Kitchen Sink Cabinet (Galley and Minimalist Sink Cabinet)

Kitchen Sink Cabinet – Functional kitchen layouts should flow effortlessly. Kitchen cabinets are the vital part that defines a good kitchen layout. Not only for functionality, but kitchen cabinets are also the key to bring in a certain vibe visually. In kitchens, the lower cabinets are used to supports a countertop and sink.

Kitchen Sink Cabinet

The sink cabinet is one of the storage cabinets in the kitchen that is still not fully utilised yet. Many people may not really know how to make the most of the storage space in the kitchen sink cabinet. If you are still unclear on the concept of kitchen sink cabinets, don’t be sad because you are not alone. Let’s find out more about the kitchen sink cabinet through the following article.

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What Is Kitchen Sink Cabinet?

What is kitchen sink cabinet?
Source: Chris Baylor

A kitchen sink cabinet is a cabinet that is specially designed to use with a sink. It needs to support the sink’s weight as well as sparing plenty of room for plumbing. Most of the time, sink base cabinets do not have drawers for storage because it can interfere with pipes under the sink. However, these days there are many innovations of built-in storage rack under the sink.

The kitchen sink cabinet can be made of any materials such as wood, stainless steel, even concrete. The most exciting part of choosing the best kitchen sink cabinet design is when you need to determine the style and its finishing. You can play with materials, colors, and ornamentation to achieve a certain look that you prefer.

What Type Of Kitchen Sink Cabinets?

What type of kitchen sink cabinets?
Source: Lee Wallender

There are two types of cabinet sink systems: base sink cabinet and free standing sink cabinet. The base sink cabinet sits on the floor and works as a base for sink counter service, and storage. This cabinet is merely defining the kitchen floorplan. It is built-in permanently while attaching to the back wall. The free standing kitchen sink base cabinet can be either exposed legs, and the legs are covered by a toe-kick, which is usually made by wood.

What Are The Standard Size of Kitchen Cabinets?

What are standard size kitchen cabinets?
Source: Lee Wallender

The standard dimension of kitchen cabinets are usually 34 1/2 inches tall without countertop, and 35 to 36 inches tall with a countertop added. It is depending on the countertop’s material because height is pretty much flexible as long as it is comfortable for the user. 

The depth of kitchen sink cabinet is measured from the front edge of the cabinet to the wall. The standard size of kitchen cabinets is 24 inches deep, excluding countertop overhang. The overall depth, including countertop, usually 25 to 26 inches

How Do You Measure A Kitchen Sink Cabinet?

How do you measure a kitchen sink cabinet?

Measuring a kitchen sink cabinet is essential, especially if you want to update your broken sink that will fit the existing sink cutout. But if you wish to a more massive sink, you need to understand how to measure the size of your sink cabinet and the depth of the countertop. Make sure you measure it correctly to save your time and money before even buying the sink.

In order to determine kitchen sink base cabinet dimensions, we need to start by measuring the cabinet size under the sink. Do the measurement from the left outside edge to the right outside edge. This is the minimum size of your kitchen sink cabinet. The countertop depth should be measured from the front side of the cabinet to the wall. That’s exactly how to measure it. Easy peasy!

Best Kitchen Sink Cabinet Material

Choosing the best material for kitchen sink cabinet is pretty easy. The principle kitchen sink cabinet material should be durable, heavy-duty for wear and tear, as well as be able to resist moisture, and any liquid splatters. Here are several examples of the best material for your kitchen sink cabinet.

Solid Wood

best kitchen sink cabinet material
Source: Kraus

There is no doubt that solid wood is the most durable material for a kitchen sink cabinet. This material is also famous for the traditional look that it can bring in to the room. It is the perfect choice for those of you who want to pull-off rustic style with warmness touch in your kitchen.

Wood Plastic Composite Panel

best kitchen sink cabinet material
Source: Kraus

The wood-plastic composite panel is a combination of wood pulp and plastic that has been pressed as a panel. This new material is the answer to reducing wood exploitation. It offers a lower price than solid wood as well as visually pleasing to use as a kitchen sink cabinet.

