30 Fresh and Calming Tropical Garden Ideas

Tropical Garden Ideas – Garden is perhaps one of best features that give a strong impact to your house’s atmosphere. The way it is styled can give a different touch to the overall feeling to your house. Therefore, it is important to design your garden properly in order to give the right feeling you aim for.

If you are looking for an exotic ambiance to set the deal, tropical style garden can be your perfect option. Tropical garden offers a fun and vibrant mood which is excellent to set the strong impression you want. It is so stylish and dramatic to compliment your house surrounding. Moreover, it provides a relaxing escape you need after a long day of routine and schedules.

However, maintaining tropical garden may be tricky. Tropical vegetation needs particular care that probably doesn’t suit colder climate. They ideally fit best with a warm and moist climate. But of course, creating the look and feel is still possible, even in colder places. Choosing the right plants can do the trick. Also, it is important to pay attention to the soil, watering schedule, and the amount of sunlight they receive. If you are thinking that is too much work, it is! Nevertheless, the result will not be disappointing. Read on to find out why!

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What is Tropical Landscaping?

Tropical style of landscaping is very distinct compared to the other. It provides a feel of rejuvenation. It is as if you are taking a walk in invigorating jungle after an exhausting day from work. In short, it gives you profound sense of peace and serenity.

The element key to create the tropical landscaping is the foliage. Tropical style needs lush and lavish foliage of all shade of green. Usually, you need to use lots of same plants and pack them in layer to make the look. It is also a good idea to work on the textures between plants. For instance, matching large leafed plants with lacy ferns will look even more tropical.

Another main feature you can adopt in tropical garden ideas is planting bold colored flowers. Bright yellow, red, or vibrant pink are best choices of colors. These poppy colors will accent your garden and give stronger impact to your house.

What are Tropical Plants?

Choosing right plants for your garden is the most important part of planning your design. You need to consider the structure, texture, shape, and composition. As tropical garden is planted by layers, you need to figure out which plant is better planted in upper layer and which one is better in bottom layer. For example, upper layer needs to provide shade for protection for lower plants. On the other hand, middle layer is about shrubs and tall perennials, then at bottom layer provides mix of leaf textures and colors.

What kind of plants are OK for tropical plants?

Upper Layer

Upper layer needs big trees that have lush foliage. It is perfect to protect the plants in following layers. Palm trees, bamboo, and banana trees are excellent choice of plants for this layer.

Middle Layer

Middle layer will look extravagant with plants that give luxurious foliage in different shades and shapes. It will be even better to add bold colored foliage into it. Canna Lilies, Cordylines, Bromeliads, and Hostas are options you can go for.

Bottom Layer

Dense planting is key to make bottom layer. It is also important to mix the texture of foliage to give a rich feeling to the tropical style. For instance, you can plant Ghost Lady Ferns, Carex Comans, or Croton.

What kind of flowers you can plant?

Angel Trumpets

Angel Trumpets are hanging bell shaped flowers which is perfect for upper layer of your garden. They have variation of pretty colors, such as pink and yellow. However, all parts of the plant are toxic, so you need to be extra careful with them.

Bird of Paradise

This flower has a unique shape that mimic a bird of color. It is pretty yet dramatic to have to your garden. Having many of the flowers can be one of your tropical garden ideas.


Hibiscus is possibly the easiest flower to grow. They are also not limited to topics but also perfect in cooler regions. Hibiscus flowers are large, trumpet shaped, and usually have five or more petals. They have variety of colors, too. For instance, white, pink, red, orange, peach, yellow, even purple. In short, hibiscus is best for your tropical garden plant idea.

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What Soil is Best for Tropical Plants?

Soil is vital when it comes to plant tropical vegetation. Good potting mix provide enough fertility which is good for tropical plants. However, it is also critical to maintain the soil so your plants stay healthy.

Loose, Good Draining

Drainage is essential for tropical plants. Tropical plants cannot have their roots wet and soggy, so the excess water needs to be drained well. Tropical plants also need loose soil to keep the moisture they need. It is advised to make drainage holes if you are planting in containers.

Toss Organic Matter

Tropical plants prefer organic matter than chemical like nitrogen to fertilize their soil. Organic matters enrich the soil and keep moisture intact. Well-rotted manure and compost are best to feed the plants.

