Kitchen Sink Lighting (Best Lighting and Ideas)

Kitchen Sink Lighting – There are many ways to make the kitchen look more prominent. Either through the furniture and equipment or replace the wall paint. Not only that but now kitchen lighting design can also be a way to give a new touch to your kitchen.

Lighting not only serves to illuminate the entire kitchen, but it can also highlight one part of your kitchen. Bringing light in the kitchen sink, not only makes the room more beautiful but can facilitate your work in the kitchen, especially if your kitchen has minimal lighting.

Proper lighting can determine your mood and make it easier for you to do specific tasks. Because you spend so much time doing demanding tasks in your kitchen, you need the right lighting settings in each area. The sink is the most suitable area to be used with individual lights on it. With the proper lighting, washing dishes, rinsing vegetables, and all the other sink tasks will be more accessible.  

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What Is the Kitchen Sink Lighting?

Many people go to the kitchen, then turn on the lights and open the fridge, which already has the lighting. When you want to clean dirty dishes and wash fruits and vegetables at your kitchen sink, wouldn’t your work be more comfortable if there was light there?

Kitchen sink lighting is also known as task lighting, which is lighting that focuses on a specific area to provide targeted lighting to facilitate work in a particular place. Kitchen sinks are individual work areas that require lighting. Therefore, you need your lights to installing in your sink area.

Why Did We Need to Install Kitchen Sink Lighting?

Why Did We Need to Install Kitchen Sink Lighting?
Source : Kingston Design Remodeling

The kitchen sink is one of the busiest places in a house. From morning to night, the kitchen sink is always crowded with family members to do the washing and cleaning of food. Because of the importance, lighting is one of the kitchen element that must be considered well. Good lighting in the kitchen can help you with your kitchen chores. Moreover, it can add character to space while giving a comfortable feeling.

What is the Best Lighting for The Kitchen?

There are so many designs from the shape of the lights to the kitchen sink. When choosing a lamp design for your kitchen sink, make sure you want one that matches the style of the other rooms in your house. Selecting a similar technique can flow the same “feeling” between spaces. So, no one clashes or different styles themselves. Kitchen sink lights also have a variety of types that you can choose according to your needs. The following are the best kitchen sink lighting option that you can explore.

1. Pendant Light

What is the Best Lighting for The Kitchen?
Source : Artifact Lighting Ltd.

The pendant light is the type of lamp that is hung by a rope on the ceiling. It is much smaller compared to lighthouse and has more functional features. Although it is small, it offers a broader spectrum of light and can illuminate almost the entire room, so it is suitable for areas that require a lot of light. Pendant lights are available in various designs, sizes, and structures. They are ranging from metal to glass or even concrete or plastic.

2. Tube Light

What is the Best Lighting for The Kitchen?
Source : LineBox Studio

The light produced by a tube lamp is brighter than an incandescent bulb when installing at the same voltage because in tube light, more electrical energy converting to light energy rather than energy discharged into heat energy. The strength of a tube lamp compared to other types of lights is the efficiency it has. 

3. LEDs Light

What is the Best Lighting for The Kitchen?
Source : Super Bright LEDs

Currently, LED lights are in demand because they are relatively energy-efficient and cost-effective. Before buying an LED lamp, check the color consistency of the lighting by checking several of the same lights turned on simultaneously. Also, pay attention to the efficacy of views that usually list on the lamp packaging. Efficiency is the strength of the light falling in square meters. The recommended energy of LED lights is 75 watts/ m2. 

4. Flush Mount Light

What is the Best Lighting for The Kitchen?
Source : Historical Concepts

Flush mounted lights have several advantages, including the size of a small filament, the light source can be a point so that the light distribution is easy. The installation equipment is effortless so that you can handling it merely too. Adjust the light intensity with the help of a dimmer, so you can adjust the light brightness. Flammable and not affected by temperature and humidity. Its use is very flexible and cost-effective. 

5. Chandelier

What is the Best Lighting for The Kitchen?
Source : Tutto Interiors

By using a chandelier, you can save space usage because the laying of the chandelier itself does not require a special place. The chandelier not only function as lighting but also become a decoration that beautifies your kitchen sink. Besides having an increasingly creative form, the chandelier also helps provide maximum light. So, you also do not need to spend a lot of cost for decorating or renovating a house to get qualified lighting. 

