Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas (Pros, Cons and Decor Ideas)

Scandinavian Kitchen Ideas – The kitchen is a critical part of every home. However, the small size of the house may make your kitchen area to be limited. It is often happening in small dwellings like apartments. For those of you who are still confused outsmarting the narrow kitchen area, Scandinavian style can be an option. This style is rising prestige among Interior designers. All parts of the house can be decorated in this Northern European style, as well as a kitchen.

Scandinavian design style refers to design concepts originating from several Nordic countries, such as Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland. The basic idea of a Scandinavian kitchen is an eclectic design and minimalist style with a strong element of warmth. A predominantly white color palette is a critical element of achieving Scandinavian appearance in your kitchen.

Are you interested in decorating your kitchen with Scandinavian design? First, you need to know the essential things. Through this article, we will share about Scandinavian kitchen decor, from the characteristics to tips on designing a kitchen and preparing kitchen sets for Scandinavian design. 

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What Is a Scandinavian Kitchen?

what is a scandinavian kitchen ?
Source : Cortney Bishop Design

The Scandinavian style emerged at the end of World War II as a result of the reinterpretation of the Nordic people (Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Finland) to the classical style which initially focused on local materials that quickly obtained. At that time, social ideas shifted the view that initially assumed that people with high social class could only own functional products. It should be affordable for anyone.

The hallmark of Scandinavian interiors is the dominance of white. That is, even if you. The combination of simplicity, beauty, and functionality is the main focus of the Scandinavian design. But the feature is a top priority. Therefore, this design widely applied to kitchens that require more functionality. The climate of Northern Europe (where the Nordic countries located) triggers the Scandinavian community to prioritize usefulness and simplicity. The focus on the functionality of design also inspired the emergence of minimalist style in America.

Why Scandinavian Design Becoming So Popular?

why scandinavian design becoming so popular?
Source : Lim Design Studio, Inc

Over time, Scandinavian design concepts continue to develop. Starting from ancient Scandinavia, traditional Scandinavian, to modern Scandinavian and the most popular today is contemporary Scandinavia. The Scandinavian interior concept comes in a style that is lightweight, bright, and simple. This interior style is very suitable for small residences, such as studio type apartments or tiny houses.

Scandinavian-style kitchen designs are increasingly popular because they feature clean lines, natural lighting, and simplicity. Scandinavian kitchens are the perfect display for a contemporary kitchen. The simplicity and comfort of Scandinavian kitchens are a hallmark of modern household life. If you feel that the kitchen with the latest kitchen equipment looks too rigid, the Scandinavian style is the right choice to explore tradition and modernity in a balanced way.

Pros and Cons Scandinavian Kitchen

Are you a fan of dwellings or Scandinavian-style buildings? Scandinavian design style trends are in demand because of their simple yet attractive appearance. Not surprisingly, various Scandinavian design principles often applied in residential or commercial buildings. Another pro of Scandinavian design is that Scandinavian design tends to be simple so that the room becomes more spacious and provides comfort in indoor mobility, especially for children.No wonder if this design style is popular because this design considers many aspects and needs.

Although it has many advantages, Scandinavian design has several cons that you must know. Scandinavian design has created a controversy. Outside Scandinavia is seeing the popularity of Scandinavian design as “The American Model” of capitals that have mastered all trademarks. The opponents of the Scandinavian model criticize high taxes, high levels of government intervention, relatively low productivity, which limits economic growth. It is resulting in poverty, lack of quality education, and health. Apart from its relationship with the political economy, the Scandinavian design will not be suitable for you who have a cheerful soul. all-white design sometimes makes it seem flat so that you will get bored quickly. Besides, the white color is also less suitable for kitchens with high activity because of the risk of getting dirty quickly by stains.

Scandinavian Kitchen Design

The Scandinavian architectural design introduced at design exhibitions in America and Canada around the 1950s. The show presents the Scandinavian way of life, namely, beautiful, simple, clean, and inspired by nature and the climate of the North. This design is then increasingly popular because it is easily accessible and available to all groups. If you want to try to apply Scandinavian designs to your kitchen, we have prepared several Scandinavian style kitchen design that will impress you.

Scandinavian Industrial Kitchen

One of the advantages of Scandinavian design is that it is environmentally friendly. It is suitable when juxtaposed with industrial design. These two designs have in stock to emphasize minimality and maximizing what you have so that it’s more economical. The following are inspirational Scandinavian industrial kitchen designs that will blow your mind.

1.Clean and Bright

Scandinavian Industrial Kitchen
Source : Roberta Bielak

The combination of Scandinavian and industrial from this kitchen seen in the warm nuances that it creates. The chimneys and open shelves for storing cookware look very industrialist, while the white shades on the ceiling and most of the walls present a true Scandinavian spirit.

