Small Kitchen Sink (Best Small Glossy Kitchen Sink)

Small Kitchen Sink – Arranging a limited kitchen space is a challenge. We need to make sure that activities in the kitchen, such as meal preparation, cooking, dining, even cleaning, are fully accommodated in a small kitchen space. In order to do installing small and compact appliances and utensils to accommodate our needs is a must, for instance, installing a kitchen sink. Compact kitchen sinks are ideal for installations, including a small kitchen, mini pantry, bars, caravans, or offices.

For you who are interested in updating your sink for small kitchen, we have everything you need to know about that. From how to decide the perfect size, pros and cons, even reviewing the best product of small kitchen sink. Be ready to have a stylish, compact and practical kitchen sink that complements your kitchen design.

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What Is The Standard Size of a Kitchen Sink?

What is the standard size of a kitchen sink?
Source: Barbara Peck

Before replacing an existing sink, you should measure the length and width of the opening of the current sink. Measuring the depth of the basins also crucial because if you want to have a deeper bowl, you may require changes to the in-wall pipe. You need to know what size will fit, what kind of modifications of the countertop, cabinet, or duct you will need.  

Every kitchen appliances have a standard size that is decided by a professional in this field. This standard is made to make sure that people will feel comfortable enough to use it, including a kitchen sink. According to Williams of Cherin’s Appliances, people feel comfortable in the 28 to 30 inches long kitchen sink with some extra space to do two things at once in that sink. The standard size of the sink which you can easily find in the store is 27″ x 19″ x 7.25″. This size is more than enough to accommodate your activities in the kitchen.

Pros and Cons of Small Kitchen Sink?

Shopping for a new kitchen sink is a challenge for indecisive people. Because they will be overwhelmed by the variety of kitchen sink styles. Preparing logical reasons such as pros and cons to help you select the right sink will help.

Pros and cons of small kitchen sink?
Source: Laura Firszt


There are 2 different sink styles. The first one is a double bowl, with a full-size and a smaller bowl. The second one is a sink with just a single bowl. The double basin sink brings the traditional and slimmer look. In contrast, a single basin sink is perfect for a limited kitchen space.


The double bowl sink allows you to do two things in one go. You can soak the dirty dishes while preparing the ingredients for cooking. This kind of advantages may not be available for a single basin sink.

Why We Must Install Small Kitchen Sink?

Why we must install small kitchen sink?
Source: Barbara Peck

The sink is a vital piece of a kitchen. Even for a small kitchen, at least you need a tiny sink to wash the dishes and prepping food. Besides, installing a small kitchen sink will be benefitted to save more space for another function. Keeping even an inch of worktop space is valuable for a compact kitchen. Installing at least a compact sink that integrates with a cutting board will matter a lot more than just for dish cleaning.

What Is The Smallest Kitchen Sink Size?

What is the smallest kitchen sink size?

You need to know the purpose and where do you want to install the sink before choosing the perfect size because the size options of kitchen sink are varied. You can find 9″ or exceed 40″ in length sink. Besides, considering the depth and width of the basin is also essential. If you prefer to hand washes the dishes, a deeper sink for soaking will provide more room to work.

Best Small Kitchen Island with Sink

A kitchen island is the best place to install a small sink. Because this area is a place that you usually do a simple task like preparing the food ingredients or washing the wine glass. Therefore, the kitchen island doesn’t require a large sink. In this following article, we have compiled the best small kitchen island sink for you.

Lavello Durato Small Sink

best small kitchen island with sink
Source: Lavello USA

Lavello Durato is a European design small sink which is assembled in the USA. This 16″ sink is made from a combination of 80% granite and 20% resin. The materials combination makes it resistant to impact and thermal shock, scratches, even discolouration. The thick granite is useful to reduce noise and vibration when the sink is in use.

Houzer Compact Sink

best small kitchen island with sink
Source: Houzer

The Houzer compact sink is made of 18-gauge stainless steel with highlighted rim for the accent. This premium grade stainless steel sink is resistant to stains, corrosion, and dents. Its surface is also scratch-proof and only requires minimal maintenance. The houzer 18″ sink is completed with cutout template, fasteners and instructions. The super-silencer pad is the best feature which can help to reduce the noise and vibration. In addition, this well-insulated pad also can reduce condensation and preventing moisture on the bottom of the sink.

