Outdoor Planter Ideas

A house without plants will look empty and unnatural, especially in the warmer season. Imagine walking around your house yard while looking at all of those beautiful plants, and it must be lovely. In contrast, it would be boring only to see the road and building.

Freshen the outdoor view with flowers or shrubs can create a better atmosphere. It is excellent for the outdoor house decoration and to fill the empty spaces. Additionally, using a lovely planter for plants will give appropriate space for growing it. Besides, it can beautify the outdoor house area and produce fresh air. 

However, the right arrangement for plants is essential too. That is why we need planters to provide a place where the plants grow properly. Moreover, picking suitable planters is necessary to get the one that suits your house. Therefore, if you plan to decorate your house surroundings with beautiful planters, here we provide some essential ideas and great designs.

What are the Best Plants for Outdoor Pots?

Container planting is a way to decorate your backyard or front side house. It is easy and saves so much space in your yard. Moreover, growing colorful flowers and pick a great planter will increase a stunning look. Whereas, some plants are not suitable to grow in a container. Therefore, these are several colorful plants and new varieties that can adorn your house and best for your outdoor pots.

  1. Coral Bells

Some of us also know this plant as Heuchera. It is part of the perennial plant that grows well in pots. Also, its leaves come in colorful shades, from peach to dark burgundy. In summer, some little flowers grow in this plant, and they arch over the mounded foliage.

2. Begonia

Most varieties of this plant grow well in containers. It appears in many variations of leaf shapes and colorful flowers, from white to orange. If you decide to get one, consider to plant them in a hanging basket or mixed container that has a good water circulation.

3. Angelonia

Since this plant is heat-tolerant, you might hear people called it as summer snapdragon. It comes in deep-purple, mauves, pinks, a combination of purple and blue, white, and many others. To get a beautiful blend of plants in one pot, you can try to mix angelonia with trailing herbs.

4. Coleus

Butterflies, hummingbirds, and even bees love this plant. It has so many varieties of colors and drought-tolerant.

5. Euphorbia

Even in heat and drought, this plant always stays tough and have a good condition. It has wispy leaves and tiny white flowers that are great to grow in mixed pots.

6. Ornamental Pepper

Although this plant is tiny, it looks excellent to grow in a container with its texture and color. It also has some small fruits that mature from black to red. However, the fruit is super hot and should keep away from kids and pets.

7. Nemesia

In winter, this plant has its tiny flower that grows in a bright color. Those colors include cranberry, orange, pink, purple, white, and yellow. For your outdoor house decoration, you can use mixed containers with a vertical accent.

8. Hydrangea

As we said earlier, shrubs are great for outdoor decoration too. This one called hydrangea, and it mostly blooms in white or pink. Then, it will turn to purple, green, and other shade combinations. 

9. Roses

Besides landscape planting, roses are great to grow in a pot too. Some of its new varieties are disease resistant and don’t need special care. You can plant it in decorative pots to increase its lovely appearance.

10. Pansies and Violas

A combination of pansies and violas are suitable for containers or ground covers. These plants grow well in spring and fall with beautiful blooms that come in single and multi-colors. Try to plant them in one color or mixed them with other varieties of blooming plants.

What can you use as a planter?

Growing green plants or flowers to fill the outdoor space give a splendid view, especially with a lovely planter. There are so many things around the house that we can use as a plant container. Whether it is new or used stuff, both are great to use. Therefore, use your creativity and take a look at these simple things to use for container gardening.

1. Teacups

Pick a small plant that can fit in the cup, such as succulents. Besides, it doesn’t grow fast and always stays on the same size. 

2. Crates

Crates that made of wood or metal are great for home decor. It looks rustic and artistic. Also, it’s better to keep the dirt inside the crate and line it with plastic so that you can fill it with moss.

3. Cans

Some cans are perfect to use as a container, such as tin can, watering can, coffee can, or paint can. You can remove its label, wash it clean, and then dry it. Some of them are great for hanging planters with few holes in the bottom for drainage.

4. Glass jars

Planting in a glass jar allows us to watch the roots grow inside it. This beautiful view makes this jar becomes one of the best planters that we can find at home.

5. Baskets

Placing basket as a planter under the covered patio is perfect, especially with colorful annual flowers. Before pouring the dirt into the basket, make sure you are lining it with plastic so that it can moisturize well.

6. Vases

Besides cut flowers, vases also useful to use as a planter. Similar to a glass jar, this one even let us watch the roots grow inside it through the clear glass.

7. Crock

Cactus is suitable to grow on a crock. Nonetheless, another combination of plants like succulents are great to grow in here, but it requires a bigger crock to get the right arrangement. 

8. Toilets

Although unique and unusual, using a toilet as a pot plant is very functional. Don’t forget to clean and paint it so that later you can add dirt and grow some colorful flowers.

9. Steins

Beer stein provides a vintage and unique look. You can try growing aloe vera inside it and put it as a fabulous outdoor decoration.

10. Strainer

It is common to use sieve or strainer as a plant container. Both indoor or outdoor is suitable for it, as long as you line it with plastic.

11. Shoe organizer

A shoe organizer completed with some pouches that you can fill with dirt and herb plants. Also, it would be fascinating if you hook it on the garden gate or hang it indoor.

12. Wooden boxes

Affordable but still can create a beautiful look for outdoor areas are the things provided by wooden boxes. You can stay with the original look or paint it to increase a unique look.

13. Fishbowl

Turning a fishbowl into a plant container will create an aesthetic look. We can see the plant through the glass, and it grows well since the bowl is large enough.

14. Boots

Unused rain boots can be useful to grow plants too. You need to add dirt, and later it will turn as a unique container. 