2.Pipe and Wood

Scandinavian Industrial Kitchen
Source : SUBU Design Architecture

One characteristic of the Scandinavian style is the use of wood ornaments that are quite dominant on the floor and furniture. While the industrialist style is consistent with its recycling, the industrialist, and Scandinavian strength of this kitchen, you can see from the kitchen cabinets made of reclaimed wood and industrial details as well as the kitchen island, which made of logs and plumbing — charming and attractive combination.

3. Simple and Minimalist

Scandinavian Industrial Kitchen
Source : Yohm

The dominant black color comes from the spirit of the industrialist style. The selection of one dominant color reinforces the impression of being minimalist and straightforward, which is also in harmony with the purpose of the Scandinavian style. For those of you who want to try the Scandinavian kitchen design but are in doubt with the color white, you can try this design. 

4. Warm and Airy

Scandinavian Industrial Kitchen
Source : Komandor Canada Closets & Doors Inc

This kitchen applies an open concept, leaving plenty of room. Industrialist style can be seen from the selection of furniture used, such as open shelving and black kitchen island. Meanwhile, the warm colors chosen reflect the strong character of Scandinavian design.

5. Beautiful and Attractive

Scandinavian Industrial Kitchen
Source : Polycor

This kitchen enhanced with Scandinavian design kitchen accessories and most industrialist-style equipment. The combination of grayish-white and yellow splashes on the kitchen lights is beautiful and attractive.

Scandinavian Mint Kitchen

The color palette of Scandinavian design is neutral, so it is effortless to combine with other colors. The “soulmate” with your Scandinavian design are pastel colors, one of them is mint. Scandinavian mint kitchen combining Scandinavian base colors with different colors is to minimize the boredom that you might experience due to neutral colors that tend to be flat. We have prepared some Scandinavian style kitchen inspiration with splashes of mint that will make you happy. 

1. The Splash of Orange

Scandinavian Mint Kitchen
Source : European Kitchen Design

A few touches of mint color from the kitchen cabinet in the all-white kitchen gives the impression of a calm and fresh. If it doesn’t feel bright enough, add an orange dining table and get the perfect look. 

2. Refreshing Mint Floor

Scandinavian Mint Kitchen
Source : Design Studio West

Mint color on the floor and backsplash won’t hurt anyone. This Scandinavian kitchen looks fresh and stunning with an additional mint color. Homeowners want a natural but not flat Scandinavian feel in their small kitchens. 

3. A Little Touch of Retro

Scandinavian Mint Kitchen
Source : Chi Renovation & Design

The kitchen is Scandinavian looks featuring 1950’s retro looks. The white kitchen presents a retro feel with the help of mint colors on most furniture and electronic devices — a combination of beautiful and unique.

4. The Center of Attention

Scandinavian Mint Kitchen
Source : RW Anderson Homes

Homeowners maintain a natural Scandinavian feel in their traditional kitchens while still choosing the dominant pastel colors and minimalist furnishings. To highlight something unusual, they put a mint colored kitchen island that will be the center of attention.

5. One Dominant Color

Scandinavian Mint Kitchen
Source : Sarah Stacey Interior Design

Mint color everywhere and the kitchen seems shady and comfortable. Scandinavian spirit felt on the ceiling, which retained in white. Still feels less Scandinavian? wooden frames on windows and Scandinavian lighting will perfect it.

Scandinavian White Kitchen

If you want to design a Scandinavian-style kitchen, the rules that you must obey are: choose white for the walls and the furniture and decorations. Use a brighter color scheme that will maximize more light entering the kitchen and reflecting the walls, giving the illusion of a more spacious kitchen space. Scandinavian kitchens generally use white, black, and gray, but light blue can also be used to achieve this look. Remember this guide: choose bright colors for accents, while backsplash colors adjust the brightness of the cabinet, and arrange a simple design for the tile. We have prepared a white Scandinavian kitchen inspiration that you should try.

1. Modern Scandinavian White Kitchen

Scandinavian White Kitchen
Source : gordonnobledesign

You can easily guess if this kitchen is a Scandinavian-style. all-white color and wood flooring are the most prominent elements. The addition of Scandinavian furniture, such as white wooden dining tables and oak dining chairs, presents a durable Scandinavian feel. 

2. White Scandinavian Tiny Kitchen

Scandinavian White Kitchen
Source : Schmidt Kitchens Palmers Green

The Scandinavian style is trendy because it is suitable for housing with limited space. This super small kitchen maximizes space intelligently with a Scandinavian feel that can perfect the design. More complete with solid particle board finishes in melamine, and the appearance of Indian oak gives a matte and dazzling finish.  