Undermount Small Sink

best small kitchen island with sink
Source: Houzer

Undermount small sink is the most widely used sink because it is made of premium grade T-304 stainless steel which looks like a gleaming satin. The size of this sink is pretty small, only 18″ length and 6″ depth. This sink is will perfectly fit in your small kitchen island or bar.

Porcela Tiny Sink

best small kitchen island with sink
Source: Houzer

Just like its name, Porcela tiny sink is a white porcelain enamel steel sink which has a non-porous and glossy surface that resistant of scratch and stain. This 17.4 x 22.8 x 9 inches sink has limited 10-year warranty.  By simply installing this sink, you can pull off the traditional yet sophisticated look.

Best Small Double Kitchen Sink

The double kitchen sink is full of advantages. Especially for you who is a multitasker that can’t stand to do only one thing at a time. You will prefer to install a double basin sink to accommodate prepping, cooking and washing routine in the kitchen. Here are several best small double basin kitchen sinks that you may consider to install in your compact kitchen.

Small Equal Size Double Bowl Sink

best small double kitchen sink
Source: Elkay

This twin basin sink allows you to do 2-3 things at once. You can conveniently use one bowl for soaking the dirty dishes while the other bowls to rinse the food ingredients. With only 25″ x 19″ x 6-5/16″, this sink surprisingly also has sound-deadening pads to minimize noise and vibration when the sink is in use. It is guaranteed that the drop-in small twin bowl sink will be the focal point of your kitchen.

Medallion Undermount Small Sink

best small double kitchen sink
Source: Houzer

Medallion undermount small sink is an 80/20 double bowl sink that features large bowl and a small bowl on the right. The 18 gauge stainless steel with glossy satin finish is completed with Super Silencer pad which can reduce vibration and noise. The curvy lines of this medallion sink will add a graceful look to your meal prep area.

Ruvati Small Double Sink

best small double kitchen sink
Source: Ruvati

If you prefer a clean and modern look, Ruvati small double sink can achieve that. This sink has two rectangular bowls with a straight line divided them asymmetrically. The boxy form is an advantage because it allows you to clean every corner and edges more easily. Also, 18 gauge stainless steel with satin finish makes it look more luxurious and long-lasting. Besides, two sets of rinse grid, mounting brackets and two basket strainers are included in this sink package.

Drop-In Double Stainless Steel

best small double kitchen sink
Source: Houzer

Drop-in sink is the most popular sink, and when it is combined with a double basin, it will be a double treat for your small kitchen. This sink is made of a mix of chrome and nickel, which can resist stains, corrosion, and dents. Durability which requires minimal care is a must-have quality that can be offered by this sink. Besides, its functionality, its unique design forms is resistible which can upgrade your kitchen looks.

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Small Corner Kitchen Sink

Arranging the corner side of a kitchen can be a complete mess because it is usually an ineffective place to put anything from storage, kitchen cabinet, especially a sink. But, if you have an excessive amount of corner sink knowledge, you will not be confused anymore. Therefore, we give you several examples of small sink to apply in the corner side of your kitchen.

Double Bowl Corner Kitchen Sink

small corner kitchen sink
Source: Elkay

Your dream to have a double bowl sink in the corner side of the kitchen will become true if you install this sink. Twin size basins also allow you to do many household tasks at the same time. 20-gauge stainless steel is quite durable for everyday use. In addition, the sound-deadening pads at the bottom of the sink will give a calmer time at the sink.

Blanco Corner Kitchen Sink

small corner kitchen sink

You don’t need to worry about the unuseful corner of your L- or U-shaped kitchen anymore because Blanco corner kitchen sink is the ideal solution. You are not only can place this sink in the corner section but also in between the cooking area and the refrigerator. This sink also can be used in both 90°, and angled corners without give in its ergonomic side for outstanding comfort.

