Outdoor Kitchen Ideas (Rustic and Small Outdoor Kitchen)

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas. Having a meal outside is pretty satisfied, while the weather is getting hot and windy. You don’t need doing that by going to the city park, but it can be at home by having an outdoor kitchen. Why? Because you can prepare and eat your meal in the outdoor kitchen accompanied by sunny weather and stars.

An outdoor kitchen is one of the ideas in using our backyard. Some people can get confused about how to use a spacious backyard. In the outdoor kitchen, you can have bars, seating areas, cabinetry, and grills that complete your day of cooking. But if you have a small space, an outdoor kitchen can work with preparing areas and counters as an eating spot.

Further, an outdoor kitchen may be risky with the appliances so that you can choose the durable and long-lasting appliances. If you want to have a permanent outdoor kitchen that can use in any weather and season, you can build roofs to cover the kitchen. Just take a look here, find the ideas for the outdoor kitchen.

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What Is An Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

On the hot days, like summer, the weather will be sweltering. People tend to have a day out rather than being at home. Ice cream will be the most satisfying meal to have in that situation. In terms of food, working in the kitchen while hot days is bothersome. Our home can be sweltering because of the heat from our cooking, and the energy used will be more than usual. We can solve this kind of situation by having an outdoor kitchen.

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Just like the usual kitchen, an outdoor kitchen is a place for cooking, preparing foods, and the placed out of our house. You would have a stove, oven, or cooktop on the outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen design usually uses by the Mediterranean family. It is like a habit to see this kitchen there. Nowadays, many homeowners have an outdoor kitchen in their backyard. They like this to enjoy the happiness of having cooking outside and seem to have an investment through this kitchen style.

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Pros and Cons of Outdoor Kitchen

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An outdoor kitchen is no more an option while in the summer, but it becomes a new style of the kitchen. People prefer to have this kitchen style because it offers a clean and warm touch for the home. Before you decide to have an outdoor kitchen, you must consider some detail considerations that you need to know.

Pros: Increase Value of The Home

The first benefit of having an outdoor kitchen is the high price. You may spend much money on the making of the outdoor kitchen, but when you sell the property, you will get it back and even more. As long as it is beautiful, an outdoor kitchen will always be an exciting investment.

Pros: Creating Entertainment Area

Because of it placed outside the house, the outdoor kitchen an have a wide area in the backyard and can gather many guests. It means that you will not feel worried anymore since you can entertain people comfortably. You can add the guests’ comfort by having patio heaters and some music.

Pros: Keeping Out the Smoke

Some of the food ingredients will make some smell in the kitchen, like fish. It will not happen if you have an outdoor kitchen. The smoke will stay outside, and your house still smells good. It seems simple but essential to keep your home smell good to impress the guest.

Cons: It spends Much Money

It is undeniable that an outdoor kitchen costs money. You will need durable appliances and cabinetry because it will be outside. Further, building a room with a wall and roof because of location and weather may be another plan to have for an outdoor kitchen, and it all spends money.

Cons: Weather Conditions

If you don’t build a roof for the outdoor kitchen, you might not enjoy the outdoor kitchen because of the change in the weather. Then, you may need to make a weather shield for the winter. It takes a cost and time of yours.

Cost: Your Appliances is Accessible for Thief

You can have expensive appliances in the outdoor kitchen, and it might invite people to damage or steal the property. It is very riskful. Further, you may have another guest, animals, that seek for heat in particular weather. You need to avoid and prevent your kitchen from such unexpected guests.

Are Outdoor Kitchens Worth the Money?

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You can have expensive appliances in the outdoor kitchen, and it might invite people to damage or steal the property. It is very riskful. Further, you may have another guest, animals, that seek for heat in particular weather. You need to avoid and prevent your kitchen from such unexpected guests.

How Big Should An Outdoor Kitchen be?

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Before thinking about how big an outdoor kitchen is, you should remember that an outdoor kitchen must be functional as an indoor kitchen. You will need to design some spaces for cooking, preparing, eating, and socializing. From those spaces, you also should set a working triangle as every kitchen must-have. In every appliance, like the refrigerator, sink, etc., you have on the kitchen, must have at least 16 inches countertop space between them. Further, try to have the countertop height in 36 inches, table height about 0 inches, and 3 – 4 feet of working counter space. However, the size of your appliances will determine how big your outdoor kitchen.