Best Over Kitchen Sink Lighting

The homeowners begin to pay attention to useful things in their homes, including bringing task lighting in work places that need more lighting. Kitchen sink lights are one of the task  lighting that provide many functions for your home. Because of its purpose, market demand for kitchen sink lights continues to increase. Lighting manufacturers offer a large selection of kitchen sink lights with various types and sizes. We have prepared a review of 5 kitchen sink lights with the best rating below. 

1. Fiorentino Brushed Nickel Pendant Light

Best Over Kitchen Sink Lighting
Source : Linea di Liara

The Fiorentino pendant, made by Linea Liara, evoked factory lighting from the early 1900s, with exposed hardware and broken glass. A clean and classic design allows Fiorentino Pendants to be used in a variety of environments – from smooth modern transitions to warm and so on. Field adjustable cables allow up to hang up to 72 “, and incandescent lamps or necessary LED light bulbs are recommended. When used with light bulbs and dimmer switches, these glass pendants are entirely dark. The dimensions of the shade are 5-1 / 2 “x 6” in height with a 5 “round canopy and have a 72” cable that provides maximum flexibility in hanging height. It is perfect for sloping ceilings. This products get a rating of 4.5 out of 5 and offer a year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

2. GetInLight Swivel and Dimmable LED Under Cabinet Light with ETL Listed

Best Over Kitchen Sink Lighting

GetInLight Swivel Under Cabinet LEDs has a beam of light for directional light control, LEDs that operate coldly emit almost no heat in the glow of view and do not transfer heat to the cabinet. Includes detailed installation instructions that provide smoother installation — slim housing that hides well under the office, swivel design for directional light control. Frosted tempered glass diffuser removes glare even on polished granite surfaces. Installation is available by cable or plugged in, hardware kit, and cable included in the package for both methods. This product was available in several colours, such as warm white, soft white and bright white. Whit all of the advantages, this product get a rating of 4.3 out of 5 on

3. LNC Pendant Lighting

Best Over Kitchen Sink Lighting
Source : LNC

This product cost you $ 42.96 with high-quality metal that is durable with an average consumer satisfaction of 2 years. With broad applications, this mini pendant lamp fits perfectly on the ceiling over a dining table, kitchen sink, even as a bedroom nightstands. The length of the hanger strap can adjust from 10 “to 59”. If you are interested in getting a product with a rating of 4.7 out of 5, the package you will receive includes all hardware installations for quick and easy installation.

4. LALUZ Industrial Mini Pendant Lighting 

Best Over Kitchen Sink Lighting
Source : LALUZ

LALUZ Industrial Mini Pendant Lighting is perfect for you fans of industrial, vintage and farmhouse styles because the look of this single lamp includes a silver metal cage that brushed smooth and elegant geometrically. With 4 round canopies of 7 “diameter, fixture size: 4. 7″ x 7. 9 ” and cable size 59 “, this product has ideal dimensions for a variety of room sizes. Products with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 also designed to dim when you are using a switch dimmer so you can control the desired brightness. To get this exclusive product, you have to prepare a budget of $ 59.99. 

5. Lithonia Lighting FMFL 30840 CAML 4000K WH 4-Foot LED Linear Flush Moun

Best Over Kitchen Sink Lighting
Source : Lithonia Lighting

With a length of 48 inches, Lithonia Lighting provides lighting that brings bright and even lights to any room or application. Not only in the kitchen sink, but this product can also be used almost anywhere in the kitchen, offices and corridors to bedrooms, cupboards and work areas. Prolehan rating 3.6 out of 5 of these products equipped with durable LEDs that designed to last 50,000 hours or 23 years when used every day for 6 hours/day. A product that is perfect for those of you who do not have more budget in replacing the kitchen sink lights regularly. 

Best Lighting Kitchen Sink With Window

Basically, the lights on the kitchen sink function are to increase lighting in the work area, especially in places where there is less lighting. If you have a kitchen sink near a window with good natural lighting, it doesn’t mean you don’t need a kitchen sink light. In this case, the lamp functions as a light at night or can function as a decoration. We have reviewed 5 of the best kitchen sink lighting with windows that can be your reference.

