel before and after
Source: Fawn Galli Interiors

The white and blue U-shaped kitchen looks very open and inviting for every family member to cook their own meal often in this kitchen. The width between the counters is also wide enough to accommodate more than three people all at once.

Classic and Glamorous

u shaped kitchen remodel before and after
Source: Little Palm Design Group

This kitchen is an example of a perfect combination of classic and U-shaped kitchen. U-shaped kitchen that identical to its large size is very suitable with the classic style. In results, this kitchen looks effortlessly glamorous.

Split Level Kitchen Remodel Before and After

The split level system is a creative way to make more space in a narrow kitchen. We can optimize the height between floors to cram in more storage for the kitchen. Here are the examples of the split level kitchen remodel that you may be interested in applying soon.

The Bridge of The Rooms

split level kitchen remodel before and after
Source: Pitman Tozer Architects

This kitchen utilizes a split-level section to achieve a well lit and more spacious kitchen space that connected with other rooms, such as the living room. Natural colors and exposed materials are used to tie up the different levels of the kitchen with other rooms in the house together.

Distinguished Kitchen

split level kitchen remodel before and after
Source: WUNDERGROUND architecture + design

Even if there are only 7 inches of floor level differences between the kitchen and the other room, the split level has played a significant role in distinguishing the kitchen. This kitchen looks pretty special with that split level.

Kitchen in Basement Area

split level kitchen remodel before and after
Source: Jo Ann Richards

This kitchen is located in the basement area, so a staircase is a must to bridging the kitchen with the living room. This split level system has successfully made the kitchen look bigger and comfortable.

Budget Kitchen Remodel Before and After

You don’t need to get a loan just for remodeling a kitchen. This project also can be afforded by people who don’t have an unlimited budget. Check these kitchen remodel on a budget before and after out.

budget kitchen remodel before and after
Source: Katie Logan

Before: Dull and Tiny

This tiny kitchen looks so dull and weary. It definitely needs some touch-up, especially in its cabinets and floorings to liven up its appearance.

After: Sophisticated and Tiny

That dirty and abandon kitchen transforms into a more sophisticated look just by installing the lamp fixture, repainting the cabinetry, and retouching the flooring.

budget kitchen remodel before and after
Source: Love & Olive Oil

Before: Bulky and Weary

Bulky and weary kitchen cabinetry can make our mood drastically goes down.  Even a great chef will never enjoy cooking in this kitchen.

After: Sleek Kitchen

Having a sleek kitchen is everyone’s dream. This kitchen transformation will level up everyone’s mood to cook from dusk to dawn.

budget kitchen remodel before and after
Source: Makerista/Gwen Hefner/Justin Salem Meyer

Before: Indifferent Look

Just by a glance, we are already feeling tired to cook in this kitchen. Because it looks indifferent and makes people unmotivated to do things around it.

After: Trendy Look

This trendy look kitchen renovation is very impressive because the budget of this project will not be causing you bankruptcy. Even though this is an example of a cheap kitchen remodel ideas before and after, it still can show the best of it.

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The kitchen remodeling project needs to be planned thoughtfully. There are several things to consider beforehand, such as the issues of your kitchen, the cost, design ideas, and time management. Hiring a professional to help you analyze your kitchen condition will save you quite a lot of money before the unexpected problems can happen in the future. Hiring an architect and general contractor also can help you to stick to the time and budget that you are already planning. So, your dream kitchen can come true, and your kitchen remodeling experience will not overwhelm you in the future.

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