Kitchen Remodel Ideas (Multifunctional and Artsy Look Kitchen Remodel)

Kitchen Remodel Ideas – People said that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It is because the kitchen is one of the rooms in a home where people spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Especially for someone who likes to cook, bake, or do a lot of experiments in the kitchen, they need a kitchen that can accommodate them to do all of those activities. Therefore, being comfortable in the kitchen is the most crucial aspect that cannot be compromised.

A comfortable kitchen is the one that has a room layout that can urge the user to have effective and efficient flow activities. It is vital because the user of the kitchen should not quickly feel tired and stay energized when they cook. We can make a perfect kitchen layout by following its user activities when they are cooking. In general, the cooking process divided into three sequences, such as preparing, cooking, and serving. These sequences are the determiner of how is the kitchen layout needs to be remodeled.

So, if you are considering to renovate your kitchen, here are a few things that you need to consider before you do it.

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How Long Does It Take to Renovate a Kitchen?

How long does it take to renovate a kitchen?
Source: Russell J Milligan

Renovating a kitchen can be time-consuming if there is no thorough planning beforehand. The duration of it varies on the size, the budget, and how complicated the damage of the kitchen. Generally, the average time to renovate a kitchen is between 6-9 weeks. The smaller the kitchen, the faster it can be done and vice versa. However, a tiny kitchen also can take almost a year if the damage related to technical problems such as structural, plumbing, and electrical of the house. So, it is crucial to check the issues that happened in your kitchen before starting the kitchen renovation project.

Kitchen renovation also can take a lot of time if the selected materials are not available in the store. So, we need to spare more time to indent the products to the factory. The indent process itself can take around two weeks until a month, which depends on the shipping or cargo. So, if you want to complete your kitchen renovation faster, you need to plan and manage the construction time properly by considering all of those things mentioned above.

How Can I Make My Old Kitchen Look Better?

There are several ways to update your weary kitchen to look fresh and eye-catching. It varies depends on the design and the quality of materials. Try these five tips to transform your old kitchen look better.

1. Replace Appliances

How can I make my old kitchen look better?
Source: Lindsey Campbell

You can make a big difference in a kitchen by replacing some broken appliances such as stove, oven, microwave, or refrigerator. By updating one of them, it can change the vibe of your kitchen. Other than that, you can also replace the drawer or cabinet pulls to get an instant makeover of your kitchen.

2. Tone Up the Color

How can I make my old kitchen look better?
Source: Lindsey Campbell

Try to repaint your kitchen wall or cabinet with a lighter tone of color. Bright colors can make a room feels spacious and elegant. Moreover, it also can reflect the lighting and hide several imperfections in your kitchen.

3. Update Cabinet Doors

How can I make my old kitchen look better?

Most of the time, the cabinet doors are the things that can break easily in a kitchen because the user often misuses by slamming the door or do such things. You can try kitchen cabinet makeovers by updating the cabinet doors to fix the broken one as well as to ensure your kitchen still functioning very well.

4. Change the Lighting

How can I make my old kitchen look better?
Source: Lindsey Campbell

Generally, lighting is essential in a kitchen because it can create a specific kind of ambiance that we want to have in our kitchen. By changing the light and its fixture, you can refresh the nuance of your old kitchen.

5. Make It Artsy

How can I make my old kitchen look better?

Personalize your kitchen by adding artwork on the wall or any corner of the room. Don’t be afraid to be bold by placing a giant painting on the wall because art never goes wrong.

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How Much is a Average Kitchen Remodel?

The average cost of average size kitchen renovation in America is between $12,000 – $ 20,000. This cost is fluctuating depends on how luxurious the design, how good the quality of the materials, and how smart the new technology that you want to install. The lower-cost of the range can cover the cost of replacing the backsplash, changing cabinets, repaint the wall, etc. In comparison, a major renovation that costs $30,000+ usually includes flooring installation, high-end appliances, and other new features.

