Raised Bed Garden Ideas (with easy tips and tricks)

Raised Bed Garden Ideas – Basically, raising the soil level for gardening serves for certain purposes. To begin with, its barrier helps preventing the flood to wreck the harvest. This would be useful in particular areas with high rainfall intensity.

With its depth, raised bed garden usually provides better drainage. Moreover, raised garden bed keeps plant away from soil contamination. Using new, fertilized soil on top layers reduce the risk of food poisoning probability in urban gardening.

In addition, raising the soil level at its typical height simplify the gardeners to maintain the garden. Maintaining and harvesting garden usually take much time. Gardeners, mainly adult ones, often suffer from low-back pain from prolonged bending over when gardening. Therefore, many gardeners choose raised bed garden for this reason.

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How To Build Raised Garden Bed?

raised bed garden
image source: syonpress.com

The notion of a raised garden bed is piling up soil in an enclosed rectangular frame. It resembles plant container but with neither top nor bottom side. Mostly, the height is about 11’’. Typically it is perfect for planting small batch of vegetables.

Select the material for the frame

Firstly, make sure the material is safe. The rest should be considering the durability of the material. Most commonly used material is lumber. Nowadays store-bought lumbers are already processed to avoid rotting and safe for growing edibles. Other raised garden bed materials ideas are using boulders, bricks or concrete.

Get the yard ready

The lawn should be free of any grass or weeds. Simply put a sheet of tarp or anything that could cover up the grass and wait for at least a month before you lift up the cover. The grass should be dead and it is easier to remove them by then. Afterwards, loosen up the soil. Dig up the top layer and mix them with the layer of soil underneath. This step improves the rooting to produce high quality garden.

Build the frame

Measure up how big the raised bed will be. Find a location to place the raised bed according to how much sunlight the plants of your choice will need. Generally, raised beds have 4 feet width, and the length varies to the preferable layout. Then, how deep should a raised bed garden be? It is usually not smaller than 6 inches. Avoid uneven heights by firstly placing timber stakes at each corner. The stakes should be at the same level above the ground.

Heap up the soil

Lastly, the good soil combination for raised bed consists of new topsoil, compost and organic matters such as peat moss or shredded leaves. Nourish the soil so it is rich in nutrients by adding composted cow manure. When the weather is hot, notably on summer, cover the soil with mulch or straw to retain moist on the soil so it will not dry too quickly.

What Are The Best Vegetables To Grow in A Raised Bed?

raised bed garden
image source: in.news.yahoo.com

Some regular choices of vegetables to grow in a raised bed including salad greens, such as kale, lettuce, arugula, and spinach. However, kale needs extra cold frame covering to shield the plants since kale grows well in cold temperature. Raised bed garden is great to protect the plants from being wrecked by ground pets, particularly dogs. Thus the greens are safe and the gardeners are free from the mess dogs usually made just like in ground soil.

Other choices of vegetables are vines or plants that need to be supported to grow upward, like tomatoes and cucumbers. The gardeners only need to create four-poster in each corner for tomatoes or a trellis for the cucumbers so the plants can grow well. Furthermore, as raised garden bed has rather loose soil, it is also suitable to grow certain roots and tuber plants well and harvest them easily. For instance are carrots, radishes, parsnips, potatoes, and beets.

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What Is The Best Way To Water A Raised Bed Garden?

raised bed garden
image source: wagnergreenhouses.com

When watering a raised bed garden, ensure that the soil is properly watered, not the plant. Owing to the depth of soil, the roots may spread deeper underground. Improperly watered soil will cause the the plants to grow unhealthy. Under-watering plants show signs such as slow growth, weak branch, withering or curled leaves with some even fallen.

Meanwhile, over-watering the soil also provoke problems to the plants. Soil that is constantly damp, decaying roots, discoloration of new leaves indicates over-watering plants. Therefore, the gardeners should find the right balance of not under-watering or over-watering.

Then, how often should I water my raised garden? Pay attention on each plants’ watering needs, the weather, and the moisture level of the soil. Gardeners usually use soil probe to check the soil moisture. Furthermore, water the plants in the morning because plants effectively absorbs hydration in the morning. Otherwise, the plants will be prone to diseases and pests by watering at night.

DIY Raised Garden Bed Ideas

raised bed garden
image source: fineveto.com

The appeal of raised garden bed is how it makes the grounds look neat. The frame of raised garden bed simultaneously defines the shape of the garden itself. Thus at the same time, it designs the pathway for the gardeners to stroll in the garden.

Backyard Raised Garden Bed

raised bed garden
image source: freedsgn.com

Rectangular garden easily creates orderly raised garden bed layout ideas. This garden utilizes angled raised garden bed to shape an inner rectangle. Thus, it enhance the definition of the garden. The owner optimize the garden space by placing a hexagonal raised bed in the center.

