Rustic Kitchen Ideas (Rustic Design of Lighting, Cabinets, and Floor)

Rustic Kitchen Ideas. A rustic kitchen brings charm and warm feeling on it. For making a cozy touch in the kitchen, you can begin decor it with wood and painted cabinet is the idea which comes along with rustic style. Adding with stone flooring and farm table or kitchen will make it complete. A rustic kitchen theme ideas can also bring a joyful and casual inviting for any guests. The home feels, could compatible with any home decor in the city, even the countryside. 

Searching what the best for the kitchen is a good deal. With the natural element in the rustic kitchen, you would feel that your kitchen always invites you to come. Add the decoration and other appliances, make you think that rustic ideas for the kitchen are right. Here, you will find some items that relate to rustic and maybe your reference in building a new kitchen.

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What Is Kitchen Rustic Style?

Most people known rustic is a simple and fashionable yet old design. Dominated with natural materials, such as wood, stone, and metal, rustic becomes one of the long-lasting styles that you can use. Further, a rustic kitchen style is famous for its many cabinets in the room.

Kind of wood usually uses in this style, for example, cedar, knotty pine, and hickory. The type of woods can give some unique touch to the kitchen as they have their characteristics. You can have a beautiful tone in rustic by putting appliances behind the panel as most homeowners do. It can make an all through the kitchen. Having metal equipment and traditional lighting can add prettiness in the rustic kitchen style.

Another characteristic of rustic style is the color used. Rustic tends to use natural color. Some may think that nature will be like brown and cream, but there is more. The shade of red, blue, and red also part of the rustic kitchen color ideas. The main point of rustic style is the warmth. If you can create a warm and natural touch on the rustic style, there will not be a limitation for the color used. Further, the color always relates to furniture and accessories. If it is difficult to find an appropriate one, white color can be the best solution as white could fit into most of the style.

Cost to Make A Rustic Kitchen

Installing a new kitchen can bring you in a confused condition because there are many things that must consider. You can find kitchen units depends on your needs. It may be a way to see what the best for you. The cost of installing a kitchen included a rustic kitchen, which can be various. The factors like the kitchen’s specifications will bring a price to you. Here are some items in the rustic kitchen as your consideration to cost it.

Rustic Faucet

rustic kitchen ceiling ideas

You cannot deny a single item like faucet in your rustic kitchen. This item will add a traditional look to your kitchen. Even though it looks old, but it will fit in a nowadays used in the kitchen. This faucet costs about $45.99 on the online mart.

Granit Rustic Sink

rustic kitchen ideas pictures

After the faucet, it will not complete if you don’t have the rustic sink. Usually, the sink material is granite. Fink this granite sink to complement the decor of your washing area. It will cost about $199 – $250 for a sink. The price will not be high for an extraordinary kitchen style.

Rustic Light Fixture

rustic kitchen bar ideas

Another item that can be your consideration is the lighting. In old-style, chandeliers or pendant lighting can be a good idea. Wood material is always part of the rustic, and find this on the light. Buy this one on the price of about $249 – $267 for the lighting and bulb. However, you can add and find other items on the online mart as your choices.

Is Rustic the Same As Farmhouse?

It might be debatable to define what both rustic and farmhouse are. Both rustic and farmhouses are the same as describing a traditional style. If you search on the internet, you can find the combination of rustic and farmhouse style. That is normal because of the sibling always together. The difference that they have is from the feeling of the style. Rustic tends to have a more natural look than a farmhouse style. Sometimes, the unfinished touch can be in rustic style. For the farmhouse, you can find a smoother feel and lighter look than rustic style. Another difference can be challenging to find as they always stand side by side. However, combining the two styles is a good idea.

Rustic Kitchen Island Ideas

You can start a decor to your rustic kitchen with an island. A kitchen island may be an essential item that you must not leave in the rustic style. The look of a rustic kitchen island can serve you an area that lovely and feel alive. There are many variants of the rustic kitchen island, which make your kitchen fashionable.

Wood Countertops Rustic Kitchen Island

rustic kitchen theme ideas
Edgell Building, Inc.

This rustic style brings you back at any time of the past. Dominated with brown color cabinet and wood floor look cozy yet simple rustic kitchen ideas. A kitchen island is a center here. With the light color of the kitchen countertops give a different touch here. The dark wood has a significant impact on your kitchen.

Marble Countertop Rustic Kitchen Island

rustic kitchen ideas pinterest
Stoddard Construction & Design Inc.