High Pressured Laminated

best kitchen sink cabinet material
Source: Zuhne

High pressured laminated is the newest innovation to minimize tree logging for building construction purposes. Many people love to use it because it offers a lot of variation in terms of colors, textured, and design. You also can use it as the finishing touch of your kitchen sink cabinet because it is pretty durable and have a lower cost than solid wood.

Particle Board

best kitchen sink cabinet material
Source: Fossil Blu

Particle board is similar to layered wood or also well known as plywood. This material is a recycled woodblock that is compressed with synthetic resin. This material is quite durable for a kitchen sink cabinet. Still, it needs water repellent finishes all over the surfaces to make it works effectively.

Small Kitchen Sink Cabinet

Having a limited kitchen space doesn’t mean that you are unable to have the best kitchen cabinet for kitchen sink. You always can build a small base cabinet to support your tiny sink. Check these small kitchen sink cabinet that may be suitable to apply in your cramped kitchen.

Galley Kitchen Sink Cabinet

small kitchen sink cabinet

This galley kitchen only has 35 inches of width in between the worktops.   Right at the corner of the kitchen, there is a small sink cabinet that supported the tiny sink above it. If you have a cramped galley kitchen like this, don’t worry, there is a possibility to create a proper sink cabinet without put aside its functionality.

Farmhouse Kitchen Sink Cabinet

small kitchen sink cabinet
Source: G.W. Smith Lumber Co.

The farmhouse sink is not only for a big kitchen. You can actually use this large sink in your small kitchen. The advantage of using a farmhouse sink is, you will have relatively extensive cabinet storage below it. Just like this farmhouse sink cabinet that has two door openings for easier access to check the plumbing. Besides, you also can have more room to store dish cleanser products in it.

Small Contemporary Sink Cabinet

small kitchen sink cabinet
Source: Martens JSC

Contemporary style is focused on functionality rather than artificial ornamentation. That’s why this design style is suitable for applying to a small kitchen. Just like this small contemporary sink cabinet that looks simple yet accommodating the sink itself.

Minimalist Sink Cabinet

small kitchen sink cabinet
Source: Ardesia Design

Modern minimalist style cabinet right under the sink looks clean and edgy with linear lines as the gap between drawers and shelves. Even though it only has a narrow space for the sink cabinet, it still can afford to make two medium-size drawers for additional storage. This kitchen sink cabinet looks modest and functional at the same time.

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Corner Kitchen Sink Cabinet

Utilizing corner space in a kitchen needs some trick. You should be creative to outsmart the ineffective area to be the most useful corner side in the kitchen. So that placing a sink cabinet at the corner will be beneficial to spare some additional inches for your storage. Here is how you to apply it in your kitchen.

45-Degree Corner Sink Cabinet

corner kitchen sink cabinet
Source: Angie Keyes CKD

For some people, the corner side of the kitchen is a nightmare. Because it will decrease the efficiency of the storage space. Sometimes you can’t place any kitchen appliances if the corner is too acute. So, if you to want to make the most of the corner side in your kitchen, make sure it has at least 45-degree just like this kitchen. The 45-degree corner sink cabinet works effectively as storage as well as allowing the user to do the household tasks comfortably.

Obtuse Angle Sink Cabinet

small kitchen sink cabinet
Source: Denash

The principle of placing a sink cabinet in the corner side of the kitchen is to make sure the corner has an obtuse angle. This kitchen is the perfect example of an obtuse angle sink cabinet that allows the homeowners to wash dishes without getting hurt by the annoying acute angle countertops. Other than that, the obtuse angle also makes storage more effective and easy to access.

Flowy Corner Sink Cabinet

small kitchen sink cabinet
Source: Synergy Design & Construction

The reason to install a corner sink is to make the user’s activity, which is preparation, cooking, and serving more flowy and efficient. This kitchen shows you how to make a good flow activity by installing a sink cabinet in the corner side of the kitchen. The corner sink cabinet connects preparation and cooking area so the user can reduce foot traffic in the kitchen.