1. KingSo Industrial Metal Cage Ceiling Light

Best Lighting Kitchen Sink With Window
Source : KingSo

KingSo Industrial Metal Cage Ceiling Light is a sophisticated product. This product able to work well with E26 base LED bulbs, incandescent bulbs, and smart WIFI bulbs. LED bulbs and incandescent light bulbs can dim with additional dimmer switches. You don’t need a dimmer switch if you use WIFI Smart bulb, which can be controlled by phone, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. The diameter is 8.7 inches in diameter, 8.3 inches in height, 2.1 pounds in weight made of high-quality iron alloys, and the lamp holder made of heat-resistant ceramics. This $ 29.55 product gets a rating of 4.2 out of 5, with other advantages that can bring you back to feel the 19th century and early 20th century at your home.

2. Westinghouse Lighting 6105400 One-Light Indoor Mini Pendant, Hammered Copper Finish, Bronze

Best Lighting Kitchen Sink With Window
Source : Westinghouse Lighting

The Westinghouse one-light hammered copper indoor mini pendant is ideal for adding textural interest to any space. This $ 52.03 product has a height of 62-1 / 4 inches, a diameter of 5-15/16 inches, a cable length of 50 inches making this product can mount on a sloped ceiling. You can hang it in your entryway for welcoming illumination, in the dining room as a distinctive focal point, or in the kitchen for task lighting. If you are interested in having a product rated 4.5 out of 5, the manufacturer offers a five-year limited warranty against material damage.

3. Black Pendant Lighting 3-Light Kitchen

Best Lighting Kitchen Sink With Window
Source : EE Eleven Master

Retro-style lovers, raise your hand! EE Eleven Master Black Pendant Lighting 3-Light Kitchen is the product you are looking for. You are equipped with antique cages with three lights, creating a relaxed retro atmosphere for the kitchen island, kitchen sink, bar, dining room to the office. With easy installation, so you don’t need to assemble it, just hang it up and you can start enjoying the romance and comfort that results from this 4.6 rating product. For $ 55.99, you can have an adjustable product that adjusts the height of the candlestick according to the height of your home.

4. Mini Glass Pendant Lighting 1 Light Chrome Chandeliers

Best Lighting Kitchen Sink With Window
Source : PAPAYA

PAPAYA always comes with the best rating product, one of which is PAPAYA Mini Glass Pendant Lighting 1 Light Chrome Chandeliers. With a rating of 4.8 out of 5, this product is perfect for kitchen lights, bedrooms, kitchen sinks and dining room lamps. Easy installation and only takes 5 minutes to instal. With a body size Lamp 9 “x 3” x 9 “and 59-inch cable, this mini chandelier will provide the maximum hanging height that you want. 

5. YASURO Vintage Brass Glass Ceiling Light Fixture, Diamond Shape Vintage Ceiling Lighting

Best Lighting Kitchen Sink With Window
Source : YISURO

For you, luxury lovers, YASURO Vintage Diamond Shape Vintage Ceiling Lighting is everything you want. A ceiling light design inspired by diamonds. Each piece of glass is an elegant brass structure that produces the effect of light like a diamond that shines under the sun. This $ 96.99 product is a reasonable price for the luxury of vintage style offered. Each piece of glass is inserted individually by a skilled craftsman.

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Kitchen Sink Pendant Lighting Ideas

Pendant lighting for kitchen sink is trendy because it is a source of task lighting for your kitchen that offers functions and shapes. With many choices of styles, kitchen sink pendant lights shine with beauty and practicality. Pendant lights come in all shapes, styles and sizes that you can find through your favourite e-commerce. The following are the best pendant lighting ideas for the kitchen sink that you can explore before buying the one that suits you.

1. Kitchen Sink Pendant Lighting for Farmhouse Kitchen

Kitchen Sink Pendant Lighting Ideas
Source : Rauser Design

The traditional element of the farmhouse kitchen blends perfectly with the modern touch of double pendant lighting. It can be an inspiration for over sink lighting for kitchen sink for those of you who have a kitchen sink near the window.