Raised Bed Flower Garden

raised bed garden
image source: Conte & Conte, LLC

Tulips are quite a scene-stealer for a raised bed flower garden ideas. The owners made the raised bed somehow to also suitable for vegetables for the rest of the year. Using cedarwoods is best option for a classical look in a garden. Furthermore, the garden gravels cover the ground for a whimsical neat view.

Raised Vegetable Garden Bed

raised bed garden
image source: Artemesia Landscape Architecture

Cool-season gardening is including planting kale, beets and carrots in the raised garden bed. In addition, a shaft and a piece of plastic sheet cover the kale from any hail or frost in winter. Thus, this one of raised vegetable garden bed ideas provide fresh supply for the season.

Raised Bed Herb Garden

raised bed garden
image source: Aloe Designs

Raised bed herb garden ideas are impeccable backyard patch. Sage, chives and mint are perennials plant ideas for the garden. Meanwhile, this multi-level bed allows the gardeners to plant other stuffs, such as salad greens and red lettuce as shown. The notable bamboo trellis provides vines like beans to thrive in the garden.

DIY Raised Bed Rural Garden Ideas

raised bed garden
image source: Luci.D Interiors

This raised garden bed consists of overlaid bricks to border the soil in full sun area. The gardener plants shallow root vegetables and herbs separately. Prominently, tunnels of pipe and mesh over the plants is clever idea to protect them from intrusive animals.

Inexpensive Raised Garden Bed Ideas

It is true that high quality materials are relatively not cheap, such as using cedarwoods which naturally have high durability. However, if you are new to gardening, it is alright to keep it low cost for starter. It also works for other people who just moved in. Moving to a new home already cost much expenses. Hence these cheap raised garden bed ideas is worth to consider as it suppresses any more expenses.

Simple Raised Garden Bed

raised bed garden
image source: dachdev.com

For the people who just started gardening the first time, sizes don’t matter. They might also don’t take into account about how much harvest the garden provide. These simple, 3-feet width easy raised garden bed ideas only manage to give just a fair amount. Nevertheless, they does give a sense of vibrancy for the house.

Pallet Raised Garden Bed

raised bed garden
image source: hngdiy.com

Talking about cheap raised garden bed ideas, it doesn’t mean to neglect the artistic sense of the garden. This idea utilize old, unused, pallets we easily find in farmers’ market to hold soil and grow plants. Furthermore, combined with raised garden bed irrigation ideas, it allows automatic watering by using pipe in the pallet’s gap.

Wine Box Raised Garden Bed

raised bed garden
image source: hostel-jelica.info

Generally, by covering the ground in the garden with mulch serves low maintenance feature. Therefore, the gardeners don’t have to worry about making time to pull out weeds in the garden. The wooden frame simply hold the plants and make barrier to the ground. The raised beds lay long in parallel creating illusion of wider garden.

Recycled Bottle Raised Garden Bed

raised bed garden
image source: minervasyte.info

This garden combines cinder blocks and old glass bottles repurposed as a wide raised bed. Recycled raised garden bed ideas help reduce the amount of household wastes. Particularly this glass bottles waste as a craft for the garden. Consequently, the garden is built low-cost yet a one-of-a-kind appeal in the neighbourhood.

Corrugated Metal Sheet Raised Garden Bed

raised bed garden
image source: pinterest.dk

Build a DIY raised bed using several sheets of galvanized corrugated metal. Typically, corrugated metal is not costly and easy to handle. The gardeners firstly need to build the four posted frame in advance. Then, it is up to the gardeners whether to put the metal sheet inside or outside the frame. Lastly, heap the soil up for planting.

Unique Raised Garden Bed Ideas

A raised garden bed presents its unique sense in diverse forms. The diversity ranges from material being used to the concept of design. Thus, its flexibility in design allows the gardener to customize their own raised garden bed however unique they possibly want.

Cinder Block Raised Garden Bed

raised bed garden
image source: Pinterest.se

Homeowners can try to stack up cinder blocks a raised garden bed fence ideas alongside with metal mesh fence. The mesh fence and the cinder blocks border the garden from the outside area, as well as being an edging garden. It is space-efficient, unique and less expensive.

Circular Raised Garden Bed

raised bed garden
image source: mikalclay.com

Circle garden bed is unusual. Therefore, creating one can be the centerpiece in the garden. This circular raised bed also feature multi-level bed where the top bed grows deep root plants like lavender. Meanwhile, the bottom grows the small, shallow roots, plants.

Stone Raised Garden Bed Ideas

Instead of timber, stone raised garden bed also works with boulders. It seems rural yet more natural. The challenge, though, is how to style it to look effortlessly gorgeous through different sizes and shapes of boulders. Yet the stones should hold the soil at the same height.

Stone-wall Raised Garden Bed

raised bed garden
image source: pinterest.pt

The wall of the raised garden bed is overlaying stone bricks.The garden is square by 4 feet width for growing vegetables such as green and red lettuce. Basically it is best to use stone bricks to prevent skewed raised bed because stone bricks tend to have level surfaces.

