Modern Kitchen Ideas (Small, Galley, Kitchen Island Ideas)

Modern Kitchen Ideas. Mostly agree that every room in the house can have its value and make the home more attractive than before. The kitchen, as part of the house, has its value, and it is easy to create. With many choices of style, homeowners will not feel limited in the ideas; one of the ideas is the modern kitchen. Modern kitchen design has its touch for the kitchen. It has an elegant and classy touch for the kitchen.

The concept of the modern kitchen becomes popular in these recent days. It is famous for a clean and bright look in the kitchen. You can combine some colors in the kitchen and not limited in a particular color. Every element in the modern kitchen also supports the kitchen to be like owners want. You already have an old-style kitchen but want a modern too? Don’t worry because the modern kitchen can mix with another style, for example, a rustic kitchen style. Just take a look below to find more ideas in the modern kitchen design.

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What Is Modern Kitchen?

Modern design makes a lot of differences rather than before, and sometimes it is hard to define. In terms of the modern kitchen, it has some differences from the traditional kitchen. A modern kitchen has a chic and trendy touch, full of artwork, efficient, and fashionable. Net, the shape used in the modern kitchen, is also different. In a traditional kitchen, you may find curves and organic shapes dominated the kitchen, but in the modern kitchen, you can find sharp, straight lines, and block shapes that covered the kitchen. Furthermore, the modern kitchen will have smart appliances with handleless. It can create a clean and tidy look in the kitchen.

How Can I Make My Kitchen Look Modern?

modern kitchen tiles backsplash ideas

You probably agree that a kitchen is a special place because it’s where you prepare a meal, bake cake and snack for your family. As it is special, you must change your kitchen look to make it far from boredom. If you have a usual kitchen, you can do some changing to make it looks modern. Here are some suggestions for having a modern look for the kitchen.

Repaint Your Cabinetry

You don’t need to replace appliances, but repaint it; you can make a change into a modern look. Try a new fresh paint in your cabinets. The wooden cabinet used to be a dark touch, and repaint it with some glossy white as for modern touch.

Add Flowers

A simple touch you can do is by placing some flowers in your kitchen. A flower can make your kitchen feeling fresh. The choice of the flower will be various. Tall flowers like cherry blossoms or dogwood can create a natural tone. It is like you bring the outside to your kitchen room. For the elegant touch, the potted orchid can do it for you.

Update the Appliances

If you have more money to spend on improving the kitchen, replacing appliances is the option. With stainless steel appliances, you can have a brand-new kitchen. Not only that, but modern appliances also can create a long term used in years. Stainless steel is also a high-quality appliance that very useful for the kitchen.

What Are Modern Kitchen Colors?

Don’t underestimate the color scheme because it can create any touch for the kitchen. In many years, the white colors have dominated the kitchen because it makes a clean look and airy appearance. But, for the modern kitchen color ideas, there are many colors you can use that still make the kitchen fresh and create a particular personality.

White and Red, Blue

modern farmhouse kitchen ideas

The light color, like blue, is the key to modern color. Blue and red combinations make a modern and mature tone in the kitchen. Further, the simple touch of white makes happiness into your kitchen.

Black and Poppy Orange

modern kitchen valance ideas

This color scheme may look classic but still can make a modern look. The orange used in the cabinets looks contrast with the black wall and create a fresh touch. The contrasty makes a lifetime tone in the kitchen.

Blue and Green

kitchen curtain ideas modern

The natural color will easily remember with blue and green. Both color, blue and green, create an energetic and attractive feeling in the kitchen. With the combination of wood, steel, and concrete, make the coloring well blended.

Sea Blue and Wooden

minecraft modern kitchen ideas

If you want to have a beach tone in the kitchen can bring this combination. The aqua blue an make a warm tone for the kitchen. Then, the wood appears to balance the coloring and remain you are in the kitchen.

Colorblocked in Blue, Violet, and Green

kitchen curtains ideas modern

You can use a certain color to block another color and make a particular tone. The blue, aqua, in the tile, create the water illusion, and green in the cabinet makes the pop up in the kitchen. Then, violet comes to create a youth feeling in the kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

A kitchen can be a form of all-white style or in many colors, but the modern kitchen can stand in a sleek and trendy style. You can make a modern kitchen from the natural tone or go with a luxury one. It doesn’t matter what style you choose; a modern kitchen will keep stunning feeling for you.

All-white Modern Kitchen

rustic modern kitchen ideas
Astro Design Centre

Since it dominated by white, the kitchen creates a sleek and stunning feeling here. You will not think to leave the kitchen with this design and enjoy your cooking. The big island is the sign for no need table and can be an excellent place for hosting guests.