However, all of these costs are not including the payment of the architect and the contractor. You might consider hiring the architect who can ensure you to have a personalized kitchen to accommodate your activities. They also can help you estimate the budget and construction time from start to finish. Meanwhile, the contractor is responsible for managing workers and ensure the project is built as designed and finish on time.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas Before and After

According to Louis Sullivan’s philosophy, “form follows function,” is suitable to apply in the kitchen because it needs to accommodate the user adequately. Since it is the heart of the home, a kitchen also needs to be eye-catching and endearing to the user’s heart. With the power of creativity, the most unpleasant kitchen could be transformed into the most stylish kitchen you’ve ever seen. Need some proof? These three kitchen redesign ideas can prove it all.

kitchen remodel ideas before and after
Source: Hadley Mendelsohn and Lauren Smith

Before: Unimportant Divider

A half concrete wall that divides the living room and the kitchen is unnecessarily to be there. Rather than make the room functional, it makes the room feel cramped. The dark color of the wood flooring worsens its condition, by making it feels more crampy.

After: Spacious Contemporary Kitchen

Bright Bazaar brightens up the flooring color and transforming the divider into an island. The kitchen feels more spacious and functional than before. The new green tile backsplash and cabinets also successfully refresh the looks by giving a contemporary vibe in it. You should consider applying this method if you have the same case at your home.

kitchen remodel ideas before and after
Source: Hadley Mendelsohn and Lauren Smith

Before: Outmoded Kitchen

No one likes to be left behind, so don’t leave this kitchen as well. This ’80s-style kitchen looks so old-fashioned and needs some makeover.

After: Full of Greenery

Old Brand New manages to give this kitchen a new life. The greenery in the corner of the kitchen liven up the mood and energize the user to have a good time in this kitchen.

kitchen remodel ideas before and after
Source: Hadley Mendelsohn and Lauren Smith

Before: Archaic Kitchen

The layout of this kitchen is good enough to contain the user’s needs but not for its color. The wood color makes it feels ancient as is. It needs an updated style-wise.

After: White Shabby Chic

Elements of Style deserved a big compliment by choosing white for this kitchen. The full white color of the cabinets and the countertop express a shabby chic style that lightens up the mood of this room. The island of this kitchen also accentuates the room by adding an eat-in function, which is a good idea to be a kitchen island remodel before and after.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas on a Budget

A kitchen renovation doesn’t necessarily just for the one who has an unlimited budget. Still, it is also can be affordable for anyone. For those of you who want to redesign a kitchen without draining out the wallet, you can try these tips below:

Play with Colorful Stool

kitchen remodel ideas on a budget
Source: Sarah Shelton

Adding pops of color can lighten up the kitchen. Try to replace your old stool with the full-color one. It is an adorable, yet affordable way to enhance your kitchen island ideas on a budget.

Unique Lighting Fixture

kitchen remodel ideas on a budget
Source: Sarah Shelton

Don’t be afraid to be unique by applying a new lighting fixture on the to. It can be the new focal point of your kitchen.

Monochromatic yet Aesthetic

kitchen remodel ideas on a budget
Source: Sarah Shelton

The easiest yet affordable way to makeover your kitchen is by repainting it. Be bold and try teal for your new walls and cabinets. It can freshen up your mood in the kitchen.

Upgrade your Appliances

kitchen remodel ideas on a budget
Source: Sarah Shelton

Be creative and try to upgrade your appliances by recolor your stove with vinyl. A shade of blue in a full white kitchen looks so fresh.

Country Kitchen Remodel Ideas

country kitchen remodel ideas
Source: Village Handcrafted Cabinetry

Country style is always a good idea to apply in your kitchen redesign. It never gets old because we can mix and match with another concept. This style also represents American culture, which is essential to be preserved.

Classic Country Style

country kitchen remodel ideas
Source: Michelle Dolasinski

The wood parquet flooring combines with the classic profile detailing on cabinets creates the country nuance in this kitchen. The white marble island, which placed at the center, automatically grabs our attention. Indeed, this kitchen is a successful representative of traditional kitchen designs with islands. Well done!