Marble is one of the elements of traditional and classic kitchen countertops. The marble is something special paired with wooden cabinets and lower part of the island. You create a clean and rustic style in your kitchen. The marble countertops are also suitable for eating space purposes.

Double Rustic Kitchen Island

rustic outdoor kitchen ideas on a budget
Timberlake Custom Homes

Something unique is here with two islands on the big rustic kitchen. It would be an idea for you who have a large space but need another new and different. The light wooden countertops in the islands help a light touch that linking to the white cabinets.

Rustic Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Rustic lighting can define as the vintage feel on it. The open design can bring a glow effect in the kitchen. Further, the light can create a welcoming tone to your rustic kitchen. It is the most crucial item in a specific room.

Round Wooden Chandelier

modern rustic kitchen design ideas

The combination of metal and mood on the light invite simple touch but an attractive thing. It is best to have bright lighting and decoration. This light might be quite big round shape, but with three bulbs inside the cage design, you only need one hanging over your kitchen ceiling.

Multiple Pendant Light

rustic chic kitchen ideas

This pendant is another idea for your rustic kitchen lighting. Multiple pendants hang on the wood and give an aesthetic style. It is a perfect light for your kitchen island or even your kitchen. Install this and have bright lighting. With different lengths of the pendant, invite your eyes when coming to the kitchen.

Industrial Metal Lighting

rustic country kitchen decorating ideas

You will not need any chain or rope to apply this light; it can directly stick to your ceiling or wall. The metal material is another way to have a simple and classic in your rustic kitchen. With the LED bulb, it looks like the right combination with current items on the rustic kitchen.

Rustic Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Backsplashes can change the look of the kitchen. Not only that, but the backslash also can change the feel of the kitchen. If you want to renovate your kitchen, finding a difference, having a backsplash must put in your list. For the rustic backsplash, it can invite the country and homey feeling. Just try these rustic kitchen backsplashes.

Multicolored Backsplash

rustic kitchen countertop ideas
Dura Supreme Cabinetry

Wooden and dark colors dominate the room. Upper wood cabinets and the backsplash fill each other. Even it said multicolored, but the backsplash still has a neutral color that is the identity of rustic style. It is, maybe, the proper backsplash with a stove on the counter because easy to clean and bring the spotless look.

Beige Backsplash

rustic ideas for kitchen
The Furniture Guild

Having a granite for backsplash would help you to keep clean your cooking area. The granite with characteristic easy to clean help you a lot. Besides, the cream color can match in the rustic style. This idea can bring a simple yet sophisticated tone in your kitchen.

Brown Backsplash

rustic country kitchen backsplash ideas
Terra Firma Custom Homes

Another backsplash idea for you is this brown with ornament backsplash. Having the natural ornament adds elegant and natural to your kitchen. It might raise your feeling to cook because homey and welcoming.

Rustic Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

There are many ideas about kitchen decoration right now, and rustic offers something else for you. Rustic styles could be a great blend between country and farmhouse decorations. That style brings new inventions in colors, textures, and forms in the kitchen, including the kitchen cabinet. Take a look here for some beautiful rustic kitchen cabinet ideas.

Wood Distressed Kitchen Cabinet

rustic kitchen table centerpiece ideas
Dura Supreme Cabinetry

As known that wood is the characteristic of the rustic style. This large kitchen needs a warm atmosphere and has it from the color of the cabinets. The cabinets have a different touch of finishing and make such a pretty effect to the room. You can find the difference in the island cabinets and wall cabinets.

Recessed-panel Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

rustic kitchen paint ideas
Diana Paul Design

You can find some different colors in this kitchen. The style suit the newly built lake house. Made by wood, the cabinet can have colors: green, white, and brown. The colors’ combination makes sunlight welcoming you and warm your kitchen.

Cherry Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

rustic cottage kitchen ideas
HomeTech Renovations, Inc.

In this kitchen design, all the elements combined perfectly to make a family gathering space. The cherry cabinet and floor create a bold statement of a beautiful area in the house. Further, the cherry cabinets bring a visual interest as the center part.

Crestwood Rustic Kitchen Cabinet

rustic farm kitchen ideas
Dura Supreme Cabinetry

A thoughtful balance of the Crestwood invites the style of the construction. With this wood, you can remake your kitchen with limitless creativity and beautify your kitchen details. The color of the cabinets looks perfect on the white wall domination.

Rustic Kitchen Floor Ideas

You must want to create a joyful kitchen design from the ceiling to the floor. You want to make sure that your family will not get distracted with the kitchen’s elements like slippery or boots spots. Finding a proper floor for the rustic kitchen would be challenging because it dominated by natural material. The material also can be your consideration of choosing the flooring.