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Most people would agree that rustic style will always last forever and fit in any style of the kitchen, including an outdoor kitchen. With the best budget you have, a rustic outdoor kitchen will work well in your house. Don’t worry about the budget of the furniture; because of the durability, you can use rustic furniture in years and put it inside the house.

Hill Country Rustic Outdoor Kitchen

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Rustico Tile and Stone

It will bring you back to the past with the brick and fireplace on country outdoor kitchen ideas. The floor has its color that will bring old style and clean touch. You can cook here as well as having a chit-chat with family on the kitchen table. The upper construction adds comfort to your outdoor kitchen.

Contemporary Rustic Outdoor Kitchen

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Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet

The granite floor looks unset well, but it is the touch of rustic style. Mostly used wood furniture like cherrywood tables and cabinets make the outdoor kitchen prettier. With the pendant lighting, you will enjoy the weather on the day and star in the night.

Antique Outdoor Kitchen

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Banner’s Cabinets

Even with the stainless oven, it doesn’t make the rustic touch disappear. The big pillars that surround the area make the kitchen expensive. Need to notice here is the ceiling style. The design is hot and welcoming.

Modern Rustic Outdoor Kitchen

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Augusta Homes

Even placed on the back, the kitchen makes a broad view of the eyes. With the island and some seats, make the kitchen area for gathering. The industrial pendant makes a simple and elegant touch for the kitchen. This design can be a reference for modern outdoor kitchen ideas.

DIY Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

You cannot avoid that outdoor kitchen is very pricy, but you can cut it by having your touch to build an outdoor kitchen. There so many things you can do by yourself in the outdoor kitchen. Some of the items may cost more and take time, but all the DIY is cheaper than buying it. You can make something from the reclaimed wood and other other. To be creative to make it your outdoor kitchen.

DIY Fireplace Outdoor Kitchen

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Backyard Flare, LLC

The backyard space contains some great DIY touch like flooring, fireplace, and grill. With your touch, it creates a rustic view over the kitchen. Don’t limit yourself with usual design, the stone veneer and grill create such a great structure in the outdoor kitchen.

DIY Luxury Outdoor Kitchen

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You can create a luxury tone even by DIY working, and this is the proof. You can set the rich like this to create another touch. Also, it takes more time, but the result will satisfy you and the guest. Enjoy the weather through this DIY work.

DIY Workspace Outdoor Kitchen

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Big Ridge Outdoor Kitchens, LLC

Put this on DIY workspace and bar on one side of your outdoor kitchen. You can have a split bar that offers you seating area to serve and entertain yourself and family. Even it is big, but the set is easy to assemble.

Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

A small area of the backyard will not limit your creativity and making fun of things there. Just try to have an outdoor kitchen there, and find happiness. It is merely advisable with portable appliances in the small outdoor kitchen could make a new touch. Need to know, in the small space, you need to be more creative to find a suitable design for an outdoor kitchen.

Small Outdoor Kitchen between Garage and House

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Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

You can change your small space between garage and house building into a great outdoor kitchen. This space is attractive and functional in the outdoor kitchen. You can have summer cooks with a built-in grill and countertops in the kitchen.

Small Patio Outdoor Kitchen

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K&N Sales

You have a small patio left in the house; make it as the outdoor kitchen will be impressive. The stainless steel appliances are great, combining with stone countertops. Even it is small, but still worth using it as a cooking and eating area.

Traditional Small Outdoor Kitchen

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Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet

Just only with grill, fireplace, and weather-tight cabinetry is enough to make a pretty traditional outdoor kitchen. This kitchen is for gathering family and friends. Further, it is the model of BBQ outdoor kitchen ideas. A great deal is in this style.

Traditional Small Patio Outdoor Kitchen

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Garden Lights Landscape and Pool Development Inc.

Within a line space, you can have a fireplace, grill, and preparing area in the outdoor kitchen. The design of the fireplace indicates a traditional touch. Add some seats to enjoy a fireplace in the night would be great.

Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Ideas

It is something overwhelming when choosing the appliances and exterior for an outdoor kitchen.  You must think about the durability of the surface; one of them is outdoor kitchen countertops. Most homeowners use granite, concrete, and tile for their outdoor countertops. Each material has a different level of maintenance because most of the countertops need periodic sealing. Let’s see some countertops for outdoor kitchen ideas.