Mid-century Modern Kitchen

modern kitchen cabinet hardware ideas
Design Group Three

Even in the small room, the blue, white, and wood combination has a stunning effect in this modern kitchen. White countertops create a neat touch, and stainless appliances are the sign for the modern. With blue, warm, and fresh feeling surround the kitchen.

Banker’s Hill Modern Kitchen

modern kitchen decorating ideas
Hamilton-Gray Design, Inc.

In the day, this kitchen has natural light from the ceiling, windows, and retractable door. The material and appliances used in this kitchen harmonize well to create a simple yet spacious room. Further, another modern touch is in the chandelier and recessed light that installed in the ceiling.

Contemporary Modern Kitchen

modern kitchen remodel ideas
building Lab, inc.

In this U-shaped kitchen, the gray floor and wooden cabinets work perfectly to create a natural tone for modern contemporary kitchen ideas. A touch of white in the ceiling, table, and countertops remind you to be tidy and clean in this kitchen. You will not need any light in the day because the glass near the countertops provide the way sunlight comes in.

Modern Kitchen Island Ideas

Mostly a modern kitchen will come with a wide space and stainless steel appliances. The big area gives a spacious element like an island to be the center of the kitchen. You do everything for the island and give it touch as the modern kitchen would be.

Mini Modern Kitchen Island with Wheels

modern kitchen flooring ideas
Dan Nelson, Designs Northwest Architects

Even it is a small island, but it still is the center of the kitchen. The island seems working as a preparing and serving area. You can have chit-chat while cooking with friends or family on the island.

Black Modern Kitchen Island

modern small kitchen design ideas
Park City Design Build

In this kitchen, the island is the only area for eating. With some stools, it can also host some guests and feeling welcome there. Black and wooden touch on the island fit with stainless steel appliances.

Glossy Modern Kitchen Island

modern kitchen island lighting ideas
Tammara Stroud Design

Just finished with brilliant green and quartz countertops, the island seems to be the main view of the kitchen. The big size is also spacious in touch and entertains the owners. You can put some centerpieces on the island like floral and fruits as the natural touch.

Modern Kitchen Island with Bookcase

modern kitchen remodeling ideas
Lloyd Architects

The island is the place for cooking since it has a built-in stove. You can cook and serve the meal directly in this wide island. Another unique touch of the island is the bookcase. Put some magazines and recipe menu there for your cooking reference. Having some centerpieces also is an excellent idea to be on the modern kitchen island.

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

You will not forget the traditional cabinets with the holders as the kitchen elements. But for the modern kitchen, the cabinets also have changed, especially with fewer holders. The modern kitchen cabinets can be a clean, streamlined, and giving a fresh feeling into the kitchen.

Dark Wood Modern Kitchen Cabinets

modern kitchen color ideas
RI Kitchen & Bath

Even with wood material, the cabinets have a modern touch after painted with black. Even with the holder, the stainless holders create simple and elegant at the same time. The color reflects perfectly natural light from the windows.

White Modern Kitchen Cabinets

modern outdoor kitchen ideas
Custom Design & Construction

A white is the identity of minimalist, and the white cabinets on this kitchen do it. Sleek and modern come through the cabinets. It matches with white countertops.

Flat panels Modern Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen modern ideas
Kropat Interior Design

Even in the small kitchen, you can still have modern kitchen cabinets. The kitchen brightens with green countertops and black cabinets that make a contrast scheme of the color. Even though the cabinets always give a modern touch to build up the kitchen.

Modern Small Kitchen Ideas

In the limited space of the kitchen maybe bring some problems for you. You want to use and save space, but at the same time, you want an aesthetic kitchen that fits with your style and gives impact when cooking. In the modern kitchen, the small space is not a big problem anymore; there is always a fantastic way to make your small kitchen outstanding.

Modern Galley Kitchen

modern contemporary kitchen ideas
Penny Drue Baird, Dessins LLC

A galley kitchen always sticks with small space of the kitchen, and this galley, green color, and white-dominated make a difference in the modern style. Flat-panel cabinet and stainless steel appliances are the sign of the modern look of modern galley kitchen design ideas. The chandelier in the kitchen brings a luxury tone in the kitchen.

Modern Small Kitchen in Apartment

mid century modern kitchen design ideas
Mahogany Builders

This kitchen is a style of modern life with an apartment. You can bring this idea for your apartment and have a warm tone in the kitchen. The red color in the backsplash light up the simple style of the kitchen.