Mulch It

Layer the soil with mulch and composted leaves. This trick is great to retain moisture. Thus, the root stays cool but not wet which is excellent environment for tropical plants.

Layer with Materials

Aside of mulch and composted leaves, you can also layer your soil with stone material. For instance, gravel or smooth pebbles can be your alternatives. The material helps you to keep the moisture and accent your garden as a decoration.

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Tropical Garden Landscaping Ideas

Styling your landscape with tropical plants is probably the trendiest choice you can make. Not only rich in color, it also gives a healing atmosphere that helps to relax your tired mind. You can also add some architectural accessories and décor to enhance the visual.

Gate of Jungle

tropical garden ideas
Image source: www.houzz.com

This luxuriant look of tropical garden sure gives you a refreshing sight. Combining tall palm trees with wide leafed banana trees is giving you a good shade to calm the atmosphere. Furthermore, mixing textures of wide leaved foliage and shrubs for bottom layer is smart trick to make it a lush feel. To top it off, adding small wooden gate with bright red color is making your garden even more enticing.

Brick Path

tropical garden design ideas
Image source: www.houzz.com

Surrounding your path made of brick by layers of similar plants is giving you a simple yet splendid tropical look. The shiny, heart shaped foliage gives you exotic feel throughout your way to patio. Moreover, adding palm trees to the formula is even better. You can also strap your orchids on the palm trees to give tropical statement.

Wooden Trails

garden ideas tropical
Image source: images.homify.com

If you have a wide yard, this greenery style may make you fall in love. You can start with setting up a curving trail using thin decorative woods as your main focus of the garden. After that, you can plant big trees at further back and small type of plants to create bushes in front of them. Plant them all alongside your left trail. You can also left the right side of the trail empty and plant single fine leaved grass to give variation. To finish it off, make a grass blanket on the soil with no other plants. This may be a trail of paradise you can make by your own hands!

Small Pond

tropical garden plant ideas
Image source: grierstrong.com

Freshen your garden with a source of water to celebrate the lavish look. Installing a small pond enriches your experience by giving the sound of trickling water. Moreover, it offers you distinct smell of freshness when the water touches the plants. You can stack up your plants into bushes all over the pond. Additionally, planting tall palm trees at the further back is also a plus! Enrich the feel by planting different color of foliage, too. If you love surprises, you can add small bird statue to make it even more natural feeling!

Hobbiton Garden

tropical garden ideas uk
Image source: motaen.com

Bringing an alluring fantasy theme garden to your own yard seems like the most impossible thing. However, it is possible to do! Firstly, you can make a round ornament made of brick to mimic the famous hobbit’s house. Secondly, you can plant a lot of ferns on the ornament wall to create molded feel. After that, you can plant tall plants with bold colored flowers at the back. You can also add bushes of heart shaped foliage on the side of your small path made of dirt. Lastly, you can place a large water barrel made of clay to give a mysterious vibe. Then you have it, a hobbiton inspired garden made just for you!

Small Tropical Garden Ideas

Let’s say you have a very limited space to have a tropical garden, what can you do? The answer is, a lot. There are many ways to have a mini tropical garden. For instance, you can hang them on your ceiling or just let them creeping from your roof. Here are five of small and simple tropical garden ideas you can have even inside your home :

Hanging Pots

tropical island garden ideas
Image source: gallyroom.com

It is no secret that having hanging planters is good trick to give dimension to your small room. Furthermore, having a tropical plants on them are even better to set the ambiance. You can plant all types of tropical plants and hang them together. For example, matching creeping plants with fine shaped foliage is a good idea. You can also liven up the room more with potted tropical flowers by your windowsill. Eventually, your room will left with a fun and vibrant feel to lift up your mood.

Wall of Tropical Garden

simple tropical garden ideas cold area
Image source: Pinterest

Installing a metal board to attach your plants can be a way to decorate your boring white wall. Specifically, planting all types of orchids may be a terrific idea. Imagine having a colorful wall of exotic flowers when they all bloom! You can also plant spiky leaves shaped plants for texture variation. Ultimately, your small garden will look prettier after you match it with medium sized banana tress by the side.