Concrete Kitchen Outdoor Countertops

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Boyce Design and Contracting

Concrete countertops are a durable material, but when installing it, you must be careful because it is easy to crack. Combined with the wood cabinetry, the brown countertop looks simple and has pretty touched.

Granite Kitchen Outdoor Countertops

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Fredman Design Group

In this quite big outdoor kitchen, the countertops bring elegant tone. Modern but natural seem the concept of the house and match with the outdoor kitchen design. The harmony works perfectly with wooden cabinetry and white countertops.

Stone Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

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Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design

The countertops and the brickwork together to build an old and elegant touch. Not only for the preparation, but this countertop also fit to use as an eating area. Your guest will be satisfied to be there because of the warm atmosphere.

Wooden Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

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Rick Schwarz

Even with the wooden countertops, the material is still strong to use an outdoor kitchen. The color of the wood and other elements support each other to create a warm atmosphere. This kitchen will suit in handling party.

Outdoor Kitchen Sink Ideas

A sink in the outdoor kitchen is an essential element alongside with built-in stove and grill. Mostly sink material used is stainless steel because it’s weather-resistant. The same as an indoor kitchen, you can do washing on the outdoor kitchen sink. Don’t forget about the work triangle that needs the sink as one of the elements.

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Sink

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Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet

The outdoor kitchen finished and surrounded in wooden and stone. The sink made by the stone that makes it old style. You can wash the dishes or spoons on the sink as well as works as usual.

Built-in Outdoor Kitchen Sink

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Hochuli Design & Remodeling Team

The sink placed in the middle of the grill and preparing the area. It looks a good idea of putting because it can make an effective working. You can have a chit-chat with family while washing and will not get bored there.

Mediterranean Outdoor Kitchen Sink

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Kitchen Interiors, LLC

Covered with granite countertops, it is a wide sink with the elegant touch. The faucet is simple but brings you a memory. There is another sink under the cabinet that allows you to have some washing there.

Outdoor Kitchen Bar Ideas

Having a bar in the outdoor kitchen seems interesting since an outdoor kitchen provides a gathering area there. There may be some bar design. If you have a small space like a patio, a flexible one like a bar cart on a caster will be the choice. A usual bar will include a sink, beverage, and glass storage; you need to have options to make it balance in the outdoor kitchen.

Mini Outdoor Kitchen Bar

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Stone Selex

You can see the two tones in this bar. The bar covered with a quartzite stone panel that makes it simple and elegant. You can ask your friend to gather here on any day of the week.

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Bar

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Schubat Contracting and Renovations

The rustic or vintage style is surrounding this place since it has a brick and wooden elements. With the bar there, having a conversation is something right. The pendant lighting and seating support the bar to have day o night gatherings.

Contemporary Outdoor Kitchen and Bars

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Dell Landscaping Inc.

The bar and the kitchen separated each other. But it doesn’t make less feeling in this outdoor kitchen. You can walk over from the kitchen to the bar and have some conversation along with walking.

Wood Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Wood can create some atmosphere while used in the kitchen. You can get a modern and minimalist atmosphere in this material. Further, the natural feeling is the first impression we get from wood. When wood comes to an outdoor kitchen, it will be interesting. The earthy feel appears with natural air and makes a stand out outdoor kitchen.

Rustic Patio Wood Outdoor Kitchen

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Having this outdoor wood kitchen under the roof could make the wind come slowly to you. Even with a few kitchen appliances, but this area is perfect for gathering the family. Holding a party in this outdoor wood kitchen is not a bad idea.

Wooden Outdoor Kitchen Cabinetry

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LMB Interiors

The 2-line worktops are in the kitchen. The cabinetry made by wood that brings a warm and simple touch. The wood has weather-resistant features that guarantee a long used.

Mid-sized Wood Outdoor Kitchen

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Humphrey Munson

With the classic design, the wooden outdoor kitchen still suits in the modern era. The outdoor kitchen uses Iroko wood and combines with stainless steel appliances that create a long-lasting used. Even it is simple; the outdoor kitchen creates balances with the wooden touch.


Have you got an idea for your outdoor kitchen? Having an outdoor kitchen can be joyful than an indoor kitchen. With the wide area of working, you will not feel your movement is limited. Need to remember, the outdoor kitchen also requires a work triangle like an indoor kitchen to make a practical kitchen. Furthermore, find the best material that suits your style for an outdoor kitchen. However, an outdoor kitchen is a new of your investment.

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