The Shape of Island

country kitchen remodel ideas
Source: Ourso Designs

For those of you who need large kitchen island ideas, this kitchen shows how to do it correctly. The island is stating how to be the focal interest of the room by its shape and the lights.

Woody in Country

Wood texture never fails to represent country style. Just like how this kitchen brings out the potential of the wood to the fullest.

Modern Kitchen Remodel Ideas

The all-time favorite in the kitchen interior is modern style. This style always concerns about the function over the form, which also makes it timeless. You will never get bored with this kitchen style.

Keep Calm with Natural Color

modern kitchen remodel ideas

The color scheme of this kitchen inspired by nature, which represented by clay, brown, and creme. This natural color radiates calmness in the room. It is completing the clean-cut design applies in all of the cabinets, which accentuate the modernity of this room.

Maximize the Storage

modern kitchen remodel ideas
Source: Leicht Westchester-Greenwich

This modern kitchen looks so classy and elegant with the combination of dark grey, black, and wood texture. This kitchen has a high capacity in its storage as we can see, every corner of the room has cabinets and drawers. It is typical of modern kitchen design.

Go Monochrome!

modern kitchen remodel ideas

Modern style often does not have a lot of colors because it is more focused on its function rather than the ornamentation. However, it does not mean this kind of design neglects the aesthetic-wise. Just like this kitchen, it only uses three colors, which are clay, walnut, and brass. Somehow, these monochromatic colors work beautifully together and create warmness in this room.

Kitchen Remodel Ideas with Island

A large kitchen often has an island to complement its design. The function of the island is varied. Sometimes it is used as an eat-in area, preparation area even cooking area. It all depends on the layout of the kitchen. Here are several ideas to remodel the kitchen with an island that might inspire you.

Multifunctional Kitchen Island

kitchen remodel ideas with island
Source: Katya Grozovskaya Photography

This open kitchen maximizes the function of the island as an eat-in area as well as the cooking area. The height of the island separates those two functions. It makes activities in this kitchen flow effortlessly.

U-Shaped Kitchen Island

kitchen remodel ideas with island
Source: Victoria Highfill

The U-shaped black and white kitchen makes the island as the main interest by placing it at the center of the room. This black island is multifunctional. It is not only used as the preparation area but also use as an eat-in area. This design is suitable to be applied in your spacious kitchen.

Two in One Kitchen Island

kitchen remodel ideas with island

This kitchen is a typical urban kitchen that combined the island with a minibar. This L-shaped island has height differences according to its function. So practical!

Galley Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Galley kitchen often can be found in a studio or apartment because it can accommodate cooking activities in a narrow space. This kind of kitchen needs a compact designed that can use efficiently. Here are several methods to renovate your galley kitchen.

White Galley Kitchen

galley kitchen remodel ideas

This modern style of the galley kitchen is located in New York. This long and narrow kitchen has two parts, one of them used as a preparation area, while the other one is used as a cooking and serving area. This galley kitchen applies a bright color tone to give a spacious impression of this area.

Eclectic Galley Kitchen

galley kitchen remodel ideas
Source: Adams Kitchens

As well as the previous one, this galley kitchen also wants to make the room feels more spacious. This kitchen uses white cabinets and Carrara marble in the countertop and backsplash. An ethnic patterned carpet covers the wood flooring adds a unique vibe in this kitchen.

U-Shaped Galley Kitchen

galley kitchen remodel ideas
Source: Ferrarini & Co. Kitchens & Interiors

Mostly, like the other galley kitchens, this kitchen also uses white to make it feels more spacious. This tiny and elegant U-shaped kitchen also uses bright tone granite as its countertop and beige backsplash. This galley kitchen is worthed to be your next kitchen remodel inspiration.

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Kitchen renovation needs to be well-planning beforehand. There are a couple of things to consider, such as the problem of your kitchen, budget, design, and time. Don’t hesitate to hire a professional, such as the architect and the contractor to help you. So, your dream kitchen can be built as you want.

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