Green Hole

simple tropical garden ideas cold hardy plants
Image source: Pinterest

Having an open space in middle of your house is bland, isn’t it? Of course there are thousands of options you can have to fill the void, but growing a small tropical garden may be a good choice. For instance, you can make a small round of space using the same ceramic of your floor then fill it with potting soil. After that, you can plant bushes of ferns on bottom grower and top it off with fine shaped plants. You can also grow a medium size tree to bring the unique character to your garden. To finish it off, you can plant creeping ferns on your open ceiling to enhance the pleasing visual.

On Top of The Table

tropical garden gala fundraiser ideas
Image source: Pinterest

Another small and simple garden you can make without much effort is by matching some of your potted tropical plants. As this is very simple and can potentially be boring, you can be a little playful with the accessory. For example, you can organize your pots on the wooden table with small rack below. Match bigger, wide leafed plants with smaller, tiny leafed ones. Adding another plants with lush foliage and style them to creep on your table’s frame also adds perks to the view.

Wooden Trellis

home tropical garden ideas
Image source: Pinterest

Home décor accessory like a wooden trellis can be a tool to make an impact to your interior. Attach terra cotta pots onto the trellis and match it with slightly bigger box by the side. Furthermore, you can create a fascinating look by mixing the texture of foliage. Make sure to plant some of blooming flowers, too! The bold colors will definitely brighten your day.

Tropical Container Garden Ideas

If you think planting tropical plants in containers will not work, then think twice! It is manageable to do. In fact, growing plants in containers helps in elevating your ground which is very useful technique to create layers. All you have to prepare is good draining holes to your containers, then you are good to go.

Potted Garden

simple tropical garden ideas cold hardy
Image source: globalanni.files.wordpress.com

Layering using pots is the easiest gardening hack you can do. In order to do that, you just need to stack bigger pots in the middle and surround them with smaller ones. Planting with pots is simple. Furthermore, they are easy to move so you can maintain the plants individually for better lighting or enough watering. It is advised to match them with pretty flowers. For instance, bougainnvilleas of all color. To enhance the natural look, you can add big rocks and round pebbles around the pots.

Patterned Ceramic

small tropical garden design ideas
Image source: pamela-crawford.com

Treat your containers as decorative support of your plants! Choosing unusual shape for your containers helps in maximizing the luxury of your garden. For instance, patterned ceramic pots with long cylinder shape screams out uniqueness and character. Top off your large pots with fine leafed plants with bright shade of color. Nevertheless, this artistic style is guaranteed to be undeniably pretty!

Mixed Plants

tropical garden ideas colorado
Image source: Pinterest

Putting many plants into one large pot is practical trick you can do. Firstly, plant a medium sized palm as main feature to your mini tropical garden. After that, layer the palm with bushes of foliage. In details, you can throw different shade of color to the layer. For instance, you can combine dense color of green with purple ones. Subsequently, adding bright pink color of flowers can give significant boost to the appealing visual.

Bushes in Box

tropical garden ideas south texas names
Image source: Pinterest

Big boxes help you elevating the ground for your plants. It is done in order to keep your garden bed neat and clean. Planting same plants in long boxed containers gives a simple yet luxurious style for your garden. You can also match it up with palm trees in the back. To top it off, add long seat made of porcelain as accessory for you to spend the afternoon admiring the view from!

Hanging Rail Planter

tropical garden ideas north florida
Image source: Pinterest

Hanging a generous rail planters to your porch is a way to bring tropical feel to your house. Match the bright color of Caladium with long and small leafed ferns. Furthermore, you can mix a bit of red from an exotic flowers to the containers. Thus, this beauty can be a pleasant greeting to your guests!

Home Tropical Garden Ideas

Accenting certain part of space in your house with tropical garden sure sounds lovely. It can bring fresh air directly inside your house. Moreover, it is a great way to fill the empty spots. You can say goodbye to boring room this instant and say hello to animated look with these five design ideas :

Porch Garden

good ideas for the entrance to a tropical garden
Image source: clientmedia.blob.core.windows.net

Turn your dreary porch into a mini rainforest feel by planting bushes of ferns on your ceiling frame. Furthermore, you can plant bright colored flowers below them. You can also enhance the visual by planting mini trees into pots and stack them up in the corner of your porch. Hence, this small garden is so attractive even your pet cat takes her time to enjoy it!