Handmade Corner Double Bowl Sink

small corner kitchen sink
Source: DAX

This handmade corner double bowl sink is perfect to complement the contemporary look in your kitchen. The sharp square edges with round rim soften the appearance makes it more elegant and modern. This small square kitchen sink is made of304-grade stainless steel with 16 gauge thickness which makes it the best quality product.

Anthracite Two Bowls Corner Sink

small corner kitchen sink

Anthracite is a combination of 80% natural granite and acrylic bonds which its hardness can resist any scratch. You can cut and chop foods on the surface without leaving a single mark. This sink also has consistent and non-fading colour, even it is exposed in direct sunlight.

Small Kitchen Sink Cabinet

A small sink needs cabinet to support the weight and help you do every household task at ease. Sometimes it is hard to find a perfect cabinet for kitchen sink unless you make it from scratch. Here are several kitchen sink cabinets that may inspire you to build one of it in the near future.

Small Galley Cabinet

small kitchen sink cabinet
Source: Jeanne Finnerty Interior Design

This galley kitchen has a little kitchen sink cabinet that divides the narrow alley into two areas, which are the cooking area and serving area. That is the best spot to place it that also works as the connection between those two areas. By using this method, you are not only optimizing the limited space but also can install a window for the source of natural light and ventilation in the kitchen. 

L-shaped Tiny Cabinet

small kitchen sink cabinet
Source: Logan Killen Interiors

The perk of having a small kitchen is you will have a super cute looking kitchen without even trying too hard. Because to be or not to be, you need to install the smallest kitchen appliances that are available in the store to maximize every inch of the tiny space. Just like this kitchen sink cabinet right beside the window. It works effectively to support the tiny sink on it while appearing really cute at the same time.

Modern Retro Cabinet

small kitchen sink cabinet
Source: Design First Interiors

Only with 90 square feet, this tiny kitchen can fit a lot of things. The key to optimising this kind of space is the arrangement of a compact built-in kitchen sink cabinet. A perfect placement provides a handy kitchen cabinet corner sink. It also allows you to fit in other kitchen appliances in this tiny kitchen.

Small Corner Cabinet

small kitchen sink cabinet
Source: Marie Burgos Design

A cramped kitchen is not a big deal if you know how to outsmart the limited space. Every corner is valuable even to place a corner sink with a base cabinet that supports its weight and spare additional storage in it. You can try this idea to make the most of your tiny kitchen space.

Small Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

The farmhouse sink is a must-have kitchen appliance to pull off a rustic or traditional look. Don’t let a limited kitchen space restrict you to not having those look because you can actually find a compact farmhouse kitchen sink to complete the style. Here are kitchen sinks that you can see in the store.

Ceramic Farmhouse Style Sink

small farmhouse kitchen sink
Source: Emily Minton Redfield

The rustic kitchen look is always identical with woods and ceramic. This white ceramic apron kitchen sink has completed the oak storage cabinet and make it look even more historic.

Glossy Black Apron Sink

small farmhouse kitchen sink
Source: Moazami Homes

Apron sink or also widely known as a farmhouse sink is always perfect with any materials, texture, and colour. Just like this glossy black apron sink that matches perfectly with dark grey marble worktop and backsplash. It looks modern yet classic at the same time.

Fireclay Farmhouse Sink

small farmhouse kitchen sink
Source: Group3

Fireclay farm sink is an excellent way to create a contemporary yet traditional look in a kitchen. This sink is made of premium grade of solid fireclay to make sure it is not only exceptionally beautiful but also lasts for a long time.

Copper Apron Sink

small farmhouse kitchen sink
Source: Heather Moe designer

Copper is a timeless material that can pull off any looks, especially traditional style. This kitchen looks unique with its copper farmhouse sink that has a beautiful ornament engraved at the front side of it. Nobody can deny this sink is indeed the eyesight stealer.

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The small kitchen can have a downfall and benefits at the same time. But arranging it will be pretty challenging. Especially placing a kitchen sink for small space. Because it needs to be tiny, functional, and beautiful. At first, make sure that you already know what activities you need to do at that sink and then choose the perfect size, installation style, and look that you fancy. As simple as that.

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