15. Burlap sack

Instead of throwing the extra sack away, fill it with dirt, and plant something. Besides, a burlap sack provides excellent drainage and gives an industrial touch to your garden.

Outdoor Wooden Planter Ideas

Wooden planter provides a simple and rustic look to your garden. It is easy to find whether you want to purchase or build it with your hands. Moreover, this material is environmentally friendly and suitable to put outdoor. Here are several ideas to create wooden planters for your outdoor house decoration. 

1. Simple Planter

Providing this small planter on your backyard can fill the space with fresh plants. It looks adorable as a standing planter and easy to move anywhere.

2. A Fresh Bush

A wood box with a large capacity is perfect for growing bush. This one appears in a low and simple shape. You can put it near the wall or on the corner of your outdoor area.

3. Container Crops

A long container like this is perfect for planting many kinds of flowers in one place. It provides a beautiful view of those colorful blooms.

4. Portable Garden

A long rectangular box like this is suitable to use as a planter. It is excellent to arrange on a patio and filled with a combination of green plants.

5. Beautiful Plant

A wooden container is suitable to paint in white. It looks great combined with green plants, mainly if the box builds in a more extended size.

Modern Outdoor Planter Ideas

Some people love a planter that has a contemporary look instead of the one that has a traditional and rustic style. It represents today’s era and provides an inviting model. Thus, to help you choose them, let us have a look at these modern and unique container gardening ideas.

1. The Newest Design of Planter

A round planter like this one looks trendy and modern. With its newest design, it doesn’t take so much space and easy to organized, whether indoor or outdoor.

2. White Beautiful Scheme

As a part of outdoor furniture, this planter is suitable for bigger plants. It shows an up-to-date design and covered in white.

3. Interesting garden

Standing planters like these boxes give a luxurious look to your patio. It provides a small room between the plant container and the ground.

4. Thought of Industrial planter

Although this planter looks like a bowl, It can decorate your house beautifully with its industrial style. Moreover, growing a small plant on it would give an attractive and aesthetic look for your garden.

5. Delicious Look in Public

A public place needs a pot with greens too. It freshens the air and avoids a dry scene on the road. You can choose a planter like this one that has a stylish design and doesn’t take so much space.

Outdoor Flower Planter Ideas

Choosing specific planters for flowers are essential since blooms and leaves have different look and treatment. Furthermore, selecting a particular shape and color that suit the flowers should never be left behind. Therefore, these are our selection of planter for flowers that you can adopt for your outdoor house decorations.

1. Nice Flower Decoration

A hanging planter looks astonishing with colorful blooms. This one made of rattan as its first material so that it can flow down quickly once the owner is watering it.

2. Commercial Outdoor Planter

Colorful flowers often come in spring and fall. They look great to plant in these stone containers. Besides, these planters are strong and durable.

3. Lifestyle Flower of London

Wall planter is great for outdoor decoration, especially with small flowers. It welcomes everyone before they enter the house.

4. Combination of Awesome Decoration

Saving more space by using this planter is a great idea. It includes several pots that can grow with many types of flowers. Besides, the more colorful the blooms, the more beautiful this planter becomes.

5. Fresh View

Using bright color teacup as a planter will create a new view. It suits well with flowers with soft and bright colors such as white or yellow.

Large Outdoor Planter Ideas

Growing as many plants as you can is great as long as it plants in the right place. It means that a large planter is needed, especially if the outdoor area is quite large. However, picking the right outdoor planter is quite tricky. Therefore, if you have this problem, take a look at these large outdoor planter ideas below.

1. Ideas for building a garden

An industrial patio looks fantastic and natural with these plants around it. There is a wall planter that covered the outdoor area and creates a private place. Moreover, the owner builds one with big size in the middle of the deck.

2. cool outdoor planter

Using these contemporary planters to separate the pool and the deck is a fantastic idea. It is waterproof and can stay in every season with any conditions.

3. Big and Great Land

A big planter in a large backyard offers an exquisite view. This big and weatherproof planter is perfect to put outdoor. It will welcome the guests elegantly and provides enough space for the plants.

4. Cute Scenery in Melbourne

Creating a barrier by using these garden beds is very functional. Besides, it gives adorable scenery and allows us to enjoy the fresh air below the sunshine.

5. Landscape Planter

Installing this landscape planter in a walking area is a perfect choice. It is very functional as a planter and seating because of its rectangular shape. Also, the planter is weatherproof, so that it is suitable to build outdoor.

Creative Outdoor Planter Ideas

Unique and innovative planter designs often draw so much attention from so many people. It offers an alluring and exclusive look to your land. If you are interested in having one, you might want to try these designs below. Now, let us find these creative ideas for an outdoor planter that will brighten your home.

1. Innovation of Planting Crops

Decorating a front porch with flowery plants and these planters offer a significant change. With some different models, these planters decorate the house based on its style.

2. Succulent Shoes

Old shoes that don’t fit your feet anymore can function well as planters. Try to grow succulents and put them as an outdoor table decoration.

3. Classical Pot

Get a traditional and rustic style from this DIY container. It made of wood material that is easy to find around the yard. You only have to arrange them in a circle and patch them to its base.

4. Planter of Brick

Plant succulents or other plants on a brick create a unique and rustic look. Besides, it can increase your creativity in mixing and choosing the plants to grow in it.

5. Love Decoration

A lovely pot with letters like this looks adorable to put outdoor. It is excellent to plant with succulents and other small plants.


In conclusion, choosing the right and suitable outdoor planter is essential to make your house look attractive. Moreover, don’t forget to pick a particular flower that ideal with the pot so that there won’t be an unbalance view between the blooms and planter.  Thus, from all of the ideas above, choose the one that fits your house design and taste.

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