Open Bathroom

small tropical garden designs ideas
Image source: Pinterest

Indoor bathrooms are so common and plain. However, bathing in open space can bring a new sensation to your experience. Especially if you’re taking your time bathing in a place surrounded with exotic plants. Decorate your open bathroom with lush of foliage for the style. You can plant lots of fine shaped plants into one bush. Also, you can maximize the look by growing bold colored flowers alongside your bathroom floor.

Green Bedroom

tropical garden pictures ideas
Image source: ksassets.timeincuk.net

Enhance your sleeping experience by removing pollutant from your air to relax your body and mind. Planting medium sized palm trees into a big pot and place them to your bedroom corner will help with that. Furthermore, you can match the greenery with calming pastel green bed sheet and tropical patterned blanket. This will be a great way to accent your room especially if your room is next to a veranda with same style of gardening!

Balcony Garden

florida tropical garden ideas
Image source: Pinterest

Embellish your patio with greenery all over. You can grow the creeping plants on the railing. Moreover, you can put big box containers and fill them with foliage. After that, set up a comfortable bed next to the pots and there you have the best nap ever!

Pool of Paradise

small tropical garden landscaping ideas
Image source: Pinterest

Relaxing in a pool surrounded by foreign plants feels like a day in paradise. Create this style of heaven by matching up big leafed plants around the small pool. Stack them up beautifully to have thriving visual that arouse your passion. Additionally, framing the pool with natural wood will increase the natural vibe you are aiming for.

Tropical Courtyard Garden Ideas

Courtyard is a space of your house with lots of potential. You can practically style it however you’d like with anything you’d want. Bringing a refreshing tropical garden to your courtyard area can set up a calming mood that improve the atmosphere inside your house. Here are five best picks to inspire you how to style your courtyard :

Simply Luxurious

tropical garden bed ideas
Image source: arsitagx-master.s3.ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com

A pair of tall palm trees compliment the simplicity of your minimalist house. Furthermore, you can add an exotic looking tree next to them. You can also maximize the overall mood by planting a vertical garden to the wall. Additionally, making a living carpet made of ferns next to the trees can be your tropical garden bed idea. Finally, finish the look with simple yet luxurious pond decorated by small pebbles.

Classic Fountain

tropical garden ideas houston
Image source: www2.pictures.lonny.com

Embellish your courtyard by installing a tiered classic fountain to bring the homey feeling to the house. You can enhance the familiar visual by growing a bush of bougainvilleas from the wall next to the fountain. To complete the look, you can put pots of shrubby palm to give architectural angle of tropical planting.

All Palms

tropical garden ideas courtyard small
Image source: www.designhunter.net

Surrounding your courtyard with palm trees can flatter your modern style of house. Match your white wall with similar white containers where you plant the palm trees. Furthermore, plant long shaped foliage in between the trees to create lush feeling to the gardening style.

Creeping Green

tropical garden ideas california
Image source: Pinterest

There is absolutely no rule to plant your tropical plants. You can plant it on the ground, or, to your surprise, on your roof! Planting big sized ferns on your roof may sound crazy but it works so well with contemporary styling. The creeping plants will radiate mysterious aura to your courtyard. Hence, it creates an intriguing ambiance to the house.

Over The Roof

tropical rock garden ideas
Image source: i.imgur.com

Let your palm trees grow wild in center of your house as your garden’s main feature. This bold statement can give strong impact that praise your elegant house. Furthermore, you can add layers of foliage on the ground next to the trees. Likewise, let the low growers go all over the place to support the jungle-like visual of your garden. Thus, it gives you a feeling of being in the rainforest as you sit on your couch in the living room.


Tropical style of gardening offers you a vibrant and luxurious look to give strong impact to the atmosphere of your house. Moreover, it gives you a soothing, relaxing feel that you need to calm your day. There are many tropical garden design ideas you can seek in order to create the garden to your liking. For instance, matching the plants with your home décor or being playful with plants’ colors are also ways to create a fun tropical garden.

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