2. Kitchen Sink Pendant Lighthing for Rustic Kitchen

Kitchen Sink Pendant Lighting Ideas
Source : Damian Farrell Design Group

The homeowner did the right thing by adding pendant antique kitchen sink lighting in his rustic kitchen. This simple kitchen has a strong character with the addition of appropriate and functional decoration, such as two pendant lamps and an antique table lamp above the countertops.

3. Kitchen Sink Pendant Lighthing for Contemporary Kitchen

Kitchen Sink Pendant Lighting Ideas
Source : Fitzgerald Construction

Pendant lights are very appropriate if used in the kitchen with classic or vintage themes, but that does not mean you can not use them in the kitchen with a modern or contemporary theme. The right colour and material selection of pendant lights can make your modern kitchen look perfect. Use metal or neutral colours to match the colour of your kitchen sink. 

4. Kitchen Sink Pendant Lighthing for Beach-style Kitchen

Kitchen Sink Pendant Lighting Ideas
Source : Whitten Architects

Imagine if you could enjoy the atmosphere on the beach every day while you were working in your kitchen sink. You can present it by applying beach-style to your kitchen. Pendant lights can support the appearance of your beach-style kitchen. Choose a pendant lamp with a size that is not a too high and straightforward design. 

5. Kitchen Sink Pendant Lighthing for Industrial Kitchen

Kitchen Sink Pendant Lighting Ideas
Source : Jane Kim Design

For industrial-themed kitchens, pendant lights always play the right role. The simplicity that is the main character of a pendant lamp fits perfectly with the industrial spirit. If you are interested in using pendant lights for kitchen sinks in your industrial kitchen, you should choose a simple and not too flashy design. 

Above Kitchen Sink Lighting

Kitchen sinks can be placed in several locations according to the needs and tastes of homeowners. However, what often becomes their choice is to place the kitchen sink light above. Above sink kitchen lighting becoming so popular because it is more efficient and has a broad lighting coverage. If you are interested in installing kitchen sink lighting above, you will probably need the following reference.

Above Kitchen Sink Pendant Light

Above Kitchen Sink Lighting
Source : Purdy O’Gwynn Architects

Pendant lights are always the first choice when talking about above kitchen sink lighting, because of its design that requires it to be mounted hanging above. Various types and plans offered by pendant lights can also meet the needs of homeowners. 

Above Kitchen Sink Flush Mount Light

Above Kitchen Sink Lighting
Source : Arch Design, Inc

The best thing about flush-mounted lights is flexibility. They work well in any types of  interiors. They can also be a solution for kitchen sink areas with low ceilings. Flush mount light also comes in various types and sizes that can match your need

Above Kitchen Sink Tube Light

Above Kitchen Sink Lighting

Tube lighting comes in a variety of sizes that you can customize with your kitchen sink design. Tube lighting offers the efficiencies that you cannot find in other types of lighting. You can install it on the ceiling even between your kitchen shelves. 

Above Kitchen Sink LED’s Light

Above Kitchen Sink Lighting
Source : Mother Hubbard’s Kitchens

The best choice for colourful kitchen sink lighting is LEDs. They come in a variety of colours to meet the needs of your eccentric soul. LEDs are also energy efficient and easy to find. With a cheerful kitchen look, working in a kitchen sink won’t be boring.

Above Kitchen Sink Halogen Light

Above Kitchen Sink Lighting
Source : Kim Duffin for Sublime Luxury Kitchens & Bathrooms

Halogen light is the best choice in a room with sufficient lighting, because they provide the closest estimate of natural light, known as “white light”. Although the price is quite high compared to other types of lamps, halogen light are very energy efficient. It will be the right choice to apply in an eco-friendly kitchen.

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Organizing the kitchen is not just determining the wall design or the floor. Determining the type of lighting must be carefully thought out, especially in the kitchen sink that is always busy, so it requires extra attention.  Kitchen sink lighting now comes with various types that make it easy for you to choose one. The bright impression of the kitchen sink from the use of task light will make your work in the kitchen faster, cleaner and more enjoyable.

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