How to Easily Grow Spinach in Garden

Spinach is a superfood that contains a lot of vitamins, nutritions, and antioxidants. It has dark green leaves that are great for cooking or as the main salad ingredients. There are some health benefits that we can get from consuming spinach, including lowering the risk of cancer, improving blood glucose control, and also supplying minerals … Read more

Small Kitchen Sink (Best Small Glossy Kitchen Sink)

Small Kitchen Sink – Arranging a limited kitchen space is a challenge. We need to make sure that activities in the kitchen, such as meal preparation, cooking, dining, even cleaning, are fully accommodated in a small kitchen space. In order to do installing small and compact appliances and utensils to accommodate our needs is a … Read more

Corner Kitchen Sink (Pros, Cons and Ideas)

Corner Kitchen Sink – The sink has an essential role at home. Especially as a place to clean things, such as kitchen equipment or just washing hands and face to brush teeth. No wonder the sink is usually placed in the kitchen or bathroom. Apart from the functional aspect, there is something you need to … Read more

Best Kitchen Sink Soap Dispenser Ideas & Design

Kitchen Sink Soap Dispenser. The working triangle is the basic concept of the kitchen, and the sink is one of them. It means that a sink is a central place in the kitchen. However, the sink close to the water and soap because you do washing on it. So, a soap dispenser must be available … Read more

Outdoor Planter Ideas

A house without plants will look empty and unnatural, especially in the warmer season. Imagine walking around your house yard while looking at all of those beautiful plants, and it must be lovely. In contrast, it would be boring only to see the road and building. Freshen the outdoor view with flowers or shrubs can … Read more

Country Kitchen Ideas (Oldy Cute and Elegant Vintage)

Country Kitchen Ideas – Country style is literally “still a thing” even up until this era. This style is timeless and perfectly suitable for kitchen design. Many people love it because of the warmth, comfortableness, and cozy vibes that it offers. Besides, there are many kinds of country kitchen styles available in the store. Those … Read more

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas (Modern, Rustic and Farmhouse)

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas – When you start to renovate the kitchen, besides thinking about the kitchen set, we also have to think about the wall material around the cooking area. The panel on the back of the stove and cooking preparation area is commonly called a backsplash. The back panel or backsplash, now has become … Read more