Spacious Corner Sink Cabinet

small kitchen sink cabinet
Source: Venegas and Company

If you succeed in making the most of the corner side of your kitchen, you can actually have a spacious kitchen cabinet corner sink. This kitchen literally has two large drawers that can be fully opened in case there is a problem with the sink or plumbing system. Besides, you also can have more storage for your pots and pans.

Under Sink Kitchen Cabinet

The cabinets under the kitchen sink can be a terrifying space in the kitchen. This area is often used to store old cleaning supplies, trash bags, and many unidentified objects. If it also happens in your kitchen sink, don’t let it go on in the future by applying these under sink kitchen ideas.

Recessed Under Sink Cabinet

under sink kitchen cabinet
Source: Dale Lang

Under the sink doesn’t always need not to have a full cabinet. You can also make it recessed by setting it back into the wall. This recessed sink cabinet can provide plenty of knee space, which benefited people with disabilities to do their tasks comfortably.

Under Sink Drawers

under sink kitchen cabinet
Source: Olson

Storage under the sink is not always cabinet but also can be drawers that surprisingly offer plenty of room for storage. We can stock a lot of cleansing products in this small space. But, don’t forget these drawers should be able to fully open in order to access the plumbing system when it is needed.

Pull-Out Drawers

under sink kitchen cabinet
Source: Susan Gilmore

There are many ways to make the most of the space under the sink. One of them is utilized as pull-out drawers to store dish cleansing products, tissue, even damp cloth. These drawers can fully optimize a small space under the sink.

Trash Bin Drawers

under sink kitchen cabinet
Source: Wilson & Bradley

Sink is the part of a kitchen that produces a lot of domestic waste. It is crucial to keep the sink area as clean as possible. One of the ways is to complete the under sink cabinet with trash bin drawers. Trash bin drawers right under the sink will help the homeowner to make their kitchen hygiene.

Double Sink Kitchen Cabinet

Double bowl sinks are an excellent option for a kitchen. You can be a great multitasker by using a double basin sink at the same time. You can use one bowl for meal preparation while the other one uses to rinse the dishes. Installing a twin basin also means having a double sink kitchen that will increase the storage capacity and providing more organizes storage. Check this double sink kitchen ideas that you can apply in your kitchen in the near future.

Dual Basin Sink Cabinet

double sink kitchen cabinet
Source: EMI Interior Design, Inc.

Everyone will be happy to have a spacious room for storage under the sink because every inch is valuable. Just like this double basin sink cabinet that can store a lot of things in it. The storage cabinet has two large doors that can be fully opened and accessed every inch of the space in it.

Asymmetrical Double Basin Sink Cabinet

double sink kitchen cabinet
Source: Stephani Buchman

Whether it is symmetric or asymmetric, a double basin sink will spare you a lot of space under it. The width of the cabinet needs to be wider than the sink, so the area under the sink will expand. Who would have thought that you can have a drawer and two cabinets right under the sink?

Farmhouse Double Bowl Sink Cabinet

double sink kitchen cabinet
Source: Cindy Smetana Interiors

Farmhouse double bowl sink is enormous. It takes a lot of space from the countertop to the cabinet. So, the active area of the storage will be just 2/3 of the cabinet’s total height. But it still quite useful to store a lot of things in it.

Large Twin Sink Cabinet

double sink kitchen cabinet
Source: Edward Gohlich

Equal size of a twin sink will also spare a lot of space under it.  As you can see in this large twin sink cabinet, two big drawers can be used effectively to put in a lot of things such as cleaning products, trash bin, even pots collection.

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Sink cabinets are an essential part of the kitchen to define a perfect kitchen layout. They also play a significant role in supporting the countertop and sink. Therefore, they should be functional, sturdy, and aesthetic at the same time.

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