Small U-shaped Modern Kitchen

modern kitchen curtains ideas
Williams Cabinets

Colored with white, the luxury and clean rise in this kitchen. You can add some colors to the appliances and arts on the wall. Even used wood flooring, the kitchen still in the trendy style.

Wooden Modern Small Kitchen

modern open plan kitchen ideas
Neuhaus Design Architecture, P.C.

This small kitchen will not be lightless because the entryway provides a natural light to come. Set your spices on the open shelf with glass containers that can make a tidy look. You will enjoy the cooking here as a fresh tone from wooden cabinets and floors.

Modern Rustic Kitchen Ideas

The modern kitchen is a flexible style that can mix with some styles of the kitchen. Most homeowners look for modern and unique decor ideas, so you can make it by having a modern rustic kitchen. You can bring the natural beauty of the rustic into the modern kitchen and make your kitchen outstanding.

Open Concept Modern Rustic Kitchen

modern kitchen floor tiles ideas
Good Life New England

The rustic here is on the wooden floor and stool that used. Further, the white color makes a fabulous style in this kitchen. The pendant lightings will lighten up the kitchen in the lovely dinner.

Seacoast Modern Rustic Kitchen

new modern kitchen ideas
Patty Kennedy Interiors, LLC

Feel the freshness in this small kitchen through natural light on the windows. Stainless steel appliances and flat-panel cabinets are the modern way the kitchen has. You will not feel bored in this beautiful modern rustic kitchen.

L-shaped Modern Rustic Kitchen

modern kitchen floor tile ideas
Atelier 329 inc.

In this kitchen, you can feel the real mixed feeling from a modern and rustic style. The wooden pillar and floor bring you in the old days. But the white countertops and stainless appliances remain you in the modern era.

Urban Modern Rustic Kitchen

modern kitchen ideas 2019
Aubrey Veva Design

With multicolored floor and blue cabinets can make you feel alive in this kitchen. Your guests will enjoy their time while in this kitchen. Unique stools and ceiling are another satisfaction for the stylish modern kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Pendant Lighting Ideas

The kitchen is the place where family gatherings and can hold some events there. For the critical element, the kitchen lighting could be the top list. Lighting in the busy room can help you to prepare the best meal. One of the options for lighting is pendant lighting. Pendant lightings can give you space to show your taste and style by their material, size, and shape design.

Modern Kitchen Pendant Lighting with transparent Hood

modern galley kitchen design ideas
Jordan Iverson Signature Homes

Calm and welcoming are in this kitchen since it has good lighting. The three pendants there make another tone for the kitchen. Just like natural things shine over the kitchen.

Transparent Bulb Modern Kitchen Pendant Lighting

modern kitchen colours ideas
We Got Lites

Something different is in the kitchen when you enter the room. The transparent bulb catches your attention and makes your kitchen lighter in the night. The color of the light brings warmness to the kitchen.

Unique Glass Modern Kitchen Pendant Lighting

modern grey kitchen ideas
Cindy Aplanalp & Chairma Design Group

From the color and appliances, the kitchen is already modern with wooden flooring. One item that adds to more modern is the big pendant lighting. The spacious size feels welcoming and trendy.

Modern Kitchen Flooring Ideas

You must work hard on the kitchen flooring because it must not ruin your kitchen style. Even in the modern form, wood flooring still can be an option because of the tidy and neat tone in the kitchen. For more kitchen flooring ideas, let’s take a look here some of them.

Dark Wood Modern Kitchen Flooring

modern traditional kitchen ideas
Haus Interior Design

White on the upper and black in the bottom is a great combination you can make like this kitchen. The dark floor supports the modern open plan kitchen ideas. Like said before, it makes your kitchen tidier with a sleek surface.

White Ceramic Modern Kitchen Flooring

modern kitchen ideas with island
Stoneham Kitchens

All white kitchen always brings a sleek and tidy atmosphere. The floor is a ceramic material, which is a durable one. With the big square, it fits with the size of the drawer on the cabinetry.

Concrete Modern Kitchen Flooring

modern kitchen wall decor ideas
LA Dwelling

If you have a light color for the upper kitchen, just come with dark items on the lower part. Even it makes a big difference, the contrast of color create a new tone for the kitchen just like this kitchen.


Right now, you have some ideas to make your kitchen look modern. You don’t need to remodel all the kitchen items, but you can start with flooring, cabinets, or appliances used. Not only that, the color schemes used can be more powerful to change your kitchen. Then, we need to remember that every kitchen must have a working triangle, including a modern kitchen style. Last but not least, don’t be afraid to try new or mix styles in the modern kitchen because no one knows, perhaps, it will new resource for new modern kitchen ideas.

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