Solid Oak Flooring

rustic french country kitchen ideas
Heritage Doors and Floors LTD

Most of the rustic elements will be in white or cream color. Having this brown wood flooring will not bother your kitchen apart. The oak flooring strengthens your rustic style. With a combination of white cabinetry, the floor brings another character to your kitchen.

Terracotta Flooring

rustic kitchen backsplash images
Merri Interiors, Inc.

Natural things in the rustic style are something usual and are its character. After wood, this terracotta floor will amaze you. You can feel the simple here as they under your feet. The different light of color is another exotic touch for your rustic kitchen.

Tile Flooring

rustic kitchen table ideas

Having this colorful pattern in your kitchen is impressive. The surface of the floor could be rough, but that the sign of natural element. It will not let you got a slip in the kitchen and also safe for your family, especially children.

Rustic Kitchen Shelf Ideas

If you need a place for small stuff decoration, you have to add a shelf in your kitchen. Not only for decoration, but you can also use the shelf as storage for daily use kitchenware. To install it, you may only need some boards and stick it on the wall. Put glasses, brown, or even on the shelf can build a charming effect in your kitchen.

Industrial Floating Shelf

rustic style kitchen ideas

These simple woods can be something useful and decorative thing. Install this near your cooking area because you can put your cooking stuff. Another, just additional decoration for this shelf is a great idea. Put such as books or glasses items there will add another touch to your kitchen.

Rustic Spice Rack

vintage rustic kitchen ideas

With the pallet wood, this rack gives a charming tone on your rustic kitchen. As the named, it made for spice. Just put the kind of spice there, and will make you managing stuff well. It also will fit in any color of your wall. Something worth to install in your kitchen.

Corner Shelf

simple rustic kitchen ideas

Even though it is small, but you will not disappoint having this shelf in the rustic kitchen. Something useful to fill the corner of your kitchen. Those who have an L-shape kitchen must have this one. You can install this by yourself and do as you want to it.

Rustic Kitchen Curtain Ideas

If you have a rustic kitchen style and get bored, adding a curtain will be a great touch. The traditional curtain with a classic cloth may be out of date for now, but many current styles can fit your window of rustic kitchen style.

Burlap Kitchen Curtain

rustic kitchen makeover ideas

This valance has an old touch that matches in your rustic style. Covering from sunlight, it will perfect when you wash your kitchen stuff on the sink. The burlap color looks matching with the cabinets and adds a country touch to your rustic kitchen.

Themed Rustic Kitchen Curtain

rustic industrial kitchen ideas

From the kitchen, it has shown a colorful atmosphere in the room. The curtain on the window does not bother your eyes with a wooden hood. Not only that, but the curtain also set in the entryway. With the combination of green and yellow, the cheerful shine from your kitchen.

Valance Rustic Kitchen Curtain

rustic kitchen color ideas

The pattern of the curtain takes a beautiful part of your windows. It will cover you from the sunlight on the day. Further, you will also have the privacy through installing this kitchen curtain. The soft tone of the color picture the rustic touch.

Rustic Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

For those who have a big kitchen and there is some blank wall, having a wall decor can be useful. You can start by hanging pictures, some art, or paint in your kitchen. For decoration, you must consider the appropriate wall decor that fits your wall color and texture.

EAT Sign Wall Decor

rustic kitchen wall ideas

When entering your kitchen, your guests will feel welcomed by seeing this in the kitchen. This sign may be a pretty reminder and make a cute ornament. Moreover, the sign will be perfect for the rustic kitchen that makes a shabby­ yet charming decor.

Cutlery Wall Decor

rustic galley kitchen ideas

Going to be an attractive and charming kitchen is the reason why you have to hang this in your kitchen. The iron material is the base of rustic and will take the attention of the guest. Not only that, the simplicity of cutlery is the proper decor for rustic kitchen style.

Mug Holder Wall Decor

rustic contemporary kitchen ideas

It will be something useful and decorative thing in your kitchen. Not only for the decor, but it also helps you to save space for mugs. With the stamped word “COFFEE,” it tells your guest of the function. Further, the distressed wood and whitewash paint, the holder, can ideally add to your rustic kitchen style.


Nowadays, to feel living in the village or countryside, you can easily find it through the rustic style kitchen ideas. It merely takes a natural element to your home by wood, stone, and colors. Furthermore, a rustic kitchen also provides feeling cozy, warm, and welcoming tones directly. The rustic style makes your kitchen becomes the center of your house. So, what are you waiting for now? Create this simple and inviting style for your home.

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