3. White Scandinavian Transitional Kitchen

Scandinavian White Kitchen
Source :

The kitchen becomes a transition space between indoors and outdoor. Homeowners present the natural feel of their home yards in harmony with the Scandinavian spirit that is very close to nature. 

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4. White Scandinavian Open Concept Kitchen

Scandinavian White Kitchen
Source : Woodford Architecture and Interiors

This Scandinavian-style house with a contemporary open concept combines a kitchen, living room, and dining room. Sliding doors open to connect the place with the outside and help make the house feel so much broader.

5. Simple Scandinavian White Kitchen

Scandinavian White Kitchen
Source : Jenny Martin Design

Scandinavian kitchens always look stunning with their simplicity, including the presence of multifunctional furniture in it. This kitchen has a multi-purpose kitchen island as well as a kitchen table and storage. 

Scandinavian Kitchen Island

Presenting a Scandinavian feel in your kitchen must be supported with adequate kitchen equipment. You can start by choosing a kitchen island design because the kitchen island is a very dominant element in your kitchen. Here is a collection of inspirational kitchens with a so-Scandinavian kitchen island that you should try.  

1. Grayish Scandinavian Kitchen Island

Scandinavian Kitchen Island
Source : Sola Kitchens

Grayish color is one of the colors that are identical to the Scandinavian style. The homeowner places the gray kitchen island appropriately in the direction the light comes in so that it becomes the center of attention. 

2. Bluish Scandinavian Kitchen Island

Scandinavian Kitchen Island
Source : Lacy-Hulbert Interiors Ltd

In addition to monochrome colors, blue is also often used for the Scandinavian style. The blue color has a good effect on the kitchen, so it does not seem flat and boring.

3. Monochrome Scandinavian Kitchen Island

Scandinavian Kitchen Island
Source : Kevin Maher

Monochrome colors like black, white, and gray are all you need in Scandinavian style. Elegant black and calm white on kitchen island presents a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere without compromising the beauty of your kitchen. 

4. White Scandinavian Kitchen Island

Scandinavian Kitchen Island
Source : Christopher Simmonds Architect

The white element symbolizes brightness, while the wooden element represents nature. Presenting both in the form of a kitchen island is a simple way to create a Scandinavian feel in your kitchen.

5. Glossy Scandinavian Kitchen Island

Scandinavian Kitchen Island
Source : Carl Mattison Design

Scandinavian kitchens also come in shiny and glossy appliances that can give a brighter impression on your kitchen, so your kitchen gets enough natural light.

Scandinavian Kitchen Decor

From displays to paintings, all the decorative ornaments can be an exciting blend in the Scandinavian kitchen. Even though the Scandinavian style prioritizes function above all, it does not mean that its beauty is ruled out. The minimalist impression that is highlighted by the Scandinavian style should be equipped with decorations that support the look. Small decorations will not reduce the essence of a real Scandinavian kitchen.

1. Back-splash Plant

Scandinavian Kitchen Decor
Source : Hindley & Co

Homeowners add a different touch to their kitchen backsplash. The addition of decorative plants strengthens the natural and relaxed impression in the kitchen.

2. Candle Table

Scandinavian Kitchen Decor
Source : Sola Kitchens

Candles not only function as a lighting tool but also can use as a decorative room. Candles are usually only used at certain times, for example, to create a romantic impression at dinner. However, now you can bring a romantic atmosphere anytime in your kitchen.

3. Chandelier

Scandinavian Kitchen Decor
Source : Forgeworks Architects Ltd

Installing a chandelier can be unique. The design is beautiful and tends to be in a classic style, which can give a touch of elegance to the room. If you want to put it on the dining table, you need to pay attention to the size of the ceiling. Do not let the height of the chandelier exceeds the height between the roof to the table. 

4. Hand-painting Wall

Scandinavian Kitchen Decor
Source : Fotograf Lisbet Spörndly

Creating a room with an artistic feel, not only make the room look beautiful, but it will also give more aesthetic value to the place. Generally, people who apply hand-painting on the walls have increased their imagination and creativity, not only because the painting was drawn by itself but also can stimulate the power of art and imagination in people who see it.

5. Wall Painting

Scandinavian Kitchen Decor
Source : Elms Interior Design

Wall painting is an essential part of interior design. It can fill the space in the wall area and strengthen accents in the interior, both in terms of shape and color. It is an economical way to beautify your room.

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The Scandinavian-style kitchen does look simple and seems minimalist. So, you won’t have problems with the kitchen set arrangement. Scandinavian kitchen design is one of the most popular interior design today. The kitchen area must be dressed as well as possible so that it has a beautiful appearance. And the best thing about this Scandinavian kitchen style is; it is stylish and functional, as well.

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