Deconstructed Stone Raised Garden Bed

raised bed garden
image source: wikiwand.com

The gardener intentionally wants the raised garden to look natural with stacking boulders as the garden bed. In result, the gardener prefers the raised bed to look as if it is deconstructed. However, it looks like a higher sense or garden art because the technicality to build it is more difficult. This raised bed is typical for a rock garden.

Stacked Bradstone Raised Garden Bed

raised bed garden
image source: Nicolock Paving Stones and Retaining Walls

The owner plants tomatoes in a raised garden bed made with stacked bradstone. The depth of the garden bed is approximately 3 feet. Remarkably, it is a fair depth to support an additional pole which also support the tomatoes stalk.

Concrete Raised Garden Bed

Other than woods, concrete raised garden beds is another thing to consider in a garden. It is gaining popularity in modern building. However, concrete increases the pH level of soil overtime, so the owner should check any significant changes on the plants. Nevertheless, it has certain appeal in contemporary building that no other material can provide.

Industrial Raised Garden Bed

raised bed garden
image source: Better Landscape

The natural color of concrete with its smooth surface is the finished look for an industrial style garden. The dry bed below consist of tiny gravels that gives texture to the garden. Furthermore, the raised bed is also built on the edges of the garden to give more definition the garden.

Concrete Wall Raised Garden Bed

raised bed garden
image source: Daniel Shea

This backyard garden serves relaxing area outdoor. The raised bed is in industrial style that creates somewhat natural atmosphere instead. Although the height is rather unusual, but it is meant to define the area and give privacy to the space.

Contemporary Raised Garden Bed

raised bed garden
image source: dtwsot.info

This is an exceptional idea of concrete raised bed. It has bench attached to the concrete wall so the gardeners can sit while maintaining the plants. The bench is also a place for the visitor to sit while admiring the backyard.

Cross Tiered Vegetable Garden

raised bed garden
image source: decoredo.com

The lower bed is framed in concrete box. However the gardener uses recycled desk to be elevated raised bed planter. This planter is suitable for keeping the seedlings of plant before they are big enough to be transplanted.

Rustic Themed Patio Garden

Rustic theme is timeless. Generally, it gives cozy vibes and blends well with natural elements. It adopts warmth and humbly comfort, thus it is usually best for relaxation area in the house.

Brick Raised Garden Bed Edging Patio

raised bed garden
image source: Jeffrey Erb Landscape Design

This patio states a vintage style in rustic decoration theme. For instance, the use of red bricks for the wall and for the raised bed. Also, a pair of rustic garden chair that complements the garden. Hence, it is simple yet appealing.

Rustic Covered Raised Garden Bed

raised bed garden
image source: Carson Douglas Landscape Architecture

It is a very relaxing atmosphere in the patio with the selection of mild colors. The woods for the raised bed have their natural color. Notably, the cover of the raised bed is the same wood and can be open for aeration.

Creative Raised Garden Bed Ideas

These ideas are additional to the garden. Each has its own unique characteristic worth considering to decorate the garden. As human’s creativity knows no limit, there might be chances to expand the concept of raised bed garden a little further.

Attached Shutters to Protect Plants From Cold

raised bed garden
image source: frameitall.com

Usually, gardeners only plant each garden bed with one type of plants. This garden rather mix the plants in one box. Flowers work best in this condition as it is vibrant in colors. Mixing flowers in a box is visually pleasing in a garden.

Moveable Raised Garden Bed

raised bed garden
image source: pinterest.ca

This raised garden bed is actually pretty simple. The soil is only at the same level with the lower box. The gardeners then let the plants grow. However, when the plants at the corner is quite high, add another box in cross position. Lastly, when the center plants has grown pretty high, add the last, smallest box on the top.

Tyre Raised Garden Bed DIY

raised bed garden
image source: emilysfrugaltips.com

This garden recycle tyres to use as a raised bed planter. Basically it is still suitable for roots and tuber plants. For instance, growing parsnips, carrots and radishes. Without a doubt, it is affordable, easy to find and unique to grow plants.

Coffee Table Raised Garden Bed

raised bed garden
image source: emilysfrugaltips.com

The elevated raised garden bed utilizes unused coffee table as a planter. The concept is to grow flowers from a wooden table, it almost seems like it is sprouting from the table. Hence it is remarkable to try and place in a corner of an outdoor space.

Built-in Raised Garden Bed

raised bed garden
image source: newe.changeofheartbook.com

The prominent appeal in this idea is that it combines the garden bed and bench. Therefore, it serves as gardening space as well as decorative to a landscape. It saves space and simply beautiful.


In summary, raised garden bed is beneficial for growing healthier plants. Moreover, not only the plants, but also less pain on the gardener’s back. The design of the raised garden bed is various. Many ideas including different materials and concept can be customized as one’s preferences. Raised garden bed is not only purposed for gardening, but its appearance also an artistic sense in the yard.

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